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Julian Marley - Lion in the morning lyrics

m like a lion in the morning when he rises I'm like a lion in the morning when he ... rises I'm like a lion in the morning (lion in the morning) when he rises I'm like a

Bruce Dickinson - Kill devil hill lyrics

brothers of angels now hear us We ... earthbound your offspring, don't fear us God willing, ... and take us So we're breathing our dreams, like the Icarus ... of old The plans we made for the bold In the blue-eyed beyond

Pulled Apart By Horses - I punched a lion in the throat lyrics

s adventure ends Where another man's adventure begins With ... the wind in his hair and the strength of ten bears He ... bites whatever the future brings The mountain range

Sadus - In the name of... lyrics

ways of old Have begun again Doomed to repeat the past ... Another mortal sin Lies - Feed the fire That ... our hands Die for a cause The ill will of man Slave,

Jadakiss - In the streets lyrics

Chorus:] I'm in the streets getting money [x3] I ... m in these streets, Hustlin every day I'm in the streets ... getting money [x3] Yo, I'm on the ... got it so good if I'm late then wait for me. Mama please

Ray Lamontagne - Devil's in the jukebox lyrics

yellow moon risin' up over them old hills Big yellow moon ... risin' up over them old hills There's a big yellow moon ... risin' over the hills My baby's on a tear and she

Phish - Kill devil falls lyrics

got back from kill devil falls Draped my water logged ... clothes in the hall Reach for a beer, glad ... Turn on some music and then the tv Go thru the pile of mail

Day Of Fire - The dark hills lyrics

in the dark shakin in a cold wind dyin to get well keep trying ... use to thrill me, if I go another day it's gonna kill me ... Slipped into a dream woke up in a nightmare scars on my skin

Armored Saint - The pillar lyrics

in a shroud Preparing the stand-off A meeting of the minds must be understood ... Benevolent grin couldn't be kinder The ceremony guest is ... unveiling his hood Draining power straight from the pillar A grisly affection no one

Bethel Music - Lion and the lamb lyrics

s coming on the clouds Kings and kingdoms will bow down ... Every chain will break As broken hearts ... His praise For who can stop the Lord Almighty Our God is a

Etienne Sin - The lion of the east lyrics

before me I am the lion of the east, the savior from ... flawless, all this controlling my will to live A god ... men A god amongst men, they bow Nail me to the steel

Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster - The old iron hills lyrics

s the cost to pay the piper? Every note don't come ... for free Too busy dancing with the devil Now it's ... time to pay the fee Every good intention ... burn myself alive Fire breathing caught my eye I can't stop

Animal Collective - Lion in a coma lyrics

me down we'll depart from Chinatown Weaving in and out of line the sidewalk's full of ... my cheeks are chewed down to the bit Up on the roof they're ... still around the hustling crowds still reach down I

Sabaton lyricsSabaton - The lion from the north lyrics

and war Legends tell the tale of a lion This beast in ... And all those who stand in his way Will die by God and ... victorious arms With the righteous that follows him

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - Lion in winter lyrics

a star on a screen. Some kind of James Brown or something in between. But when I ask for ... money you smother me in charms. I can't live on ... glory when your bendin' both my arms. I, I was a lion in winter. And man I had

Michael Calfan - Lion [feel the love] lyrics

Release: 2014 Title: "Lion [Feel the Love]" Genre:

Get Up Kids - Lion and the lamb lyrics

been One for war Sand were sinkin in as thick as oil Lion and the lamb there all gone ... there all gone slaughter the lion and the lamb for our

Brightwell - The hills (cover by. the weeknd) lyrics

man on the road, he doing promo You said keep our business on the low-low I just ... wanna get you out the friend-zone Cause you look ... even better than the photos I can't find your

Necronomicon - The pillar of balance/quetzalcoatl lyrics

from the sky To Guide them out of the dark Thousands ... And He returns at last Flying (through the times) Gliding ... (in the hearts) Hiding (waiting for the time) Rising (wings

Chris  Tomlin lyricsChris Tomlin - Lion became the lamb lyrics

was in the dark I heard You calling A ... voice whisper my name A fire inside; a sweet surrender My ... eyes began to see the beauty of the Savior On ... alters of stone in the human heart You laid down

