Kissin´ Dynamite Six Feet Under lyrics

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Kissin’ Dynamite - Kissin´ dynamite - six feet under lyrics

feels good here, six feet under and I still wait and wonder How could I stay there all the time In my grave it´s warm and cozy It´s safe, no one disturbs me I feel fine until the end of time I´ve got some sad girls some bitches crying Some po

Kissin’ Dynamite - Six feet under lyrics

feels good here, six feet under And I still wait and wonder How could I stay there all the time In my grave it's warm and cozy It's safe, no one disturbs me I feel fine until the end of time I've got some sad girls, some bitches crying Some pour souls more that are whinin

The Weeknd lyricsThe Weeknd - Six feet under lyrics

Verse 1: The Weeknd] Ask around about her She don't get emotional Kill off all her feelings That's why she ain't approachable She know her p**** got a fanbase A couple niggas with a suitcase Suit and tie niggas who play roleplay When it comes to money she play no

King Diamond - Six feet under lyrics

family just couldn't wait, I should have seen it coming What a nice conspiracy, what a nice suprise But now it's all too late I am six feet under, It's so very hard to breath My family, they put me here in a coffin made of glass So I can see th

All Time Low - Six feet under the stars lyrics

to lay claim to the evidence Fingerprints sell me out But our footprints washed away From the docks downtown It's been getting late for days And I feel myself deserving of a little time off We can kick it, hang for hours And just mouth off about the w

Plastique Noir - Six feet under lyrics

I remember the day that you left Taking love and life from me But time is a merciless old tyrant So said the card of the hierophant Hearts were forever...

Saga - Six feet under lyrics

you're far from home And you've wandered quite a ways If you remove alle shred of doubt Only the truth remains If I read between the lines The expression on your face Just remove all shred of doubt Only truth remains Six feet under, put your cash away You never know when you

Savage Messiah - Six feet under the gun lyrics

conceited doctrines burned, all your principles you spurned Because in truth they were not their, another costume that you wear The bitterness burns at you But a lie is never the truth A supercilious facade to hide the weakness that's at hear

Billie Eilish lyricsBillie Eilish - Six feet under lyrics

I lost myself again But I remember you Don't come back, it won't end well But I wish you'd tell me too Our love is six feet under I can't help but wonder If our grave was watered by the rain Would roses bloom? Could roses bloom Again? Retrace my lips Erase your touch It's

Angtoria - Six feet under's not deep enough lyrics

ll twist and turn your spite 'Til you drain the sane Cover up your tracks with lies Deceit hides a smile So tired of this false pretence Can't even look me in the eye Approached by truth, you take offence Praise the hypocrite! I'll dance on your grave until m

Marion Raven - Six feet under lyrics

feet under, under my skin There's a battle I know I can't win You invade me And I surrender Yeah, that's what I hate about you Six feet under, under my skin There is where your story begins You were wanting, I was forsaken Chorus You came t

Deathlike Silence - Six feet under the ground lyrics

there was a time when you were part of the cream Beautiful, famous people, life was like a dream The sparkling of champagne, the touch of soft red lips Music and laughter, young swinging hips Now it's gone, you're alone Sleeping there on your own Days gone by, sl

Empires Of Eden - Six feet under lyrics

To the full and end nth degree Breath! Till breath no longer be Pound! On an earth that never gives See! A bigger world where you can live Don't break your mind - no wasting time Stop pounding sand make your plan Till your 6 feet under Seiz

Leander Rising - Six feet under lyrics

feet under, under Wasted body, drag me home A small voice in me softly moans You are not alone You found out long ago I am in your soul You are in me Buried deeply So deep I can feel you kill me With every heartbeat Eating me away

Neurotic Outsiders - Six feet under lyrics

wanna swim the world I'm gonna get that girl I wanna be your ?? That can see through ?? I got no time to waste I'm gonna blow this place I got a nasty itch My love's still rich Now you know I'm here to stay And as I find my way, now you know... I'll live

Billie Eilish lyricsBillie Eilish - Six feet under lyrics

I lost myself again But I remember you Don't come back, it won't end well But I wish you'd tell me too Our love is six feet under I can't help but wonder If our grave was watered by the rain Would roses bloom? Could roses bloom Again? Retrace

No Doubt lyricsNo Doubt - Six feet under lyrics

In the morning I wake up And in the night I sleep Since the day that I was born Repeat, repeat, repeat Brought to this life Born to this life Where was I befor...

