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Ecliptica - Kingdom of heaven lyrics

Greedy hunting treasures of the soil Stealing gold and ... tons of oil - No constitution ... in desert land It was the kingdom of heaven A secret dream

The Poodles - Kingdom of heaven lyrics

out to you I´m building my Kingdom of heaven I´m just a pilgrim ... hearts I´m building my Kingdom of heaven Live and let live ... Raise up and shine a ray of light I reach out to you

Argento - Kingdom of heaven (feat. ware-wolff) lyrics

urges from the mother of their infant Life was ... was lost within the massacre of the macabre [Ref. -

Epica - Kingdom of heaven (a new age dawns part v) lyrics

Represses subtle theories of the light to the questions of life Quantum physics lead ... Sahasrara II. Children of the Light Light creates us ... us safety through the gates of death IV. Paragons of

Melissa Etheridge - The kingdom of heaven lyrics

soul on the way to the Kingdom of Heaven Held up a sign ... it from Earth to save all of our children He must know it ... it's the hell that he speaks of It keeps him awake, keeps

Signum Regis - The kingdom of heaven lyrics

kingdom of heaven The kingdom of heaven is near Proclaim ... the good news The kingdom of heaven Has come now near We're on ... Like a sheep into the midst of wolves Dragged before kings

Dragonsfire - Rebellion - the kingdom of heaven lyrics

gold Is overcome because heaven’s not sold Rebellion’s ... their godless law The fear of death is what they sell Now ... All fight for liberty, the kingdom of heaven All shall live in

Epica - The quantum enigma - kingdom of heaven part i.. lyrics

to believe Are creations of our own deceiving mind If we ... our source again The meaning of life All dreamscapes and ... to believe Are creations of our own deceiving mind If

Impellitteri - Kingdom of light lyrics

sorrow, no more blame, in the kingdom of light No more fear, no ... eyes Finally found my piece of mind on the road to paradise ... The revelation of the word is rocking the ages

Iron & Wine - Kingdom of the animals lyrics

the rain came howling Out of Virginia Blue tick blowing ... row And singing about how heaven calls The kingdom of the ... And turning over Just where heaven calls The kingdom of the

Freedom Call - Kingdom of madness lyrics

My journey ends at the gate of heaven Exit paradise A kingdom of madness, a heart full of ... My last sacrifice A kingdom of madness , I’m drowning in

Cattle Decapitation - Kingdom of tyrants lyrics

- infected From the toils of man and his damning hand A ... do Made to lie in pastures of filth Left to die, guilty of ... nothing If we were promised heaven Then why are we in hell?

Hackneyed - Kingdom of thoughts lyrics

my inner tower Inside my kingdom My kingdom My kingdom of ... but yours is not In my kingdom My kingdom of I'm burning ... but yours is not In my kingdom My kingdom My kingdom of

Mark Knopfler - Kingdom of gold lyrics

high priest of money looks down on the river ... The dawn coming up on his kingdom of gold When the rim of the ... sun sends an arrow of silver He prays to the gods of the bought and the sold He

Crimson Shadows - Kingdom of ale lyrics

have long departed for the kingdom of ale Pound back the ... hard, this war will be won Kingdom of Ale, we cherish and honor ... thee Kingdom of Ale, we drink to your power

Rocka Rollas - Kingdom of madness (magnum cover) lyrics

dreams are almost gone Seas of fire snatch your soul Beasts ... into despair? Despair Oh, kingdom of madness you've got me ... undone Oh, kingdom of madness you've really begun

Dream Evil - Kingdom of the damned lyrics

river flows with sand In the kingdom of the damned If you can't ... this God forsaken land The kingdom of the damned Everything ... river flows with sand In the kingdom of the damned If you can't

Laibach - Kingdom of god lyrics

the last day of God's creation Blood will ... rest in peace Now nothing of man remains In the kingdom ... of God The kingdom of God Now times was man's

Axxis - Kingdom of the night ii lyrics

right We're back into The kingdom of the night The golden ... the scenes There's nothing of this kind Still money ... Get up - get down Get the kingdoms' crown Tonight, tonight.

