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Kriss Creating Something Out Of Nothing, Only To Destroy It .. lyrics

Browse for Kriss Creating Something Out Of Nothing, Only To Destroy It .. song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Kriss Creating Something Out Of Nothing, Only To Destroy It .. lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Kriss Creating Something Out Of Nothing, Only To Destroy It ...

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Norma Jean - Creating something out of nothing, only to lyrics

eyes, your concrete eyes. Cross crisscross my path... Walking in circular patterns. Shoe shine your ammo, polish your metal. I need not your wicked weapons. My war is not with someone like you. A string of blood that is not my own strings between. Increase time and it will

Jessica Reedy - Something out of nothing lyrics

ohhh ooow hooow ohhh Lord I try so hard to be The best that I can be Its like every time I take one step something right in front of me Lord where would I be With out your grace and mercy Now I have one question, Lord why me You changed my whole life ohhh y

Entombed - Something out of nothing lyrics

bowed in silence Scarcely sane in mind Strung out, internal violence Confusion fills my time Stare back at my face, neurotic eyes Joy and despair collides It's eating me up from the inside Don't look back Remember yesterday, no way Going through th

Aeon - Nothing left to destroy lyrics

am the one you love the one you love to hate I am your path to misery I destroy your life I erase your dreams to satisfy my personal needs I will deceive you I will mislead you, to make you weak for me to take Down without bleeding, burned without fire your soul is now for me to

Coheed And Cambria - Made out of nothing (all that i am) lyrics

mind all the lines, I'm coming and there is no better part of'll see The darkest light, the blind I'll be I accept that you chose to forget the horrid thing you made of me, my dear It is alright, it is so The laughing feels so good but the world misund

Stevie Wonder lyricsStevie Wonder - Something out of the blue lyrics

opened my mind Peace I could not find Then something out of the blue Said I needed you Time swept me away Merged me into pain Then something out of the blue Said you need me too Oh what joy it brings to me To know that heaven's wrong Oh wha

Great Big Sea - Nothing out of nothing lyrics

left my home, my family by the ocean Out on my own, to seek my fortune, There's no work to occupy these young hands So look out boy! Your heading for the mainland! [Chorus:] And what do you do? Can't make nothing out of nothing Everybody needs a star

Dark Tranquillity - Out of nothing lyrics

enemies of truth and reason In that a rage is born Start out the promise and adventure When the was never the goal Chorus: How does it feel, to run out of nothing? Where do you go, when you run out? Never you mind, the grand perspective Your ou

Jay Mcguiness - Out of time (only you) lyrics

can I Hold a mirror up to your eyes Speak the way You can understand what’s inside You’ve been broken-down in a thousand different ways I’ve been looking over pictures and you hardly look the same I can see it from a mile that the way you smile has changed B

Asher Roth - Something for nothing ft. coyle girelli lyrics

Verse 1 - Asher Roth] Ey, yo I gave it all Maybe save me some Save the crumbs for a rainy one Pay me nothing Ungrateful lust Put faith and trust in unfaithful love Play the game She would play for fun Straight his face She would taste the cum

Koke K - Nothing to something lyrics

[Hook - Jay-Soul] And I went from nothing to something I, I had to hold my head to the sky Now I'm gon learn to push through Spending my life burnt through Cos I W...

Brian Mcfadden - Nothing compares to you lyrics

s been seven hours and fifteen days Since u took your love away I go out every night and sleep all day Since u took your love away Since u been gone I can do whatever I want I can see whomever I choose I can eat my dinner in a fancy restaurant But nothing

Paolo Nutini - Ten out of ten lyrics

the people wanna try you girl, And I hope you tell them where to go, Cus I've got so much here to offer girl, Oh I love you more than you can know Some people wanna speed it up, Infact I want to slow it down. I wanna get myself dressed up yeah, A

Air Supply - Making love out of nothing at all lyrics

know just how to whisper And I know just how to cry I know just where I find the answers And I know just how to lie I know just how to fake it And I know just how to scheme I know just when to face the truth And then I know just when to dream And I know just where I touch you A

