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Mika lyricsMika - Karen lyrics

a 20 ans Oui mais Karen n'a rien d'autre Et le temps ... file déjà entre ces doigts Accoudée au bar rue ... des martyrs Au 82 Karen fait son bilan. Elle voudrait une vie meilleure Que

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - Karen don't be sad lyrics

Verse 1] Oh, Karen You take it all too hard You ... been talking to those fools again And they'll tear your world apart Oh, Karen You ... gotta try to understand Gotta hold on to your soul

Hello Pro Kenshuusei - Karen na gasshoudan lyrics

Kimi ga hiza wo kakae ima naku nara Tatoe ... daremo kimi no koto wo kizukanakute mo Omoi wo ... komete (omoi wo komete) MERODII ni nosete (MERODII ni nosete) Ai wo todokeru yo Boku wa daiji na kimi no tame 

The National - Karen lyrics

I'm not taking sides, I don't think I'll ever do that ... I'll end up winning and I won't know why I'm really ... trying to shine here, I'm really trying ... You're changing clothes and closing windows on me

Doves - Karen lyrics

see you found your soulmate Well what did he do ... before I see you found your precious He's the gift ... that's been brought to your door You say that I'll always be

Smash!! - Obsession lyrics

oh oh oh oh-woah oh Oh oh oh oh oh-woah oh (obsession) Oh oh oh oh oh-woah oh (obsession) ... Oh oh oh oh When you walk into the room Blood ... rushes through my veins The thought of touching you Is driving me

Chris Norman - Obsession lyrics

Obsession, obsession, obsession Well I don’t know ... why every time I look at you You make my heart react ... And when you go I never get enough of you I

G-dragon - Obsession lyrics

hanbeonirado neoreul anabwasseumyeon Niga ... jamkkanirado naui yeoninieosseumyeon hae Budibudibudi ... nan gidohae Uriuriuri duriduriduri ... Geudaega neomujohaseo yoksimman jakku neureoseo Gatgosipeo honjaseo neoreul honjaseo domanggajimara pihaji mara

Animotion - Obsession lyrics

are an obsession, I cannot sleep I am a possession unopened at your feet There is no balance, no equality Be ... still I will not accept defeat I will have

Gd&top - 악몽 (obsession) - gd lyrics

hanbeonirado neoreul anabwasseumyeon Niga ... jamkkanirado naeui yeoninieosseumyeon hae ... Budibudibudibudi nan gidohae Uriuriuriuri ... Geudaega neomujohaseo Yokshimman jakku neureoseo Gatgoshipeo honjaseo Neoreul honjaseo Domanggajimara pihaji

Sentenced - Obsession lyrics

.. burning me, carving me from inside my head. I am ... suffering frustations of deepest kind. I am getting ... weaker but my lust keeps growing. I am out to get you. Obsession. Obsession. Obsession! Inside my burning

Sugababes lyricsSugababes - Obsession lyrics

are an obsession i cannot sleep I am a posession that ... you feed Theres no balance no equality But still i will not except defeat I will have ... you yes i will have you I will celebrate and i will

Grinder - Obsession lyrics

brings you to your death Your souls spilt, darkness commanding your breath In an ... age of love and trust You'll be exorcises of your lust ... Born to burn To die in pain In the name of

Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - Obsession lyrics

me up a thousand ways You're counting down the days ... 'Till I fall from my pedestal And then you ... can rescue me All the world can see You're the

Kelly Rowland - Obsession lyrics

wanna be The everything you need The every sight you ... see The closest thing to epidemic Slightly your ... disease A love without a cure No uncertainties for sure The closest thing to

Army Of Lovers - Obsession lyrics

could wait night and day Sigh your name when I pray In my ... heart night and day till you come my way I could wait ... and day Be the sky blue or grey In my heart night and

Attila - Obsession lyrics

check, 1-2-3-4 y'all, let's go Can you please do me a favor ... get me the hammer please So I can hit this motherf***er ... ass bitch in a tree? I hope you flip shit 'cos that's

Donna Lewis - Obsession lyrics

get what you deserve I've seen it all ... before You're crashing You think you're beautiful And ... god is in your soul You're really something So I ... lay down under the orange sky Breathing in the

