Kingdom Muzic Presents Da Young Disciples Save Souls Ft. Kg Santiago Young lyrics

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Alex Goot - Save tonight ft. chad sugg lyrics

on and close the curtains cause all we need is candle light You and me and a bottle of wine going to hold you tonight Well we know I'm going away and how I wish, I wish it weren't so So take this wine and drink with me let's delay our misery Save tonight and fight the break of

Chad Sugg - Save tonight ft. alex goot lyrics

on and close the curtains cause all we need is candle light You and me and a bottle of wine going to hold you tonight Well we know I'm going away and how I wish, I wish it weren't so So take this wine and drink with me let's delay our misery Save ton

Gareth Emery - Save me (ft. christina novelli) lyrics

Behind These Four Walls Will they crumble, crumble down Time to fight Who we are No where to run from, run from ourselves So is this my, last breath Am i going to make it?, make it through Ready to fight Yeah we are I'll follow the flame into

Magnum - Young and precious souls lyrics

late to be tender Far too many fall along the way Sad case, the pretender Hopes and dreams that vanish day by day Building the illusion Answers from the wings that steal the show Failing in conclusion Forgets the lines, forgets which way to go Morning

Dj Jazzy Jeff - Da rebirth lyrics

feat. Cy Young) [Cy Young] A one two, a one two A one two, a one two I'd like to introduce myself.. Many people think this style is terrific It is kinda different, but lets be specific Let's pay respects, dig it Peace to KRS-ONE & Scott La Rock for

Reba Mcentire - She can't save him (ft.trisha yearwood) lyrics

can hear his car, as it pulls in the drive. She can whisper a prayer: "Thank God, he's alive." She can meet him at the door; catch him when he falls. She can even believe that it isn't his fault. But she can't save him She can make his coffee, in the cold ligh

Hardwell - Young again ft. chris jones lyrics

I was a boy, I dreamed of a place in the sky Playing in the fields Battling with my shields Bows made out of twine I wish I could see this world again Through those eyes See the child in me In my fantasy Never growing old Will we ever feel young again? Will we ev

Janet  Jackson lyricsJanet Jackson - Young love lyrics

love, young love Young love, young love I may be young, but I'm not foolish I can tell real love from a game I'm not gonna let you use me Heartbreak playmates, shares not the same Young love, ring around the roses Young love, searchin' for a heart so

Dj Drama - A-town ft. t.i., young dro, sean p & lonnie m.. lyrics

DJ Drama's Gangsta Grillz The Album Vol 2 A-Town feat. T.I., Young Dro, Sean P, and Alfamega From DJ Drama's Gangsta Grillz The Album Vol 2 A-Town feat. T.I., Young Dro, Sean P, and

Merkules - Merkules - save us ft. snak the ripper lyrics

Verse 1:]Merkules Ever since i did a hundred man I been had bars, Thinking back on the times when I'd hit no broads They all about as soft as a dildo, pause Everybody wonders how'd he get those scars I tell 'em hard times that I went through Sixteen jottin

K.will - Day & night (ft. baek ji young) lyrics

al geot gatayo han nune maeumi ganeun ireon ge sarangiran geol moreugo saraon geojyo i haneul arae geudaega itdaneun geol hangsang du nuneul gamado maeil bam jami deureodo geudaeman saenggagi na mageul sudo chameul sudo eomneun sarange seolleineun nae mam geudaen alkkayo

Mad Clown - Once again (ft. kim na young) lyrics

neoreul bol su isseulkka dasi seuchyeo jinaga beorin unmyeong ape seo isseo kkaeji moshal kkumieosseulkka uri meoreojineun neoege jeonhaji moshaesseo hanbeondo neol saranghae nae gipeun maeumsok Don’t let me cry neon daheumyeon eopseojil kkum noganaeryeo beoril nun nega geu

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - I need love ft. hoody baby & young blacc lyrics

a long way, we was trapping out the days and Now I spend my days up in mansions with Caucasians Fat bitches chilling with my dogs like we caged in Got it from the bottom, had to make it from the pavement Niggas say I changed, f*** it, that's just how the game go All these

Killa Kyleon - I am the hood (ft. dj khaled, young chill, ri.. lyrics


Rae Sremmurd - Throw sum mo ft. nicki minaj, young thug lyrics

fat, yeah I know You just got cash? Blow sum mo' Blow sum mo', blow sum mo' The more you spend it, the fast it go Bad bitches, on the floor It's rainin' hundred's, throw sum mo' Throw sum mo', throw sum mo', throw sum mo' Hi, bye hater, I flood the clu

