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Koffi Olomide Gilba Translation lyrics

Browse for Koffi Olomide Gilba Translation song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Koffi Olomide Gilba Translation lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Koffi Olomide Gilba Translation.

S.o.j.a - Translation of one (bonus track) lyrics

Yo Yo I'm not saying that i got it all figured out I'm just saying that most people seem to be without a doubt, So, Scared of death of what they just don't understand You know they, been doing that one since the dawning of man And if you need the union of marriage t

Hedley - Lost in translation lyrics

you from Mom On vacation Bisexual in a metro station I don’t understand a single word you’re saying Ain’t complaining what you saying I’ll go down on one knee if I have to Just to have you but I don’t have to Gotta learn a 2nd language just to flatter you What’s

Helalyn Flowers - Lost in translation lyrics

like a flower From the ashes to the light I can see my body sliding away In a deaf implosion Bleeding cristal petals of life I am breaking in this silent escape 'cause I don't know where Is my destination But I don't know pain While I'm lost in

Jeff Scott Soto - Lost in the translation lyrics

you're looking for someone to kick around the floor Let me tell you, I may be your man You can do what you're willing then throw me out the door I wont beg You for a vowing hand, no no If all you want is fixed sensation (want you to know) Without the lines of

Apoptygma Berzerk - Lost in translation lyrics

you are And yet the strongest by far Who`s to save us now That you've turned weak? I can see it in your eyes I can feel it in my gut Now we've really reached The point of no return We've all been traumatized We were all a part of the revolution We call the truth a li

Apoptygma Berzerk - Lost in translation (sweep remix) lyrics

you are And yet the strongest by far Who's to save us now that you've turned weak I can see it in your eyes I can feel it in my gut Now we've really reached the point of no return (chorus) We've all been traumatized We were all a part of the revolution We call the t

Of Machines - Lost in translation lyrics

is your way out of space A fool to fall for that line For those who hoped You'd be everything (Be everything) Your quiet eyes won't sleep tonight This is a message to the weak And now we know, Just who you are Yeah, We've all caught on And now you're on

Exo - Black pearl (english translation) lyrics

my black pearl She’s my Black pearl I don’t need a map my heart points me to you Even if the road ahead is rough I can’t do this where I stand There wasn’t a moment we were apart or when I forgot about you If only I can see you at the end of the horiz

Bts lyricsBts - Fake love (english translation) lyrics

it was for you I could pretend that I was happy even if I was sad If it was for you I could pretend that I was strong even if I was hurt Wishing that love is perfect as itself Wishing all my weakness is hidden In a dream where nothing worked out for me I raised a flower that coul

J Balvin - Ambiente (english translation) lyrics

Intro] I need to know what you think When you think of me In intimacy she convinces me that I don’t regret The things she does to me (to me) And her hair goes all the way to the ground A look that doesn’t reflect fear A desire that has me in jail I wanna lie to you, but I’m hones

Dawn Of Oblivion - Commando x lyrics

atrocities, brotherhood in the fatherhood Families of kings and queen Afghanistan over Babylon Arabic and the Caucasian race Bali, Baghdad, Chechnya China, Grozny, Indonesia, Iraq, Israel, Jerusalem Kabul, Kandahar, Najaf and London town Persian Gulf and Russia, United States

Decadence - Desperate secrecy lyrics

in the far corner of a world of dreams I listen to the plaintive whisper of sweet memories They’re clipped with time, a sedate, soothing rhyme Slowly cries the litany of mine Over this landscape of loose translation My trembling gathers a tacit rejection In s

Outlandish - Guantanamo lyrics

Intro:] El sol calienta alla en lo alto Y la palma real nos alumbra Orgullo de mi tierra cubana Aqui no hay canto en vano [Translation:] The sun heats above And the royal palm enlights us With the pride of my Cuban soil Here it can´t be fou

Prince - Rainbow children lyrics

the accurate understanding of God and His law they went about the work of building a new nation: The Rainbow Children Just like the sun, the Rainbow Children rise, Flying upon the wings of the New Translation See them fly, fly The covenant will b kept this time Just lik

Sean Paul - Oh man lyrics

amp;quot;Oh Man" (feat. Daddy Yankee) [Intro:] Looney Tunes..... Subelo al maximo (Turn it Up to the Max) Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up... Subelo al maximo Daddy Yankee a turn it up, turn it up... Subelo al maximo S Peezy a turn it up,bomb it up, blaze it up,

