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Jim Johnston - Higher feat. nicole tranquillo (kaitlyn entra.. lyrics

you look into your heart and ask yourself ... “what’s true”? You know there’s nothing in this world that you can do Now I’m looking at world’s shape with

Kaitlyn - Friend lyrics

to be around you When you're not trying to be somebody ... And I like to hang with you Talk about whatever we talk ... about Don't care where we go, what we do Who you know,

Jedi Mind Tricks - Kublai khan lyrics

Verse 1: Vinnie Paz] God hates me, never keep my ... banger on safety My mother raised me alone, you can ... me My hearts pumpin' the blood of Royce Gracie My thoughts

Matt Maher - Instrument lyrics

there is hatred Lord, let me sow your love Where there’s ... injury, let forgiveness be enough Are we giving up, ... fighting the good fight Where there is

Matt Maher - Abide with me lyrics

have a home, eternal home But for now I walk this broken world You walked it first ... You know our pain But You show hope can rise again up from ... with me, abide with me Don’t let me fall, and don’t let

Matt Maher - Adoration lyrics

in adoration falling This great ... sacrament we hail Over ancient forms departing ... Newer rites of grace prevail Faith for all ... the feeble senses fail To the everlasting Father And

Matt Maher - Alive again lyrics

woke up in darkness surrounded by silence Oh where, ... where have I gone? I woke to reality losing its grip on me ... Oh where, where have I gone? 'Cause I can see the

Matt Maher - All the people said amen lyrics

are not alone if you are lonely When you feel afraid, you're not the only We are all ... the same in need of mercy To be forgiven and be free It's ... all you got to lean on But thank God it's all you

Matt Maher - Because he lives (amen) lyrics

believe in the Son I believe in the risen One ... I believe I overcome By the power of His blood ... He lives Amen, Amen Let my song join the one that never

Matt Maher - Burning in my soul lyrics

is power, power Here in this hour, this hour We're all together, together Waiting here as one ... Whoa, hear the sound from Heaven Whoa, a mighty ... rushing wind Whoa, we're calling for revival

Matt Maher - Christ is risen lyrics

no one caught in sin remain* ... Inside the lie of inward shame We fix our ... eyes upon the cross And run to him who showed great love ... And bled for us Freely you bled, for us Christ is

Matt Maher - Deliverer lyrics

was a drifter, I had nowhere to go I was hanging by threads of dust and bone Every angel I ... knew was singing son come home But the melody was hard to

Matt Maher - Every little prisen (deliver me) lyrics

wanting to be loved From wanting to be praised by all ... From needing to be first From finding all my worth in this ... world From wanting to be seen From constant worrying about myself Deliver

Matt Maher - Everything and nothing lyrics

let us return to where we were Back to knowing life and saving words ... Back to where we heard redemption ... speak Where You brought us to our knees Come let us

Matt Maher - Everything is grace lyrics

joy, when the morning comes Your hope, keeps me looking up ... You are enough Your peace, the eye of every storm Your strength, when my ... heart is worn You are enough Whatever comes my way

Matt Maher - Firelight lyrics

Jesus where are you tonight I bear a sadness deep ... inside I’m aching for a faith in things I strain to feel I need to know that you ... are real Oh Savior open up my eyes I wanna see You like a child There is a

Matt Maher - Flesh and bone lyrics

met a man who walked on water And wore His crown ... like a blue collar I met a man who welcomed ... Like they were ambassadors to a kingdom If I saw the world in Your eyes Would it

Matt Maher - Future not my own lyrics

slow me down I'm like a river running ... Pressed to the ground I feel it overcoming I'm ... on my knees I'm incomplete This is a great unknown Love is a long and narrow

Matt Maher - Garden lyrics

the cool of the day You come and meet me All the blue ... The stars are winking Your love's so strong I can't ... They called the fall? And You walk with me You never

Matt Maher - Glory bound lyrics

is a train for the broken hearted To carry you to ... the other side There is a train for the ones forgotten To carry ... you to a Heavenly light Well I don’t know which way you’re going And I don’t know if you’re lost or found All that I