Tekashi69 lyricsTekashi69 - Rondo ft. tory lanez & young thug lyrics

ma do my dance in a bit (I'ma do my dance) She front on me, I throw bands at the bih All up in my pants and I'm rich (yeah) All up on the couch standin' on shit, yeah Pay me in advance, off rip (off rip) Tell lil' mama do the dance on this dick (dick) Shooter with me, g

Cee-lo - Young man (sierra's song) lyrics

baby, hey baby Hi-iiii Laaaa, ughhhhh Hey-ey Hey there young man it seems like your sight's been blinded Oh how I wish you could see The very life that you're lived been tailored by many and mixed in ability Oh I wish you'd do more than just keepin it real Why don't you try being true?

Girl's Day - Young love lyrics

Love my only Hey you feeling love Oh, Young Love, neol saranghaet neunde Oh, Young Love, dwidora ga nayo Sen cheok mot dwen cheok Jibeuro dallyeo ga neun beoseu aneseon Eumagi eumagi eumagi Oh, Young Love, na huhwe hanabwa Oh, Young Love, nunmuri na neungeol N

Chris Young lyricsChris Young - Save water, drink beer lyrics

ain’t rained in four months One cigarette spark’ll burn the whole town up That ole well is plum dry City put a limit on the water you can buy We don’t mind cause round her We save water, and drink beer Ice cold, genuine, raise ‘em up, drip ‘em

Aldo Nova - Young love lyrics

west of 42nd street There runs a subway line It's a little piece of heaven Where the sun don't shine She's standing on the corner She's shining like a brand new dime She imitates a ballerina As the train keeps time She takes a bow And the conductor smiles She s

James Arthur lyricsJames Arthur - Young (by tulisa) lyrics

said forgive us for what we have done We´re young We´re young We´re young I said forgive us for what we have done. Oh, we´re young Yeah... Uh, yeah. I´ve made a lot of mistakes in my past, but I refuse to live there. Nah! I saw a lot of hearts brea

Bone Thugs N' Harmony - Young thugs lyrics

Intro: Krayzie Bone] Hey young thugs, the world is yours. The world, the world, the world is yours. [Chorus: Krayzie Bone] (X2) Young thugs, my young thugs, young thugs, my young thu-u-ugs, young thugs, my young thugs, young thugs, my young thu-u-ugs. [Verse 1:

Budgie - Young girl lyrics

girl so naive Young and hungry, seventeen Sweet thing, peaches and cream Sells her body, lives in a dream She found love, she found it in his eyes Drifts about so all she does is cry Young girl learning fast, She's so different she has no past N

Fabolous - Young & sexy lyrics

feat. Mikey Shorey, Pharrell Williams) [Intro - Fabolous] Young money on the floor! Trak money on the beat That's right man, the young and sexy You're only young as you feel, haha, ya know? Let's get it in, 25 and younger [Chorus - Mike Shorey

Frans - Young like us lyrics

s go, You may not see the consequences of your actions, And never think twice, Always thin ice, Make a statement, show yourself, show your attractions, nuh, Wouldn't that be nice? My feet getting lighter, as the moon's getting brighter, Watching the stars

Hunter Hayes - Young and in love lyrics

m coming to see you with skylines and rear view For streets that I used to know I'm finding my way back home I remember the last night your eyes and that goodbye You whispering "please don't go" I'm finding my way back home We burn strong and

Rick Ross - Young & gettin it (feat. kirko bangz) lyrics

and I'm getting it, young and I'm getting it Young and I'm getting it, young and I'm getting it I'm just young and I don't give a shit I just want the money, y'all can keep them bitches Cause I'm young and I'm getting it, I'm young and I'm getting it [Hook: Kirk

Raven - Young blood lyrics

deep in the night War plans are discussed by the lamplight Faces smile with delight Freedom is the key for a rumble tonight Cold and hungry Reckless to the bone Fighting for The only cause they know Young blood running in the night Young blood on the streets Young blood fig

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Young love lyrics

love, love love. A teenage love. Young love. A teenage love. Young love, young love, everything I need, I got my young love. Young love. A teenage love Tell me what´s the definition of love. It seems like everybody thinks they done figured it out but everytime they fall up in i

