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Kidd Snooze Stay The Same lyrics

Browse for Kidd Snooze Stay The Same song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Kidd Snooze Stay The Same lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Kidd Snooze Stay The Same.

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Idlewild - Stay the same lyrics

it always happens to me but then always isnt a word i use ... we alter what we have but then again survival its not why ... we should stay the same if we cant be the same we

Aura Dione - Stay the same lyrics

I thought I should conquer the world Guess I'm crazy, yeah, ... I'm wild Together we can dance till the end of ... heart I wish i could have the (???) You're lovely and I am

Alex Goot - Stay the same lyrics

your state of mind is on the matter of everything you’re ... no good to me if we can not stay ourselves through this ... make this last would you rather wake up with me or without

Gabrielle lyricsGabrielle - Stay the same lyrics

know by now that life is not the same, I have watched you ... I don’t care about what the people say, But it’s down ... way… And I don’t regret the time we spent, My time with

Bonobo - Stay the same (feat. andreya triana) lyrics

night train Midnight Bags gathered round my feet Possessions ... It's hard And cold though The best thing for me This train ... change it won't ever be the same I'm hopin' I will stay the same Reasons strange Why we

Joey Mcintyre - Stay the same lyrics

else, You were meant to be the way you are exactly. Don't ... you ever say you don't like the way you are. When you learn ... far. And I hope you always stay the same, cuz there's nothin

Lock & Key - Things stay the same lyrics

out for a better day Things stay the same. I’m so tired of ... me, We’re told which side of the line to stand. We won’t give ... moved it’s a way of life. There is no respect. The end is

Chapin Harry - Why should people stay the same lyrics

had to leave his past behind; the first thing that had to go- ... and packed your life and clothes, You learned all the ... lessons that the suitcase lady knows. He said

Nonpoint - The same lyrics

havent changed Youre still the same The words that you ... never approve of The way that you call out my name ... The lies that you tell to protect ... me The same Playing in your little games

Element Eighty - The same lyrics

am the second one, the reproduction I am born form ... you We are the same, one blood through the veins ... everything will always Stay the same (x12) Prosthetic

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - The more things change lyrics

More Things Change the more the stay the same The more ... things change the more the stay the same Ah, is it just ... me or does anybody see The new improved tomorrow isn't

Cinderella - The more things change lyrics

up this morning on the wrong side of bed I got ... head Turned on my radio to the same old song Some big ... trying to tell Us where the world went wrong But all

Dave Matthews Band - The riff lyrics

time slips away looking at the cracks creeping across my ... face I remember the little kid living in here ... Sitting in a box away from the world out there a world

Elliot Minor - The liar is you lyrics

everybody knows, That shes the one it shows, But not today, ... And here it goes, And all the things we talked about, The ... day to day livin' a lie, The liar is you, Now things have

One Less Reason - Be the same lyrics

it starts with a look And then it ends with a lie I should ... to mend my feelings Cause they never change, they always stay the same I just can't blame

Riverside - The same river lyrics

me know - Am I to blame? I stay... I swear... I am... I can.. ... I know... I can... Wanna stay... I know... I can... Wanna stay... I am your deed, I am

Black Milk - Same day twice lyrics

Every day I see, theres something new to me, ... You can never wake up to the same day twice. Everyway I ... feels good to me, I could stay, I could go, I could just

Lake Of Tears - The greymen lyrics

What a dark old way to stay the same As it enters through ... close your eyes and feel them turn it grey Oh, heart of ... borne, now you wander there alone Down that way where

Adema - The way you like it lyrics

change but fame remains The reason why your gonna wanna ... me home tonight It's all the same up in this game, the people ... shit of me I was amazed at the torment that you put me

As It Is - The coast is where home is lyrics

Long live forgotten days The city lights that paint the ... waves The sea air inside my lungs (Oh ... Oh-Oh-Oh) The memories we made back then ... in my skin Feeling like the only ones (Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh)

