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Masters Of Hardcore - Kid mobid - regrets lyrics


Jay-z lyricsJay-z - Regrets lyrics

Sunshine, geyeah I sold it all from crack to o-pium, in third person I don't wanna see em, so I'm rehearsin with my peoples high to GM, from a remote lo-cation in the BM, scopin the whole situation like, "Dayamm!" Metamorphic, as the dope turns

From Our Hands - Regrets lyrics

nothing seems like forever Take a look at yourself Just a son of a man Away, somewhere beyond the skyline drive I will travel many roads Just to find my way back home Tonight I feel like I'm loosing more (I feel like I'm loosing more) Maybe it's time to behold the truth Face to

Lil Peep lyricsLil Peep - Regrets (ft. horse head) lyrics

ve been popping pills, I've been trying to forget about you But honestly, I've got regrets about you Baby, it's over now, you're gonna cry all night I'm gonna smile at you when I see you and pretend that I'm alright I'm never sober now, I'm getting

Anthony Edwin Phillips - Regrets lyrics

yes I have many, But none so great as spurning your love. For how sweet, how sweet your love would be As fierce as fire, as tender as dew. So let the rain fall Crashing on me And blind my eyes For the love I can't feel. Take a sound, don't you wait, don't be hurri

Eurythmics lyricsEurythmics - Regrets lyrics

ve got a delicate mind I've got a dangerous nature And my fist collides With your furniture I've got a delicate mind I've got a dangerous nature And my fist collides With your furniture I'm an electric wire And I'm stuck inside your head I'm a hungry Mohican I'

Buggles - Kid dynamo lyrics

today you might be riding The engines of progress Working in the major factories Call me if you ever feel like letting go I still remember the days of Kid dynamo, kid dynamo Kid dynamo, kid dynamo Bowowowowowo wa-ah ow Wowowowowowo wa-ah ow Spreading in the sub

Rory Gallagher - Kid gloves lyrics

me... They sprung me out of Quentin, I'm back on the mob's payroll. They can buy my body, Sure they can't buy my soul. I'm working out of Stockton, I'm weighing in at two-o one. But there's a man in the front row, Sent down from the mo

Extreme lyricsExtreme - Kid ego lyrics

down Hey kid, I'm talkin' to you What am I supposed to do You know that you're something special That's something you already knew Hey kid, got something to say But you won't listen anyway I am only tryin' to help you But you get further every day We thi

Counting Crows - Kid things lyrics

s there that makes you want to be lonely What's there to keep you sitting at home He'd always say no no no as if he wanted you to be hungry Well the same things you're missing Could get you into something else Better leave when to stay is only Nothing but be

John Cougar Mellencamp - Kid inside lyrics

press my face to the window I ran my fingers through my hair I watched my life go around in a circle And I realized that no body but me cares And I saw the hurt of my system And I felt the madness of our faults conforming And I walked around your house for hours And I could

Shawn Mendes lyricsShawn Mendes - Kid in love lyrics

know that we just met Maybe this is dumb But it feels like There was something From the moment that we touched 'Cause, it's alright, it's alright I wanna make you mine The way you lighten up the room Caught the corner of my eye We can both sneak out the bac

The Cruxshadows - Regrets lyrics

beautiful saint is bleeding, Fall poison words as arrows fly, While distant thoughts intrude like poetry, Some apprehension...and some regret. Why can't it be like it used to be? Why can't it be like it was? Why can't it be like it used to be

Rush - Kid gloves lyrics

world of difference A world so out of touch Overwhelmed by everything But wanting more so much Call it blind frustration Call it blind man's bluff Call each other names Your voices rude Your voices rough Then you learn the lesson That it's cool to be so tough Hand

Juelz Santana - Kid is back lyrics

ja, I think juelz is back in town [CHORUS] Juelz back and he's better than ever This is crack and it's better than ever Get, get back 'cause whatever's whatever Hey ya'll, hey ya'll the kid is back [VERSE 1] I'm back and I'm back and I'm back and I

