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Phil Ochs - Knock on the door lyrics

many a time, in many a land With many a gun in many a hand They came by the night, they ... came by the day Came with their guns to take us away ... With a knock on the door, knock on the door Here they come

Sailor - Open up the door lyrics

out of breath, I can't go on The boys are waiting down in the ... We've got to make it back to the fleet So open up the door, ... my love, open up the door I'll give you another five

Salt´n Pepa - Knock knock lyrics

and I together forever baby [Chorus:] ... I've been knockin' knockin' Knockin' at the door Open up and ... Woo woo, woo woo woo [Sandra "Pepa" Denton:]

Hodgson Roger - Open the door lyrics

to say, who's to know where the ship is going to blow Taking ... time beneath the trees State of mind, state ... Gone away? Gone away? Open the door Open the door Open

Otis Redding - Open the door lyrics

wrong a time in our life And we all make mistakes ... to come on in I ain't lyin', and I ain't smilin' 'bout it, ... baby Open the door or I'm bustin' in Because

King Diamond - The invisible guests lyrics

solo: Pete, Guitar solo: Andy Late that night I awoke ... voices laughing insane Grandma' was one, Oh it's coming ... from the room next to mine It's Grandma' room... the invisible

Semblant - 11:11 - the door is open lyrics

people are doorways A passage to the otherside A gate to the outworld ... A sign to end of times The universe Brings illumination ... For the chosen ones A new age dawns

Punk Goes... - The reaper by pierce the veil (blue Öyster cu.. lyrics

times have come Here but now they're gone Seasons don't fear the reaper Nor do the wind, the ... sun or the rain..we can be like they are ... Come on baby...don't fear the reaper Baby take my hand..

Public Image Ltd - Open and revolving lyrics

attitude of learning All the books you read Pretty parrot ... fashion But there's nothing in your head ... This educated stance And the brilliant observing When you

George Jones - The door lyrics

ve heard the sound of my dear old mama ... crying And the sound of the train that took me off to war ... The awful sound of a thousand bombs exploding And I ... I could take it anymore. There were times when they almost

Taylor Swift lyricsTaylor Swift - The other side of the door lyrics

the heat of the fight I walked away Ignoring ... this time I´ve had enough and youve called a hundred times ... I really want is you to stand outside my window throwing - Knock knock lyrics

knock-knock-knock, knockin on the door Im the one, Im the one ... youll be looking for Knock-knock-knock-knock, knockin on the door Its the love, its the love

Lenka - Knock knock lyrics

be by your side I'm turnin' the handle, it won't open Don't ... right now I need your smile Knock, knock When life had ... me out I turned to you So open the door 'Cause you're all I

Amberian Dawn - Knock knock who's there lyrics

I could hear a sound of knocking There's no one near, ... I just wait a while I sit and I wait Should I have escaped ... I keep staring at the wall There's no one here, still I can

Shakira lyricsShakira - Knock on my door lyrics

obey all your wishes As if they were orders I'm gonna dye ... we're growing older I'll be there to beat your fears In all ... So this is what I say Knock on my door You know I'll be

Sailor - Knock knock lyrics

fire Like a light from an open door, deep inside of me From ... of my desire, I hear a... Knock Knock (Who's there?) It's the birds and the bees calling

Monica - Knock knock lyrics

funny how the tables turn turn turn turn ... [Monica] Its funny how the tables turn now its you ... Cuz I packed up all my shit and im moving in my new place

Parade - Knock on my door lyrics

/ SIAN] I ain’t like those other girls that ya dealt with ... You better know the score (oh, oh) The feeling I ... to feel you know I felt it And now ya wanting more My

Oh My Girl - Knock knock lyrics

eopseo you should know you and me together beautiful it’t ... humchyeo gasseo no don’t let them fool you girl don’t let them fool you girl no ah got me knockin’ knockin’ knock knock ne

King Crimson - Eyes wide open lyrics

it comes, here comes another day Another decision on the ... to make Here comes a knock on the door Open it for an ... to be made Eyes wide open Eyes wide open all the time

