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Jibbs - King kong lyrics

Chorus:] King Kong, king, king, king, king Kong, king King Kong, king, king, king, king Kong You could hear me 'fore you see me [3x] I got king Kong in the trunk King Kong, king, king, king, king Kong, King King Kong, King, King, King, King Kong If you hear before you

The Baseballs - King kong lyrics

dance like Dita von Teese I'll die with blood on my knees I wanna do all the things that you please 'Cause you shock me - you rock me C'mon, c'mon, c'mon King Kong - everybody do the King Kong King Kong - everybody do the King Kong Sing alo

Lil Mama - King the kill lyrics

down, feeling naked Leaving me unfulfilled Promising compromise Championing mediocrity Time and time again What you said ain't what you mean Even if all my bones are broken I will drag myself back from the edge to Kill the King, The King is dead, Long live the King

Destorm - King kong lyrics

found my place And it's me on top of the world I am King Kong, drop the gate I hear the chariot coming today I am King Kong I'm King Kong I'm King Kong I'm King Kong I'm King Kong, beat my fisting chest I don't feel the pressure, show the world the

E-rotic - King kong lyrics

lova lova King Kong turn me on I want your ringa ding dong all night long I need you here I need you there I need your ringa ding dong everywhere My lova lova lova King Kong do it right Oh Baby! It's a ping pong deep inside I want your ding I w

The Nipple Erectors - King of the bop lyrics

do they call me the King of the Bop? Why do they call me the King of the Bop? Why do they call me the King of the Bop? Why do they call me the King of the Bop? The reason is because I'm the King of the Bop! I'm not a rocker, [?] I'm not a rocker, [?] When I start moving

Kiss - King of the night time world lyrics

s so sad, livin' at home Far from the city and the midnight fun It's so bad, goin' to school So far from me and the dirty things that we do I'm the king of the night time world And you're my headlight queen I'm the king of the night time world

Leaves' Eyes - King of kings lyrics

the forces The first king of Norway Hail the forces the brave son God's bloodline Mere a boy Summoned rebels called to armor Ravage revenge A revenge of lords divided Summoned armor A theatre of war and renegade's ruin Harken the prince of fairest sa

Army Of Lovers - King midas lyrics

was a king with magic hands There was a crown and a touch of gold The crown was up in the game of chance Welcome King Midas King Midas oh the secret of your touch King Midas oh I like your smile so much King Midas oh the way you spin me round I'm going down down down to Ve

Bow Wow Wow - King kong lyrics

Kong, King Kong, I don't think clear King Kong king, the king is here His heart's still pumping, his blood's still running King Kong king, the king is here With King Kong I'm bored with King Kong's fear He's driving a hard bargain King Kong, he's like your cavem

Dave Edmunds - King of love lyrics

s go, king of love Ooh, it's ugly, falling into lovely Everyone does it, everyone knows it Ay-ay-ay-o (ay-ay-ay-o) Sound off (sound off) The king of love is but a fool The power overcomes his rule Within himself there is a duel Ay-ay-ay-o (ay-ay

Earth, Wind & Fire - King of groove lyrics

wants to be a star everybody wants to be accepted by the mass everybody wants to be raging fire but their heat don't last Everybody wanta peek into my dreams they try to figure out if I'm just full of jive everybody wanta ride in my limousine but nobody wants to drive choru

Forever The Sickest Kids - King for a day lyrics

for a day.. king for a day.. You give so much more, Than they give you credit for, This world shuts down But your heart is an open door You keep running around, running yourself down, Take a breath, take a second and you'll see, Everything that I've got is everything

Generation X - King rocker lyrics

Rocker roots training down In Memphis Liverpool Johnny rocks out round Paul's place Seconds away as the rhythm comes down King faces King in the ring for the crown King rocker king rocker - rock rock rock King Kong King Kong Elvis from the body shakes from the hipbone Quarry St

Kollegah - King lyrics

yeah, ey, ah. Laden, entsichern und anvisieren. Ich komm' und erkenne die Angst in dir, denn du weißt, ich baller' die tödlichen Zeilen raus, die dann das ganze Land zitiert. Rapper stehen da, transpirieren geht meine Felgen polieren. Ich eliminiere die H