Onlap - Out of my way lyrics

know it's not allright I know it's not ok Your Hand is not in mine You take a different way And when I'm thinking of this I'm satisfied Even when you are next to me you seem so far Out of my way I find myself out of control I don't know why you've been so c

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - Making love (out of nothing at all) lyrics

know just how to whisper and i know just how to cry i know just where to find the answers and i know just how to lie i know just how to fake it and i know just how to scheme i know just when to face the truth and then i know just when to dream and i know just where t

Athlete - Out of nowhere lyrics

out of 21 knocked down Now only 14 left to go I didn’t know that I was next in line But it is not as if I’ve had much time Jetlag all around me voices calling Saying please don’t go away Last thing I remember drifting down this tunnel Was brig

Cold War Kids - Out of the wilderness lyrics

crown on my head is heavy on me They wouldn't know it Cos they don't wanna see The skin on my face is turning bright pink As I walk by the girl's choir whispering The street that I walk welcomes my feet With cryptic graffiti greetings to read The smile

Michelle Breathe - Out of sight, out of mind lyrics

forget about it, what you were. You know what they say. Out of sight,out of mind. It hurt terribly, but I managed it. I'm not in love with you. You're the past. I have nothing to prevent live on. Find a new boyfriend. I'll enjoy my life. I forget about it,

Sahara Hotnights - Out of the system lyrics

love it or leave it while you can Get ready to beat it, make a stand Nothing's alright, it doesn't turn me on Tell me aren't you scared to end up all alone? We can't take it anymore We cannot fake it any more Get out of the system Into the streets There are

Brooks Elkie - Out of the rain lyrics

of the rain Under the shelter I've been so long Where the sun don't shine Standing at the crossroads Could have went either way But now I've found you And the storm is behind Out of the rain Out of the rain Out of the rain Over the wall I'm out in the open Back o

Lotti Helmut - Out of africa lyrics

to the rythm of the distant drums - Africa, Africa Antilopes are running when the lion comes - Africa, Africa Mountains rising high abuve the rageing sea- Africa, Africa Life is never certain but the souls are free in Africa Oh, out of Africa come the sweetest peace and the toug

Labÿrinth - Out of memory lyrics

to the city where madness takes over come to the land where the nightmare comes true Open your mind to a fantasy-travel where no more rules dominate out this world I know and i remember the silences I've seen and i don't relate of death All i've seen and all i

Republica - Out of the darkness lyrics

up, Alarm clock, Lip gloss, what a shock Get dressed, front door, more stress what for? Trapped in your world You know you're trappped in your world Lunch hour, fast food, telephone, more abuse V.U. headache, cigarettes, coffee break Trapped in your world You

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Out of control lyrics

was out in the city I was out in the rain I was feeling down hearted I was drinking again I was standing by the bridges Where the dark water flows I was talking to a stranger About times long ago I was young I was foolish I was angry I wa

Tiffany Alvord lyricsTiffany Alvord - Out of the woods lyrics

at it now It all seems so simple We were lying on your couch I remember You took a Polaroid of us Then discovered (then discovered) The rest of the world was black and white But we were in screaming color And I remember thinking Are we out of the woods yet Are we out

Avatar (swedish Band) - Out of our minds lyrics

there anyway we could go faster I have to get away, have to claim my chasm All gone We took a road heading for the dark now All gone And this road brought us all apart We drive... Turn right Out of our minds We're out of our minds No time... Shout out Ou

Battle Beast - Out of control lyrics

to my kingdom madness You're just in time for the show Welcome to my world of darkness A place where unreal becomes real Come drink my blood, wake the demon in me Come taste the wine of my sins Out of control, Without any fear of facing the madman Out of control, Defying the G

Tove Lo - Out of mind lyrics

Into friends Move on To strangers Let go No more us Move on I'm trying Denying Saying 'Time will heal' Keep lying To make me feel I'm OK So you believe I'd forget you Seriously? Are you kidding me? You're out of your.. You're out of your.. Yo