Mr. Big - The chain lyrics

hear their voices inside my head There's no denying it's my ... In twenty years will I be them I've taken all I can ... man I am Does everything stay the same Or will I break the chain Secrets, emotions,

Secrets - The heartless part lyrics

me You know my secret Theres nothing to show But ... I can’t change I’m built to stay the same Maybe you should ... young is all I know Let the good times roll Oh, you

Boomkat - The wreckoning lyrics

came I saw I kicked some ass The pain I cause it makes me ... laugh 'Cause the way I do my thing is strange ... yeah Can't run can't hide There's no way out The sun will

Alesha Dixon - The way we are (rap mix) lyrics

don't belong That's when the passion comes in (comes in ... we fight and we win We are the miracle, lightning bolt, love ... is so Just the way we are Just the way we

From Atlantis - Stay strong lyrics

re all just another line waiting to be crossed. ... it up, You got your heart in the right place, and I’d hate to ... will take me away I’m bigger then this, I’m stronger then

Hollywood Undead lyricsHollywood Undead - The natives(bonus track) lyrics

Seems like everyones got their beef But tomorrow we'll be ... Man & Deuce] And all the days come back to me Come ... to what we used to be And in the end we'll find the rest The

Nightcore - The natives lyrics

Seems like everyones got their beef, but tomorrow we'll ... Chorus: Funny Man, The Producer And all the days ... what we used to be. And in the end well find the rest. The

Pigeon John - The last sunshine lyrics

with me through the waves on the TV screen Flash back the ... it means Escape from the present time date and ... and a full plate 106th where they maintain the wall of fame

12 Stones - The last song lyrics

You never change you never stay the same Like a picture ... You never change you never stay the same Like a picture

Maroon 5 lyricsMaroon 5 - The air that i breathe lyrics

never change, They seem to stay the same. They wear ... different clothes, But play the same games. Many different ... ways To say the same thing. Searchin for the

Roy Orbison - The same street lyrics

still live on the same street, that we lived on. The same old street, where ... made on. I shouldn't stay, why don't I go? Each day ... little more. It won't be the same street anymore, since

I See Stars - The common hours lyrics

I recall To the events caused prior to this ... coming All it took was for them to say Don't pack your bags ... cause your here to stay. So watch your mouth

I See Stars - The common hours (acoustic) lyrics

I recall To the events caused prior to this ... coming All it took was for them to say Don't pack your bags ... cause your here to stay. So watch your mouth

Memphis May Fire - Stay the course lyrics

is no coincidence I've seen the world and I will never bow ... So bring your temptation to the table, but I'm not giving in ... is no coincidence. I've seen the world & I will never bow

Magnet - The recluse lyrics

and I sing too pure to join the line But I can't complain, ... I can choose, stay the same or refuse, So I'll remain a ... can't complain, I can choose, stay the same of refuse, So I'll

At The Skylines - The amazing atom (ft. kellin quinn of sleepin.. lyrics

I'm reaching, But I can feel the earth crumble beneath me, ... what you know, cause we are the entity, For far too long we ... relax, Let's reminisce about the good times in a while, Let's

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - Stay the night lyrics

re kissing me And saying I'm the one you need To keep you ... with you tonight Baby I feel the same way I don't want to ... in my mind You keep saying stay the night Just let me rock

Delight - The pact of silence lyrics

out of mind private offices, the handshakes, leisure time ... religion, law and science the underworld, their pact of ... nothing can keep me safe from the evil out there the one thing

Finger Eleven - Stay and drown lyrics

Would you take my hand? In the deepest end Would you stay ... But I'm passing all the days through a window pane ... And as the scene would change I'd stay the same This paradise was

Modern Baseball - The waterboy returns lyrics

help in a bottle or a cut They'll choose the wrong way to ... remember you They'll find the wrong words to say... Hey ... soul, I'm sure, but we feel the same Death won't bring