Blue Öyster Cult - Lips in the hills lyrics

been tricked, my senses telling lies I've been (stiffened?) ... s soundless cries Up in the hills, an apparition Filling ... superstition A fiery night, the night that I saw, the night

Renascent - In the midst of persecution lyrics

hear my prayer Keep me as the apple of your eye Hide me in ... the shadow of your wings From the wicked who ... enemies who surround me They close up their callous

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - In the lion lyrics

but I want to stay… I feel the love, I feel the love I feel ... the love, I feel the love Na na na na na na na ... but I want to stay… In the lion, there's a heart breaking by the fire And in the fire

The Cramps - Devil behind that bush lyrics

s a devil behind that bush there's a devil behind that bush ... weird wigglin' dance scared me outta my ... pants that devil behind those fire red lips i was ... scared stiff that devil behind just one peek got me rattled

Hatesphere - In the trenches lyrics

Jonathan Albrechtsen - Mixen Lindberg] Feel free to try ... just know, that I will kill you. Your mouth untrue, ... unravelling with rancid filth. As charming as a snake you'll be put to

Satyricon - In the mist by the hills lyrics

the mist of the shadows by the river of the fogpalace Two ... great spears and a flag of dominion and hate Over the chasm ... of doom And sometimes the water dares to reflect... As

Annihilator - In the blood lyrics

lamb and the lion I destroyed you I tore ... your world apart I left the pieces bleeding in the dark ... The light and the darkness Come between us I

Khors - In the depths of black hills lyrics

gods take away the lives of warriors, Choosing ... best ones. Families are crying for the dead, Farewelling their souls. The haze is ... covering the tops of the hills, The ravens are flying over

Pentagram - In esîr like an eagle lyrics

is the night you sleep with dreams ... of desperation Poor is the mind you have when used in ... calculation And worse the life you'll get when cheated ... It's hard to leave your chains of shining gold and artful

A Pale Horse Named Death - Devil in the closet lyrics

night I run for my bed and hiding under the covers I need to ... forget it Can you make sure the close is closed and turn all the clowns around They come to

Akbaba - Devil lyrics

Last night,i had to taste the fear Last night,someone ... door I saw his sabbath of the night He was runnin for the ... His eyes were just like The fire on the hell!shone like the sun, Oh God!It was devil

Avantasia - Devil in the belfry lyrics

dropped off in the shadows they lead over tragedy I open my ... eyes - blind by the spotlight and what do I see? ... been granted admission to the hall of acclaim She denied

Betzefer - The devil went down to the holy land lyrics

devil went down to the Holy Land Saw it was already ... mess, beautiful mess, my bidding is done" Not a man ... be trusted even by his own brother And the people were scared

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Devil in the bottle lyrics

there's a devil in the bottle, staring straight at ... me Daring me to reach out, but I know ... he's testing me If I take just one sip, ... I become that devil's son Act a fool, sell my

Placebo lyricsPlacebo - Devil in the details lyrics

ve been wasting all my time With the devil in the details And I got no ... energy to fight He's a f***ing pal o' mine The devil in the details He's fixing up to

Aesthetic Perfection - The devil's in the details lyrics

deplorable What would your mother think? No disguise can hide ... Just hope you're ready cuz the devil thinks that you're the ... one I'm ready Down low In a hole The fear won't stop the sound No need for misery

Aesthetic Perfection - The devil's in the details (remix by :sitd:) lyrics

deplorable What would your mother think? No disguise can hide ... Just hope you're ready cuz the devil thinks that you're the ... I'm ready 12x Down low In a hole The fear won't stop the sound No need for misery

Aesthetic Perfection - The devil's in the details (single mix) lyrics

deplorable What would your mother think? No disguise can hide ... Just hope you're ready cuz the devil thinks that you're the ... one I'm ready Down low In a hole The fear won't stop the sound No need for misery

Black Veil Brides - Devil in the mirror lyrics

are created the suffering ones Condemned by the dying ... we sing out in tongues Caught in obsession ... forward, just straight down the gun I can't take it