Magnum - Kingdom of madness lyrics

dreams are almost gone seas of fire snatch your soul beast of morning then unfold in a ... your hope into dispair Oh kingdom of madness you've got me

Infinity Overture - Kingdom of utopia lyrics

king all Could this be the kingdom of Utopia Where things aren ... seem Utopia A premonition of just a dream Utopia is this ... their kingdom Marching on fierce

Saxon - Kingdom of the cross lyrics

and sway In Flanders days of war are gone But memories ... will remain Comrades of their different coats Came ... marching into history To the kingdom the kingdom of the cross

The Decemberists - Kingdom of spain lyrics

the Kingdom of Spain There are such colours ... But oh the King and the Queen of Spain With their long ... the table at the long lost Kingdom of Spain In the Kingdom of

Abigor - Kingdom of darkness lyrics

kingdom - Kingdom of Darkness Where you can hear ... are waiting (The) creator of darkness will rise And the ... You'll be eternal in his kingdom Kingdom of Darkness

Blinded Colony - Kingdom of pain lyrics

that's left, just remains of human decay Traces of ... extinction in a world of death You can not fight, ... So this is your fantasy of Gods creation? There is no

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - Kingdom of the worm lyrics

mother, I have seen the eye of god, Youth trust gone forever ... After all the silence, all of him laughing After all the ... Do you see before you, the Kingdom of Romance. You remember,

Cloudscape - Kingdom of sand lyrics

my time has come. The blood of Ra runs through me. Osiris ... be my guide. A ruler of this...Kingdom of sand. ... Call the world. A temple of immortality. See it rise. A

Doves - Kingdom of rust lyrics

above my head Distant sound of thunder Moving out on the ... I'll pack my bags Thinking of one of those hours With you ... My god It takes an ocean of trust In the Kingdom of Rust

Iamx - Kingdom of welcome addiction lyrics

addiction, This is your kingdom. Your fight for power, ... addiction, This is your kingdom. If you chose life, You

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - Kingdom of childhood lyrics

all you lads and lasses The Kingdom of Childhood passes Oh, ... all you lads and lasses The Kingdom of Childhood passes You ... have some nerve To watch all of this you are absurd You even

Deadlock - Kingdom of the dead lyrics

Soon you will be king in your kingdom of the dead... endless ... torture laments of fear no mourning your kingdom ... dying we stand in the ruins of civilization Mankind`s

Anarion - Kingdom of stone lyrics

Will lead to Great Plains Kingdom of stone, where I must go ... for the crown, the savior of his people In death his ... in them Ruler and lord, of the kingdom of stone He gave

Black Star Riders - Kingdom of the lost lyrics

to sail To a land of milk and honey And whiskey ... country back to me In the kingdom of the lost The bullets ... country back to me In the kingdom of the lost Come here and

Olympos Mons - Kingdom of winter lyrics

up from the eye of the storm a dark power ... know, we went too far The kingdom of winter will rise once ... come and unite our land the kingdom of winter the one we must

Toto lyricsToto - Kingdom of desire lyrics

me to go Going back to the kingdom of desire Going down to the ... valley of the gun I'm gonna stand too ... the sun They say the king of love sleeps on a velvet bed

Ghost Machinery - Kingdom of decay lyrics

the dream in the castle made of sand Opinionated but too ... VIP in your little world Kingdom of decay Minions lacking ... you're ruling with fear Kingdom of decay Minions lacking

Sathanas - Kingdom of the damned lyrics

world has fallen Into the kingdom of the damned Evil has ... Rise up eternal empire Kingdom of the damned Behold ... Throw them into the fire Kingdom of the

Axxis - Kingdom of the night lyrics

star Then I'm the king of a thousand queens With ... rings and dirty jeans Pots of money and I'm feeling free ... - allright I’ve got the kingdom of the night Screaming

Innerwish - Kingdom of our prime lyrics

the depths of east The sad prince holds ... You will be rewarded soon A kingdom waits to be controlled by you ... for you my son to deny The kingdom of the prime It's your time

