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Key In The Door lyrics

Browse for Key In The Door song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Key In The Door lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Key In The Door.

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Audio Push - Kick in the door lyrics

in the door ♫Kick in the door ♫Kick in the door ♫Kick in the door ♫Kick in the door ♫Kick in the door ♫Kick in the door ... ♫Kick in the door ♫Kick in the door ♫Kick in the door ♫Kick in the door ♫Kick in the door

Fink - Foot in the door lyrics

my fresh face Pressed up against the glass From the outside ... looking in Seems as difficult to stop ... As it is easy to begin I'm in I'm in I'm in, I'm in...

Notorious B.i.g. - Kick in the door lyrics

Boy television, and I'm Trevin Jones and I've been conversing with the Mad Rapper. And ... very mad. We're gonna TRY to find out why; so we'll take some ... questions at this point from our studio audience.

Joan Armatrading - The key lyrics

want the key to your heart You tell me ... that you need My loving But when you gonna Give me ... the key To the basement Every other lover ... You had before Got a key to the door You say you're gonna

The Downtown Fiction - Hold my breath lyrics

my breath underwater Counting down like sheep sent to ... slaughter they go Yeah, One by one they ... walk right through, but they don't know what we will do

Rush - The twilight zone lyrics

to meet you Beneath his hat the strangeness lies Take it ... is false and logic lost Now the fourth dimension is crossed.. ... . You have entered the Twilight Zone Beyond this

Jimi Blue - Key to the city lyrics

got the key to the city 4x I got my ... with me Come with me I got the key to the city Ah,cause I ... on,Air force on Swoosh on the side Swoosh on the tongue

Air Raid - The fire within lyrics

it's on tonight Follow me to the edge of the world Light the ... sky and read the words The burning fire lies within you ... The night is falling The time is running low I'm holding on forever Fight the

B. B. King - Key to the highway lyrics

ve got the key to the highway Feel I got to go ... Gonna leave here running Walking is both too slow ... I'm going back to the border Baby where I'm

Derek And The Dominos - Key to the highway lyrics

got the key to the highway Billed out and ... go I'm gonna leave here running Walking goes too slow I ... m going back to the border Little girl, where I

Eric Clapton lyricsEric Clapton - Key to the highway lyrics

got the key to the highway, Billed out and ... go. I`m gonna leave here running; Walking is most too slow. ... I`m going back to the border Woman, where I`m

Heaven 17 - Key to the world lyrics

working every hour but I’m heading ... for a crash I’m sick of living fast and running short of ... me what’s so bad about wanting to feel so good I want a

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Key to the highway lyrics

got the key to the highway Feel like I’m bound ... to go But I’ll come running 'cause Walking is much too ... slow I’m going back to the bottom (border) Where I’m,

Rza - The chase lyrics

bounce, be ghost, escape, blazini, poof The Genie, disappear, ... cast out like they ain't seen me (yo) ... (Yo) ... Burst! Put the key in the ignition friction sparks my

Jessie & The Toy Boys - Key to the city lyrics

re the kids in America hands in the air ... (hey hey hey) We're smoking the chronic we're hooked on ... not waste our time mixing it up with salt and lime

Deadsy - Key to the gramercy park lyrics

got the key, key to Gramercy Park Every ... night Looking for the fight Thoughts on the left ... The action's on the right As you know, the id ... Face white Revenge of the Hittites When you're inside

Nofx - The black and white lyrics

McCarthy killed the light He didn't wake his ... lovely wife He left the key inside the door Woke on the ... wrong side of the bed She can't remember what ... he had done Little choices in a A little town maybe a

Senses Fail - The fire lyrics

ll light the fuse and I'll set the dam to ... blow, flooding the entire town below and all ... away. My hands are shaking but I will not hesitate. I ... found the strength to face. Because the place I fear the most, is the place I have to go to see the

The Who lyricsThe Who - A man is a man lyrics

get attention 'cos you block the stairs Bragging about some ... But what really matters is the heart he gives He makes your ... to perform like John Wayne in some B feature flick A man

