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Stevie Wonder lyricsStevie Wonder - Keep on running lyrics

gonna get you Some gonna grab you Some gonna jump ... better run faster. Some gonna grab you Some gonna jump ... bushes and grab you Some gonna grab you Oh You need this

Dr.acula - Keep on running in place lyrics

on the ones who brought your name. To ... be the last to say. That anyone did anything... Wait, I ... thought you said that you won't change and still I sit

Robert Francis - Keep on running lyrics

You said your family's gone And you can't help me ... Kept moving faster Decisions I made, losing you to the ... You knew I always loved you Oncoming traffic, fading into...

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - Keep on running lyrics

on running, keep on hiding One fine day I'm gonna be the one To make you understand Oh, ... yeah, I'm gonna be your man. Keep on running, running from my arms One

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds lyricsNoel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Keep on reaching lyrics

on running Down that long black road You'll find ... love to behold But, can you keep a secret? Keep on reaching ... Up for a higher ground But don't keep on preaching From

Sasha - Keep on runnin lyrics

open, baby Just come back, don't hurt me no more Don't ... the answer Let me be the one to hold you, darling Always ... want to be around you Don't you know my love is true

Humble Pie - Road hog lyrics

through a bad spell I got to keep on travelling, hell I know ... hard shell Lord You know it keeps my back from crackin' And ... my fields, I got to keep them burning Anytime I hear

Melanie Fiona - Running lyrics

Shouldn't need another reason For me to shut you out ... [Bridge] Lovin' you's like running, running on the line It's ... finish line in sight I just keep on running, running on the

Danny Saucedo - Running away lyrics

I see you, We both alive. Blond hair with blue eyes, You're ... you, but feel afraid, So I keep running away, I keep on ... ve been here before, seen you on this floor, Checkin' out

Sister Sin - Running low lyrics

My mind's racing and it won't give room for peace I lie ... dead awake counting cracks on this bedroom ceiling ... this body and mind Keep on running without fuel, still

No Doubt lyricsNo Doubt - Running lyrics

by my side Me I'm the one you chose Out of all the ... I'm falling Help me up lets keep on running Don't let me fall ... out of love Running, running As fast as we can

Maze - Running away lyrics

Away - we need some rejuvenation (Tell the truth) Running ... Away - leaving a bad situation (wohowohowohowo) Running ... Away - we need some rejuvenation (Hey) Running Away - leaving

Bo Bice - Keep on rollin' lyrics

get paid Hard to make it by on minimum wage. Nobody I know ... you better get up, people don't you know You better wake ... wake up get your feet back on the floor If you feel your

Lucy Schwartz - Running lyrics

it wrong to be right if I'm losing ... Am I destined to be the one melody that holds through ... in the past Well you can't keep on running Without watching

Onlap - Running lyrics

I wanted to be fine I wonder why I cannot just sit for ... This is what I know I just keep on running Always working ... I wanted to be fine I wonder why I cannot just sit for

Tyler Hilton - Keep on lyrics

or has a story bout the first one Who taught them how to hurt ... their hopes astray When its gone on quite enough and your ... you lose what you love, live on live on When the road gets

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - Keep on lyrics

Can't sing can't speak ting tong's tong ting I'm popping ... with the ching ching ting tong's tong ting (I love my ... Blood clotter Slender tone Say tres bon Dingadingdongadongadong Sound of the town

Ian Hunter - Keep on burning lyrics

t no debts, just destinations. Like birds made out of ... fly by. Lost lovers in a moonlit night, broken lovers in a ... all I want is for you to keep on burning. Keep on burning,

Ellie Goulding lyricsEllie Goulding - Keep on dancin' lyrics

like to talk because they don't know what to say Running ... truth's too much to take I keep raising glasses cause I only ... got today I just keep moving, I just keep moving

Love - Keep on shining lyrics

you're lonely, ain't got no friends And ... the smile on your face has turned into ... in If you're walking all alone And it feels like your ... walking to the end of the road Open up you heart and let

The Partisans - Keep on lyrics

fly beneath the sun Precision guidance freedom comes When ... break the rules we made Gun control is what we need To keep ... always running And I'll keep on with what I want No point

