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Nirvana lyricsNirvana - Gallons of rubbing alcohol flow through the s.. lyrics

hurts when you have to press that dull little thing That you're only supposed to use once and then discard Where do you put it? In the garbage can, my honest friend My shyness, pet her flow She's only been five months late, even though we haven't had sex for a week A meal a da

Nirvana lyricsNirvana - Gallons of rubbing alcohol flow throught the .. lyrics

hurts when you have to press that dull little thing That you're only supposed to use once and then discard Where do you put it? In the garbage can, my honest friend My shyness, pet her flow She's only been five months late, even though we haven't had sex for a week A me

The Kinks - Alcohol lyrics

s a story about a sinner, He used to be a winner who enjoyed a life of prominence and position, But the pressures at the office and his socialite engagements, And his selfish wife's fanatical ambition, It turned him to the booze, And he got mixed up with a floosie And she led

Herbert Grönemeyer lyricsHerbert Grönemeyer - Alcohol lyrics

hit the dark rooms at the dying of the light and for developments await the day beginning with the coming of the night i take my breakfast at eight p.m. I list the promises I've given to myself the world's at fourty degrees messages in bottles wait upon the bar-room shelf I

8ball & Mjg - Alcohol p**** weed lyrics

P**** and Weed Alcohol P**** and Weed Alcohol P**** and Weed Alcohol P**** and Weed Alcohol P**** and Weed Alcohol P**** and Weed Alcohol P**** and Weed Alcohol P**** and Weed Let's toast put your cups and your drugs in the air. Put your hood in the air ma

Sisyphus - Alcohol lyrics

Verse 1: Serengeti] Expression Repression Submission My lesson is alcohol, alcohol, alcohol, alcohol Submission Precision Possession Suggestion is Tylenol, Tylenol, Tylenol, Tylenol Depression Repression Expression Obsession is Al-Anon, Al-Anon, Al-Anon, A

The Cataracs - Alcohol remix feat. sky blue of lmfao lyrics

no not I Nop, way to fly, bitch Im sky I make it make it make it rain like the fast tides Yep Im a vulture when she dances Got drink, wutchu tryin do? (wutchu tryin do?) Hey boy, can you fill my cup? Boy, can you fill my cup? (wutchu tryin do?) Yea girl, you can drink wit

Barenaked Ladies - Alcohol lyrics

my permanent accessory Alcohol, a party-time necessity Alchool, alternative to feeling like yourself O alcohol, I still drink to your health I love you more than I did the week before I discovered alcohol Forget the caffe latte, screw the raspberry iced tea A malibu

Millionaires - Alcohol lyrics

Millionaires That's right Friday night it's time to party Drop it down and get real naughty Girls talk shit, we don't care We'll take off our underwear Drinking cocktails, beers with lime All these guys yell she's a dime I just wink and blow a kiss While all these girl

Bourbon Crow - Alcohol is awesome lyrics

alcohol, last night we had ball, I lost my left shoe don´t worry, i don´t blame you your my best friend there till the end I love that way you taste you put a smile on my face And you get all the blame but as far as I´m concerned AA stands for alcoho

Bourbon Crow - Alcohol express lyrics

you hear me out there loud and clear Saddle up them bottles and let's get out of here We're all aboard the alcohol express tonight Drinking every single thing that's in sight So don't wait we won't be home tonight Yes it's true Alcohol I love you Yeah well there's gon

Brad Paisley - Alcohol lyrics

can make anybody pretty I can make you believe any lie I can make you pick a fight with somebody twice your size. . . Well I've been known to cause a few breakups and I've been known to cause a few births I can make you new friends Or get you fired

The Cataracs - Alcohol lyrics

I don't go out much so I can't say I do this you don't try to test me 'cause I ain't really gotta none prove it I'm a master, I rapped up, I move faster, I'm vicious hoe, delicious hoe diminish and finish to my list I can date you or seat date you or I can o

Beck - Alcohol lyrics

leaving me dry Now it is time for pie Taking them as they come Alcohol please give me some If I stay in the same place The animals will lick my face Soakin' the dawn of day Rolling my body away Alcohol leaving me dry Now it is time for pie Taking them as

Delta Goodrem - Alcohol [itunes bonus track] lyrics

fall asleep with the damage in the room And I can't escape the stranger living under your skin Who's this I see You're not the man that fell in love with me I can't pretend anymore It's tragic like when a Shakespeare play comes to the end It's intoxicating me