Canitrot Michael - Young forever lyrics

turned 22 Living like we on the run We can tell a story of our days before the sun Under a millions lights Over a thousand lifetimes I wanna be forever young Lets´s catch all the starts together 'caus we won´t be young forever We won´t be young forever Lets´s catch all the st

Dokken - Young girls lyrics

out all night dancing You can't keep them at home, no She'll tease and smile She'll play for a while She's got it under control, yeah I hope it's me tonight She's looking for Oh, sweet young girls I love them all Young girls Drivi

Mac Dre - Young black brotha lyrics

black brotha can never be a lover He keeps a joint in one hand and heem in the other So fly you never see him buming He's never had a job and keeps a pocket full of money Live low daytons and vogues A beeper on his belt and a gang of hos Been in and out of ja

Medina - Young in love lyrics

I was young in love) I walked right pass you You knew my name You kissed her lips and Looked at me again My heart was burning Wouldn't go away My body's yearning You said you felt the same Better left and sad I thought you'd keep me safe Thought you loved me mo

Rita Ora lyricsRita Ora - Young, single & sexy lyrics

of sittin' here in my room Waiting for you to change With my dress and my lipstick on You should see it on me, it's such a shame But I know about the girl you called The one from the park with the pink heels on We're damaged, uneven, broken, I'm

Cliff Richard - Young love lyrics

are times - when you know Love is lost to he who hesitates and you've got that Feeling now you know it too well Say O.K. - to your dreams Never let that chance go by again If it's love you need then listen and listen well You've got to run like a young love You've g

Sleigh Bells - Young legends lyrics

and you can hope that you want it Stop and try, open a quick stop Shopping out, talking about war Why you gotta be like Love lost without the captain Take your time, you always act like I'm just knocking at your door Will you be around now Young legends die all the time

Andy Milonakis Aka Young Sachi - Young sachi lyrics

[Verse 1: Young Sachi] Pourin' five in my five alive It's a eighty-four, I'mma go for a dive Now I'm dry as f***, but I'm wet in Sachi F*** TSA, my PJ got me 30k high on a bed in the sky I'm pretty damn fly for a little white guy But I, never sleep, so my

George Michael lyricsGeorge Michael - Young guns lyrics

sucker (What the hell's got into you?) Hey sucker (Now there's nothing you can do) Well I hadn't seen your face around town awhile, So I greeted you, with a knowing smile, When I saw that girl upon your arm, I knew she won your heart with a fatal char

Domain - Young hearts can fly lyrics

love is young and feelings run free Nothing to care - to worry about Nothing to fear is what young love's about Try to catch the moment - try to believe Love will last my baby if you only believe - still believe When you're feeling like you're wild - on the run W

Kiss - Young and wasted lyrics

a fly to a spider, you're under the spell It's the game and the liar, for those who toll the bell You're more than just a name, you fight for the right Like a moth to a flame, you see the bait you bite You're restless and wild and walkin' the lin

Smokie - Young hearts lyrics

take my love, fly with me to universe Search your soul, baby make your feelings heard Ohhh, tears of love, our souvenirs from paradise You stole my heart, see the tears in my eyes Touch my heart, maybe my dreams come true You are the only one, baby what can I do?

Ace Of Base - Young and proud lyrics

re much too young and life's so big We don't know yet what the future brings In its hands for us What tomorrow brings the future knows No matter what you say No matter what you do We are united Young and proud Young and proud We're marching on the same side of dest

Anne Briggs - Young tambling lyrics

Margaret, Lady Margaret, was sewing at her seam And she's all dressed in black. And the thought come in her head to run in the wood to pull flowers to flower her hat, me boys, to pull flowers to flower her hat. So she hoisted up her petticoats a bit above the knee And so nimbl

Kenny Chesney - Young lyrics

back now, well it makes me laugh, We were growin' our hair, we were cuttin' class, Knew it all already there was nothing to learn, We were strikin' matches just to watch 'em burn. Listened to our music just a little too loud, We were hangin' in there with the

Wham! lyricsWham! - Young guns lyrics

sucker (What the hell's got into you?) Hey sucker (Now there's nothing you can do) Well I hadn't seen your face around town awhile, So I greeted you, with a knowing smile, When I saw that girl upon your arm, I knew she won your heart with a fatal charm. I said &