Band Of Horses - Knock knock lyrics

come to those who wait Then appearness left for all too ... late Greatness achieved, and darkness defeated Ram ... crew with something to prove And the truck blew up believe it

The Pink Spiders - Knock knock lyrics

knock knock before you enter cause the ... chances are I'm with another on the floor all tangled up ... forget when we were sober so knock knock knock before you enter

Skullview - The archmage lyrics

through the illusions of my Thoughts, ... never realizing the consequences of failure ... Always chasing the voices that seem to enter My ... me, entrapping my soul I seek knowledge from the young man

Mitchel Musso - Open the door lyrics

the door it's cold all alone I could ... freeze like the time Would you care I bet ... you won't Please open up I'm out here on my own Open the door it's cold all alone

2pm - Knock knock knock (soul project / 2010 - jeon.. lyrics

Geudaega geureoge ddeonagadeon geunal ihuro naneun maeil ureo Harureul harureul sarado saraganeun geot gatjiga anheun na Eoddeohge eoddeoge geunyeoga eoddeohg...

Harry Belafonte - The son of mary lyrics

Mary, open up the door Auntie Mary, open up the door Auntie Mary, open up the door What I did last night I ain ... do no more Auntie Mary, open up the door Auntie Mary, open up the door Auntie Mary, open up the door What I did last

Carolina Liar - Open the door lyrics

Oh, don't you trust me? There's no need to be concerned ... used this once before Understand you have no way to back out ... now Open the door, yeah Just let the rush in

Mac Miller - Knock knock lyrics

please put your thumb in the air. (chorus x2) 1,2,3,4 ... some crazy-ass kids come and knocked up on your door so. Let em ... don't really feel like I do. And from the ground I built my

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - Knock knock - remix - feat. monica lyrics

you shootin' that video in there Aw, you just ain't gon' ... let me in the video, huh? No no, i-it's me ... Kanye West (It's funny how the tables turn) You know, th

Richard Hawley - Open up your door lyrics

up your door I can't see your face no ... Love is so hard to find And even harder to define Oh, open up your door Cos we've time ... to give And I'm feeling it so much more Open up the door Open up your door Open up the door I can't

Dizzee Rascal - Knock knock lyrics

Chorus] Knock knock who抯 there? Dizzee Dizzee who? Ras And I kick ass Kill a MC fast Knock knock who抯 there? Bad Bad ... to annoy Take away your joy Knock knock who抯 there? Jack Jack

The Hives - Knock knock lyrics

sure it won't cause I'll be standing in your way. So wait a ... minute if you will. I ain't got no time but ... time to kill. When the ground starts getting hot it

I.o.i - “knock knock knock” lyrics

gamado jakku saenggakna dandanhi ppajin geot gata mwol ... Could I be in love? nan dandanhi ppajin geot gata ... talk talk nae gwitgae saranghandago aljjak malhaejumyeon andoegenni eolmana eolmana

Henry Wolfe - Open the door lyrics

up the door and let me in You’ve gone ... overboard and I can’t swim We all have a ... got mine I’ve got mine So open up the door and let me in

Corrosion Of Conformity - The door lyrics

tell me what I should know and I can tell you what you wanna ... hear say tunnel vison there is no purpose served by ... while you're losing is on the curve right there's the door

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Open the door, homer lyrics

there's a certain thing That I ... d always make sure I'd understand And that is that there's a ... If he expects to live off Of the fat of the land Open the door, Homer I've heard it said

Head East - Open up the door lyrics

We didn't know what to do Knockin' our romances, we took the ... on our faces It was all on the line Cause we believed in ... what we were And we know that we would see it

Sick Puppies - Open the door lyrics

no difference, open the door Take it all away, for a ... Seems it's always just another game But I'm not in the ... today Makes no difference, open the door, open the door

Metallica lyricsMetallica - The unforgiven ii lyrics

beside me Tell me what they've done Speak the words I ... To make my demons run The door is locked now But it's open ... re true If you can understand the me Then I can understand the you Lay beside me