Secrets Of Kaplan - Lifejackets lyrics

hallways are, open to decision just remember to keep both feet on the ground... not a sign, just a face their reminding you of what one day, you had pulled in the wrong direction something's lost within translation.. pulled in the wrong direc

Celtic Folk - Oidhche mhath leibh lyrics

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a very well known song, and is usually sung at the end of traditional ceilidhs. We even had a rendition of it last weekend in London at the ceilidh there! it is called Oidhche mhath leibh, wh

Luca Turilli - Pyramids and stargates lyrics

along the Nile Kept in the pharaoh's eye Giza's great trinity Orion on earth revealed Ruins and manuscripts Rewrite old theories Saurid's 4th dynasty Numbers, new science, myth? PYRAMIDS AND STARGATES SACRED PHI AND CODE DIVINE MYSTICAL RELATION ONE POINT SIX EIGHT AST

Aina - Restoration lyrics

Narrator: Michael Kiske] [Narrator:] Blessed land, the shining star Once again in light you are Broken lives are mended Though minds never forget their scars [Angelic Ainae Choir:] Aindahaj, etinae shalae outhaed infinisme Aindahaj, yathe jebri swrutaen

Aina - Serendipity lyrics

Narrator: Michael Kiske] [Backing vox: Robert Hunecke- Rizzo] [Ainae Angel: Nicholas Westerman] [Narrator:] Years went by and Angels sighed Young girls laughed and old men died Lovers loved and people tried To live amongst the shadows Sunlight c

Dj Tomekk - Return of hip hop ooh ooh lyrics

KRS-One, Torch, Rene * send corrections to this typist (CHORUS: KRS-One) Just throw your hands in the air And wave 'em like you really DO care And if you ready to expand your mind tonight Somebody say ... nothin (KRS-One) DJ Tomekk, headnoddin

Down - Levitation lyrics

sing through me Uprising in shaman's translation... Archrival souls (of) squandering Transcending the threat, the tarots are burned... There'll come a time/to gloat in the light/don't stop there... levitation... This flesh claims dreams Mars haunts the skies, crimson an

Rise Against - 1000 good intentions lyrics

s all the same thing Now that it ever was Except now you've strayed too far Need you to stop digging your hole And follow the path we light Don't need an invitation to be reconciled 'cause these home fires are burning Stare into your empty eyes and wonder... &quo

Kris Allen - Written all over my face lyrics

always played you songs to say What I never could Other people say it better Say it better than I would But for every word left unsaid I thought you understood It was easier to kiss you Than to tell you how I feel Oh and I don't want to lose you But you can't see

Bal-sagoth - Prologue lyrics

2104, lithological excavations at the Fourth Mars Colony unearthed an artifact of unknown, seemingly non-human origin; an icosahedron of an unrecognized, non terrestrial metallic composition, inscribed with strange, indecipherable sigils and glyphs. After long months of inten

Bal-sagoth - Six score and ten oblations to a malefic avat.. lyrics

The following are excerpts from handwritten notes discovered secreted in a hidden alcove in the west wing of the Phillips-Ervin Museum, London England. Sealed in a leather canister, the aged script was accompanied by an ornate bronze key of unknown origin. The author of the jou

Biffy Clyro - Liberate the illiterate/a mong among mingers lyrics

t be sad, keep smiling, leave this open to communicate Lying there on the desk you left a letter, when I touched it, it shivered in my hand I rub the surface to see your face in the mirror, translation lost me in a crowded room Leave exposed the wounded, look down kids it sta

Broken Social Scene - Major label debut lyrics

m just coming here to come down I could be here, I could move town Put my suits right on the guest list Sign my passport, became weightless And I'm all hooked up And I'm all hooked up And I'm all hooked up And I'm all hooked up Draper street caught me believing Spilt their ey

Broken Social Scene - Major label debut (fast) lyrics

m just comin' here to come down I could be here I could move town Put my suits right on the guest list Sign my passport Became weightless And I'm all hooked up Draper Street caught me believin' Spilt their eyes on All the ceilings Forced to live like it's a cu

Canopy - New construct lyrics

final creation speaks to its creator the translation to perfection will commence without limbs nor eyes rushing into demise toppled cities dehumanise Baptized blood empty mind sterile world under waves Further awar from the answer tearing at basic foundations gazing in awe

Edguy - Alone in myself lyrics

m trying hard to match the picture That you paint of me You don't know how much I would give To really make you See what I'm right here right now I speak a word and then I feel like losing mother tongue Aren't I grateless when You wanna make me fe