T.i. lyricsT.i. - King on set [from "more than a game" soundtra.. lyrics

Intro:] Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay Boy you know it when you see it, G's on deck Them bitches at attention when the king on set Hey, hey, hey, when the king on set, hey, hey, hey [Chorus:] Hey Boy you know it when you see it, them G's on

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - King kong kitchee kitchee ki-mi-o lyrics

Can you turn me up a bit?) (King kong kitchee kitchee ki-mi-o) (King kong kitchee kitchee ki-mi-o) (King kong kitchee kitchee ki-mi-o) (King kong kitchee kitchee ki-mi-o) Well frog went a-courtin' and he did ride (King kong kitchee kitchee ki-mi-o) With a sword and a pistol by

Azrael (jap.) - King of the steely nation lyrics

I was a child, I didn't have anything to be intent Life out of habit, I was getting tired of my life One day I tuned on the radio for no reason at all Flood of loud sound knocked me out just an assault attack I have never ever heard aggressive guitars Screaming

Cassie - King of hearts lyrics

are the prince of charm Seduction is your art You'll never play my love You're just my king of hearts You are my king of hearts If you're winning You might as well admit it And you can come and get it Or you can just forget it, forget it If you're winning You might as w

Evil Conduct - King of kings (cover of jimmy cliff) lyrics

lion says: I am king and I reign The lion says: I am king in this ring No more kings must be in this black yard The lion says: I am the king and I reign The elephant says: I am king cause I'm strong The giraffe says: I am king cause my neck is long

Forgotten Tomb - King of the undesirables lyrics

am the king of kings I rule this hell circle King of the undesirable ones I am the king of kings I rule these corrupted children King of the undesirable ones Face down deep in shit A generation doomed by their own old ones Or just by their own lack of self-respect I am t

Grave Digger - King pest lyrics

s twelve o'clock in London town Human beings creeping round Pestilence all over the land People dying and there's no end Screams and laughter fill the air The undertaker is everywhere He's celebrating his bloody meal If there's no money there's no deal

Kottonmouth Kings - King klick lyrics

s You know the Kottonmouth Kings done did this shit You know the Kottonmouth Kings yo just dont stop You know the Kottonmouth Kings is 10 years deep You know the Kottonmouth Kings gives a f*** what you think Ya'll muther f***ers better back the f*** up, s

Planet Funk - King for a day lyrics

me a rendevous, and keep me alive, Point me away from you, and hope I arrive, Put up a monument, remember my name, Will you shine up my memory, when it's all that remains? Build me a castle and throw a parade, Put my name in stone so the words won't fade

Alice In Chains lyricsAlice In Chains - King of the kats lyrics

leather and sex All the things that I dress in best Ain't no way you can beat The way I'm flyin fast on my feet I'm the king, I'm the king, I'm the king of the kats And I'm ready to roll I'm the king, I'm the king, I'm the king of the kats And baby that's a fact alright Quick

Busta Rhymes - King tut ft. reek da villian & j doe lyrics

Beats! Holla at me! They got nerve lil' nigga (HEY!) See me when I pull up to the curve lil' nigga (OWWWWW!!!!!) My money absurd lil' nigga while I count it off please do not disturb lil' nigga (HEYYYYY!!! THESE NIGGAS GOT IT MIXED UP!) Watch how they bring

Cage - King diamond lyrics

you a tale of a soul that was lost, mind had gone over the edge Painting a picture of musical madness and drilling it into your head Deep down under the ground a thunderous evil was heard Shocking and numbing for never before were spoken such blasphemous words Don't lo

Heather Dale - King of all trades lyrics

doge of Venice and council of ten were watching their two go astray The coffers are lean, there's no money to spend, it's a state of financial decay The cobblers are squabbling and not making shoes The vintner have gone and forsaken the booze The merchants are marching, demanding we c

Dragonsfire - King without a crown lyrics

hero listen, I'm asking what you've done Banished from your homeland and victim of the fraud You're not gonna give up, you know your time will come Forever on the run - betrayed The king without a crown High on his white winged horse he flies so high Demanding own divinity fr