Bif Naked - Alcohol is the root lyrics

know this is gonna sound... kinda bad, but I really have to say, and this is kinda what I believe, alcohol is the root of all evil. Don't worry, it's just my opinion. Don't get so...defensive. Don't look so...pissed off. I'm not talking

Motion City Soundtrack - Alcohol eyes lyrics

m still alive The liquid that runs through these veins Is not tarnished by chemical blitz The jagged edge of this brand new bright decade Is outlined in lip gloss and table lies Her alcohol eyes proclaim me both handsome and wise We get along, we're so f***ed for each other Al

Drowning Pool - Alcohol blind lyrics

along, don't be afraid Come along now, everything will be OK Don't let it hurt, don't let it break Just come along, I'll wash it all away I own every ounce of pain And I'll shoulder every ounce of blame Love of my life I've gone alcohol blind

Fukpig - Alcohol and necropunk lyrics

the streets on fire And the cities ablaze The scum is rising The rats come out to play We don't need to burn any buildings We don't need to loot any shops Just alcohol and necropunk Is good enough for us Yes we know that the country is f***ed up But

Joel Faviere - Alcohol & shame lyrics

shot truth Stuck in a coma from the shot gun proof Maybe pretty words 'll get you through I doubt it Siren stature the epitome of A list actress Accidentally the one i'm after You doubt it Don't walk away I got so much left to say Im drunk but i'm okay enou

Bif Naked - Alcohol or comedy lyrics

life was comedy, quitting drinking was the easiest thing I've ever done, I have never looked back. I can not simply understand why the hell I waited so long unmanageable life! What an embarrassment, what a weakness, what a ultimate lack of self-discipline,

Bayside - Alcohol and altar boys - bayside lyrics

a voice in my head telling me why I should hate you, but I hate myself instead Theres a pair of dead eyes in the mirror looking back at me I guess its wrong to live life Chorus: Scars are tearing open along my palms and knees I guess thats what I should get for crawl

Debauchery - Alcohol fueled brutality lyrics

Bourbon Whiskey bottle Totally drunken rocker Totally aggressive manner Time to take my knife and hammer Crunch your bones and cranium Break your ribcage just for fun Spine is broken - feel the pain Violation, jugulation with the chain Breaking your teeth and jaw

The Kinks - When a solution comes lyrics

by Mr. Black in an attic somewhere in suburbia When a solution comes, It's gonna breathe right down on everyone. When a solution comes It's gonna cover up the clouds And eclipse the sun And black out a pale blue sky, And everybody's gonna be terrified,

George Strait - A little heavens rubbing off on me lyrics

used to like making love And then getting up and never having to explain I've always been free, I never could see me Dragging no ball and chain I like running around and being tied down Never was my cup of tea But since I've been holding an angel A little heaven's ru

Ice-t - Fried chicken lyrics

to the studio late night Time to cut another track It's gotta be hype Got my rhyme book in hand A blue loose leaf Anybody move on that They get loose teeth Evil's got the funky beat A stupid dope loop But the record's kind of old! (What we gonna do troop?) We gotta clean it up

Army Of The Pharaohs - Listen up lyrics

Intro: Crypt the Warchild] Yeah...Once again It's like this.. AotP, we runnin' this rap shit now Celph Titled, we runnin' this rap shit now ES, we runnin' this rap shit now Warchild, niggaz runnin' this rap shit now [Verse 1: Celph Titled] It's about to be a mothe

Necro - Reign in blood (feat. ill bill) lyrics

Ill Bill) I'm the creep I'm the master snatch the disease from the lab I chop my enemies in half with guillotines and laugh I speaks the language anguish poppin off your tops splatterin faggots A f***in bloodbath of madness When I'm mad I throw tantrums with automatics P

Swollen Members lyricsSwollen Members - Warrior lyrics

Tre Nyce] Please don't push my back against the wall, wall You violate my team, I'm going off, off I'm a warrior I'm a warrior [Mad Child] I'm wearing black like Darth Vader We're wearing black like we play for the Raiders in a black Mercedes I f*** white bitches, I make lov

The Kinks - Underneath the neon sign lyrics

hero leaves the pub his head still swimming with alcohol, his head buzzing with facts, figures and computers. Night is descending as he wearily makes his way home through the traffic jams and neon lights of the great metropolis. Underneath The Neon Sign All