Dionysus - Key into the past lyrics

was made round so we'd see There's no borders to be found. ... Mankind, under the same sun Evolution never ... stopped The empires fell apart, ...They ... fall... Creations survived the time, ...The ones built by

Manilla Road - In search of the lost chord lyrics

of music I have searched for the key to the door In my mind ... It's so clear whe I'm dreaming Sound so epic I've not ... heard before Can you tell me the reason So elusive this chord

Red Circuit - Fall in the skies lyrics

signs and flames of the universe Should refine the ... look in your eyes Who holds the key to the door on the ... borderline That warns us of the fall in the skies As the

Lacuna Coil - In the end i feel alive lyrics

in the room But I still hear your ... all night My heart is aching for you Blinded by the ... light I cannot see the answers Here with open arms ... My heart is waiting for you How much is this

Mayhem - Key to the storms lyrics

the lions at the gates Illusions flow ... After the next Iron Age Mankind lost ... The ships of flames rise to the sky Annunaki on board ... Watcher searches inside the thoughts Inner waves

Silverchair - The door lyrics

before Could've had to lock the door Make your mind Let the door let the door swing Only ... one Only one to let the door Wanted to pretend he's

Burzum - Key to the gate lyrics

I seek thy hell yuo close the gate before me Your life is ... paradise I cannot fall in love love is for them Lusting for the sky - Heaven Why ... of sacrifice I will open the gates to Hell one day..

Toto lyricsToto - The little things lyrics

like these shake up the world When you can't find the pearls You once held in your ... hand How can all these things keep changing so fast? You ... can't count on anything to last I just don't

Breathe Carolina - Dont forget lock the door lyrics

gonna party alone on the floor (you know alone) take ... off your clothes get on the floor (you know i know) it's ... oh no) i fell for you get on the floor i wanted to be so in

Casting Crowns - The altar and the door lyrics

I'm a wrong-way-travelin'-slowly-unraveling shell of a ... out, I'm so numb now That the fire's just an ember way down ... in the corner of my cold, cold ... I'll make it right, here at the altar I lay my life Your kingdom come but my will was done

Corrosion Of Conformity - The door lyrics

you only own what's etched in stone better get it while it ... city sheep I'm just trapped in your hemisphere you tell me ... hear say tunnel vison there is no purpose served by

Taylor Dayne - The door to your heart (duet with keith washi.. lyrics

needed me I wasn't there I didn't care The way ... heart So many times Till there was nothing you felt inside ... didn't know That I'd be needing you Till I lost your love

Leeland - The door lyrics

the rain falls from Heaven, I'm lost in Your love, You're overwhelming, Jesus. And we're walking ... together, holding hands, Oh, it's just You ... is good here, fruit is growing On the beautiful branches.

In Mourning - In the failing hour lyrics

was the key to my darkest heart Holding ... hands with the seekers of the path A forced face from the ... lingering hate A fake grace for the ... closing eyes in the crowd Reverse your

George Jones - The door lyrics

ve heard the sound of my dear old mama crying And the sound of the train ... that took me off to war The awful sound of a thousand ... bombs exploding And I wondered if I could

The Monkees - The door into summer lyrics

up all around him From a killing in the market on the war The children left King Midas there, as they found him In his ... counting house where nothing counts but more And he

Taylor Swift lyricsTaylor Swift - The other side of the door lyrics

the heat of the fight I walked away Ignoring ... words that you were saying... trying to make me stay ... times... but I´m not picking up cause I´m so mad ... I

Anthrax - In the end lyrics

dark tonight Our diamond shined so bright I watched it go ... Farther than he ever dreamed I can ... how I try I can't stop asking why 'Cause something's

Icona Pop - In the stars lyrics

a horseshoe in my pocket And my hands are ... full of gold My heart’s racing like a rocket, Wind it up ... watch it go We’ll be ruling in the sunlight Like we’re

Blue Öyster Cult - In the presence of another world lyrics

the presence of another world You guess the things ... unguessed In the fullness of another world There is no emptiness In the ... promise of another world A dreadful knowledge

Leviathan ( Usa ) - The door lyrics

alone in the silence With a bottle of ... death in your hand It will take less ... than an hour This will make them understand. That you have ... death on your mind You are feeling so sure.

