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Andrew Bird - Eugene lyrics

Studies have shown that we like sheep are prone To sure fatal doses of malcontent through osmosis But don't be sympathetic, just pass the anaesthetic 'Cuz sheep ...

Pink Martini lyricsPink Martini - Hey eugene! lyrics

come across in New York city Eugene Eugene Eugene I said hello Eugene Are you there Eugene Hey Eugene then we kissed once we lugged ... soon if I call you Sunday Eugene Eugene Eugene I said hello, Eugene Are you there, Eugene I said

The Nice - The cry of eugene lyrics

cry of Eugene fills the air His spirit can ... golden hair Loves that of Eugene and soothes despair The two ... mine asunder The voice of Eugene cuts through air His gaze

Eugene Mcguinness - Madeleine lyrics

You were dancing like a dying matador Amongst an armada of four-by-fours We were running in the morning from the land of Lego Fugitives of Rainbow Road Where all the gold...

Eugene Mcguinness - A child lost in tesco lyrics

I climbed up the dizzy heights Just me, and the moon in an empty sky The tiny cars, and trucks, and fairy lights As if the stars never learned how to fly And like a c...

Eugene Mcguinness - A girl whom my eyes shine for but my shoes ru.. lyrics

I'm gonna play my card I'm gonna walk the nine yards I'm gonna scribble in the dates in my diary I got a body in the trunk I gotta never ever get this dru...

Eugene Mcguinness - Atlas lyrics

I met a mixer He talked the head off my throat He was built for the mountains But lived in a shoebox in Soho Strange as it sounds I didn't want dear motor-mouth...

Eugene Mcguinness - Bold street lyrics

Black cap, snapping at the heels of the ladies Rushing, windswept hair and scarves waving Big Issue man threw a salvation by a penny Please give what you can A...

Eugene Mcguinness - Disneyfied lyrics

Heaven's confetti pelts down We're scattered like a toppled chess board There's a biblical queue for the money machine And a stampede spat out the drugstore And the...

Eugene Mcguinness - Fonz lyrics

Well, that wasn't very nice of you Things aren't so glossy Without a posse Oh deary dear I've no business being here Well now as I bow out At the funera...

Eugene Mcguinness - God in space lyrics

In a dream-tinted flicker of light I threw my guitar into the sea The world's as quiet as a library All the planet's creatures are asleep Eve slowly falls ...

Eugene Mcguinness - High score lyrics

Bravo, Encore All the ravers are still raving Game over, High score So type your name in A perfume scented centipede We walk the same streets at the same...

Eugene Mcguinness - Knock down ginger lyrics

You haven't seen the real life Until all your dreams have been realised I come from somewhere I'm going somewhere else And if the landlord wants me out W...

Eugene Mcguinness - Monsters under the bed lyrics

There are so many hours in the day I know I've got work to do but hey My will to move, or even use my brain Is weathered by the eternal english rain And when the talk sho...

Eugene Mcguinness - Moscow state circus lyrics

Did you drop a clanger? A spanner in the works Did it all pour out the wrong way? Bent out of shape Through the Chinese whispers Oh Clarence I do believe This ...

Eugene Mcguinness - Nightshift lyrics

You're working the nightshift A big metal machine Until you're long dead and green And a ghost in the steam You're working the nightshift Your left eye is black ...

Eugene Mcguinness - Not so academic lyrics

I'm a rogue, saint and a scoundrel I terminate at Bethnal Green I'd shake hands with the devil To get where I want to be Because I feel my soul Swell through my brain An...

Eugene Mcguinness - Rings around rosa lyrics

Your little sister's very pretty And your dad works up the city And it's not the first time That a boy like me has rhymed those words So I thought I'd run it past y...

Eugene Mcguinness - Those old black and white movies were true lyrics

The street glistens like the stars in the sky The frost christens every car that drives by And then I know Those old black and white movies were true A slow...

Eugene Mcguinness - Vampire casino lyrics

Did your lucky numbers arrive In the roll of the dice In the fire of your eyes where there once was love I heard they kicked you out to the back road Of the Vampire...

Eugene Mcguinness - Vela lyrics

Vela, don't blow away The harbour's out of sight You're not the farthest point of light So shine your wondrous cosmic kite Vela triangulates positions...

Eugene Mcguinness - Wendy wonders lyrics

Wendy wonders why I've been so cold Wendy wonders why we take it slow These cobbled streets Lead up to under sheets of gold Where fair sanity dictates Yo...