The Kinks - Skin and bone lyrics

Flabby Annie was incredibly big She weighed just about sixteen stone And then a fake dietician went and put her on a diet Now she looks like skin and bone She looks like skin and bone Do the meditation and yoga And she's thrown away the good food g

Koza Mostra - Koza mostra & agathon iakovidis - alcohol is .. lyrics

βρήκε η τρικυμία μέσα στην Εγνατία, Μποφόρια μας τραβάνε στ' ανοιχτά Σαν λάθος να 'ναι η ρώτα, ποιος παίζει με τα φώτα, Και η πλώρη μας τραβά για Γρεβενά. Σε μια θάλασσα ουίσκι ναυαγοί και ποιος μας βρίσκει, Και ζαλίζεται τρεκλίζει όλοι η γη, Με κεφάλι σουρωτήρι και τα' αμάξι τ

Hardcore Superstar - Last call for alcohol lyrics

m on my way, I need it now Last call for alcohol My limitation, my only sin Last call for alcohol I don't want to crash and burn And I never seem to learn at all Party ain't over 'til I say so And I feel good tonigh I'm just getting started and I

Dr. Feelgood - Milk and alcohol lyrics

boy in town Big black, blue sound Night club, i paid in I got a stamp on my skin Main attraction dead on his feet Black man rhythm with a white boy beat They got him on milk and alcohol They got him on milk and alcohol Stay put i wanna go Ha

Ozzy Osbourne lyricsOzzy Osbourne - Demon alcohol lyrics

m sick and tired of your excuses Can't deal with living anymore I'll give you reasons to continue While you lie writhing on the floor I'll wash away your lies And have you hyptotized There'll be no compromise today I'll share your life of shame I think you know my name

Eurovision - Koza mostra & agathon iakovidis - alcohol is .. lyrics

vrike i trikymia mesa stin Egnatia Mpoforia mas travane sta anoichta Sa lathos na'nai i rota, poios paizei me ta fota? Ki i plori mas travaei yia Grevena Se mia thalassa whiskey Navagoi kai poios mas vriskei Kai zalizetai treklizei, ol'i gi Me kefali sourotiri Kai

John Michael Montgomery - Love and alcohol lyrics

sit down here with me now. Baby, you look good tonight, That cotton dress sure suits you right, But I may not be thinkin' what you're thinkin'. Before I go an' promise you, All those things that lovers do, Girl, you need to know that I've been drinkin'. Under normal

Rory Gallagher - Too much alcohol lyrics

.. Too much alcohol, Yeahhh.... I went down on 31st Street, To pick up a jug of alcohol, Well, I went down on 31st Street, To pick up a jug of alcohol. Ahhh......... Told the man to put in some water, But he wouldn't put in a drop at all. I was

Audrey Horne - Confessions & alcohol lyrics

forget, then regret My confessions written down I run my fingers Across the dirt on your car to let you know Burned all of the oxygen, Thought you'd know This one would hurt I've made myself So sick from the alcohol And I know, it's gonna hurt! You

Gehennah - We love alcohol lyrics

the first beers we drank they knew we were no saints Our parents though we were their pride but we've really proved we ain't We went downhill so long ago we're the outcast no one likes The grades we got when we left school said we are the Antichrist We set out go

Alan Jackson - Angels and alcohol lyrics

can’t mix angels and alcohol I don’t think God meant for them to get along When it takes control you can’t love no one at all You can’t mix angels and alcohol You can’t blend whiskey with a good woman’s love They don’t go together and love’s already hard enough You think y

Nazareth - Demon alcohol lyrics

times comin’ so the messenger said Better guard your liquor like your own homestead Took it under cover, then we took it underground In temptation, we had another round Governor came, ’bout eleven or twelve Under so much pressure,’couldn’t help himse

Future lyricsFuture - Bitches love me (good kush & alcohol) (feat. .. lyrics

Hook: Future & Drake] I'm on that good kush and alcohol I got some down bitches I can call I don't know what I would do without y'all Imma ball 'til the day I fall (ball, ball, ball, ball) Yeah, long as my bitches love me (Yeah, yeah) (Yeah, yeah) I can give a f

Brian Setzer - Drugs & alcohol (bullet holes) lyrics

can you always put me down When you're never even there to hang around When you do, you're always too drunk to talk Hey! Hey! Hey! How come you always hang around With a methamphetamne whore drug hound And never even listen to a word I say Drugs and alcohol,

