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Karizma The New Way lyrics

Browse for Karizma The New Way song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Karizma The New Way lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Karizma The New Way.

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Chris Rea - New way lyrics

go to work in a bubble I got everything I need I get so high on no trouble It's a great feeling, being free I say a prayer at thanksgiving I bless the night and the day I look up to the sky with a smile on my face And I praise the lord of the new way The sweetest sound

The Restarts - New way lyrics

should we work for a pittance Why do we dance to their tune All you get is restrictions All you see in rack and ruin Arbeit macht frei - to hell with the new way Roll on doomsday More control is their solution But the grip don’t tighten at all Petrifying our evolution, wh

Authority Zero - The new pollution lyrics

ready! There's something in the air that we've been breathing On an all sense, in a sense deceiving Cold to the touch, no burning feeling Or maybe it's just me lit up again Gas mask gear to keep plugging away A different frequency, what have you got to say?

Anne Murray - New way out lyrics

know how hard he'll take it When he finds out I can't stay-ay-ay So I don't want to have to tell him If there's any other way Is there any new way out Where hearts are never bro-oken (Is there any new way out) Where no one's ever hurt in anger (Is there any new way

Asian Dub Foundation - New way new life lyrics

sunday morning in front of the TV Recording with a microphone naya zindagi Pioneer gurdas maan Nusrat fateh ali khan Kept our parents alive Gave them the will to survive Working inna de factories Sometimes sweeping de floor Unsung heroines an heroes Yes they open de doo

Medial Banana - New way lyrics

s a new way So we a pray we a pray Fi di new way Fi di betta day betta day We neva give up Allways we fight We do see good Cus we high like a kite So if ya can't see Like inna di night Just turn up di light And see di world bright

Reo Speedwagon - New way to love lyrics

we don't need to share the same roof, maybe If you really love me, you don't need me 'round for proof, baby If i go to the desert for some clean dry air We could have ourselves a long distance love affair We'll take it anywhere, a nationwide pair Well if

Alter Bridge - New way to live lyrics

your head monsters call In the air you find no one Is there at all But you keep them alive Paralyzed you cannot run You only crawl [Chorus] So find a new way to live Before you die in the cold And though the sky's caving in The fear must not gain control And do not w

Garth Brooks lyricsGarth Brooks - New way to fly lyrics

birds on a high line They line up at night time at the bar They all once were lovebirds Now bluebirds are all that they are They landed in hell The minute they fell from love's sky And now they hope in the wine That they'll find a new way to fly A new

Parachute - The new year lyrics

sick of cleaning up the mess you left behind What a way to start the new year On my hands and knees cleaning up the dirt and grime What a way to start the new year I’m sick of holding both ends of the tightrope Cause when you fall all that’s left is

Elliot Isac - New way home lyrics

home is where your heart is, Want you to know you own it, And that you've had it from the start. I hate to see your tears, There are things you need to hear, Let me talk to you baby. Cause you need things he cannot buy, Yeah you want him to

Isac Elliot - New way home lyrics

home is where your heart is, Want you to know you own it, And that you've had it from the start. I hate to see your tears, There are things you need to hear, Let me talk to you baby. Cause you need things he cannot buy, Yeah you want him to make you smile, C

Evanescence lyricsEvanescence - New way to bleed lyrics

your twisted enemy So you might earn forgiveness You know your whole world is waiting So why can't you speak? I feel it coming over me I'm still a slave to these dreams Is this the end of everything? Or just a new way to bleed? So go and tell all your friends That I'm a failur

Blind Witness - The new year lyrics

is a new beginning for me A way to reset my brain A way to erase this whole year That brought me nothing Nothing but pain Time for a new resolution Start up with new temptations I know this will always be a a part of me I can't get over and it's killing me B

