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Kaise Huya Kabir Singh lyrics

Browse for Kaise Huya Kabir Singh song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Kaise Huya Kabir Singh lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 28 lyrics related to Kaise Huya Kabir Singh.

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Honey Singh - Choot honey singh lyrics

pechayian pindaan ney teree mari Saaday lun ney we khichee ey tyaari Fudi teri aj ley kay jaoon Jey nai liti tey main jatt na kwahoon Kenday pechayian pindaan ney teree mari Saaday lun ney we khichee ey tyaari Fudi teri aj ley kay jaoon Jey nai liti tey main jatt na kwaho

Honey Singh - Brown rang lyrics

ni tere.. brown rang ne...munde patt te ni saare mere town de Kudiye ni tere...brown rang ne...munde patt te ni saare mere town de Koi kam utte jaave na roti paani khaave na gori gori kudiya nu koi muh laave na (×2) Kudiye ni tere brown rang ne munde patt te ni saare mere town

Raja Baath - Chaska (feat honey singh) lyrics

of Chaska Song Yo yo Honey Singh, chaska, Raja The King, Mafia mundeer Ik ta yaaran ch ben da, sacchi gal muh te kehn da Veli naal panga lain da, chaska ae yaara nu Husna nu behnde rehan da, chaska ae yaara nu Nadiyan da chaka lain da Chaska ae yaara nu, chaska ae yaara nu Kundi muc

Honey Singh - Lak 28 lyrics

back ya'll This is for the promotion Lions of punjab Diljit, yo yo Honey Singh do watch it Uh! Lak 28, kuri da 47 weight kuri da! Lak 28 kuri da, 47 weight kuri da! Kuri da, kuri da 47 weight kuri da Kadheh khol bolave, menu sinney lave Kaddeh khol bola

Cyntia - Rikkuririkku lyrics

fukaku mogure sekana Yura yura oyogu Umi ni moudoku saideha Hiya hiya niyari Shopuru o egaki kisete kaesu nami Minamo kara kaodasu Koe karanta ningyo no you ni Kyoutsuukou Merankorikku Kaise Goshoboubutsu Ekisentorikku Kaki narase Ochita ochita

Jal - Sajni lyrics

teri aankhoon mein rehta hoon tujhe pata na chale tere har pal mein guzra hoon tujhe pata na chale Kare toh phir kya kare tere bin kaise jiye aaaaankhoon mein pyaar liye bolo kahaan kahaaaan phire Khafa to hum bhi hai tum bhi ho humein pata na chale judai ka mujhe gha

Chambao - El canto de la ballena lyrics

canto de la ballena yo te invito a visitar donde bailan con luna llena donde el cielo nace del mar. Si vas por aquel lugar deja abiertas las puertas y con las horas muertas que huya la pena en el canto de la ballena. Oh mamamanma ma, oh mamamanma ma Oh mama ne

Moby lyricsMoby - Help me to believe lyrics

days of peace Sweet smelling summer nights Of wine and song Dusty pavements burning feet Why am I crying, I want to know How can I smile and make it right? For sixty days and eighty nights And not give in and lose the fight I'm going back to the ones that I

Asian Dub Foundation - Assassin lyrics

Singh Azad Sindabad ! No apologies Not a shot in the dark This is a warning The sleeping tiger awakes each and every morning The time is now right to burst the imperial bubble And my act of revenge is just a part of the struggle A bullet to his head won't bring back the dead B

Bipasha Basu - Touch my body lyrics

my body ahh" Watch one of the most sizzling numbers of the year 'Touch My Body' from the movie Alone starring Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover exclusively on T-series. Click to share it on Facebook - Exclusive: 'Touch My Body' Video Song | Alone | Bipasha Basu | Karan

Arianna - Sexy people (all around the world) feat. pitb.. lyrics

I hear the ocean calling and I feel my spirit falling I remember old.. where I'd fall in love with you. Lovin' romance in the garden Yes! It's the immigrants, taking over. Mr.Worldwide, fly yo Arianna, salute Let's have some fu

Oh My Darling - Mujhse dosti karoge lyrics

Ke Ladke I Tell You Kitne Lallu What To Do Aaj Ke Ladke I Tell You Kitne Lallu What To Do Koi Mujhe Poocche How Are You Koi Mujhe Bole How Do You Do Kabhi Koi Mujhse Na Kahe Oh My Darling I Love You Oh My Darling I Love You Oh My Darling I Love You Aaj Ki Ladki I Tell You Nakhre Wa

Milión Dollar Arm - O.s.t. - Milion dollar dream lyrics

Hook: Sukhwinder Singh & Iggy Azalea] I give it all for the dream (Ha-Ha) I give it all for the dream (Champion) I give it all for the dream (Bring it) Khushi aayi aayi aayi aayi aayi aa (Rab-raka) Khushi aayi aayi aayi aayi aayi aa (Rab-raka) Meeti

