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Kung Ako Ba Syaew What I Know Now.faces lyrics

Browse for Kung Ako Ba Syaew What I Know Now.faces song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Kung Ako Ba Syaew What I Know Now.faces lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Kung Ako Ba Syaew What I Know Now.faces.

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Lyfe Jennings - If i knew then, what i know now lyrics

took a tragedy for me to see, for me to come back to reality It took my family, sanity This wasn't part of the plan for me People talked about me, went on without me As if I had never existed I guess a blessing taught me a lesson I'll remember as long as I'm

Kenny Rogers - If i knew then what i know now ( duet with gl.. lyrics

hello girl, tell me, how have you been? By the way, I`ll never make the same mistake again And you know girl, it`s been a long hard time Nothing like back when you were mine. And if I knew then what I know now I`d have found the way To make things work out somehow I`d have

Vina Morales - Kung ako nalang sana lyrics

ka na naman kumakatok saking pintuan muli naghahanap ng makakausap at heto naman ako nakikinag sa mga kwento mong paulit-ulit lang nagtitiis kahit nasasaktan ewan ko bakit ba hindi kapa nadadala hindi ba't kailan lang nang iwanan nya at ewan ko nga sa'yo parang balewala ang puso ko

Petey Pablo - What you know about it lyrics

Verse 1] Hail to the king, high on the throne Who the hell is this, answer the phone Turn his ass back around, close my door Get the hell up outta here, leave me alone I'm the man round here, f*** what you heard You looking at a kid that aint sce

Scary Kids Scaring Kids - What's up now lyrics

s Up Now! I'm not giving up just yet, I won't give up 'till I lose, Your ideas aren't fair by any means, But I'll still try to follow through, I'm stuck in a corner now with nothing left to prove, This room is filled with expressionless faces, and one of them

Alia Tempora - Now and then lyrics

old memories I go Seeking in our moments, in our times What let it go so far What compelled me to be so blind Blind like a fool Why did I leave it all Why did I let you go Hands on the clock are running fast Could I ever reverse the past It's over

Badly Drawn Boy - What is it now? lyrics

now that life will never be the same We've got to face the thought of loneliness again Try and get inside your lover's brain Drag an old romance from dirty ditch, and then So what is it now that it can't be made to feel right Don't answer now, I know somehow we'll be alright

Mike Jones - What ya know about lyrics

Chorus 3x] What ya know about switching lanes holding wood grain What ya know about switching lanes holding wood grain What ya know about switching lanes holding wood grain What ya, what ya know about, what ya, what ya know about [Mike Jones] What ya know about tha

28 Days - What you know lyrics

two need to grow up you got a good thing but you won't see it because you think you're missing out on your youth turn around one day and see it wasted the best thing you could've had you know it is the truth and you are just kidding yourself we all

District3 - What you know about me lyrics

you're looking at me tell me what do you see Bet you're thinking my life is so cool and complete Just another stranger that is passing you by You probably think that you figured me out every side They don't know... Where I came from They don't know.... A

Gen Rosso - What's going now lyrics

it out world time to get you together it's raining war we gotta change this weather whether or not you like it we're gonna get you better step in line this time and join the party forever. Once upon a time it was plain to see people grow together like a family tree, we need the r

If/then Musical - What would you do? lyrics

you met him tomorrow and knew you would lose him If you saw him and saw all the hurt you would know Would you hold him while you had him Or let him go? If you knew that your laughter would not last forever But you knew while it did you would breath

Josh Wilson - What i see now lyrics

I could go back to the seventh grade I'd tell myself, you'll be OK. You're the last one picked and the first one out, But wouldn't let it get you down. Middle school is a lonely road, You're faking sick to stay at home. But give it time and you wi

T.i. lyricsT.i. - What you know lyrics

.aye..aye..aye..aye.. What you know about that? What you know about that? What you know about that? [Pre-chorus:] Aye... don’t you know I got key by the three when I chirp shawty chirp back Louis nap sack where I holding all the work at [Chorus:] Wh