Crush - Kingdom of the kings lyrics

the fog I see the shadow of the King. Comes with sword ... Follow his arms Knights of secret fable Rise one by one ... (Refrain:) Kingdom of the Kings With the seven

Catamenia - Kingdom of legions lyrics

the damned halls of frozen north I ride with ... silver dragons of Drakal to make despair and ... sorrow `cause then my dark kingdom will come. I gathered with

Destruction - Kingdom of damnation lyrics

Not really - taking care of your ass, Maybe - tomorrow ... My existence is a mess! Kingdom of damnation My might is ... to turn into deprecation Kingdom of damnation might and lies

Falchion - Kingdom of dust lyrics

I only stay forever In the kingdom of dust Only sorrow I feel ... my shotgun Stormy winds of daytime Sand in my eyes, ... Waiting for the stillness of the dark When the wolves

Grave Digger - Kingdom of the night lyrics

I'm going blind We are the kingdom of the night We never see ... I'm going blind We are the kingdom of the night We never see

Hit 'n' Hide - Kingdom of eternity lyrics

the kingdom of eternity it's just you and me ... In the kingdom of eternity All is beautiful,

Beto Vazquez Infinity - Kingdom of liberty lyrics

baby don't cry The keeper of kingdom welcomes the crowd ... great heart lives the laws of the sky He is trapped ... without chains Lost shadows of hell Running free over the

Silverlane - Kingdom of sand lyrics

sea And after all these days of blood... I've lost my faith ... such a long time... Dunes of sand! And I curse them ... here's divine Here in my kingdom sand In the desert that

Sinéad O'connor lyricsSinéad O'connor - Kingdom of rain (feat. the the) lyrics

Broke my heart & let go of my hand Our bed is empty ... and no more pain In our kingdom of rain You think you know ... baby My heart's beating out of time in my mind And I know

Adiastasia - Kingdom of glory lyrics

your destiny Now the signes of the time are running, we’ll ... to understand? See the kingdom of glory comming soon to ... history Now it’s the time of wait to the horn sound

Immolation - Kingdom of conspiracy lyrics

without any souls A sense of perversion surrounds us Its ... This ominous power Beast of deceit Creeping towards us ... Ready to show its teeth Kingdom of conspiracy Knowledge now

Necrosis - Kingdom of hate lyrics

say you fight for the rights of the poor speaking on tv but ... secret evil goals they fight kingdom of hate now can you feel our ... do is for the unholy cross kingdom of hate money is your only

Lord Belial - Kingdom of infinite grief lyrics

the horizon In the presence of death Signs of great battles ... Of glorious age is shown ... Requiem of the moribund Is outcried ... pain is shown in the eyes of the fallen ones Rotting

Mystic Circle - Kingdom of blasphemy lyrics

his parents Under the care of his uncle he now learns the ... system of the war He suspects what ... that he will be the bringer of a new age Slowly grows the

Android Lust - Kingdom of one lyrics

is made of shit wants not a glimpse of ... (to me) you've got to let go of (your beliefs) for I have ... bitter hollow soul pity the kingdom less

Christ Agony - Kingdom of abyss lyrics

your shadow Thirsty Goddes of Dream: Starless space ... your shadow Thirsty Goddes of Dream: Moon dust on your ... faces Is only the beginning of sin. My lips touch the

Derdian - Kingdom of your heart lyrics

And I will reign in the Kingdom of your heart No time to

Folkearth - Kingdom of the shades lyrics

heart… I saw the glory of Atlantis fall—the jeweled ... I will not see her again—the kingdom of the shades is my home…

Altaria - Kingdom of the night lyrics

door behind me With an image of you before my eyes Taking ... healed Returning with signs of danger Fighting for pride ... back home remains In the kingdom of the night I'm racing

Devilyn - Kingdom of the blind lyrics

the kingdom of the blind, the king is the ... ghosts’ work? Experts of the dead paths Experts of ... Talisman for the ruler of flies A key to darkness or a

Gallows End - Kingdom of the damned lyrics

throne she embraced the sands of time Knowing that one day, ... Chorus: She is the queen of the damned You’re just a ... in her hand She’s the lady of the night And as the stars

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