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Koke K - Turn back lyrics

Maverick Sabre:] I’ve been living this daily With no peace No day dreams to save me Get high cause I want to survive Wish I could turn back the hands of time I’ve been living this daily With no peace No day dreams to save me Get high cause I want to

Toto lyricsToto - Turn back lyrics

the wind sang the words he could hear Born of the sand washed ashore on a tear Time wrote the lines on his face like a scroll Love is a loss to the man with no soul Run through the darkness he hears Turn back There's no survivors You can't turn back Dr

Anthem - Turn back to the night lyrics

ima koso ugoki dasu toki hikisaku mono wa nani mo nai nosa atsui mono wa karada no oku de afureru toki wo neratte iru nosa yoru ni magirete hashire TURN BACK TO THE NIGHT akuma no you ni sakebe TURN BACK TO THE NIGHT moe agari kyouki kashite afureru

Freedom Call - Turn back time lyrics

song of sadness, rhymes of pain The sounds of my tragedy out in the rain Out in the rain I made my way and left you alone I have denied you to be on my own To by on my own While the years are passing by The flame still burning inside I still remembe

Dawn Of Oblivion - Turn back now lyrics

s dark outside, it's dark in my mind Where's the light I used to find Once I was riding on the clouds But now I'm miles from the sun I am miles from the sun I'm out again, I try to find the way back home again Too many questions, but no answers When all

Aqua - Turn back time lyrics

Back Time Give me time to reason, Give me time to think it through. Passing through the season, Where I cheated you. I will always have a cross to wear, But the bolt reminds me I was there. So give me strength, To face this test tonight. If only I could turn back time

Johnny Hates Jazz - Turn back the clock lyrics

day is ended And i still can't sleep Remembering my yesterdays I begin to weep If i could have it over Live my life again I wouldn't change a single day I wish that i could turn back the clock Bring the wheels of time to a stop Back to t

Prozak - Turn back lyrics

lives are all about chances and circumstances And hopes that it will advance us Maybe one day we can have the answers What is life, what is death, and what comes after that? And why do the call life a gift if it gets taken back So contradictive our existence to be s

Roger Shah - Turn back time (feat. jane kumada) lyrics

Do you wonder baby, We can never stop a tear, A tear Do you hold me baby, Slowly I disappear, Appear Do you call me crazy, Now I can smell your fear, Your f...

Instalok - Turn back time ft. lunity (ariana grande - on.. lyrics

AP fighter I'll hit you with Timewinder And if you ever dodge it It’s return hits the hardest 3 stacks’ll slow ya The damage will destroy ya And if I feel in danger I’ll run and see ya lata Gonna roam Gonna roam Gonna roam It’s time to help my team I’m coming to you f

Miss May I - Turn back the time lyrics

back the time. Let me try this again. Watch me crawl out of the hell I’m in. I’m not the man that I thought I’d be. My mind has not become my reality. Side swiped in all directions by everything I try. The mangled wreck inside me is all that’s left behi

Chase Coy - Turn back the time lyrics

you know how much you meant to me? Oh no. Do you know I still carry the memories? Oh no. Did you know that for me letting go wasn't easy? Oh no, no you don't. Do you still listen to our lullaby? Oh no. Does it help you get to sleep at night? Oh no. Are you singing along by

Coma - Turn back the river lyrics

this your promised land? is this what you really want? is this your f***ing way? is this your life or not? do you belive in god? do you really belive in men? did you ever really fall in love? can you really understand the sense? can you feel the rhythm of you

As It Is - Turn back to me lyrics

memories are still so bright but I keep the curtains drawn I've never been like this Or am I just, romanticizing a person that's gone I can only take so much before I spill my guts But I'm terrified of letting you see what I'm thinking But you left before I cou

Damage - Turn back lyrics

Away All my life I've been far away Living thoughts and words that will never fray I was living althought I should change mu fate I'm cold, but inside I know I'm the same And the dreams that we had Will be lost along the way I'm tied, but I'm still looking for my d