Eldritch - Mother earth lyrics

BE ABOVE US ALL? Solos: Eugene/Rudj - Eugene - Eugene/Rudj

Ace Frehley - The acorn is spinning lyrics

Alright ciao you got it Eugene's place can I help you Hey Eugene this is Patsy Mitola Listen ... hundred on the acorn And uh Eugene let's make sure This guy

Primus - Natural joe lyrics

a boy out 'luma way named Joe Eugene. He's one mellow ass son of ... a boy out 'luma way named Joe Eugene. He's one mellow ass son of

Primus - On the tweek again lyrics

a boy out 'luma way named Joe Eugene. He's one mellow ass son of ... a boy out 'luma way named Joe Eugene. He's one mellow ass son of

Die Antwoord lyricsDie Antwoord - Super evil lyrics

so!!) Fokkit Yes Yes Yes Eugene terror met die 666 My moer ... is aan die gang Almal!! Eugene Terror!!! Dis my fokken

Eldritch - Our land lyrics

LIVE BEFORE I DIE Solos: Eugene - Gabri - Eugene/Rudj COME

Eldritch - Signs lyrics

AND LET GAIA LIVE Solos: Eugene/Rudj - Eugene - John We

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - You don´t belong lyrics

while her daddy shot smack Eugene kept a list Mugger was

Bloc Party - Srxt lyrics

be delicate I called up Eugene Told him I was drowning

Bloodhound Gang - You're pretty when i'm drunk lyrics

a mix between an Ugnaut and Eugene Levy You can call it big

Eugene Mcguinness - Concrete moon lyrics

Grab your umbrella ad hover over town Where they’re tearin’ the decorations down You cast a spell on those letharios and clowns, no doubt I hear a rapse of the fore...

Eugene Mcguinness - Harlequinade lyrics

Cheshire grinning villain of my pantomine Swagger out your vortex just in time To catch harlequin and columbine out of costume Come cobra charmer and crash my gate T...

Eugene Mcguinness - Japanese cars lyrics

We’re being followed Driver, try to lose ‘em at the next lights They’re hot on our tail They’re not gonna give up without a fight I’ve been mixing in ...

Eugene Mcguinness - Joshua lyrics

I love you, Joshua I know I don’t show it But you really ought to know it When we go la-di-da di-da di-da di-de All I really wanna do Is run around to you I look a...

Eugene Mcguinness - Lion lyrics

I'm sitting on the ventriloquist lip Allowing his hand so maybe shouldn't be My disgraceful quest for immortality An adventure in an airship inflated by my ego Behind m...

Eugene Mcguinness - Shotgun lyrics

"All aboard" Cleopatra purrs.. Among pens and swords, the gun's mightier A mane of gold like a flame from a skull Upon the wings of an angel W...

Eugene Mcguinness - Sugarplum lyrics

Come sugarplum where we are bolters brass God will to our kingdom through the looking glass Drink until you’re drunk and in an ultraviolet flash You’ll b...

Eugene Mcguinness - The invitation to the voyage lyrics

You’re not the wedding dress It’s the ghost of Valentine past And the moon makes you an exclamation mark We’ll hung upside down On the climbing freeze I handstand on th...

Eugene Mcguinness - Thunderbolt lyrics

Standing on the rocks gazing across the blue lagoon Sing me a melancholy melody from your moon The metropolis is growling with bulldozers and vacuums I do...

Eugene Mcguinness - Videogame lyrics

Out here, peculiar wind From a desert fun fair Once they’re in out at the burnt town A new is prepared But call us murderers Come the nights in minor keep ...

Charlie Hall - Marvelous light lyrics

Hall, Charles Eugene Iii; Into marvelous light I

Charlie Hall - Walk the world lyrics

Kendall Lee; Hall, Charlie Eugene Iii; God, as we walk this

Jman Yiisshh - Golden voice:dont fu{n}k up are beats entry j.. lyrics

hand, 2 brothers by my side Eugene's a really nice man they all

The Knack - Normal as the next guy lyrics

o'neil I'm as normal as eugene o'neill I'm as normal as

Liz Phair - Uncle alvarez lyrics

in the Civil War He's just Eugene Isaac Alvarez We feel sorry

Tracy Bonham - In the moonlight lyrics


Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - Lumberjack lyrics

On Saturday night you go to Eugene's And on a Sunday morning

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Musical - Strike that reverse lyrics

pink! MR BEAUREGARDE: Eugene Beauregarde, please smile for

Dream Theater - Octavarium lyrics

with careful with That axe Eugene gene the dance machine

Eldritch - Like a child lyrics

LOSE Solos: Eugen/Rudj - Eugene - Bob Now it seems all

Eldritch - Thinning out lyrics

INTO A DRY WORLD Solos: Eugene - Rudj - Gabri THE AIR IS

Eldritch - Thirst in our hands (dry tears) lyrics

his pockets blow?? Solo: Eugene How do you feel? How do

Eldritch - Thoughts of grey lyrics

ARE GREY Solos: Rudj - Eugene Will this normalize or

Eldritch - Vortex of disasters lyrics

MAKE US THINK Solos: Eugene Maybe it's too late. too

Eldritch - Deviation lyrics

all breathless Solos: Eugene Variations of the solar

Eldritch - Everything's burning lyrics

the most is done Solos: Eugene - Gabri FOR HOW ONG, HOW

Lyle Lovett - Family reserve lyrics

thought But it was my Uncle Eugene He died on October the

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