Funker Vogt - Six feet under lyrics

one-sided trench war Within an undefined area A small nation defended its borders In a very unfair campaign Their trenches had been destroyed By air attacks and ground assaults Many of them were buried alive By armored bulldozers Chorus: Now they are lying si

Like A Storm - Six feet under lyrics

Look into my eyes And see the fire inside of me I've come to far to die Like a forgotten memory You think I'll fade away One foot in the grave But I will rise a...

Phantom ( Usa ) - Six feet under lyrics

off the old lies of the new world Casting off and spinning in a rage Teeth bared for biting as the spring winds Claw, crash and rattle in the cage Down, down, down You'll be six feet under Kick and scream as worms feed on your brain Living off the misery and pain Dow

Coldrain - Six feet under lyrics

this the way that it feels inside when you lose your mind, am I going crazy? Is this the way that it feels to cry A hundred times and never make a sound ITS ALL INSIDE YOUR HEAD (don't let it get to you) ITS ALL INSIDE YOUR HEAD (don't let it get you) ITS ALL

Crystal Lake - Six feet under lyrics

see beady greedy eyes crawling out of your mouth F***ing snakes you filthy bitch I see the way that you are You live to judge and feed off one another Sheltering ideals of your own envy you could smother Nothing but fear So one thing is clear We won’t be the victim

Samson (gb) - Six feet under lyrics

ve been running since time began But you're singing the same old thing But don't worry, things will turn out right Cause you'll see us in a different light Now you're saying things don't seem so real You're so dirty, so how does it feel But don't worry, thing

Six Feet Under - Ten deadly plagues lyrics

re dying slow Suffering through The torture and hideous abuse The return to the grave is imminent and welcomed You're dying slow Can't take this Not anymore Against the wall Guns pointed Point blank range Blindfolded The thunder The power To never Be

Arcade Fire lyricsArcade Fire - Cold wind (six feet under ost) lyrics

the middle of the summer I'm not sleeping, cold wind blowing In the middle of the night They try to find me but I'm still driving If you're going to San Francisco Lay some flowers on the grave stone There's music on the station But I'm just listening t

Ana Johnsson - 6 feet under lyrics

just left me, six feet under ground I'm burning, at the sight of the light I'm down here, six feet under buried alive With one open eye Every time you come around, you leave me broken What have I done wrong? You're tearing me apart now, without a wo

Lord Of The Lost - Six feet underground lyrics

I said in good times as in bad In light as in darkness From the first kiss to your last breath In light as in darkness But too much is never enough I'm ...

Lord Of The Lost - Six feet underground (swan songs version) lyrics

I said in good times as in bad From the first kiss to your last breath But too much is never enough I'm digging my way to my work of art Deep down in the...

Carnifex - Six feet closer to hell lyrics

the world's going to end then let it end On my knees I'm sick to death Put that bullet in the barrel And we know what happens next This is the end I feel it in my chest Laid in rest If the world's gonna end then let it f***ing end I'll be right here as

F.k.Ü. - Six feet Ünderwear lyrics

Wedgies wedgies is the shit We will pull until you split Briefs, jocks, boxers, all the same Can't escape our evil game Six Six Six Feet Ünderwear Six Six Si...