Eyes Wide Shut - Soundtrack - Masked ball lyrics

Version Zisa Domnului catre ucenicii sai...Porunca noua dau voua...Domnului sa ne rugam pentru mila, viata, pacea, sanatatea, mantuirea, cercetarea, lasarea si iertarea pacatelor robilor lui Dumnezeu. Inchinatori, miluitori si binefacatori ai sfantului

K'naan - America (ft. mos def and chali 2na) lyrics

huh uh huh uh huh oh this takes me home, it makes me think about sitting outside of my old home when I was younger and singing something like [Chorus I (with translation)] gabar yaroo subhaano [Young beautiful girl] maro shabeelo hirato [wearing tiger-patterned

Lowkey - Cradle of civilisation lyrics

remember when I was growing up If my mother got angry or frustrated with me, she'd say: "oh, esh ked heluwa el hurriya" And the basic translation of that is "Oh, how beautiful is freedom" But where is freedom? Oh, esh ked he

Manic Street Preachers - (i miss the) tokyo skyline lyrics

on my own in the blazing sun Down through the streets of Tokyo Feeling like an alien is so much fun This place somehow feels like a second home I dream of the Tokyo skyline I miss the emptiness and the silence I long for the non-communication Everything is happil

Nico & Vinz - When the day comes lyrics

m ready for war Come into town and I'll hide you on the rise In the city of gold Fighting the tower with my feelings aside When it's 2 in the night The fire's in my heart is gon' keep me alive And I'm ready for war The voice in my head It's telli

Tobias Sammet - Alone in myself lyrics

m trying hard to match the picture that you paint of me You don't know how much I would give to really make you See what I'm right here, right now I speak a word and then I feel like losing mother tongue Aren't I grateless when you wanna make me feel T

Gaate - Litlefuglen lyrics

fuglen sette seg på kyrkjespong, Gud råde! Han song så fagert ein ottesong. Herre Gud sende oss sin nåde! Litle fuglen sette seg på kyrkjespong, Gud råde! Og presten han undrast på den litle fugle song Herre Gud sende oss sin nåde! Litle

Ad Hominem - Of wolf and the devil lyrics

Billeder hafver eengang Til Hex & Diefvels Stolthed tienet - Om Gudstroe vidnet, mørck men mæcktig - Ja med Grenser viide som dend Verden dend là øde Satan skabede det som for deris Bilk Blifver ofverjordisk - Han er slik, Een Mand i Ulveham

Afterschool - Virgin lyrics

the song again, again, again Play the song again, again, again Oh my gosh, neo wae irae, Oh jebal ireojima~ jinsimi anira haejwo Niga jeong geureoke gayaman hagetdamyeon Eojjeol su~ eobtji good bye I jeongdomyeon cham hullyunghaesseo good job Geujeo naya gomaul ppuniji Nae mameul

Aina - Lalae amer lyrics

Oriana's conscience: Amanda Somerville] [Oriana:] Tonou yeawr din fielor. Yearw refethou tourw naervol aerl sessopwr Leafir aerthoutun edb, Jewraen haen Syrius thnoudeti ere, Shyarth duroul asronyth d'emteld Etin teldan aemocryth swrulaj? Laet, d'iri ismythou traeln tin

Aina - Revelations lyrics

Michael Kiske:] Blessed land, the shining star In the west she rests in light Dark skies, hard times kept afar But in time she'll find her sight [Angelic Ainae Choir:] Aindahaj etin shalae infinisme ebrony [Michael Kiske:] To the sun she tu

Aina - Silver maiden lyrics

Storyteller:] The streets were never more grateful To be walked upon until she was born And when she's finished bathing How her absence water mourns The sky would blush in the setting sun underneath her lovely gaze and that her eyes should come to rest upon

Aina - The beast within lyrics

brutah'k goh sha turh Trahol Sorvahr kop da furh! [translation:] (All bow down to Naschtok hail to Sorvahr, to imminent destruction!) Pulse and rage within my veins Oh, Mother Night, fulfil me Thick and black my will remains Oh, Mother Night, come thrill me The foulest d

Aina - The siege of aina lyrics

Baktuk: Olaf Hayer] [Sorvahr: Thomas Rettke] [Talon: Glenn Hughes] [Oria: Candice Night] [Angelic Ainae Choir:] Thnaton swrutaena jewria taemr Nachae tin jewria, Aindahaj ribanewr! [translation:] (Darkness is coming your way see it coming, Aina beware!) [Krakhon Choi