Ffs - King of the song lyrics

would lean into my cradle Rest an revolver on an infant cheek Speeding' and singing Singing and speeding Speeding, singing My infancy to sleep Well I can hear his voice And I can hear his song The singing is gone Nobody sings like my daddy sang He was the Ki

Newsted - King of the underdogs lyrics

up the pieces that the puzzle made From scraps of dreams out of focus and frayed Make up the reasons for the words that were said From scraps of dreams that trap the screams [2x] Take my place leading the pack Back down from my razorback I dig deeper to bury

Quiet Riot - King of the hill lyrics

feel like goin' into town, boy Don't be a fool Cause they're out to get you there Any way they can You better watch your left You better watch your right Cause they're comin' at you, yeah Comin' from both sides Hold your head up high Look'em in the eye No need to

Secret Service - King & queen lyrics

and Queen King and Queen King and Queen King and Queen King and Queen King and Queen King and Queen King and Queen King and Queen King and Queen King and Queen King and Queen King and Queen King and Queen King and Queen King and

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - King midas in reverse lyrics

you could only see me And know exactly who I am You wouldn't want to be me Oh I can assure you of that I'm not the guy to run with 'Cos I'll throw you off the line I'll break you and destroy you Given time He's King Midas with a curse He's King Midas in reverse He

Go West - King of wishful thinking lyrics

don't need to fall at your feet Just 'cause you cut me to the bone And I won't miss the way that you kiss me We were never carved in stone If I don't listen to talk of the town Maybe I can fool myself I'll get over you I know I will I'll pretend my ship

Christina Grimmie - King of thieves lyrics

home  the locks broken  and the doors wide  open  It's all gone  It's all gone  now  Look around  It's just white walls  Listen now  to echos  It's all gone  It's all gone  now  Ever since you broke into me  Ever since you left with the key  I can't open up for

The Kelly Family - King kong in hong kong lyrics

flew to Hong Kong for some business in June Caught the train from the airport Taking me to kowloon Checked in my hotel and went up to my room The cleaners told me "come back afternoon" So I walked out and joined the mass on the street Noticed someone begging

Kelly, Paddy (michael Patrick Kelly) - King kong in hong kong lyrics

flew to hong kong for some business in june caught the train from the airport, taking me to kowloon checked in my hotel and went up to my room the cleaners told me "come back after noon" so I walked out and joined the mass on the street noticed someone

Satan's Host - King of terror lyrics

1st verse] I'm your most unholy nightmare The ruler of forbidden dreams My power should not be fooled with The answers behind the scenes [1st chorus]: I am the King of Terror I am the King of Hell Come into my land of evil take a stand, be strong The force of Satan works whi

Akcent - King of disco lyrics

up everybody, let's get to the disco Come on, let's dance all night 'cause this is San Francisco I wanna be on stage, I wanna feel like a star (Oh baby, I'm the king of disco...) I'm a young single man at the age 25 Ex-communist, I search American lif

Babybird - King bing lyrics

you ugly beautiful thing Oh you, oh you, oh you. You ugly beautiful thing i'm in between your head and your sting Unfolding out your wings one by one 'til you sing like king bing, you. Oh you beautiful thing i'm in-between the ball beat ball of the king, Holding out no

Battle Beast - King for a day lyrics

to the nightmare where villains wear the crowns Fools rule a broken world and fear grows all around There's a bad king, a dreadful puppet on a string He pretends to be a champion of the common man Wants more division in his lost and riven land He plays with rea

Brian Setzer Orchestra - King of the whole damn world lyrics

I've got the sign The pieces fit, the stars align Now the plan's unfurled We need a king The king of the whole damn world The punks on the street They won't know what hit 'em Their Italian suits man They won't even fit 'em We'll take 'em down hard They

Jimmy Buffett - King of somewhere hot lyrics

ve traveled all around the world And there are places that still stand out to me But nowhere else can quite compare To my island in the sea My personal utopia a place to run to Where I can hide away Where I can truly reign supreme somewhere fresh and clean Wher