Rawhead Rexx - Six feet from the edge lyrics

waiting in my cell for what will happen to me The chiming of the bell reminds me of the land of the free The years in the darkness has marred my eyes But in my mind I still can see the beautiful sky I walk the winding road Up to the fields of gold T

Zola Jesus - Six feet (from my baby) lyrics

in the night I sleep Since the day that I was born Repeat, repeat, repeat Brought to this life, born to this life Where was I before? Non-existent, not at all Will I ever know? Today is my birthday And I get one every year And someday, hard to believe But

Nosferatu - Six feet below lyrics

say's desire leads to despair, I never said it was, so easy to become, Another secret, tearing at your heart, I'm becoming what I swore I'd never be again. Alone. I don't need a reason, to take your life, Just wanna pull you down, six feet below tonight.

Gabriel Cyphre - Six feet underground lyrics

stole my smile you locked me up in a cage with your kiss I was too weak to face the fate and you, beautiful beast Liar you dragged me down in the dirt of your piss I'm in the abyss, I can't face the fate and you, beautiful beast Something is calling me from six feet undergr

Six Feet Under - Escape from the grave lyrics

escape from this lonely grave- buried six feet down Molested, dumped in a hole, beaten, shivering Scream for mother she can't save you No God hears you, only death awaits you Die by my hand, the master of the damned The kill is what I crave- doom no prophecy will

Six Feet Under - Rest in pieces lyrics

the hearse awaits to drive you to hell the coffin opens, you're dead on the table i prepare the pieces for burial brain removed as i stick in the needle to drai...

Ashok - Under the thumb lyrics

used to listen to him sitting on my shoulder. But he's losing my affection, I've fallen for another He made me do some bad things but you make me do the worst He's been around for centuries, but you were still the first He may have fire and brimstone, all the power in the world

Engel - Six feet deep lyrics

Take me in and let me show you how it works I've got something on my mind for you to choke on Every time she saw a chance to improve, someone pulled the rug and ...

Entwine - Six feet down below lyrics

drowning in your life Without a reason why You´re crashing down So, vulnerable and so, fragile You create your mind To defend your crown No desire for life You´re surrounded by The endless night No place to run No place to hide Your life´s waiting to fall Fading o

Manhole - Six feet deep lyrics

is a word that i live by whether chillin or illin i give it up and you ask why? cuz i'm a product of the old school shootin my gift with the mic so what is up fool? with the drive-bys, lettin caps fly no measure of mercy on a crowd so a child dies... and shit is got scandalous bl

Six Feet Under - Violent slaughter lyrics

will die Desecrated souls Unwilling death Helpless prey Satan laughs Demons of death Hell is their home They come out at night Screaming alone Brought on this world Filled with hate You will die it's too late The chant of Gregorian The dead will arise Slaughtered in viol

Six Feet Under - Tnt lyrics

me ride out of the sunset On your colour TV screen Out for all that I can get If you know what I mean Women to the left of me And women to the right Ain't got no gun Ain't got no knife Don't you start no fight 'Cause I'm T.N.T., I'm dynamite T.N.T. and I'll win the fight

Bejelit - She's lying 6ft under lyrics

m alone in the darkness I'm alone! Noone is near my soul I've gone from the silence Noone can hear my song Climb again from the quicksand I sight to find a gleam of light As a lover in despair Kill or forgive your killer. I'm bleeding inside a chrysa

Hugh Laurie - Six cold feet in the ground lyrics

remember me darling When I'm in six feet of cold cold ground Just remember me darling When I'm in six feet of cold cold ground Always think of me darling Say yeah there's another good man gone down Don't cry baby, baby after I'm gone D

Six Feet Under - Shake a leg lyrics

juvenile on the street, on the street Who is kicking everything with his feet, with his feet Fighting on the wrong side of the law, of the law Don't kick, don't fight, don't sleep at night It's shake a leg, shake a leg, shake a leg, shake it yeah Keeping out of trouble with

Kitty In A Casket - Under ghosttown s moon lyrics

Riding to old ghosttown On my black black horse I will find you tonight Yeah this is your final fight No no way you betray me U little motherf***er I´m better can´...