Taylor Swift lyricsTaylor Swift - Out of the woods lyrics

at it now It all seemed so simple We were lying on your couch I remember You took a Polaroid of us Then discovered The rest of the world was black and white But we were in screaming color And I remember thinkin' Are we out of the woods yet? Are we out of the

Amos Lee - Out of the cold lyrics

s hard to argue with a bullet proof vest Cause you can't walk straight with a bullet in your chest, Another man down with a flag to fold Yeah, it takes a lot of lovin' comin' out of the cold. Two tours served never once has he cried, The same can't be s

Artillery - Out of the sky lyrics

the radiation burn Hope there's none left for you You're searchin' for a place to hide Why there's no where to run Out of the sky you're the first one to die Out of the sky you never know why Out of the sky you're the first one to die Out of the sk

Dismember - To end it all lyrics

split in two, trembling hands Touch what is left on me Try to force back, guts where they belong Bleed profusely, writhe in agony Every heartbeat, an eternity I don't want to die But this has to end Sirensong of death, Life fade away Cries for help no one hears Existence of

Get Up Kids - Out of reach lyrics

way from home Lost by an echo, I'd never of known I've got pictures to prove I was there but you dont care Here's me overseas Cross the pond by the dover peaks I've smuggled myself into new nationalities think you'd be proud of me There's room to believe out

Royal Blood - Out of the black lyrics

did it feel when it came alive and took you Out of the black It broke your skin and shook through Every part of me, every part of you You made a fool out of me And took the skin off my back running So don't breathe when I talk 'Cause you hav

Betraying The Martyrs - Out of egypt lyrics

of Egypt To the Negev with his wife and everything he had People destroyed by their past Had first built an altar Moving for your dreams And went straight to that place Where the Voice appeared to him There Abram called on the name of Lord Now Lot who was m

Caesars - Out of my hand lyrics

s out of my hands baby think about somebody new their feeling the sounds baby just to see what you're gonna do it's out of my hands baby they don't belisee it could be this way you don't understand baby that things change from day to day it's out of my hands baby

Dark Age - Out of time lyrics

am lurking in daily routine and dreaming my life ahead deferring the goals in life there is wisdom in the eye of tomorrow so I better sleep today slowly trying to revive as suddenly the watch hour calls upon my name I am running out of time

Dave Days - Out of the box lyrics

another side of me Not always speaking so sarcastically The lights turn off The wall goes down And my mind is been set free Open to all possibilities Whoa So lets joke around say we dont believe But it just might surprise us if we see Yeah all we do what you do

Mick Harvey - Out of time man lyrics

m walking out for love I'm walking out really down really cool breeze I'm gonna be late again, driver wait for me please I'm running all in vain trying to catch this train Time don't fool me no more I throw my watch to the floor, it's gone crazy Time

John Legend lyricsJohn Legend - Out of sight lyrics

Verse 1:] It's a celebration baby, step out with me. Draped in your finest clothes and accessories. I notice you've been focused on the stress of the week. But it's Friday tonight. Spend the night out with me. [Prechorus:] Let's hit the party toni

Johnny Reid - Out of the blue lyrics

through the highs and lows Learning how to just let go Sometimes that pot of gold comes right out of the blue If a bucket of love is what you find. It’s up to you to pass it down. What goes around always comes around Right out of the blue Na na na na n

Dew-scented - Out of the self lyrics

condition critical, mindframe of contempt Rejecting all emotions just to see what there is left Retaliation, thorns of the soul Inner souls of anger will add silence to this broken voice Screaming in out just to go unheard Out of the self Now... Perceive to und

Edguy - Out of vogue lyrics

at him moving in slow-mo Surrounded by a spirit - entourage So odd - inviting sneer You ride the spinning wheel that´s getting faster Outside they saw the passing centuries Round and round, merry go roun Round and round you go Scream and shout, laugh alo