See-saw - Obsession lyrics

in the night {Far off the light} Missing my ... headache Visions of light {Sweeter delight} ... Kissin' my Loveache How come I must know Where obsession needs to go? How come I

Asia - Obsession lyrics

I feel your hair soft on wet skin Deep inside I ... bleed from the blade within Can I ... reach the burning, burning moon Can I change this madness, ... lust consume Breathing out and breathing in - begin

Siouxsie & The Banshees lyricsSiouxsie & The Banshees - Obsession lyrics

you hear this breath -- it's an obsessive breath Can you feel ... this beat -- it's an obsessive heartbeat Waiting to be joined with its obsession ... I close my eyes -- but I can't

Eighteen Visions - Obsession lyrics

desire. depression. nothing is meant to be. love ... never wanted me. obsession. desire. depression. nothing is meant to be. love ... never wanted me. obsession. desire. depression. nothing is meant to be. love

Sky Ferreira - Obsession lyrics

(x2) Listen up I'm gonna' tell you bit about myself ... I got a situation, ain't concerning nobody else Just you ... and what you can do for me (Ooh) I had the life of ordinary, I spat it out Now my

Alana Grace - Obsession lyrics

I hide my imperfections I find my blurred reality ... inviting. Getting lost in the intensity, and get off on rejection I only feel ... when I cant have it god I want it need it breath

Halifax - Obsession lyrics

taste dead, the sweetness of this bitter love The ... dullness from the sharpest blade the ... emptiness inside this crowded room of open ears The ... smallest monster in your head the worse regret you

Carpenters - Karen/ella medley lyrics

we really happy with This lonely game we play? Looking for the right words to say ... Searching but not finding Understanding ... anyway We're lost in This Masquerade Both

Netsky - Karen lyrics


Sins In Vain - Obsession lyrics

door, locked door behind my back I’m down on ... knees Facing the surface Convulsions, convulsions, convulsions Please, receive my ... agony Swallow my foe Closed door, locked door behind

Killing Joke - Obsession lyrics

New York, Paris, Tokyo All is one with the multi ... nationals Total monopolies I can sink or swim ... Adrenalin is rushing through every action Whole nations crave for release from the

Jesus Culture - Obsession lyrics

Jesus Culture Music and Word: Martin Smith (by Delirious ... ) What can I do with my obsession? With the things I ... cannot see Is there madness in my

Misery Inc. - Obsession lyrics

escape from unwelcome memory. This time it's really, ... haunting me. Which way to go? Which one is real? What can ... What can I steal? Is it worth trying at all? We're

Boyfriend - Obsession lyrics

jyeoga neoui eolgure Sumgyeodo tiga na tumyeonghan ni pyojeongen Anirago haji ma uneun geo da boyeo Ppaeji malgo eoseo ... naege teoreo Jakku yeppeun sone muri mutjanha Beonjin ni

Excalion - Obsession to prosper lyrics

have gone to paradise, those who made the sacrifice Not ... everyone did the rightful acts, they ... ve come to end of their laps Things you did, ... were they justified, crimes you made you just denied Forgiveness allowed to everyone,

Delirious? - Obsession lyrics

can I do with my obsession? With the things I cannot ... my being? Is it wind that blows the trees? Sometimes you ... re further than the moon Sometimes you're closer than my

Frankie J - Obsession lyrics

Check check ...this happened for real ...baby bash..yo.. ... frankie j.... obession) Well it's early in the ... morning And my heart is ... feeling lonely Just thinkin bout you

Hasselhoff David - Obsession lyrics

Jekyll] What streak of madness lies inside of me ? ... What is the truth my fears conceal ? What evil force ... makes Edward Hyde of me ? What darker side of

More Than Life - Obsession lyrics

quot;Love is passion, obsession, Something you can't live ... without, There's no sense living your life without this, To make the journey ... and not fall deeply in love, No you haven't lived a

Sadist - Obsession-compulsion lyrics

- how I'm feeling you Raped - temporary watch Overblowing out a tear In ... which you mind lights up you fear Filthy crust of egoism ... Glowing by one's greed ...greed... Obsession - all colors seem to

Artificial Life - Obsession lyrics

getting tired, try set the world on fire Everytime they ... fear Still sitting in the corner, with no words and honor ... Not able to realize that the end is near

Damh The Bard - Obsession lyrics

am temptation, and I am the air that you ... Mine are the lips, and yours is the skin that I tease. ... When you close your eyes, I am the face that you see. Mine is the voice

Front Line Assembly - Obsession lyrics

? weapons Deceptive glasses Evil ... thoughts Stabbing statements ... Fear is lost Burning out lives Eternal ?? Visions of ?? Eagle eyes Asking ... questions ?? Forever open You feel the need ?? ??