Amos Lee - Kid lyrics

kicked around so long You're starting to get used to how it feels The taste of blood that's in your mouth There's still somehow it always heals Don't know how you keep on getting up From all those ghostly blows And all that pain that lingers Deep down in th

Crucified Barbara - Kid from the upperclass lyrics

was fighting for you So hard to understand 'Cause baby you don't shine When you're crying like a dog, beg me to forgive A lie behind every corner To make me sleep at night Don't you think that I've noticed Everything about you is changing Boy you are spoiled like a kid f

Phora - Kid on the block lyrics

I used to wanna be the toughest kid on the block Till I found out the toughest kid always gets shot I used to wanna make a mill pushin that rock Till I found out the big timers always got caught I used to wanna be the OG tellin a tale Til I found ou

Elvis Costello - Kid about it lyrics

saw no tears in her eyes Say you wouldn't kid about it She's telling all of those lies She swore she'd never told before But I doubt it So he bit his tongue And tried hard to capture his breath When she said I waited all my life For just a littl

Everything But The Girl - Kid lyrics

what changed your mood? You've gone all said, so I feel sad, too I think I know some things we never outgrow You think it's wrong I can tell you do How can I explain When you don't want me to? Kid, my only kid You look so small, you've gone so quiet I know you know what I'm ab

The Pretenders - Kid lyrics


Indigo Girls - Kid fears lyrics

from pearls, hey little girl How much have you grown? Pain from pearls, hey little girl Flowers for the ones you've known Are you on fire from the years What would you give for your kid fears? Secret staircase, running high You had a hiding place Secret staircase, runn

All Ends - Regrets lyrics

haven't said a word since we woke up Please, I don't want to hurt you I had to tell you the truth I know you're the one But temptation became to strong The touch of his hand, his lips on my neck I'll regret it 'til the day I die But you never s

K.will - Regrets lyrics

TVbomyeo usgo mogjeog eobsi geodgo iyu eobsi hwareul naego ggeutdo eobsi huhoe hago gyeolgug neoreul ijji moshae momburimingeol balbeodungingeol u...

From First To Last - Regrets and romance lyrics

I see the truth in your eyes. This time it could be forever. Now I see the truth in your eyes. Tell me what you're looking for. To fall asleep with you would be heaven; for once this dream won't be short lived. Take me with you show me all life's splendors. I've been waiting

Mylène Farmer lyricsMylène Farmer - Regrets lyrics

très loin du monde Où rien ne meurt jamais J'ai fait ce long, Ce doux voyage, Nos âmes se confondent Aux neiges éternelles L'amour cachait Son vrai visage Oh viens, ne sois plus sage Après tout qu'importe Je sais la menace Des amours mortes Gardons l'innocence Et l'in

Aiden - Kid becomes the dream lyrics

got your letter, read that mom was gone (Mom was gone) I never thought that dad would ever lose his mind (Lose his mind) I haven't slept it seems like all week long (all week long) And I've prayed a thousand times To a god who doesn't take request

Radiohead - Kid a lyrics

slipped away I slipped on a little white lie We got heads on sticks You got ventriloquists We got heads on sticks You got ventriloquists Standing in the shadows at the end of my bed Standing in the shadows at the end of my bed Standing in the shad

The Dubliners - Kid on the mountain lyrics

:::::::instrumental:::::::: ::::::::instrumental:::::::: ::::::::instrumental:::::::: ::::::::instrumental:::::::: ::::::::instrumental:::::::

Alice Nine lyricsAlice Nine - Kid lyrics

hikari no naka hotobashitte yuku tomerarenai gekijō mune ni moyashite Akireru hodo bakageta risō ni Kodomo mitai ni hashaginagara ride on time `Checkmate' Hashirukara sono-te o hanasanaide Furimuita shunkan wa osana sugita Past times Tsumiki kuzushi mitai ni

Atlas Sound - Kid klimax lyrics

me in cold light Wake up with a sore throat A sore throat Drive your car to work Down gray highways isolate Your pain Your pain You will grow to be Untouched, unphased By the light that changed By the way things change You will grow to me De