Cemetary 1213 - Silicon karma (it just can't be the same) lyrics

prison too blue to set the sails from out of nowhere they came around then what do ... care if i'm above or beneath the ground it just can't stay the same blow it all away just

Alesha Dixon - The way we are lyrics

don't belong That's when the passion comes in (comes in ... we fight and we win We are the miracle, lightning bolt, ... Love is so... Just the way we are Just the way we

Night Lovell - The renegade never dies lyrics

Lovell's father] Yo, at it again, yo, See ... we From California to the Bay, from L.A., San Diego ... [Night Lovell] Sky stay low and the night stay callin

Holiday In Cambodia - The power remains the same lyrics

Blood caked bones to bang their drums Resonates in all of ... In blind delusion Kissing the master's feet Kissing the ... Sacrifice ourselves and others to their charm We cheer

Ivan B - The pursuit lyrics

Verse 1: Ivan B] This for the kids who believe they could ... never do it This for the ones too scared to try This ... is the moment you step up and own it ... Holding your head right to the sky This is my story, my

Much The Same - Picking up the shattered pieces lyrics

would never change All in the same moment I know it cannot stay the same As this chapter ... Thought we'd see this together Though you'll travel a ... memories and I'll always keep them with me So what can we

Macklemore lyricsMacklemore - The train (feat. carla morrison) lyrics

Pretty face tryna chase the train And I could look the other way but it still won't erase ... the pain And I pray that she stay the same, amazing grace Yeah

Damnwells - The lost complaint lyrics

you gonna stay the same Not 'til I've gone away ... When you gonna take the blame Oh When your love ... When you gonna taste the same Go and perform again When

Pixie Lott - The thing i love lyrics

s that thing I love It's the makin up I like Every time ... thing I love You be givin me the biz That's the way it is ... re always working late You, then you be brushing it off And

Jason Mraz - The darkest space lyrics

song anymore I just might be the whole damn score I might be ... for I might be sitting in the passenger's Side but not ... along for the ride 'Cause I have control

Deadsy - The elements lyrics

mind we flee to space As the shadows choose the place ... me Or turn around and fake they're proud I've found my ... true calling Well beyond the mortal plane Lies the place

George Jones - The likes of you lyrics

I was broken hearted While the teardrops started It's ... And I set an' pondered Oh, the dreams by thunder And then I ... it be so. A lot of fish in the ocean A lot of star in the

Naomi King - The wrong direction lyrics

of your bullshit With all the crap that you're trying to ... ll never change; I'll always stay the same I'll always be the same girl that you're seeing and

L'ame Immortelle - The heart lyrics

sand flows thru my hands There'll be nothing left No ... of it will be broken As they disappear All I can do ... is live on It will always stay the same I cannot mute my

Sarah Brightman - The same thing to you lyrics

you I'm a sinner. Not in the worst way. I'll do the same ... song on my guitar. Show you the words so you can follow me so ... far. Wanna go further? I'll go the same way with

Jamie Cullum - The same things lyrics

you say sounds like a lie The fog that greets the man As ... even less somehow The bottle green of the water on the streets It's climbing higher ... all of your friends cause they're your fleet It's just the same things that we don't

Joey Mcintyre - The way (that i loved you) lyrics

Chorus] And I'll never love The Way that I loved you And I ... ll never kiss The way that I touched you I did ... reach down deep inside- Find the strength to make this love

Kittie - The change lyrics

Open casket full of lies The last rites have been spoken ... It's time to die, then rise Out of the flames ... Unearth the change Nothing can stay the same Out of the flames We'll

Oceana - The spine collection lyrics

get at me Throwing myself on the floor when I'm empty Call me ... I've found that I'll stay the same And you all should have ... You could of changed it They could have saved us I need

One Less Reason - The same thing lyrics

you know best Pull close the ones that leave you alone ... to hear Compliments yea the messages is coming clear ... love a funny thing? I knew there was something wrong I was

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