Cornershop - Funky days are back again lyrics

Days Are Back Again (T. Singh) Well, it seems like the funky days, they're back again Funky funky days they're back again And we re en vogue again Before the gurkers get called up again Seems like the funky days are back again And the party's got a double ee at thee end

Cornershop - Good shit lyrics

Shit (T. Singh) Hey sey owh wo Hey hey hey Yeh yeey yehhh Hey oh wo wo wo wo Heey ya yey owwhh Feeling good behind the wheel I talke my doctor into Confidence 2 foots racing on the man-made blues I feel the magic of the minimum dose, checking Out the ani-mal heads In the a

Cornershop - Good to be on the road back home again lyrics

To Be on the Road Back Home (T. Singh) And by the time that she gets home She'll re-a-lise that I am

Cornershop - Norwegian wood lyrics

Wood (Lennon/McCartney) translation by (T. Singh) Mere(h) korlsi ek rani Ja(h), shart me(h) kernar Orde(h) korlai me(h) Orne(h) orda kumera dukalis He(h) nee eh huchae Norwegian lukri Orne(h) kyar rela(h) Tha(h) be(h)ja Jitte(h) bi teri marji Me(h) alle(h)

Cornershop - We're in yr corner lyrics

re In Yr Corner (T. Singh) Mar mar o'sharle(h) Ekuh. Oshart mar mar Ma rmar o'sharle(h) Ekuh. Oshart mar mar Raja Rani, Ek kahani Shorti o'shari mar Eh mar mar o'shaaaaarrrlllllll Shorti shorti o'shari mar — hanji Mar mar o'sharle(h) Ekuh. O'shari mar mar Mar mar o's

Karan Jasbir - Zanjeer lyrics

JASBIR: Ho ooo ooo ooooo ooooo Hooo oooo Zanjeer Soney Di, Tainu Lai Ke Ditte Chhalle, Sab Vaareya Taithon Nee, Jo Vi Seega Jatt De Palle; Zanjeer Soney Di, Tainu Lai Ke Ditte Chhalle; Sab Vaareya Taithon Nee, Jo Vi Seega Jatt De Palle; Nau Lakha Haar Dey Ke Saidha

Luke Sital-singh - Bottled up tight lyrics

may be loose, I’m not a cannon But I can be quiet saying my name There are the weights where is the balance Maybe everyone’s to blame. My heart and my mind have been with me always But not long enough to keep them in line I know that my mind has bot

Luke Sital-singh - Dark lyrics

are the deepening mystery When life is full of simplicity You are the nagging doubt The hideaway doubter When everyone believes, everyone believes. You are the abstract art of paint and poem When our propaganda makes everything clear You are the thirsty throat, the desert def

Luke Sital-singh - Everything is making you lyrics

a little early when the sun took out the night In another city someone's turning on a light Everyone's the same in a hundred other ways Spinning off in circles 'til the atoms hit the rails The atoms hit the rails You're last, you're least, you love, you lose You fall, you break, yo

Luke Sital-singh - Fail for you lyrics

is getting hard to bear Face it I'm not getting through I don't even think you care For all the things I've won for you I have been your champion So why do you walk away I brought you the sky And the oceans too By the look in your eye The only thing I couldn't do Is fai

Luke Sital-singh - Greatest lovers lyrics

can feel on my skin all the hours we put in Since my mind met your mind I can see up ahead there’s the mountain where you’ll say you are mine you are mine You feel the flames getting close your face And i’m scared of the deepest night These winter tr

Luke Sital-singh - Nearly morning lyrics

tried So try again You never know You cried You’ll cry again You bare your soul No one understands you’re on your own You’re not the only one who feels alone We know the feeling Just believe me It’s nearly morning Any second now It hurts It rea

Luke Sital-singh - Nothing stays the same lyrics

can taste it in my mouth I am hanging upside down All the faces gathered round To wait and see, to breathe relief To call my name for the first time Cry your eyes out Fill your lungs up We all hurt We all lie And nothing stays the same I can fac

Luke Sital-singh - 21st century heartbeat lyrics

blue morning in a satellite town On the radio they’re talking about A civil war and a missing child I’ve got my coffee and I’m running out I dial your number and i let it ring There’s just no answer to anything I woke up hollow as an apple core I’ve got so much

Arijit Singh lyricsArijit Singh - Tum hi ho lyrics

tere bin ab reh nahi sakte, Tere bina kya wajood mera? Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte, Tere bina kya wajood mera? Tujh se juda agar ho jaayenge, Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge juda. Kyun ki tum hi ho Ab tum hi ho, Zindagi ab tum hi ho. Chain bhi, Mera dard bhi. Meri aashiqui ab tum h

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