Kameleo - Turn back time lyrics

hitotsu Karabako ni tsumekomi Wasureteshimaou to Kakushitsudzuketekita Nijuugo ji sugi Kaisatsuguchi no mae Nakiyamanai kimi wo okuite kietanda… Itsumo kono michi wo tooru tabi Doushitemo kimi wo omoidashiteshimau Tatoeba jikan wo modoseta toshitemo May

Extreme Music - Turn it back lyrics

that was certain Succumbed to the flame In the space of a heartbeat Everything changed At the crossroads was the gate, the window to my fate, the angel that secured me his love I opened up my soul, but demons took control, and he watched the fire rage

Metrik - Sub focus - turn back time (metrik remix) lyrics

off my shoulders, but not 'cause it's colder Will it get better, now that we're older? Remember the feeling, a deeper emotion To be high as a mountain, as deep as the ocean How I wish I could turn back time How I wish I could turn back time How I wish I could turn back t

Ben Moody - Never turn back lyrics

tight, take this last breath As the waters rush in (Is it all a sin?) Come inside child, my day is gone Close my eyes to the sun I'll never turn back now Never turn back now Never turn back now I'll never turn back now Lessons learned now mean nothing O

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - If i could turn back the hands of time lyrics

did I ever let you slip away Never knowing I'd be singing this song some day And now I'm sinking, sinking to rise no more Ever since you closed the door [1] - If I could turn, turn back the hands of time Then my darlin' you'd still be mine If I could turn, turn back t

Crush 40 - Never turn back lyrics

whoa whoa yeah Whoa whoa whoa yeah Whoa whoa whoa yeah Whoa yeah Whoa whoa whoa yeah Whoa whoa whoa yeah Whoa whoa whoa yeah It's been a long, rough road And I'm finally here I move an inch forward Feels like a year Everything I feel seems so unreal Is it true? Is

Needtobreathe - Won't turn back lyrics

like a sailor Who's left his girl at home No storm could overtake the love he knows So tell me why I should run for cover At the sound of the coming thunder All I hear is the cry of my lover So take your shot I won't turn back I won't turn back Faithful like a soldier Who'

Jimi Jamison - I can’t turn back lyrics

don't know why I'm here again Been down this road before You keep on pulling me back in Leave me begging for more I don't know why I'm here again I know so well how this will end My heart will pay the price Yes, my heart will pay the price I don't know why

Procol Harum - (you can't) turn back the page lyrics

night surrounds me I can't turn back the hands of time When I look around me My thoughts are of the lonely kind Such a game of high stakes We gambled and then we lost We were fools to believe That we could beat the odds But the story always ends the same (You can

Jennifer Rush lyricsJennifer Rush - Never gonna turn back again lyrics

don´t want just anybody To keep me warm on lonely nights I´ll leave it to you So stay an I´ll just fade away I always knew love had it´s own will This heart of mine always stood still Now I can see Never before was it so close It´s gone too far to run and hide Wa

Abney Park - Too far to turn back lyrics

ve come too far to turn back It's way too dark to unpack We'd stop right here but we're slipping This ground is loose, we're not gripping We're way in over our heads, it seems And this place is coming apart at the seams We can't stop or control our di

Bonnie And Clyde - Musical - Too late to turn back now lyrics

I gotta get out now while I still can While I'm still in the clear The dream is done it's over now Gotta get me outta here CLYDE: Don't say that we're both in shock We need to think this through It ain't my fault I had no choice Nothing I could do BONNIE: With tha

Cher - If i could turn back time lyrics

I could turn back time If I could find a way I'd take back those words that've hurt you And you'd stay I don't know why I did the things I did I don't know why I said the things I said Prides like a knife it can cut deep inside Words are like weapo

Poco - Let me turn back to you lyrics

don’t know you but I can feel you In all the ways you get through these days Bluer than blue You’re throwin’ your dreams up They all come fallin’ down Then you turn away it’s another day And it seems you’re earthly bound There is doubt in your eyes in ehat you say