Future Idiots - Hymn of alcohol lyrics

OF ALCOHOL M.Paxcow, Jay-Tee Is it a girls name? Or a boys name? It is sweet and suits so shit the same! Does it matter? It's just a name, right? I can't feel or take it with me home tonight. Want some feedback? I love your sweet rack! You're so hot I will probably

Los Rabanes - Muero en el alcohol lyrics

estuviera en tus ojos O dentro de tu piel Mirara tantas cosas... Que aqui no puedo ver Asi pasan los dias Y todo sigue igual Yo sigo viendo la vida Del lado en que tu no estas No no digas que no Si estoy sin tu amor Muero en el alcohol

Lp lyricsLp - Suburban sprawl and alcohol lyrics

sprawl and alcohol And what's the use in anything at all When you can't remember and you can't forget And you want to change But you haven't yet and... We all turn back in the end We all turn back in the end I couldn't wait to get away From all the things I

Oasis lyricsOasis - Cigarettes & alcohol lyrics

it my imagination Or have I finally found something worth living for? I was looking for some action But all I found was cigarettes and alcohol You could wait for a lifetime To spend your days in the sunshine You might as well do the white line 'Cause wh

Counting Crows - Cigarettes and alcohol lyrics

it my imagination Or have I finally found Something worth living for? I was looking for some action But all I found was cigarettes and alcohol You could wait for a lifetime To spend your days in the sunshine You might as well do the white line Cos when

Good Riddance - Come dancing (the kinks cover) lyrics

put a parking lot on a piece of land When the supermarket used to stand. Before that they put up a bowling alley On the site that used to be the local palais. That's where the big bands used to come and play. My sister went there on a Saturday. Come dancing, All her boyfri

The Kinks - Afternoon tea lyrics

time won't be the same without my Donna At night I lie awake and dream of Donna I think about that small cafe That's where we used to meet each day And then we used to sit a while And drink our afternoon tea I'll take afternoon tea (afternoon

The Kinks - All of my friends were there lyrics

big day, it was the biggest day of my life. It was the summit of my long career, But I felt so down, and I drank too much beer, And my manager said that I should not appear. I walked out onto the stage and started to speak. The first night I've missed for a couple of ye

The Kinks - Animal farm lyrics

world is big and wild and half insane Take me where real animals are playing Just a dirty old shack Where the hound dogs bark That we called our home I want to be back there Among the cats and dogs And the pigs and the goats On Animal Farm My anima

The Kinks - Bald headed woman lyrics

I don't want no bald headed woman Gonna make me mean, yes, love, it make me mean I don't want no bald headed woman Gonna make me mean, yes, love, it make me mean Well I don't want no sugar in my coffee Gonna make me mean, yes, love, it make me mean I don't want

The Kinks - Beautiful delilah lyrics

Delilah, sweet as apple pie Always gets a second look from fellas passing by Every time you see her, she's with a different guy Beautiful Delilah, that's the reason why Rebecca don't allow me fool around with you You are so tantalizing, you just c

The Kinks - Big sky lyrics

Sky looked down on all the people looking up at the Big Sky Everybody pushing one another around Big Sky feels sad when he sees the children scream and cry But the Big Sky's too big to let it get him down Big Sky too big to cry Big Sky too h

The Kinks - Long tall shorty lyrics

call me the Long Tall Shorty 'Cause I know what love is all about They call me Long Tall Shorty 'Cause I know what love is all about Well I can tell you where the lights go Oh, when they go out Girls, if you get lonely Dial 4-2-4-6-8-9 Well, girls, if you g

The Kinks - Look for me baby lyrics

Look for me baby) Well you can search high and low if you want But you won't find me (Look for me baby) Well, you search the mountains Look in the sea Look all around the world But you won't find a love A love like mine You'll be low And cry misery[?] 'Cause you got no love

The Kinks - Love me till the sun shines lyrics

don't have to look at me You don't have to smile at me You just have to love me till the sun shines You don't have to cook for me You don't have to laugh with me You just have to love me till the sun shines Take my money, I don't mind You can be such a helpless kind Y

The Kinks - Monica lyrics

a lamp light Monica stands at midnight, And every guy think he can buy her love, But money can't buy sweet lovin' from Monica. Morning to moonshine, Monica knows every line. Don't ever propose 'cause Monica knows, you know. She'll turn up her nose and say wh

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