Six Feet Under - Genocide lyrics

batalions Are poised to strike us down Terminations conquest Upon us now full grown Save me, my heart's open wide Help me, no question of pride Save me, my people have died Total genocide Devastation hungers She waits to leap to earth Imminent li

Six Feet Under - One bullet left lyrics

ll kill all the haters They'll nerver stop their deaths We'll bread and burn and murder Each of you to the last Return to make it final One bullet to your head I know it just won't happen A world that's free from pain So I'll just use my freedom To f***ing

Six Feet Under - The frayed ends of sanity lyrics

Metallica cover] Never hunger, never prosper I have fallen prey to failure Struggle within triggered again Now the candle burns at both ends Twisting under schizophrenia Falling deep into dementia Old habits reappear fighting the fear of fear Gro

Six Feet Under - Deathklaat lyrics

m going straight to hell to burn in flames with the devil f*** the Church and that Christian shit my tombstone's carved with a seix six 6 i don't care about the lies that you preach alive to live, not to believe in a god that i cannot see after death enter life

Six Feet Under - Flash of the blade lyrics

a young boy chasing Dragons with your wooden sword so mighty, You're St. George or you're David and you always killed the beast Times change very quickly And you had to grow up early A house in smoking ruins and the bodies at your feet You'll die

Six Feet Under - Hacked to pieces lyrics

Swanson/Barnes] Butchered - born to bleed No known cure for my disease I'll start to slice and kill and maim I'll pick up a hammer smash in your face Torn up, I'll continue to kill you I'll grab a knife and stick it in you Your body mangled drenched in blood - blood Pu

Six Feet Under - Drowning lyrics

down to the depths I feel that I am going under Swept away I struggle now Gasping for my last breath Choking me - I can not breathe Liquid vision, all I see Drifting - no sign of life Floating dead The tide carries me Fluid fills my lungs, as my eyes o

Six Feet Under - Jailbreak lyrics

Lynott] Tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak Somewhere in this town See me and the boys we don't like it So were getting up and going down Hiding low looking right to left If you see us coming I think it's best To move away do you hear what I say From under my b

Six Feet Under - Shoot to thrill lyrics

you women who want a man of the street But you don't know which way you wanna turn Just keep a coming and put your hand out to me 'Cause I'm the one who's gonna make you burn I'm gonna take you down - down, down, down So don't you fool around

Six Feet Under - Sick in the head lyrics

gotta find my way outta hell- I gotta find my way alone I see myself dead by suicide by a knife, gun, a blade- or hanging high Will I be safe or will I die can I stop the voices deep inside, my mind Dead to me- you re dead to me- you re dead to me, all dead to me Oh

Santa Cruz - 6(66) feet under lyrics

you say you got a problem with my attitude Your behaviour has driven me to be rude Piss in your head has reached high altitude Shut the f*** up and drown in your solitude Spit it out or choke on your ignorance Motherf***er i aint here for a bromance Lets take it out to the

Motorjesus - 10 feet under ground lyrics

is the day, that day they took my soul A shadow, emotion, dig another hole 10 feet under dust, my crown lies here, isolation Evershining through the loss I felt and frustration A distant spark amidst the fires, but it´s all long gone While you stand an

Caliban - Feasting on the blood of the insane (six feet.. lyrics

the dark of the night I search for The mindless wretches of society To drink of their blood and feast upon their flesh Time to break 'cause you'll never take this Lots of stiffs and blood, what a sickening mess Feasting on the blood of the insane Here's another tale of the

Debauchery - War is coming / chill out version (six feet u.. lyrics

yourself for the worst it's coming soon I believe in those foretold prophecies of doom They say the end is close, it's coming fast Not every single one of us is gonna last So, stand and fight or kill yourself right now It'll be one less motherf***er

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