Gym Class Heroes - Kid nothing vs. the echo factor lyrics

Verse One] Now I could, sit here and baffle you with shallow babble and a, bunch of punch lines you probably won't get Or even, use some big words that, you'd have to look up but I'm not a teacher so go 'head and close your book up I could, tell a fai

Dappy - No regrets lyrics

oh oooh oh oooh oh na na na na naiii Oooh oh oooh oh oooh oh hear me out This is my King's Speech, I'm nowhere near the end If I s-s-s-stutter, sorry I ain't Kevin Senn I messed my life up and yeah I've been down I'm a changed man now, CHRIS BROWN You kn

Kid Rock - I wanna go back lyrics

I remember way back when Got kicked out the crib and had a place to stay in the Clem With some friends George and Jay It was a funky fresh crew and I'd DJ What a shock it was to be on the steps Comin from a nice home now livin in the projects No

Kid Cudi - Live & learn lyrics

through time since birth I've been speeding My lifes always been on coast The things I think that I need and not was needed The things I needed the most My mama told me live my life and learn from lessons I'll teach my daughter the same Right and w

Far East Movement - Ride 4 u (ft. kid cudi & chip tha ripper) lyrics

, yoouu, you know what, yooou You, yeah, you, you know it You, you know it, girl! Yeah, don't be silly, you, you know it I'm here, I'm here as your friend baby, I'm here for you Here, I'm here as your friend baby I'm here for you Yeah, ye-yeah, ye-yeah T

Dope - No regrets lyrics

DOWN Were elevated Chivalrated Liberated DOWN Were Dedicated Medicated and celebrated Over and over i keep losing myself Lower and lower i keep sinking Over and over i keep taking myself down With no regrets for anything i did and i wont forget to do it all a

Mental Discipline - Pain & regrets lyrics

dear betrayers How many times you fed me lies? Your sweetest words concealed the poison That I was late to recognize Now you see me falling My soul is dead, my heart in shreds You turned my dreams into illusions And left me with Pain and regrets I see my bridg

Pusha T - No regrets lyrics

I'm on the move, I can-can't look back (No way) Screaming "No regrets, no regrets at all" Wasting time, I can't get that back Uh, so everyday I go hard Real nigga and all my niggas real niggas Came from making real figures (Too much money) No

Kottonmouth Kings - No regrets lyrics

chance One life We going out blazin' Wanted dead or alive my face is on the poster My life is up and down like a roller coaster I'm a easy rider don't do what I'm supposed ta Outlaw living life to provoke ya Packed and loaded I'm with my six shooter Just for protecti

Daysend - No regrets lyrics

Listen There is no other way to compromise Leave out the innocence I know the answer to This f***ing question Then hold out I’m old enough to feel I didn’t think you were The last time I checked You were still human I didn’t know it all seems again Twice m

Billie Holiday - No regrets lyrics

regrets Although our love affair has gone astray No regrets I know I'll always care though you're away So now our happy romance ended suddenly Still in my heart you'll be forever mine No regrets Because somebody new looks good to you No regrets Sweetheart no matter what y

Pillar - Secrets and regrets lyrics

matter how hard you try to You can't make the clock rewind to the moment that you lied to yourself It never really mattered how they felt Your secrets and regrets are keeping you from going very far And you can't let all this get you down and keep you living in

Rage - No regrets lyrics

amp;quot;Feel no regrets, 'cause I am death Feel no regrets." "I wanna know where do we go Where do you take me now There is no choice, my inner voice Tells not to fear somehow It's hard for me to let it be I cannot understand I'm still so yo

Gary Allan - No regrets lyrics

s been gone about three years It's been a long road and a million tears I'm movin slow but I'm movin on The sweetest memories still remain The laughter we had and the love that we made Every night I go to bed alone With no regrets A piece of mind Lived so much time in so little ti