Shinee - Obsession lyrics

tteollineun du songo tteoreo jil chojeom Gojan nan nae ... dari yeogi wae seo ineunji Giyeok jocha museowo ... jineun geol Bangeum kkaji ugi iteon neon eodi neunji Why, jan nan

Alesana - Obsession is such an ugly word (feat. craig m.. lyrics

toss and turn and lie awake...it ... torments me, I must know why It just seems too easy. ... ..what is beyond that door? As I take a step back I wonder could I go on and turn

Brown Eyed Girls - Obsession lyrics

ireul eojjeoni tto jami an oni niga deureowasseo neo eodieseo wassni wonrae isseosseossni nal jom naebeoryeo dwo ... leave me leave me da sseuldeeopsneun fantasy, curiosity oh

Clan Of Xymox - Obsession lyrics


Griffin (nor) - Obsession lyrics

know you tried to hold back the pain You tried to ... it away The flickering of a candle light Gives me an ... that I feel The peace of a velvet cloak Wrapped around you on a cold winters

Innerpartysystem - Obsession lyrics

of my love What keeps the pressure ... building? What takes your breath away? What do I ... have to do to make you Want to fall in love with me? Fall ... in love with me I want you to notice, What you've been

Krisiun - Obsession by evil force lyrics

by evil force When the pagan souls ... return The evil flame possesses my soul Blood flowing ... like acid inside me Satan monarch of the whole impure ... Sends me strenght to fight The sacred steel in

Lyfthrasyr - Obsession in a convenient manner lyrics

harm from moral motivation Restrain the haughty faults ... in humanized ease Pretend to be of mental integrity A solid limit for infatuation ... As demanded by the wellknown force of innocent caprice One will exert for futile scopes among duties Annihilated

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - Obsession lyrics

I don´t think of you At least that´s what I try ... to do And I just miss those days Our secret little ... place, Oh well But I´ll be there ... Anytime your heart is desperate just to

Cheap Trick - My obsession lyrics

out your heart the feelings never ... fade away So where are you now I loved you more than I can ... say You wouldn't see, couldn't touch, can't believe it ... s true Your love feels like home You're my obsession You

L.a. Guns - Wild obsession lyrics

your long black hair Fallin' down your face Red lips and lethal ... pout Send me to heaven Seein' is believin' ... Baby, you're so strange Something about you makes me

Skillet - My obsession lyrics

touch, your ways Leave me dumb without ... reason Your love, my cage My prison so ... I spend my days Tangled in thoughts of you Stuck in this ... place Resigned to be your fool I thirst no longer

Hawkwind - Sweet obsession lyrics

m standing at the station waiting just to see your ... face I'm looking in shop windows whilst trying to retrace I ... received your letter, though the information's clear I

Cinema Bizarre - My obsession (eniac kino video mix) lyrics

you want me to listen, whisper If you want ... me to run, just walk Wrap your name in lace and leather I ... can hear you You don't need to talk Let us make a thousand mistakes Cause we will

Rapid Fire - Wild obsession lyrics

know the pain you'll take confessin' your sins The words ... you will say, will dig your pit It's coming for you now the time to flee Look at ... this World! It's cold and unfair - yeah!

Freedom Call - Dark obsession lyrics

secret dreamworld, it falls apart A silent ... sorrow gets hold, is touching my heart My inspiration, your genious art Our ... strange relation has lost all it’s charm Love and

Guns N' Roses lyricsGuns N' Roses - Bad obsession lyrics

can't stop thinkin' Thinking 'bout ... sinkin' Sinkin' down into my bed I call my mother She ... s just a cunt now She said I'm sick in the ... head She said you ain't special So who you foolin' Don't try ta give me a

Cinema Bizarre - My obsession lyrics

you want me to listen, whisper If you want ... me to run, just walk Wrap your name in lace and leather I ... can hear you You don't need to talk Let us make a thousand mistakes Cause we will

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