Grave Forsaken - The road to damascus lyrics

was breathing murder And violence upon the early disciples He journeyed to damascus to arrest and persecute them Along the way a flash of light blinded him, He heard the voice of Jesus He couldn’t see but the voice told him to continue to Damascus Saul was struck down by the

Dark Angel - The new priesthood lyrics

s shown you that answers can't be found above. Life's great questions are tackled only by us. Knowledge of mysteries that puzzle your learned men of the cloth. We've explanations that men of God can't fathom. Searching for your destiny In a book that's not reality. We solve

Everclear - The new disease lyrics

heard the news today All about your new disease This is what you said you wanted When you walked away from me I heard the news today Yeah I know what your friends all say That I'm gonna go to hell, they're all probably right I just wanna go to hell my way I

Naildown - The new wave lyrics

came from nowhere to Take care of all you scums We stand for what we believe Even if it tears you to pieces Don't dare to resist us Ya won't stand a slightest chance Watch how we take over This ruined community Hear our commands and obey Hey W

Cane Hill - (the new) jesus lyrics

new Jesus is on the way What a nice white world you’ve made for us With a perfect smile and god to trust Should I come down and testify cause I don’t fear the other side If hell’s a place we’re going there. I’ll lead the way I am the way, the son, th

Mando Diao - The new boy lyrics

was only 21 But so much older than she's now Now she passed the 24 I guess it's time to say goodbye Here's the new Here's the real Here's the life you like to live Now here's the new boy taking on the world tonight When we met She smelle

Dj Wich - The long way home ft sixin lyrics

only time you lose is if you give up You got to live doing and just die trying I am a nomad Spent a few minutes in the mirror trying to find myself But sometimes it's like I'm looking at someone else I want to start screaming for some one to help But it's ju

Mangod Inc. - The new revolution lyrics

heard you talk about the new revolution i don’t believe a single word you said it’s just the same old thing i know so well nothing’s changed but the way you pretend close your eyes now take a look inside your soul learn to live your own life s

Reba Mcentire - The new me lyrics

back home wouldn’t know me now. I was in the dark, had my head in the clouds. Changing is hard, and surviving is tough. It’s amazing what it takes to wake you up. I like some of the things about my new life, Especially the part where I’m not your wife.

Dropkick Murphys - The new american way lyrics

quot;The punishment no longer fits the crime" Each day when I wake up and I set my best foot forward I'll make an effort to be all that I can be. I take a look around me and I wonder how things change so much in the few short years since I was a young boy.

Hairspray - The new girl in town lyrics

look out for that movin' van Drivin' down our street you'd better lock up your men, befor he meets The new girl in town who just came on the scene, The new girl in town can't be more then sixteen, And she's got a way of makin', a boy act like a clown, Whoa

Mushroomhead lyricsMushroomhead - The new cult king lyrics

That Dream I Recall Pieces Of Prisons I'm Escaping In The Next Big Religion I Do The Cross Thing The Cross Thing Which Ever Way The Wind Blows Your Mind In Time I'm Nine Our Lives Unwind We Find The Wine Red Or White Like The Days Fade Away A Cloud Of Smoke Blurr

Nironic - The long way home feat sixin lyrics

only time you lose is if you give up You got to live doing and just die trying I am a nomad Spent a few minutes in the mirror trying to find myself But sometimes it's like I'm looking at someone else I want to start screaming for some one to help But it's just me I see

The Cribs - The new fellas lyrics

s the point in compromise? Get your dignity and leave Don't be too abstract though Cos I need a signal like you wont believe You were always late but you always had a story But that's not over wait! You hardly even saw me You would always say you're a different kind of boring Di

Cockney Rejects - The new song lyrics

is a new song Out with the old This is a new way New truth to be told Don't wanna sing about a factory I ain't something that appeals to me Don't wanna be part of the disco craze And all them bands who wanna change their ways Don't wanna sing a

Domine - The sun of the new season lyrics

I. Warm are the rays of the new sun...] [II. While I think about an uncertain future...] What will I see at the end of the fight The light of the dawn breaking your darkest night What will I see when I look to the sky Dark clouds will vanish and the