Animosity - Monsterscreatures lyrics

and worm Animoscent these my art Drifts and sinners Flesh art in art dying Rareform and beneath my sky In loving affairm Patterns and remember the day Calloused and red flags the designs Oblivion and nature verses Common graves book the caged bird Sea creatures

Annihilator - 25 seconds lyrics

one to help me, I can't explain No one to make a translation Where do I go, what do I do So tired and full of frustration 25 seconds to die (You gave him) 25 seconds to die Where is my mother, I cannot see I break this table and chair Wh

Arallu - Tzvaot arallu lyrics

translation from hebrew:Arallus Armys--------------------From the fire of hell break out the armys of ARALLUBetween the streets and alleys they slaughterAs great warriors they comeAnd protecting the holy places with their swordThe secret caves in the wallWill only bring y

Atmosphere - In my continental lyrics

my Continental Splinter off the mental When you want the best show Never accept anything less Elements of purpose True love from the first kiss Spread it on the surface Sit back and watch the progress T-t-t-t-t-t-teacher, teacher, how can I learn

Ayumi Hamasaki - Vogue lyrics

o sakihokorou utsukushiku hana hiraita sono ato wa tada shizuka ni chitte iku kara... kidzukeba itsu demo furimukeba kimi ga waratte imashita ha-ha-haaa- kidzukeba itsu shika kimi no koto bakari utatte imashita ha-ha-haaa- da kedo sore wa kesshite

Ayumi Hamasaki - Daybreak lyrics

jidai no sei ni shite kao wo nakushita mama zutto umarete kita koto ni sugaritsuki ikiteta saa ima koso tomo ni tachiagarou yo kimi ha kimi wo kachitoru n da donna ni tooku hanarete ite mo bokura ha onaji sora no shita de itsuka no ano hi yume mita basho he to tabi

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - Bachianas brasileiras no 5 aria lyrics

uma nuvem rósea lenta e transparente. Sobre o espaço, sonhadora e bela! Surge no infinito a lua docemente, Enfeitando a tarde, qual meiga donzela Que se apresta e a linda sonhadoramente, Em anseios d'alma para ficar bela Grita ao céu e a terra toda a Natureza! Cala a passarada

Brooks Elkie - Eliyahu lyrics

Elkie Brooks Last update on: August 13, 2015 Translations: Original Add translation Eliyahu Hanavi Eliyahu Hatishbi Eliyahu Hagiladi Eliyahu, Eliyahu, Eliyahu Hagiladi Bim he ra ya vo Elenu Bim he ra ya vo Elenu Im-ma shiach

Boyfriend - Brand new day lyrics

to seme te iki masho gyungyun to doko made mo SHINE SHINE kagayai te ki masho u hajimaru Brand new day yeah ! hoo Should be should be Yeah Yeah No No No hoo Should be should be Yah Yah keitai arāmu de 6 jihan tobioki tōsuto kongari sā jamu nutte kaji tt

Brujeria - Papa capado lyrics

destino desde nino Fue pa satisfecer mi padre oscuro Allarte es facil pero paranos es duro Soldados de satanas no temen la muerte Despiertate guey porque queremos tus ojos El papa nos da el premio mas grande Capando y comiendo el cuerpo mas santo La mierda que qu

Bt The Roots - The ultimate lyrics

Black Thought] Yo my definition is a lyricist for hire My vocal's a passport that never expire Crowd loud like fifty rounds of gun fire Screamin out ''The Roots'' while I balance wit the wire Yo, expert in this profession, the session In 1987, I linked up wit the ?uestion El

Bt The Roots - The unlocking lyrics

1] He-LLO? [2] Yo who dis? [1] Yo this [edited] [2] Yo whattup man? [1] Yo whassup dude? [2] This is the Black Ill [1] Oh whassup G? [2] Y'know, yo [1] What? [2] We down in the studio yo [1] Word? [2] Yo we got a jawn [1] Yo, is she live? [

Cris Cab - The truth lyrics

you wanna know the truth baby Or something beautiful I wanna tell you the truth baby There's something you should know I can tell the stars to grant all of your wishes Tell me is this sin even it's been forgiven And I could paint your sky in the middle of the

Carcer City - Perceptions lyrics

left my body behind, walked alone through the empty roads of my mind, only to find there's more here than meets the eye Break down the doors of perception, feel true connection, And wake up I lost myself ou at sea, caught between waves of distorted reality No sense of

Brandi Carlile - In my own eyes lyrics

me down lift me up There's someone on the bedside waiting there for me I hear my name, turn around There's gotta be a downside, something I don't see Around me Hide me Dying in the light of the room Blind side please I don't really want to be seen In my own

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