Sugababes lyricsSugababes - Open the door lyrics

t got that closeness Like the way we had it before Baby open the door Baby you ain't ... got the time Tell me what is on ... t got that closeness Like the way we had it before Baby open the door Lately all the

Cyndi Lauper lyricsCyndi Lauper - The faraway nearby lyrics

in the faraway nearby Can your hear ... my call Out in the faraway nearby I'm breaking ... down the walls Till you're here to ... stay Out from the faraway Hot looks, cold

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - The dead can dance' lyrics

more dead than alive But the dead can speak The dead can ... dance Who's gonna welcome them when they arrive? The ... dead can speak The dead can dance What's

Lollipop Lust Kill - The open door (intro) lyrics

walked through the door and never came out and one by one ... we walked Through the door...after him..............and ... come out. [freaky samples] and never come out

Bay City Rollers - The bump lyrics

bump One two three bump There's a new dance that is going ... around called the bump Do the bump You can do it to the ... of that rock n roll sound its the bump Do the bump Hey hey

British Sea Power - Open the door lyrics

a walk Sat on a treestub and had a talk It takes a thing ... to be a man these days Nobody's scared but ... hide anyways We're almost there And now it's coming back

Nana Mouskouri - Open the door lyrics

I remember the old days When the world was filled with sorrow ... I was all alone, in my heart the rain was falling The wind ... blew, the night was calling Come back,

Jonezetta - The city we live in lyrics

is all ready singing back Whether you're ready I will take ... you here I came in through the door was open I can't

Death Grips - The hacker lyrics

no ins and outs Come out, your shit is ... to Tangier With some Jordans and a spear Post-Christian shit ... Post chicken-or-the-egg-addiction shit Pass the

Macklemore lyricsMacklemore - And we danced lyrics

-"He comes from a land, far far away. A little place ... that some people call the Great Britain. Exiled or ... striking at the royal wedding. He left his mother land along with the only

Ryan Lewis - And we danced lyrics

hey hey oo lay hey hey and we danced and we cried and ... we laughed and had a really really really ... good time take my hand lets have a blast and ... remember this moment for the rest of our lives (our lives)

Framing Hanley - The fold lyrics

re at the climax now It's no suprise ... you back down I've heard the stories, This is where you ... shut tight, But you left the door wide open. And you know it's

Blondie - Angels on the balcony lyrics

in a distant row The door is open and the lights are cold The ... children come in here and they dare the ghost Like a fire ... a stone Ah Silent light in the theatre's sky Phantom

Her Name In Blood - The rail to trail lyrics

steps to the hope unseen Picking up the ... pieces and all He grab is everything ... this steam Don't look back and just go this time for yours The door kept open seems sign

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - The tell-tale heart, pt. 2 lyrics

well It increased my fury The beating of the old man's ... heart I scarcely breathed and refrained Motionless The ... tattoo of the heart Hellish Increased and

Coheed And Cambria - The willing well iv: the final cut lyrics

call You left me here with the coldest of feelings Weight, ... kind, depression Blessing the floor with the places you've ... stepped in Will they ever measure up To the way

Emarosa - The game played right lyrics

record is broken and these cheap words your hearing ... you've heard it all before) They keep our souls aligned, I ... good Her dress fell faster and we all know what comes after

The Pigeon Detectives - Through the door lyrics

a reason reason doesn't ease these troubled times in this ... to be worth living for truth will come bringing salvation and ... that light will come down shining through the

Lamb Of God - The subtle arts of murder and persuasion lyrics

dark crow man sits and stares into the oblivion ... for him means naught, a knock on the door brings no smile ... to his cruel lips; the welcome in a woman's eyes

Outblast - The gates are open lyrics

Gates Are Open The Gates Are Open The Gates Are Open The Gates ... Are Open The Gates Are Open The Gates Are Open The Gates Are Open The Gates Are Open The Gates

Richie Havens - The key lyrics

is a key It is laid behind the golden trail To open even me ... even for the last fires glow Somewhere there is a door It is closed ... forever more All the little things we swore

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