Foo Fighters lyricsFoo Fighters - New way home lyrics

you found your way around the down and out? I know it must seem long, so long I'm still trying to keep this time from running out Head down, always moving on and on and on I never heard this warning Another early morning Takes me, wakes me into

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - The new order lyrics

you open the door Son I know the way Soon a flickering light Will grow Leave it to me now. Unchained Unchained Would you open the door Enter the here and now A new horizon You'll rise you'll fall And learn to live Keep the faith - keep the pace Your soul's lik

Confession - The long way home lyrics

night sleeping away from home Is this shit real when will I see you again I've seen the world with my friends and no one else so many new faces, new places every night another city gone, another city shines at dawn even when we come across these

Crimson Cult - The long way home (centre of the universe - p.. lyrics

see a little cloud on the blue ball earth and I feel There is something getting out of hand and Going down and down At first you locked me in and sent me Out to foreign spaces But soon I realised why your Decision wasn't wrong And why it was good On the long

Gwar - The new plague lyrics

m just a person, and I've got the new plague I'm wondering how I got this way I drank some whiskey, I went and got laid Now I'm a person, just a person with aids He's just a person with aids - I got what? If you treat me, like any old dude, I'll try real hard

Jerry Harrison - The new adventure lyrics

chorus chants that they want to be real But can't you see that's how we all feel The sergeant says "Without my gun I can't feel real" But can't you see that's how we all feel To be wanted for so long So enchanted with a love A time, a time on the run A tim

Jewel - The new wild west lyrics

see the ghosts of the buffalo Moving both fierce and slow Like glittering prophesies On the edge of the horizon As you drive glittering highways And beaten-up by-ways That straddle and girdle A great and many-faced nation There are lambs in the ghettos Who worship th

Lyfthrasyr - The new era of immortality lyrics

We must confess to reach eternal presence In afterlife by caprice of a higher nature No way to know about succeeding promise Only blind trust and desperate diurna...

Afi - The new patron saints and angels lyrics

ve seen the light that emanates from you, and it makes me feel proud, a voice of reason above the muffling crowds. Such will to live and you've got so much to give, long lost sincerity. Lost in a world that's been scorched to black. Lost in myself until I finally

Barenaked Ladies - The new sad lyrics

knows that happy is the new sad So I am gonna go and imitate my old dad And never crack a smile again. Everybody knows that as we all get older The will is first to go and so upon my shoulder The bluebird shall not sing again. Everybo

Beastie Boys lyricsBeastie Boys - The new style lyrics

on the cool check in Center stage on the mic And we're puttin' it on wax It's the new style Four and three and two and one (What up!) And when I'm on the mic - the suckers run (Word!) Down with Adrock and Mike D. and you ain't And I got

Bowling For Soup - The hard way lyrics

m moving in She's moving out to Los Angeles She's got a truck; she's got my stuff Packed into it Just seven months Was just enough Of putting up with me Imagine that A baseball bat upside her TV she says she needs some therapy Chorus: You know it seemed so simpl

Darkest Hour - The misinformation age lyrics

serene is the bleached white scene Of a thousand crimes you'll never see on TV Swept away only to pave the new way This misinformation age is upon us all Waking up to the sound Another muffled cry for peace Waking up to the sound Another muffled cry for truth C

Every Time I Die - The new black lyrics

you got me all wrong And maybe I am not at all down and out I'm high and I'm in Don't you know who I am? I'm the jaded one with pop insensitivity When I finish struggling, we can make our way to the dance floor and stand like strangers in an elevator stuck between stor

Kiuas - The new dark age lyrics

s a sign of the times That dead are the minds of men And how long before the world grows cold See the scars on your face They tell the future you are blind to Again and again Sad is the fate of the human race Seeking comfort in a futile embrace Born i