Grinderman - What i know lyrics

I Know I know Oh yeah From the day That I was born Yeah I know From the time I went to school Yeah I know From the Time Was a teenager I know From the time I got married Hey i Know A million things Are gonna Happen to me In rooms that are much like these It

Grouplove - What i know lyrics

give you this, you give it back I tossed a coin right on the track Is this for real or is it whack? I hate the feeling of feeling trapped Something for nothing, yeah And it doesn't matter where I live After a while I wanna split You specialize in t

Levellers - What you know lyrics

you seen an ocean Deep and wide Have you been an island Lost inside Have you ever walked the streets In black and white But you're in colour Alienated and afraid You look in from the outside As you go through You keep on walking But you don't know what to do But th

Parachute - What i know lyrics

Verse 1:] I take the car and drive the night The white stripes blur and ease my mind When all that's left is a single line Instead of this confusion And I'm not certain of the way it was And I'm not sure what I could of done Oh but I wonder if it had been enough To stop he

A Global Threat - What's left now? lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

Much The Same - What i know lyrics

say you're not in love because you think it feels differently But if you've never felt it how can you be sure? I don't claim to have the answers and our future's hard to see But don't let those worries push you out the door 'Cause I hate the t

Royce Da 5'9" - What i know lyrics

ya locks, and keep ya keys The Pac in me, got me thinkin deeply I got to shock MC's, wit my philosophy Cause I think very deeply Where I come from, where you sweat ya pen up Young gun rep-resenter, from the Ep-icenter The microphone fienin, for a mi

Erik Santos - Kung akin ang mundo lyrics

ako ang may ari ng mundo, ibibigay ang lahat ng gusto mo. araw-araw pasisikitin ang araw, buwan-buwan pabibilugin ko ang buwan, para sa'yo, para sa'yo... susungkitin mga bituin, para lang makahiling, na sana'y naging akin, puso mo at damdamin, kung pwede lang,

Circle Ii Circle - Faces in the dark lyrics

can't you see? You shouldn't have left me here Far away from you A long time ago You brought me along On this harrowing ride I guess my fortune left I rushed right into this dark descent I couldn't hide placed on trial again I dare not tell where I've b

Nuno Bettencourt - What you want lyrics

you want A million marbles and an ice cream car What you want A melted nova wouldn't get you far What you want A million acres for a rockinghorse What you want Is not enough I don't know much the future prophecies I don't know why they're walking on th

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - Faces lyrics

change But this place'll stay the same And I'll know When I'll go [Verse 1: Yelawolf] Yeah And I'm pickin' up another bag And I pack another knapsack The airport's like a stop light to me Sittin' on red, green light go Can't see my family My family grew into a global trance

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - Faces lyrics

change But this place'll stay the same And I'll know When I'll go [Verse 1: Yelawolf] Yeah And I'm pickin' up another bag And I pack another knapsack The airport's like a stop light to me Sittin' on red, green light go Can't see my family My family grew into a global t

The Faces - Ooh la la lyrics

old Granddad I laughed at all his words I thought he was a bitter man He spoke of women's ways "They'll trap you, then they use you Before you even know For love is blind and you're far too kind Don't ever let it show" I wish that I knew what I know now When

Embrace - Come back to what you know lyrics

back to what you know Take everything real slow I wanna lose you but I can't Let you go Before you interfere Let me make it loud and clear That you got no more to prove I'm a fool So take it easy on yourself There's nothing new about regretting how you felt I

Wet Wet Wet lyricsWet Wet Wet - What do you know lyrics

easy come and easy go When you're young you just don't know What the world is gonna give you And even though you give it up Lose your way up to the top You feel that life still owes you You're chasing rainbows and you throw your heart away You think you found it but you sti

Jason Castro - What if i fall lyrics

ve always tried to walk this life With my head held high But lately I've been filled with doubt And I don't know why I'm so afraid to let You see my scars I found myself forgetting who You are When I see my face in the mirror I see a man who tries so hard But needs Yo

Hadouken - What she did lyrics

took a call in the night She explained to me It turned out i had been right I told her i already knew Coz you know What i know And i know What you did What ya did What ya done What ya said before Got me high Left me low Now its nevermore Honestly now you feed me your lies

