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Konshens - Do d ting feat. dario lyrics

Ching chong, ching chong) [Konshens:] Ey Russian (Russian) Tell ... go-go club gyal [Chorus: Konshens] Do di ting nuh please Mek ... mi mind at ease [Verse 1: Konshens] Baby girl, Tongue ring

Konshens - Hooked on you feat darrio lyrics

yo yo Oohhhh... [Chorus: Konshens] Baby from the first time ... fi hold me [Chorus: Konshens] So baby from the first time ... on yoooouuu [Verse 2: Konshens] Girl I can rememba clearly

Konshens - Do sumn lyrics

dweet dweet) Yuh know dem Konshens mi name(Konshens mi name) ... nuttn Verse 1: Hey hey Konshens mi name But mi nuh hav none

Tarrus Riley - Good girl gone bad ft. konshens lyrics

family mad [Verse 2:] [Konshens:] She go suh hard Who she ... she's already floating [Konshens:] Mi seh a whole heap a man

Konshens - Good girl gone bad ft. tarrus riley lyrics

family mad [Verse 2:] [Konshens:] She go suh hard Who she ... she's already floating [Konshens:] Mi seh a whole heap a man

Konshens - Mama proud lyrics

Records) (mammy) Yeah, yeah (Konshens) Proud of me Got to make ... of me Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Konshens representin [Chorus:] I'm

Konshens - Propa lyrics

Intro:] Yo, Konshens representin For bridges ... di fyah inna har section Konshens a get di invitaion [Chorus

Konshens - Rasta imposter lyrics

Konshens Dem a nuh rasta Dem a ras ... No, no, no, no, no, no Konshens representing

Konshens - Fight the ban lyrics

It cya work... yuh mad Konshens [Verse 1:] Listen now...

Konshens - F*** u 2night lyrics

Intro:] Di gyal dem, Yo Konshens fi di girls dem Ohhhhhhh,

Konshens - Jamaican dance lyrics

Rick LP, Elephant Man and Konshens in the house. Are you ready

Konshens - Out the ghetto lyrics

Intro:] A di real Gachapan Konshens Yo This one goes out... to

Konshens - Pretty devil lyrics

[Outro:] Head Concussion Konshens

Konshens - Simple song lyrics

simple argument, ah lie? Konshens Girl!!! Yuh cya con ah

Konshens - Straight forward lyrics

mi feel right now This time (Konshens) Yea oohhhhh [Verse 1:]

Konshens - Take you ova feat. miguel lyrics

a give yuh in a yardy style Konshens get di gyal dem hotter than

Konshens - Teach them how to pray lyrics

Konshens I'm not a cristian nor am I a rasta man but I still a knowleged the almighty one we have a serious problem and it needs to be adress before d...

Konshens - Winner lyrics

my likkle one yuh see it A Konshens (yeah) All about the paper

Eva Simons - Policeman ft. konshens lyrics

Hey, mister policeman I don't want no trouble I just wanna drop my jiggelin' down to the floor Hey, mister policeman Why you wanna holla at me? I just wanna dro...

Cardi B lyricsCardi B - Back it up (feat. konshens & hoodcelebrityy) lyrics

Yeah Cardi B Aw yeah (Hoodcelebrityy) Hey gal, beg you listen to my offa Yuh body, me ah beg a likkle wine offa This a nuh sumn for your smile offa Me guaran...

Konshens - Mi madda lyrics

[Intro:] This is for the mothers of the world Yeah, yeah, eah eah eah We thank you (ohh ohhhh) This one goes out to all the mothers (and you know) Mama I lov...

Konshens - All about you lyrics

[Verse 1] This time you gat my intention undivided, Me and you... no one else invited Am gonna love you... Caz you worthy it Wanna do you right... Caz you dese...

Konshens - Bedroom general lyrics

[Intro:] Hey Russian Di gal dem don't talk Let make up their mind Dem nuh want nuh idiot a tek up dem time So when dem ready fi connect up dem line Wi de...