Phil Collins - Can't turn back the years lyrics

ve given you everything that you need But I cannot turn back the years The perfect love was all you wanted from me But I cannot turn back the years So we have to be strong, and I'm finding that hard We have to move on, but no matter how hard I try If your heart's in

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - Reasons to turn back lyrics

s safe to say that, nobodys waiting for you, to draw your life line and one million voices are begging you to pull all the lines and you keep on thinking that: We're all falling down, by wasting your time, but never chasing your childhood dreams Wher

Red Rider - Can't turn back lyrics

he was a misfit Since the age of seventeen He had to do it his way they said He should be quarantined He went looking to the East He went looking to the West He was looking for the courage To see which way was the best. Can't turn back Oh no Look out on his right He wo

Pathfinder - The day when i turn back time lyrics

are the storm, We fight to the end. We bring the light to forgotten dreams. So come and join the army of lights, We have to turn back time! The day when I turn back time... We crossed the gate, We touched the light, We saw the nothingness, So many times! We felt the spac

From First To Last - We all turn back to dust lyrics

soul, Your dreams are waiting, Grab them up, Hold them closely, Never let go, Never let go. Little soul, You're finally here to live and breathe, Your every fear of love and hate, Smile and touch, Hope, despair, Loathing and lust. Who we are, What

Innerwish - If i could turn back time lyrics

crazy inside the corners of my mind Getting closer to life time I left behind Scenes and memories from the past have come along So the nightmare starts to grow. Broken pieces of a life I've tried to live Things and meanings now it's late for me to g

Daya - Back to me lyrics

only call me your baby when she wasn't there Now you go calling me crazy because I don't care We'll never turn back time, now lovin' you is an after thought Too late to press rewind when all I want to do, do is sob I've got to break you free Don't kno

Grave Forsaken - Back to basics lyrics

you find yourself in times of trouble Sometimes you've gotta think of where you come from Unashamed god metal, spreading the word It’s time to turn around and turn back the clock Back to basics Rock and roll Back to basics God metal It’s easy to

Rage - Back in time lyrics

s this scenery, I can see it clearly I'm the visionary, it's the moment of my birth The intention's here, this was how I planned to be But reality shows the weaker part of me I wish that I could turn back time Journey far beyond my memory

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - Back to your heart lyrics

Ohhhh, yea It's not that I can't live without you It's just that I don't even want to try Every night I dream about you Ever since the day we said goodbye If I wasn't such a fool Right now I'd be holding you There's nothin' that I wouldn't do Baby if I only knew The wo

Eden's Curse - Turn the page lyrics

is the hardest thing to say, sometimes It's not what you did But it's all about what you do Life's what you make it A chance there for the taking A belief to put your faith in Hold the moment and seize the day Leave the past behind New found glories for you to fi

Sade - Turn my back on you lyrics

turn my back on you Now would I turn my back on me To turn my back on you Now would I turn my back on me No (don't say) I'm not gonna turn my back on you You know I'll never let you down (ah ha) No way I'll never let you down I'll never let you down, no way Try to tell you that

I Blame Coco - Turn your back on love lyrics

will not become hostile to the world that we live in I will not be done into the ultimate And here I am for the killing The sacrifice is on my hands Turn your back on love You turn your back on me If you turn your back on love So don't forget these times I'm gonna find you

Chris Norman - Turn right, turn wrong lyrics

right turn wrong I turn around and you’re gone And you’re never coming back, no you’re never coming back This time I won’t wait I won’t cry it’s to late Cos you’re never coming back, no you’re never coming back I’ll get used to this feeling I’m gonna have to fin

Accept lyricsAccept - Turn me on lyrics

can't wait to get you Down on the dirty floor I know it ain't a place But come on and close the door I'm coming down for pleasure For headgames all night long Yes, indeed, I wanna have it now All what you've gotta give I'm coming to the point - where I can't

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - Turn your back on me lyrics

ve been searching for so long now the search party is gone won't somebody tell me what the hell went wrong we started out so strong I never wanted to hurt you I didn't plan to desert you I couldn't possibly express how much I care So turn your back on me