F.k.Ü. - Disciples of the mosh lyrics

metal men and woman unite With wimps and posers we'll start up a fight But this is a battle we cannot lose Cause F.K.Ü. rules the world tonight Mosh pit bombs come together as one No wimps or posers when we are done All unite bang in the same dire

Orphaned Land - Disciples of the sacred oath, pt. 2 lyrics

are we, disciples are we all Bonded by a sacred oath, as we heed the silent call Though we know it not, our purpose is but one To crack the night sky, letting in the sun The life we live is not enough; we know there's something more A place t

Blutengel - Save our souls lyrics

see the soul and the pain We tried our best to save the world But everyday is still the same All the violence all the blood and every tear Fill your minds more and more with hate and fear We fight against everything and everyone With every war we tried to make our ki

Astral Doors - Disciples of the dragon lord lyrics

are my notes from the shadows Don't want to show them to you Here are my notes from the darkness Believe me it's true In the dungeons of fire In the chambers of misery Permanent pain forever Oh my God; what have they done? Lived their lives in the fast lane All obse

Axxis - Young souls lyrics

old hand is searching slowly The wrinkled face is filled with pleasure Worn-out fingers take a record Out of the cover of the past Then he looked up to heaven His eyes are shining and smiling clearly With this old music he remembers He feels his

Iced Earth - Disciples of the lie lyrics

You abuse and you victimize But you're dignified, so you justify It's in your eyes where deception lies So you criticize with cruel eyes Father in black...

Desaster - Disciples of darkness lyrics

sign of horned divine Mark of death Your wikced force we feel Dark secrets are revealed The elders key To wisdom and to pride We summon up all our might Army of vengeance The strongest of the night So we will burn this number Into flesh 666

Paradise Oskar - Da da dam lyrics

is smart, he knows each European country by heart He likes to sit under an apple tree on his yard And wait for an apple to fall When Peter is nine, His teacher tells him that this planet is dying That someone needs to put an end to it all And so when Peter comes home

Blood Red Throne - Souls of damnation lyrics

life, life is lost words of wisdom, lead us not Of Darkness we are, from nothingness we became Strangle the flame of light, suffocation of Life Watch us how we fade We wander alone, from here to oblivion Embraced by shadows, lead by the enchanter Ente

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - Ft. akon & lil wayne, young jeezy, lil boosie.. lyrics

DJ Khaled:] DJ Khaled, We the Best Season has returned (Akon: Cause im out here grindin') I do this for the streets, the RUNNERS (Akon: Cause im out here grindin') [Akon:] Hey Hey I don't care what nobody say I'm a be me (be me) Stay hood, stay r

Melody Day - Young love (ft. jonghyun cn blue) lyrics

mallya. neoman bomyeon gaseumi dugeungeoryeo majuchimyeon da hayake jiwojyeo uuu~ uuuu~ gakkeumssik neol majuchil ttaemyeon eonjena jjarbeun insaman neol wihaeseo junbihaetdeon mal nan neomu manheunde mwoga geureoke bappeunji annyeongiran ma

Monsta X - Young (mad clown | giriboy | joo young) lyrics

I got that nasty flow neon byeongdeun dalg naegeneun imi watgo neon gidarineun jung byeotdeul nal seunaepbaek arae gullyeodaeneun gyesan ppalli beollyeoboso gaepan ne...

Omarion - Ft. young rome - after party lyrics

Party (feat. Omarion) [Omarion talking:] You ready What's up everybody? Yeah, I'm Omarion Who that? It's the new sheriff in town Young Rome [Chorus:] Welcome to my after party (yeah) Hope that you feeling naughty Sexy how you move that body Got me like (MH, T

Lil Eazy E - Ft. bone thugs n' harmony - this ain't a game lyrics

Krayzie Bone - Lil Eazy E:] God Bless These Niggas Like Ha'chu (They Wanna Die, They Wanna Die) Cuz I'll Leave A Nigga Dead If I Have To {This Aint A Game} Praying To The Lord Tell Him Touch You (They Wanna Die, They Wanna Die) Cuz I'll Leave Your Ass Dead Nigga F*** You {Nigga This Ai

Chief Keef - Save that shit lyrics

Hook:] She say she love me whatever that is (I don't know) Do me a favor save that shit (bitch) Like bad kids bitch we reckless Ball hard sorta like taxes He say he know sosa he be lackin' Do me a favor save that shit You f*** niggaz betta stay packin' a lot a standee cli

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