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - No regrets lyrics

cracks, the sky is crying On her back she’s pushing trying He holds her hand and kneels beside her bed Break the silence baby screaming In slow motion she ain’t dreaming she closed her eyes looked Up to God and says Should I cry a little more Should I

Magic! - No regrets lyrics

world isn't over yet We've still got a chance to place our bets We both made a little mess Nothing our two hearts can't put back I'll never love you less Don't let your worries second guess We'll start over fresh, living a life with no regrets Livin

Bette Midler - Miss otis regrets lyrics

quot;Oh, hi! A-heh heh! Is Miss Otis in?" "Miss Otis regrets she's unable to lunch today." Miss Otis regrets she's unable to lunch today, madam. Miss Otis regrets she's unable to lunch today, mmmmmm. And she's sorry to be d

Accept lyricsAccept - No regrets lyrics

ve loved and lost and I've fought and won Taken my time, been under the gun I've come up short, taken too long I've made mistakes, but I've never been wrong Sometimes the pleasure isn't worth the pain it brings But in the end l wouldn't change

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - No regrets lyrics

me a story Where we all change And we'd live our lives together And not enstranged I didn't lose my mind it was Mine to give away Couldn't stay to watch me cry You didn't have the time So I softly slip away... No regrets they don't work N

John Barrowman - Miss otis regrets lyrics

Otis regrets She's unable to lunch today Madam, Miss Otis regrets She's unable to lunch today She is sorry to be delayed But last evening Down in Lover's Lane she strayed Madam, Miss Otis regrets She's unable to lunch today When she woke up and f

Ella Fitzgerald - Miss otis regrets lyrics

otis regrets, she’s unable to lunch today, madam, Miss otis regrets, she’s unable to lunch today. She is sorry to be delayed, But last evening down in lover’s lane she strayed, madam, Miss otis regrets, she’s unable to lunch today. When she woke up and found that her dream of love w

Adam Gontier - No regrets lyrics

remember the time when we were flying high And nothing could bring us down With the wind in our hair, no we didn't care about Falling to the ground Those summer nights would call our names And we'd sneak on out the door We'd lie in the grass

Amy Diamond - No regrets lyrics

luck to you Hope you'll have your cake and eat it too Good luck to you May your every day be sunny blue No bitter tears, gonna be No bad blood here Gonna be no regrets Everything works out for the best We'll get it together We had to settle for a draw, that's all Ther

Girls Aloud - No regrets lyrics

regrets if just a few Somehow they're entwined with you No regrets I'm glad it's through and you Left my mind Rainy Sundays, kids TV Fish and chips in NYC You said we were meant to be To be Those super bossa nova nights Slow dancing by the

Labelle - Miss otis regrets lyrics

Otis regrets she's unable to lunch today Madam Miss Otis regrets she's unable to lunch today And she's sorry to be delayed But last evening down at lover's lane she strayed Madam Miss Otis regrets she's unable to lunch today When she woke up and

Hardcore Superstar - No regrets lyrics

ve never been told, I'v never been controlled Said stupid things and taught myself to laugh I got no regrets I've never sold myselft, lost my hope I'd rather be abused then amuse you like a clown I've got no regrets We got immediate hits for you, we´re innocent, accused What he

Ferry Bryan - Miss otis regrets lyrics

Otis regrets, she's unable to lunch today, Madam Miss Otis regrets, she's unable to lunch today She is sorry to be delayed But last evening down in Lover's Lane she strayed, Madam Miss Otis regrets, she's unable to lunch today When she woke up and found That her dream of lov

Ignite - No regrets lyrics

s in my head And nothing changes what's been done if I regret not being there, when the time has come, when it's too late No regrets, no time to change A selfish choice can take its toll, a sacrifice might make the day No regrets, it's time to change Cou

Billie Myers - No regrets allowed lyrics

a look at the time Yesterday's back again Is there a ghost of a chance? That we can ever be friends Would you push me from your ivory tower? Make me the target in your line of fire Hell, well I'm not guilty Take off the halo you're wearing Tell Z

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