Konshens - Bounce lyrics

Hey You a di baddest girl,inna di party tonight(come now) No odda girl inna tonight Cyan flop the show mi gal you know you body right Mek you so hot,m...

Konshens - Buss a blank lyrics

Fi di ones wi lost Pon di bakklefield Yo Now I lay me down to sleep Pray to Jah my soul to keep If I pass before I wake Pray to Jah my soul to take To the most h...

Konshens - Close to me lyrics

[Intro:] Yo Yeah I only think of you (only think of you) Yeah I just wanna let you know baby That I'm constantly thinking about you (just wanna let you know) No...

Konshens - Crossfire lyrics

[Intro:] Yeahhh yeahhhh Ah Yo (yo) [Chorus:] One more gun sound One more drop of blood pon di ground One more ghetto youth gun down Dead inna di cross fire (...

Konshens - Forward lyrics

[Intro:] (Eh) Alright, Chip in di turbo (turn it up) This year mi chip in di turbo Yea We tun on di turbo (money time u kno) Yo (Hear mi now man). Tell m...

Konshens - Gal a bubble lyrics

Yo.. how dah party ah look soh? Dog how dah party ah look soh? How mi gyal dem stand up and ah look soh? Wha you ah do to mi? Selecta,bounce dah 1 here fi deh ...

Konshens - Love you forever (drunk confession) lyrics

[Intro:] Do me a favor... Don't ever, ask me to sing this Song for you long alright? [Verse 1:] My soul mate My heartbeat My life line You are my world my girl And I.....

Konshens - Need a wife lyrics

[Intro:] (Yo) Baby baby baby baby (baby yeah) Yeah this is so (this is so) Unlike mi (yeah) But I'm gonna open my mouth And let di words from my heart come out ...

Konshens - No power lyrics

[Intro:] Lifeline Mi neva fear, neva fe-a-a-ar (Jah Jah bless mi) Mi neva fear, neva fe-a-a-a-r yeaa eyy [Chorus:] Nooo, power on earth Greater than Jah powa-aaa Hear y...

Konshens - No retreat lyrics

[Intro:] Girl, we nah go talk anymore This nah postpone Afta we leave from the party I'll be taking you home Been holding on for so long I've been waitin' Time for the r...

Konshens - On your face lyrics

[Intro] What time is it That time Every gyal, every gyal, every gyal, every gyal [Chorus] Girl I can see it pon your face Seh yo body a ball out fi some...

Konshens - Only jah lyrics

Just me and Jah, nobody else Ooooooo whoy whoy whoy whoyy Jah never fail me yet noooo Never leave my side no, nooo, oh nooo, Good friend come and go, b...

Konshens - Represent lyrics

Big up we links weh inna di link and keep the link stink we links nuff a road suh we flow never sink we linky dem have the thing lock pan the road suh nuh boy nuh gi ...

Konshens - She's happy feat delus lyrics

When Things aren't going my way And it's like me can't even see a brighter day Then when my life start get so hard Me haffi kneel down and pray to di lawd Wh...

Konshens - Shot a fire lyrics

Smoking out the breeze People at the.. Jamaica Jamaica them to my league up when I follow them none of them, yeah them conscious of..alright Oh ratatac, uh ratatac yo...

Konshens - Thank god fi di gal dem lyrics

[Intro] Blackie, whitie, Indian, Chine Slimmie, Fluffy, poor gyal, gyal wah have money Wi no care from a gyal wi want dem near So if yo love the gyal dem hand...

Konshens - The realest remix feat bounty killer lyrics

[Intro:] A di realest song Dis is a prayer to the father Guide my steps as yuh sit on your throne Show mi di way fi get mi food an mi water And do nuh mek ...

Konshens - Weed on me lyrics

Mr officer I can't lie You done smell it inna me clothes And see tho red inna me eye You don't need to search me If a di ganja u want As u tek it whe I'm gonna look a...

Konshens - World citizen lyrics

Intro: Supm different It no matta weh yuh come from(no matta) No matta weh yuh born and grow(weh yuh grow) Man woman, boy and girl We are citizens of the world(yeah) ...

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