Pearl Jam lyricsPearl Jam - Keep on rockin' in the free world lyrics

are colors on the, white, and ... There's a warnin' sign in the road ahead There's a lot of ... we'd be better off dead Don't feel like Satan, but I am

Downset - Keep on breathing lyrics

correct! Step correct! 818 on the map psychological mand ... s all that we do, seen and done. So many homicides we ... y'all! I must survive! Life on the line I said keep on

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - Keep on ridin' lyrics

keep on ridin' Ride, keep on ridin' By tomorrow ... early dawn, I gotta hit the road So long lady til another ... right now I gotta be movin' on Another town and the singer

Akon - Keep on callin' (feat. p-money) lyrics

Know Its Akon Man Mah Man P Its the Magic ... City baby Yo I Think We Got one on this one So all them ... scream our name Let them keep on calling And they weren't

Carcass - Keep on rotting in the free world lyrics

is in decline Still free to consume, free to breathe Free to ... dream, your life of dreams Keep on rotting, keep on hoping, keep on dreaming One day maybe, keep on rotting, keep on hoping

Lavive - Keep on lyrics

out, lookin in TV's on and I'm here again Nothing ... changed, only names and i'm faking as i ... as i start over again Just keep on, keep on, keep on It's

Tim Mcgraw - Keep on truckin' lyrics

your top don't pop, and your roll don't ... rock. The clock don't stop cause your feet don't ... feels low, and your cash don't flow. Get up and go,it ... till the world stops hurting, keep on, keep on, keep on.

New Kids On The Block - Keep on smilin' lyrics

are lookin' kind of right tonight Oh baby, Yeah ... We were supposed to play for keeps. Home grown from the ... our love remains, The moon will never let the tide go

Ciara - Keep on lookin' lyrics

t disrespect this Then I don't know for next tune Come on ... stay up When they playing on that I get on so I can come ... in these jeans Really ain't none of yall business Riding out

Edwin Colins - Keep on burning lyrics

All it takes is common sense For anyone to see ... As world keeps turning, You got to keep on learning You got to keep on ... yearning You got to keep on burning As world keeps

F(x) - Keep on doin lyrics

on doin’ doin’ what you do Keep on doin’ doin’ what you do Keep on doin’ doin’ what you do Keep on doin’ doin’ what you do Keep on doin’ doin’ what you do Keep on doin’ doin’ what you do Keep on doin’ doin’ what you do Keep on doin’ doin’ what you do

Luscious Jackson - Keep on rockin' it lyrics

its all over Original bone lovers straight from ... manhattan Keep your butt movin' Keep your ... hands clappin' Original one droppin' We never stoppin' ... Always got bootee Always keep rockin' Two ladies who don't

Jem - Keep on walking lyrics

me 'cause I'm feeling so alone right now, it's suffocating ... God give me strength to keep on walking God give me ... strength to keep on, keep on God give me strength to keep on walking God give me

Curtis Mayfield - Keep on keeping on lyrics

round and listen to my song I've only got one We who ... should now take a stand Don't run from the burdens of ... women and men Continue to give, continue to

Lena Meyer-landrut lyricsLena Meyer-landrut - Keep on living lyrics

You’ve gotta take another one Like an army in my veins ... my rage, my rage So hold on and let the world around you ... you’re about to die Gotta keep on living Gotta keep, gotta keep on living Gotta keep on

April Wine - Keep on rocking lyrics

don't tell me what's on your mind I get it mixed up ... time Well it's true, oh honey it's true, yeah And all I ... wanna do tonight is just rock with you

Argent - Keep on rolling lyrics

me You make me feel so strong You just wanna love me all ... night long Move just like the river ... but love you, ain't no way Keep on rollin' Keep on rollin'

Boyfriend - Keep on lovin` you lyrics

JM]Keep on lovin' you Aki mo shinaide ... boku wa Keep on lovin' you Kimi dake o ... sagashite [DH]Keep on lovin' you Kimi to janakya ... mirenai Keep on lovin' you Ano sora ga

Eric Clapton lyricsEric Clapton - Keep on growing lyrics

me love would find a way To keep on growing, keep on growing, keep on growing. I was standing ... Looking in the face of one who loved me, Feeling so

Dwele - Keep on lyrics

I play by rules an I'm ma keep on At least that the plan ... But if you keep on I might be forced to leave ... game alone (You hot like fire) It ... my game (I'm avoiding) Long talks on the phone, 'Casue

Elyar Fox - Keep on movin - 5ive lyrics

rainy days are dying, Gotta keep on, keep on trying All the ... .. Never let go gotta hold on and Non stop 'til the break ... of dawn and Keep on moving, don't stop rocking Ahhhh...