Matt Maher - Great things lyrics

soul proclaims Your greatness, Lord Rejoicing ... in my Saviour Your mercy belongs to those who fear Your Son ... His blessings You have given them forever

Matt Maher - Heaven and earth lyrics

my eyes, let the static go away Shine Your light as the ... dawn begins to fade Am I living with my ... heart broken and battered Drowning out the sound of my own

Matt Maher - Heaven help me lyrics

don't wanna live tomorrow For another rainy day I don't ... wanna say I'm sorry If I can avoid the pain ... I don't wanna gain the whole world Just to turn and lose it all Cause when it's

Matt Maher - Hold us together lyrics

don't have a job, don't pay your bills Won't buy you a home ... in Beverly Hills Won't fix your life in five easy steps ... Ain't the law of the land or the government? But it's

Matt Maher - It is good lyrics

is good to praise the Lord And make music to the name ... of God To proclaim your love and faithfulness All the ... day and through the night Get your ... hands up Get your hands up Get your hands up

Matt Maher - Land of my father lyrics

a sweetness in Your presence All Your children ... running home Singing songs of exultation Lifting up Your ... name In the land of my Father, oh my soul will

Matt Maher - Letting go lyrics

stand in awe of You And everything You've done ... for me You speak Your words into my life And where You are is where I wanna be I ... stand before You, Lord Humbled by the love You

Matt Maher - Lord, i need you lyrics

I come, I confess Bowing here, I find my rest ... Without you, I fall apart You´re the one that guides my ... heart Lord, I need you Oh, I need you Every hour I

Matt Maher - Love comes down lyrics

m searching for a king and kingdom Here among the beggars and the weak ... The broken and redeemed I'm ... finding grace beyond all measure In flesh and ... blood He hides His majesty Inside

Matt Maher - Mighty fortress lyrics

can I stand Before a mystery And claim I comprehend The maker of all ... things? You hold us all at once The world is in Your ... hands You call us as your own So we would understand, we

Matt Maher - My only love lyrics

still want you Yes, I need you To have and to hold you ... After all of these years I will listen ... To your problems Won't try to fix them Just wipe away your

Matt Maher - New state of mind lyrics

s a lot like grace, she's a lot like grace I can't live ... without her and when I'm with her ... The world, it looks like a better place She's ... a lot like grace, she's a lot like grace I'm tripping all

Matt Maher - No greater love lyrics

the city, for the world we pray Let Your light ... shine down Come around and live in us For the close and the far away ... Everywhere You are Everywhere And we

Matt Maher - On my way lyrics

a lost man find his way back home? Can a lost man find his ... way back home? Well, how can you go home again If you're not sure you've ever been ... Can a lost man find his way back home?

Matt Maher - Remembrance lyrics

how could it be That my God would welcome me into this ... this bread, take this wine Now the simple made divine for ... any to receive By Your mercy, we come to Your

Matt Maher - Rest lyrics

my Lord, You are my shepherd and I shall ... not want Oh my Lord, beside still waters You ... repair my heart I trust in You, oh I trust in You Even though I walk through the valley of death You restore my soul

Matt Maher - Rise up lyrics

you see the road ahead That you've been down before When you're halfway to nowhere And you can't pay the toll You're ... hanging onto mercy Withered on the vine With your feet on

Matt Maher - Shout of the king lyrics

re not like man that You should lie You do not falter or ... change Your mind All that You say is what You do All that ... You've promised You're seeing through So we

Matt Maher - Sing over your children lyrics

flirt with the world It steals my love for You ... my faith And I am left unmoved Your gaze stops my ... heart Your voice fills the dark Your love ... spark that lights this life So we rise Out of the depths

Matt Maher - Sons and daughters lyrics

free is anyone, when some are still in chains Slaves ... to brokenness, all this blindness How free is anyone, when all ... these doubts remain In the dead of

Matt Maher - The spirit and the bride lyrics

all the thirsty in need of the river For all the ... sleeping hearts waking from their slumber For everyone ... still standing at the shoreline, come For all the