George Strait - The steal of the night lyrics

band had just started when they walked in the door He sat ... a table and strolled out on the floor He grabbed the first ... sweet thang that gave him the eye And left the door open

Across The Sun - In the face of adversity lyrics

is over now Safe to say The real work has begun Gave ... everything To make it happen What ... come true So much uncertainty Lies beneath the surface

Eighteen Visions - In the closet lyrics

do you want them all to see? A blind man ... with blind faith is he your f***in ... wants to do is survive this painful cancer. You should be ... looking for the answer now. And as the

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - In the black lyrics

a better style, See me coming, Don't look the other way, ... Don't start running, You stole my heart away, ... You know I treat you fine, You don't understand the

Kottonmouth Kings - The deal lyrics

P-Town headin' out to Riverside Cruising in the ride, doin' bout 85 Starin' at my pipe with no bowls to ... pack Cause in my pocket all I'm holding is ... that and go fetch this bud The deal's going down, we gotta

Angelus Apatrida - In the heart of nations lyrics

- elimininate Destroy - force it to the ... limit Fit - this locked key Enjoy - the secrets out there Waste - some billions, man ... Build - castles in the sky Crash - a pair of planes

Armored Saint - In the hole lyrics

wind The war I'm burning out Is this the end The ... bombs are raining hell I see the real me ... Floating out to space Blown to bits ... Where's the human race Slave Well

Kelis - In the morning lyrics

baby what you doing? Your flight left yet? ... Pshh, I'm half way there I can't wait to see you ... you left yet, damn I'm running late to the airport Every

Morgana Lefay - In the court of the crimson king lyrics

my sins father I will always obey your wish ... betray you I will cooperate in the end you must save me ... before it is too late In the court of crimson king the key

Setherial - In the still of a northern fullmoon lyrics

abode All sences set to mind as moonlight lits the snow ... At one with the night of nocturnal existence ... the stars; my as hate inside me grows I've walked the earth, I've seen the stars

Seven Kingdoms - In the twisted twilight lyrics

are the answers you seek Blood of mine? Your voice is heard on ... this peak Here past the skyline "Evil has come back ... " For I have seen all the signs You must trust elder

Dream Evil - In the night lyrics

through the ashes to fight for the ... legions of hell Blinded by madness in fire and ... and I need it to live Need the steel. It's the key to the ... it to lead Never kneel. I'm the only king you'll need IN THE NIGHT. Bounded by leather IN THE NIGHT. Surrounded by chain

Sammy Hagar - In the night lyrics

there's so much that you can't ... see So many things that you can be Your in the black, so you can be free ... you can hide So many things you never tried No need to

Satan ( Uk ) - Alone in the dock lyrics

Look back on your life, hear the Mourners song, Just your Innner Conscience betrays your ... wrongs, Watch the road unfold before you, Is ... you'd see? Shrug away the chains that bound you, You'll

Beach House - Walk in the park lyrics

go for a walk in the park 'cause you don't need ... anything Your hand that you ... hold doesn't do anything The face that you see in the door ... isn't standing there anymore In a matter of

Earth Wind And Fire - In the stone lyrics

found that love, provides The key-unlocks, the heart and ... and me- Love will love, to sing your song, Love is written in the stone Every man, I ... meet is walking time- Free to wander, past

Earth, Wind & Fire - In the stone lyrics

found that love provides the key unlocks, the heart and ... and me Love will love to sing your song, Love is written in the stone Every man I meet ... is walking time Free to wander past

Mcdonnell Charlie - In the absence of christmas lyrics

in the living room, staring at the decorations Feels so ... out of place in this house Sucking on a ... toffee apple, munching on some pumpkin pie Seems ... so out of place in his mouth Such incongruous

Millionaires - The one lyrics

is a place on Earth You say in Heaven love comes first We ... boy I swear to you You are the one, the one I want the night ... through From the moment we met I already knew

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