Toby Keith - Wish i didn't know now lyrics

never ask you where your goin', I never ask you where you've been I've never called and checked your story, When you stayed out with all your freinds I've never tried to catch you lyin', I didn't want to know the truth I'd rather go on lovin' blind girl, Than go on lov

Nappy Roots - Know bout me lyrics

(feat. A. Leon Craft) [Intro] Chops on the track Yeahhh [Verse 1 - A. Leon Craft] A. Leon Craft, South Pole cold (Cold) Up my damn flow, like a lit g...

Attica Blues - Now you know lyrics

at the crossroads, Wondering which way to go As i look around i see i'm not alone on this side of mine, 'cause this time, I know i'm doing nothing wrong Should i bust a basic left? Or go on straight ahead, And let that roman way decide fate through this path of mine, 'cau

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - What's my name lyrics

Noah] Yeah, id like to introduce to you the future, The young , the new R&B prince, Chris Brown Spit flame, And me stick around ya boy Chris Brown [Verse 1: Chris] Have you ever seen a 4 door machine when them things swing open (girl picture that) Have

Busta Rhymes - What it is lyrics

quot;What It Is" (feat. Kelis) Yeah Flipmode Neptunes nigga What you want nigga, yeah What you want bitches Keep it goin, c'mon Keep it goin, c'mon Keep it goin, c'mon C'mon, c'mon [Verse 1] Who be the father to this Bounce right

Busta Rhymes - What it is right now lyrics

Flipmode Neptunes nigga What you want nigga, yeah What you want bitches Keep it goin, c´mon Keep it goin, c´mon Keep it goin, c´mon C´mon, c´mon [Verse 1] Who be the father to this Bounce right here niggas be followin this Modelin bitches be fronti

Elvis Costello - I hope you're happy now lyrics

Costello > Blood & Chocolate > 2 - I Hope You're Happy Now He's a fine figure of a man and handsome too With his eyes upon the secret places he'd like to undo Still he knows who knows who and where and how And I hope you're happy now He's got all the thin

Cowboy Junkies - Now i know lyrics

I know, now I know what it means to be broken Now I know, now I know what it means to be bared You in the chair perceptibly sinking I'm on my knees once again made aware of the world out there Grief is a word to describe the absense of feeling Now I know, now I know what it means

Deuce - Now you see my life [ft. skee-lo] lyrics

Deuce]: There once was a kid name of Deuce, who got sick and tired of being picked on. So he got himself a nice twenty-two, click, boom, now hes on the f***in news. [Deuce]: Now whos the king of these rap acts? American bad ass, they say

Juelz Santana - Now what ft. t.i. lyrics

s do it Okay (Jazze) We in the motherf***ing building (Dip Set bitch) I heard my man T.I. is the motherf***ing king of the south (uh huh) Well I'm the the motherf***ing prince of the city (you already know)(Santana) And when the king and the p

Kenny Loggins - Now that i know love lyrics

do I know if I'm in love? Who could I ever learn to trust? I asked myself these questions for so long What do I only wish to see? What do I truly know to be? I told myself to hold on tight You never know enough But now I see what I believe 'Cause I'm

Lunafly - What's your name? (eng) lyrics

I think I’m gonna lose my mind I see your face again and I want to know you I turn around and girl you’re there again Is this a dream or is it deja vu Hello hello oh we could be together Come on baby won’t you come over and take my hand One more look and I’ll be going crazy girl

Rae Sremmurd - Now that i know lyrics

t do EarDrummers Don't do (Mike WILL Made It) Of course I want to lie and say I don't miss you My bitch on the side just told me to forget you Quit tellin' the world that I deal with you That's what niggas do, that's what niggas do So much for a d

Roach - Now i know lyrics

just now I know what he wanted to say. Now just now I know what he shouldered Now just now I know why he respect iron will. Now just now I know what we should take it over. I forget it sometimes. This is the way that I chose by myself though. I decided th