Joan Jett - Turn it around lyrics

wonder what it meant to you Was it just my name? The changes that we both went through Was it all a game? I know that it was real to me I wonder what you gave to me It wasn't what ya said You acted like a slave to me Til you got inside my

Saliva - Turn the lights on lyrics

the light on I want to see you the way I used to Before the moment's gone I used to know you But now we're strangers Lost in all this anger I got to face the dark to see the dawn Got to make it right before it's wrong I will throw you a lifeline Pull you back to me Hold y

Marian Hill - Back to me (feat. lauren jauregui) lyrics

Samantha Gongol:] I've been looking at you with a little something That you've been ignoring You've been looking at me with it I don't know what exactly but it's boring Play it cool, but I see through it You should listen to the music Boy, I know you want it so you be

Renegade Five - Turn the wheel lyrics

running away from things that could hurt A thousand reasons, finally proofed Your on your way And you try to get over There´s a whole world waiting for you Cant´t you hear all the voices that tells you This is the right way to go You turn the wheel Through the dark Driving

Dead Or Alive - Turn around and count 2 ten lyrics

ve both been acting Strangely And you can hardly face me I can see the fire in your eyes we both know the answer but one of us won't say it loves the only game in town you sure know how to play The future of our love is on the line the both of us co

Helloween lyricsHelloween - Back against the wall lyrics

you see now where I stand, my friend? Will you offer me your helping hand? And will you cross the void and speak the words? Rush, I'm beggin' you, it hurts It hurts, it hurts, it hurts I'm standing back against the wall Dare I to move I got to fa

Samantha Jade - Turn around lyrics

it me or did we agree to love? Tell me why I don't feel we got enough It's you but what about me? It seems like you live a life without me Everything seems to have your time but us My space in your heart is closing up And the place where your picture's hanging Is the only t

K.d. Lang - Turn me radio lyrics

night I heard A ruckus down the road No time to lose and so away I go I saw the lights At the junction... Pulled in my wheels And checked the show (turn me round) (they’re) dancin’ round, round, round (turn me round) Square dancin’ round, round

Billy Talent - Turn your back lyrics

when the clock strikes 12, tell me where you gonna be? Cleaning up the mess we've made or watching your TV. And if you have to ask, then you don't have a clue, There's snow in Arizona while they're bombing in Beirut I hope some day... when i'm dead and gone, We learned to

Cloud Nothings - Water turns back lyrics

took the first ten times to get your face just right It took the first ten times to get your face just right Give a light and I'll turn back to it Give a light and I'll turn back to it But you're still so old But you've got somewhere to go Oh you're still s

Elton John lyricsElton John - Turn the lights out when you leave lyrics

bags out on the bed Your closet's all cleared out You say you're goin' to Jacksonville 'Cause our love's all worn out You're searching in my eyes To try and find a tear But the well of my forgiveness Has dried up with the years You might still look pretty In that lacey

Goodbooks - Turn it back lyrics

raise my head so slowly Throw an arm in the air And I turn all the lights down And enjoy the despair I did not feel this happening I did not see this coming No I did not predict this at all Look at me bleeding With my heart in my hand But I just can't believe in Wh

Hüsker Dü - Turn it around lyrics

times I've tried Everything to make you feel all right (Turn it around) Is anything working? Several times I've died inside And then I see you get uptight (Turn it around) We gotta get back Turn it around I've got time on my side And

Kevin Lyttle - Turn me on lyrics

Intro] Oh Yeaah..... ah ah ah... Is ah big dance hall song in know Madzart alongside Kevin Lyttle You know how it is, you know how we go You know [Verse 1] For the longest while we jamming in the Party And you're wining on me Pushing everything Right back on top of me (Yea -

Matty B Raps - Turn up the track lyrics

you can find in Atlanta with an A cap turned back Dancing in streets with a little Georgia Peach She begin’ me to stay home You know that I wish I could But my flight leaves at 11 I’m headed to Hollywood Wave at the Carolinas St Louis is swag make a stop down in d

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