Dark Moor - Devil in the tower lyrics

in the silence of your room he ... whispers lies that will bring your doom the Devil he ... hoofs of goatish male chaining the men to the egoism jail ... the Devil choir for black magic

The Letter Black - Devil on your back lyrics

your disconnection Is fooling no one the damage is done ... Chased by desire burned by the fire You won't let go you're ... losing control Take it from me,

Rage - Kill your gods lyrics

in the moment of salvation The only thing he could see was ... 'Cause every feeling that he liked, it was killed ... Like all his love that was killed He prays to god to be

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - The devil's in the temple lyrics

A house full of prayer It ain't that now I could tear it ... down There's thieves at the altar A snake wears the ... crown Handing you coal Swearing it's gold Look what they

Get Scared - The devil's in the details lyrics

the remorse Taking its course That's when you ... to me From down below Holding me close Taking my sanity ... I be proud Leave it all behind The devil down the road is

For The Taking - Devil standing alone lyrics

might say in the moments not yet seen there's ... an answer for most anything but sometimes desire calls ... for reckoning the entire world around me ... closes in takes me in and leaves me numb God give

Paddy And The Rats - Keep the devil down in the hole lyrics

on through the night In my heart I buried the light ... Cry for you to save me From the man that I’ve become And ... after all the bridges’re burned I feel there’s still nothing I’ve

The Rapture - The devil lyrics

say you're falling in love I cry from heaven above ... never have wept It's strange these things that we're told ... grow old Live fast and die in your shoes The devil, the devil, may choose Heeee, liii

Emir Kusturica - The devil in the business class lyrics

abord dear passingers This is your devil speaking The emergency exit is on ... Don’t forget this is a no smoking flight For all the shit ... you’ve done in history I’m the one always to be blamed For

Joseph Arthur - Devil's broom lyrics

to make it Get me back at the sense that I used to have ... Waking up in the sun my face down on the ... pavement Everything that I own in a garbage bag ... t you see? You mean everything to me Waking up in the tank, disorderly break-up

Q Strange - Kill somebody lyrics

to We all got stress And all they're trying to tell you is ... meditation and relaxing and all that shit F*** that ... man, that shit don't work There's one thing that you can do

Awolnation - Kill your heroes (live in toronto) lyrics

cry Well, I met an old man dying on a train No more destination, no more pain Well, he ... decide your fate I say ya kill your heroes And fly, fly, ... more than you know Well, the sun one day will leave us all

Firewind - Kill in the name of love lyrics

head What if someone says? Kill - or in seconds you'll be ... you leave your moral constraints? - Killing all the fools A ... from rules You'll disappear in darkness - when all you see

Five For Fighting - The devil in the wishing well lyrics

met Jane at the center of the earth It was dark there was ... dirt all around But I gather you can figure that Jane ... says, I'm your body in the night And I'll lead you

Pulp - The mark of the devil lyrics

mark of the devil is upon you Your look is no ... happier than mine Damnation is waiting in the mirror but you shouldn't mind Their legs start a feeling in your stomach Their eyes

Page France - The belly in the fish lyrics

dove to the belly of the fish You'll get used to it ... your egg to hear you chirp again Now I'm losing it It rains the most on the head of the weatherman I boast the ghost who

Slaves (uk) - The hunter lyrics

Verse 1] The people are freezing And the water is warm And the ice caps are melting What ... will happen when they're gone? Will the experts ... look stupid And invert the facts? Will they gave you

Downgrade - In the shadows lyrics

you make it real And fallin' to the ground Somewhere ... No one likes you right now These grugs are perfect You have ... now As I walked through The valley shadows of dead There

Beck - Diamond in the sleaze lyrics

diamond in the sleaze Down on bended knees ... thousand grizzled nerves Hangin' loose at the end It's later ... than you think It's gone before you blink ... Out of the crosshairs and into the crowd Do you want to

Black Sabbath lyricsBlack Sabbath - Kill in the spirit world lyrics

s something wrong there's a chill in the air and the blood in my vein's running ... colder The eastern sky is beginning to ... silver and the words that you speak start to

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