Matt Maher - Turn around lyrics

man on the side of the road Lost and beat up with nowhere to ... go Smells like a hangover from days ago He does what he ... can to survive Single mom with a dead end job Ninety

Matt Maher - Woke up in america lyrics

was born on a rock in the middle of the ocean ... Where the wind's so rough it can carry you to London ... It's a new found land with an old soul ... reaching For the light of day My parents gave me a

Matt Maher - Write your love on my heart lyrics

m waiting for a miracle I'm waiting for a ... star to fall I'm bankrupt and worn out I need to know You're here ... now When I've got nothing left to say And I don't

Matt Maher - You were on the cross lyrics

everything is lost And everything I've loved ... before is gone Alone like the coming of the frost And a cold winter's chill ... in my stony heart And where were You

Matt Maher - Your grace is enough lyrics

is Your faithfulness, oh God You wrestle with the sinner ... s restless heart You lead us by still waters and ... to mercy And nothing can keep us apart So

Maher Zain - Allahi allah kiya karo lyrics

Allah kiya karo Dukh na kisi ko diya karo Jo duniya ka malik hai Naam ... ussi ka liya karo. Allah hee Allah... Allah ... .. Allahi Allah kiya karo Dukh na kissi ko diya karo

Maher Zain - Always be there lyrics

Akbar... If you ask me about love And what i know about ... it My answer would be It's everything about ... Allah The pure love, to our souls The creator of you and me

Maher Zain - Awaken lyrics

were given so many prizes We changed the ... desert into oasis We built buildings of ... and sizes And we felt so very satisfied We bought and ... bought We couldn't stop buying We gave charity to

Maher Zain - Barakallah lyrics

alahu-lakuma We're here on this special day Our hearts ... 'r full of pleasure The day that brings ... the two of you Close together We're gathered here to ... celebrate A moment you'll always treasure We ask

Maher Zain - For the rest of my life lyrics

praise Allah for sending me you my love You found me home ... with me And I`m here with you Now let me let you know You ... ve opened my heart I was always ... thinking that love was wrong But everything was changed

Maher Zain - Forgive me lyrics

m about to lose the battle and cross the ... line I'm about to make another mistake And even thought ... I try to stay awake Everything around ... me in I can't help thinking to myself What if my time would

Maher Zain - Freedom lyrics

with my family ... My neighbours and my friends Standing ... firm together against oppression holding hands It doesn't ... matter where you're from Or if you're young, old, women or man We're here for the same

Maher Zain - Guide me all the way lyrics

know that You could easily Take away every ... thing You’ve given me And I try to ... remember Not to take anything for granted ... 'Cause I know that one day Suddenly this will all

Maher Zain - Hold my hand lyrics

hear the flower's kinda crying loud The ... breeze's sound in sad Oh no Tell me when did we become, So cold and empty inside Lost a ... way long time ago Did we really turn out blind

Maher Zain - I love you so lyrics

pray to God My heart, soul, and body Every single day ... my life With every breath I solemnly promise To try to live ... my life for you O, Allah, You did revive my soul And shone Your light into my heart So pleasing You is now my only goal Oh I love You so I love

Maher Zain - Insha'allah lyrics

you feel like you cannot go on You feel so lost And That you're so alone All you see is ... night And darkness all around You feel so helpless You ... can't see which way to go Don't despair and never lose hope Cause Allah is always by your side Insha Allah [x2]

Maher Zain - Love will prevail lyrics

s no fear in my heart Got nothing left to lose I saw my loved ones die Oh, I swear that ... I won't give in By God you'll never win I'll fight for ... what's right And nothing can stand in my way

Maher Zain - My little girl lyrics

are a miracle You are a blessing from above You brought joy to my soul And ... pleasure to my eyes In my heart I can ... The best thing that I could ever ask for Just

Maher Zain - Number one for me lyrics

was a foolish little child Crazy ... things i used to do And all the pain i put you ... through Mama now i'm here for you For all the times i ... made you cry The days i told you lies Now it's time for

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