First To Eleven - Out of time lyrics

know what you've been doing Didn't say a word to me You left me out, then pulled me back in Can't you just make up your mind Tell me honestly You had your chance and you just let it all go You ran out of time How could you ever do this to some

Rouvas,sakis - Out of control lyrics


Gorillaz lyricsGorillaz - Out of body (feat. kilo kish, zebra katz & im.. lyrics

KILO KISH:] Pipe down, pipe down, pipe down, pipe down, pipe down We're here tonight for a very special offering An offering of our spirits this evening in unison But first a word of instruction Hello, hello Please leave all your belongings at the door Y

Dying Fetus - Destroy the opposition lyrics

does the earth belong to? The human termites spreading lies. The people have to make a decision, but they're too busy dying to try and realize. Who controls their future, and money flows above their heads. Just give them all a chance to make cont

Decadence - Out of ashes lyrics

of a kind At the end of time The wait to ignite A bird’s wish to fly See it all burn Like moments in time Awaken the hushed That is burning inside Out of ashes Out of ashes it’s born All that once was All that has been destroyed Not to fall Not t

Meat Loaf - Out of the frying pan (and into the fire) lyrics

s only two o'clock And the temperature's beginning to soar And all around the city You see the walking wounded and the living dead It's never been this hot and I've never been so bored And breathing is just no fun anymore Then I saw you like a summer dream And you're the ans

Rufus Wainwright lyricsRufus Wainwright - Out of the game lyrics

out of the game I’ve been out for a long time now I’m lookin’ for something That can’t be found on the main drag, no I’m out of the game I’ve been out for a long time now I’m looking for something That can’t be found on the main drag no, Look at you, look at you, look at y

Ihsahn - Something out there lyrics

...) (...) Like a statue (...) With no more room for (...) Slowly taken down by age Going back through every page Something old, something new Something borrowed, something blue They like a monument's (...) (...) (...) (...) Rime frost

Besa Kokedhima - Nothing gonna change lyrics

ohhh, ohhoh, oh… Turn in tonight on your page of my life I’ll find love by your side It seems so right, I wanna see the light And the sparks in your eyes when you look in mine And I, feel that I, Want only to spend my life with only you by my side And I, know that I, Will a

Sengir - Out of hurt lyrics

ment to cause you any pain Sure I've done nothing wrong But faster than the rain You slipped away And you know it's not the way Leaving me astray Leave me shattered by the morninglight You and me are falling down tonight 'Cause you were shallowing my mind

Eric Burdon - Out of nowhere lyrics

is the clown? Who is the fool? Which one knows he is playing and which one is last in the game? I can hear the voice, why can't they? I am glad I wasn't born into your world. It would be sad to be born into a world that does not believe in love anymore. I am n

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Musical - Strike that reverse lyrics

Goodness, is that the time? Our schedule has no room for intros, languid and rubato... Accelerate right to the verse and play it molto presto and staccato! What zigzag roads and fickle fates have led you to my chocolate gates? I'm sure the stories would enthrall but time is raci

Elizabeth Grace - Nothing left to fight (pessimist) lyrics

m a child In everyone's eyes Making peace with only words Confiding and throwing high-fives When everything is disturbed (When everything is disturbed) I'm a child In everyone's eyes Making peace with only words Confiding and throwing high-fives

Mat Kearney lyricsMat Kearney - Nothing left to lose lyrics

s in the air tonight The sky's alive with a burning light You can mark my words something's about to break And I found myself in a bitter fight While I've held your hand through the darkest night Don't know where you're coming from but you're

Nostradameus - Out of this world lyrics

gaze into my crystal ball and what do I see A man with power has gone insane and that is scaring me A threat that can destroy the world is rising in the sky I see the world is near the end I tremble and I cry I want out of this world The time for us is running short When numb

Richard Marx - Nothing left to say lyrics

up tight but holdin' the key Clock keeps tickin' like it's laughin' at me I wonder What spell I'm under Days go by in a pulseless haze Who's that person that's wearin' my face Denyin' What he's hidin' I can't go on like this I won't let myself miss the r

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