Odd Dimension - The new line of times lyrics

living on this earth Anymore, are they feeling this? Animals, are they gonna show All the feelings inside Love before the end of the road Growing far on the sea I will spread their way inside of me Anymore, unspoken prayers Anyhow, we can’t breathe th

Mary-kate A Ashley Olsen - The new kid lyrics

once was kid Who moved to the block From down around the bend He was a lonely new kid And the new kid needed a friend One day a boy on a bike rode by The new kid waved and shouted "Hi! Hi! I'm the new kid Would you be my friend?" But...the b

The Cribs - The wrong way to be lyrics

a guy I used to know Is returning now to show That the wrong way to be Is rubbing off on me I guess we were never going to be friends I've never really liked people that are too right on Mind you, I'd love to turn my back on everything I've preached for years I bet that'

Lostprophets - The new transmission lyrics

take, take, all my time, all my company Take everything from me Fake, fake, fake all these things that you say to me Nothing that I want to believe I think the time has come to set it straight I need to change this frequency 'Cause everyone just says the same old

Ron Pope - The right way lyrics

new dress I just can't take my hands off of you You look so small wrapped up in my arms I'm so in love with you I'm yours if you're mine Don't waste no more time I want to live I want to love you the right way And I want to fall asleep and then wake up with you beside m

Ensiferum - The new dawn lyrics

the storm like the wind we ride Leaving it all far behind Another war is straight ahead This fight will give us all None shall live , they all will fall When the new dawn arises, we stand tall Fight! For our new dawn Ride! Kill them all Fight! For our new dawn Rise! And we sta

Gary Numan - The joy circuit lyrics

in the guards We are all new faces I'm so sorry But my reasons are wrong My reasons are wrong We are on joy circuit The image fix Rewind, cry Well it's somewhere to go Well it's somewhere to go Tell me of your pain Love it, love it Sho

Reel Big Fish - The new version of you lyrics

did you quit pulling all of the stops for me And when did your one hundred and ten per-cent Become under fifty There you are phoning it in Going through the motions with an artificial grin You say that you're getting better You say that you're getting better You say you're beco

Aesthetic Perfection - The new black lyrics

without direction, raised to crave celebritiy, forced to follow fashion, why can't I feel empathy? Well watch me bleed, aware that I'm just raw meat, well gimme just one more drink I need it to tolerate this tired scene. I don' want it I don't

Carnal Grief - The new era lyrics

crack my temple open - bare my inner self The sacred side of me - Mine and no one else’s. The thoughts I kept within - And you f***ing muse upon it. With your relentless grin - Trapped in this bonfire-pit. Grasp my heart, feel the beat When the fear is lost, tear it a

Death Cab For Cutie - The new year lyrics

this is the new year And I don't feel any different The clanking of crystal Explosions off in the distance In the distance So this is the new year And I have no resolutions For self assigned penance For problems with easy solutions So everybody put your

Dj - X - The new world lyrics

to goodness the bars werent open this morning they must have been voting for a new president of something do you have a quarter?" i said yes because i did honest to goodness the tears have been falling all over the countrys face it was better before before they voted for w

The New Cities - The new rule lyrics

apologies for the disaster We'll be quiet when we're in the hereafter And if its this too loud for your ears, we don't give a shit I tell you we ain't leaving here, just get used to it We'll never stop, we'll never stop Cause we don't give a woot woot

Raunchy - The velvet remains lyrics

burn down their contradictions As the sparks turn into day we are alive We burn for us, for them, for you This is the anthem This is the truth For all to see For all to feel For all to beg down on their knees Nothing remains to be buried We ride this

Beck - The new pollution lyrics

s got cigarette on each arm She's got the lily-white cavity crazes She's got a carburetor tied to the moon Pink eyes looking to the food of the ages She's alone in the new pollution She's alone in the new pollution She's got a hand on a wheel of pain She can talk to the manglin

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