Corroded - King of nothing lyrics

got to climb up on your high horses, decide over air You're the ruler of a void, there is no need to be fair In an invisible robe, sitting on a throne of sand As a real prince of blank, nod to the people and wave with your hand With your back all

Demonical - King of all lyrics

be the awakening Fragile be the Light Worn be the delivered By the perpetual night Endless be the journey Ailed by many blind Path of tribulations Leaving her plagues behind Turning the back now on the many Fingers pointing at the few Unmerciful reta

Art Garfunkel - King of tonga lyrics

was bronzing in the sun drinking a cool rum punch When a guy named D' Gatoni said, "Wow! Let me take Your picture. You could be a model, girl. There's a guy I know to show you how." Now a model waves good-bye as on the plane she flies Off to meet the king, the

Robin Gibb - King of fools lyrics

- in my mind Having fun is my preoccupation I don't mind givin' it all away Oh, baby Alright The love you had has gone away (Alright) Alright (Alright) Slow down You'll live to love another day (Alright) Alright (Alright) Aha, king of fools Don't live

Green Day lyricsGreen Day - King for a day lyrics

at the age of 4. My mother went to the grocery store. Went sneaking throught her bedroom door to find something in a size 4. Sugar and spice and everything nice wasn't made for only girls. GI Joe in pantyhose is making room for the one and only.

Keel - King of the rock lyrics

the arena is the kingdom I call home This coliseum is my dome, whoa! I make my own rules, I call the shots I'm not afraid of you and I'll fight for what I've got No one can take this dream from me I know that I've got to be King of the rock I've got

Manowar - King lyrics

Is The Time To Reach For The Sky Gather The Wind And Hear The Voice To Fly To Know Why They Sing About Heroes And Kings Who Were Brave And Not Afraid To Die Look And You'll See That A New Day Will Bring The Will To Go On And Fight Trough Endless Suffering

Musical Newsies - King of new york lyrics

A pair of new shoes with matchin' laces Race: A permanent box at Sheepshead races Spot: A porcelain tub with boilin' water Kid Blink: A Saturday night with the Mayor's daughter Race: Look at me I'm the King of New York Suddenly, I'm respectable

Nanowar Of Steel - King lyrics

on the hill With the crown of steel Going to McDonald To eat an happy meal To eat an happy meal To eat an happy meal He's going to McDonald To eat an happy meal He's the king King of the hill of the happy meal He's the king Walking on the

Porcelain And The Tramps - King of the world lyrics

painfilled drama queen is always creeping at your bed Get ready to bail you out Cause we all know, what goes around comes around Should've known what I was all about Do not test me 'Cause I'm the f***ing king of the world Get on you knees I'm the f***ing king of the world

Shanadoo - King kong lyrics


Social Distortion - King of fools lyrics

was born a King of Fools. Most people think I'm just a playboy breaking rules. But they don't know that when it comes around to love, I always lose. That's why I call myself the King of Fools. I was born never to care, But now I wanna love that I can share.

Underworld lyricsUnderworld - King of snakes lyrics

of snake king of snake kkking of snake kkking of snake kkking of snake kkking of snake snake snake snake snake 24 hours with the king of snake kkking of snake a dogman and the king of snake a mongoose and the king of snake a dogman and the king of snake king of snake

Oar - King lyrics

King Here come the wanderer coming back into town for the money Oh, King He's just a warrior So you better lay low, be ready Hey, King Here come the wanderer coming back into town, it ain't pretty Oh, down with the emperor I hear em' yelling

Bern Dan - King of the world lyrics

they elected me King of the World I said, "Here's what I'm gonna do Send everybody over to China Except for me and you Strip ourselves naked Go to Beverly Center Watch movies and eat Cinnabons" I think I'm gonna like Being

Lil' B - King cotton lyrics

Cotton, I'm king cotton, I'm a tell you like this It's your boy Lil' B I'm honest by some shit that I ain't even seen Demons in my mind, blood on the field We got stripped of our love, had to pick out cotton Hard work on our field, long nights forgotten Put in next to the...

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