Eric Church - Keep on lyrics

makin' eyes at me Like you don't wanna get caught Where'd ... you get the cowboy on your arm And where you want ... your hold me back's almost gone Yeah it's about time i let

Exilia - Keep on breathing lyrics

and right seemed like the only thing was a long black ... no no no but she said keep on breathin' Keep on copin' ... Keep on livin' keep on hopin' No more sadness in

Paul Gilbert - Keep on keepin' on lyrics

had my reasons to quit my band And I got ... to hold my hand I'm feelin' lonely But I've been through ... this before I've got to keep on keepin' on I've got this

Hall & Oates - Keep on pushin' love lyrics

T.V. screen He'll take your money, love and promise ... Ain't no shortcut to Salvation (Every man, woman, every boy ... (People when you feel it) (Keep on Pushin' Love) Oh you got

Jessie Ware lyricsJessie Ware - Keep on lying lyrics

you right here to follow Keep your hands over my eyes so I ... don't want to see where this will ... go I will keep my eyes closed Only know ... what was behind me But I don't want to see what's in front

Diana Ross - Keep on (dancin') lyrics

, dancin' Keep on dancing So you don't have to ... fee the pain Keep on, keep on, keep on dancing So you don ... began Wish you had some stronger ties There's no one

Jojo - Keep on keepin' on lyrics

got to keep on keepin on You got to keep your head up ... water in their cereal Second hand clothes Surviving is ... That things'll get better soon I remember when I was in

Lena Katina - Keep on breathing lyrics

in the dirt When the sky is on fire and the heavens descend ... All you can do is just keep on breathing (You keep on ... in the dirt When the sky is on fire and the heavens descend

Kehlani lyricsKehlani - Keep on lyrics

I just be doing shit that don't make any f***ing sense ... things you're feeling for me tonight You can get it on out ... every time I come crawling on my knees You're there And

Alvin Lee - Keep on rockin' lyrics

play, good old rock 'n roll Keeps me young and it keeps me old ... Keep on rockin' - keep on rockin' Never gonna stop - ... rockin' til I drop, Keep on rockin' If you ever get lonely and you're feeling down

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Keep on the sunny side lyrics

sunny side we also may view. Keep on the sunny side, always on ... the sunny side, Keep on the sunny side of life. It ... brighten all the way, If we keep on the sunny side of life.

Rival Sons - Keep on swinging lyrics

day my prayers are gonna be answered so long I ... help themselves Hey,hey I keep my head down but I keep on ... swingin Hey I keep my head down but I keep on

Sammy Hagar - Keep on rockin' lyrics

Keep on a rockin', keep on a rockin') (Keep on a rock n ... roll's gonna never die) I was born in ... electric, didn't I turn you on? (Keep on a rockin', keep on

Christina Aguilera lyricsChristina Aguilera - Keep on singing my song lyrics

up this morning with a smile on my face And nobody's gonna ... an' now, that my outlook's gonna change That's why I'm gonna Say goodbye to all the ... my pride Feelin' like they won't let me live life Take the

The Blackout - Keep on moving lyrics

more As I’m walking away Won’t you ask me to stay I am ... aiming to lie What if I don’t have to say goodbye Keep ... on moving, keep on moving Where did it go?

Irene Cara - Keep on lyrics

of our peopl0e Vanished long ago All the lessons that ... they taught still live to Keep us strong So, Keep on ... s nothing we can't build Keep on Knowing that it's right

The Cars - Keep on knocking lyrics

well the long street goes for miles and ... it you guessed it they keep you in follow mode they keep ... street you never rode they keep you, they keep on knocking

June Carter Cash - Keep on the sunny side lyrics

side we also may view. Keep on the sunny side, always on ... the sunny side, Keep on the sunny side of life. It ... brighten all the way, If we keep on the sunny side of life.

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