Shakira lyricsShakira - What we said - comme moi english version (fea.. lyrics

m living with a broken heart Never meant to do you harm Don't ever wanna see you cry, again And everybody hurts sometimes I never meant to do you wrong I know you're gonna be just fine, you said I wish we could go back in time See the world with differ

Yelawolf lyricsYelawolf - That's what we on now lyrics

so you might see me wit uh.. 87, rusty. I been on that but uh... you need ta get on that. Holler at cha mang. Still throwin' beer cans in the gutter mang, flick a parliament, hub cap ornament. Deer head on the wall it's a bubba thang, not just

T.i. lyricsT.i. - What up, what's haapnin' lyrics

Chorus: T.I.] Ey, what's haapnin'? (what it is you all) All you haters, can get at me (Center Hill, {?} what it do) 'Cause I hear you, and am watchin' (Church Creek, South Grand stand up) But am serious (it's the king bitch, yeah) Haters, so all I got to say is WHAT U

Jon B - What in the world lyrics

Verse 1:] I can't deny the fact that I spend my time with you But lately even little s**t got me losin' my grip And there's something we gotta do Now either you stop going through my pockets late night Gettin' caught up in what you might find Ba

Cream - What a bringdown lyrics

in a jam-jar, parson's colour in the sky. Water in a fountain doesn't get me very high. Moby Dick and Albert making out with Captain Bligh. So you know what you know in your head. Will you, won't you, do you, don't you know when a head's dead? What a bringdown! Winter lead

Michael Heart - What will it take lyrics

I heard about what happened last night. I can’t say I’m real surprised. I heard about your midnight fight and the way that he made you cry. Well, I ain’t going to ...

Dan Fogelberg - What you're doing lyrics

..what you're doing Baby what in heaven are you thinking of Look...what you're doing Will you throw away such sweet sweet love Will you throw away such sweet sweet love You used to say that you would always stay But now you say you want to find you

Reba Mcentire - Why do we want (what we know we can't have) lyrics

come for the music Some for romance You gotta be with the boy that brought you to the dance Then across the room comes a casual glance And you be making some dime even half the chance Now some like to look And some like to touch All the things that they

New Kids On The Block - Now or never lyrics

it up in my head like a billboard tile I want it so bad, so I gotta move fast. Been stuck in this town, spending too much time, Feeling sorry for myself, but I'm done with that. Hit the road, there's nothing left here but a broken promise. So

Papa Roach lyricsPapa Roach - What's left of me lyrics

this is what it feels like To get back up when your back’s against the wall And this is what it looks like When you’re all chocked up and you’re trying to hide it I know it doesn’t feel right But you did what you did and I have to end it all And this is what you g

Public Enemy - What what lyrics

flav starts to get busy Grabbin the mic and they say who is he Cock deezal breakdown like bill bixbie When I think, yo I think in 360 Gimme the mic an I'ma solve all mystery I dare any punk to try to step up and diss me Cuz when he do, that's when he kis

Gerry & The Pacemakers - What'd i say lyrics

mama don't treat me wrong Come an love your daddy all night long Alright, hey-hey Alright-mama, all night Hey, see the girl with the diamond ring? Good God, she knows how to shake that thing Hey-hey Hey, shake it girl Shake that thing Tell your mama, tell your pa I'm

Devendra Banhart - Now that i know lyrics

that I know the way it goes You gotta pay back every penny that you owe Twelve years old, in your mama's clothes Shut the blinds and lock up every door And if you hear, someone's comin' near Just close your eyes and make them disappear now Years away, finds me

Chiddy Bang - Now u know feat jordan brown lyrics

Uh We gettin' busy in the city Lights look bright and the scenery is pretty Tell Memphis I'm on my Grizzly Bear My mixtape droppin' in two weeks We get 'em sent to us, you coppin' them new sneaks So exclusive, I used to think the gang was so elusive Now they feel me like

Evan And Jaron - What she likes lyrics

sure looked good on paper Until we read between the lines It always hurts when you find You're running out of "laters" and "maybe next times" When you can almost read her mind She likes the romance The slow dance The staying out a

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