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Nina Simone - Just say i love him lyrics

say that I need him as roses need the rain And ... tell him that without him my dreams are all in vain Just say I love him loved him from ... the start And tell him that I'm yearning to say what's in

Engelbert Humperdinck - Just say i love her lyrics

say I love her I've loved her from the start ... And tell her how I'm yearning To say what's in my heart ... Just say I need her As roses need the ... rain And tell her that without her My dreams are all in vain If you should chance

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - Just tell her jim said hello lyrics

s sitting right over there I'd know that face anywhere I ... d run up and embrace her But I'm ashamed to face her Just ... tell her Jim said hello I'd like to pour out my heart

Alabama 3 - Hello... i'm johnny cash lyrics

gambler abandoned mamma when I was four all he left us was ... his old gramophone player his 45 records he kept under the ... floorboards now my boss says I'm good for nothin' said to

Louis Armstrong lyricsLouis Armstrong - Hello brother lyrics

man wants to work...for his pay A man wants a place...in the sun A man wants a gal ... proud to say That she'll become his lovin ... wife He wants a chance to give his kids a better life

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Hello mary lou lyrics

said: Hello Mary Lou, goodbye heart, ... sweet Mary Lou, i´m so in love with you I knew Mary ... Lou, we´d never part so hello Mary Lou, goodbye heart!

Drew Seeley - Hello and goodbye lyrics

re standing with your friends All under control I can ... see it from here You don't wanna ... let go So I'm circling around And I'm keeping to ... myself Seems like everybody's here But there

Frank Sinatra - Just say hello lyrics

say hello to a brand new world, the ... world outside your door, Say hello to a singing bird, like no bird you heard before, It's all ... go and grab your share, life is a great big show, So go and

Everly Brothers - Hello mary lou lyrics

goodbye heart Sweet Mary Lou I'm so in love with you I knew, ... Mary Lou, we'd never part So hello Mary Lou, goodbye heart You ... one sunny day Flashed those big brown eyes my way And ooh, I

Hardcore Superstar - Hello / goodbye lyrics

said hello to you my little sin I said goodbye to you my little friend I cannot feed my ... hunger inside this shell Now I blow the whistle and make it ... end [CHORUS] Now it burns a hole inside, my mind

Nelson Ricky - Hello mary lou lyrics

goodbye heart Sweet Mary Lou I'm so in love with you I knew ... Mary Lou, we'd never part So hello Mary Lou, goodbye heart ... one sunny day Flashed those big brown eyes my way Ohh I

Culture Club - Hello goodbye lyrics

hello goodbye Hello hello goodbye Hello hello goodbye ... beast Makes the mountain tremble Brings giants to ... their knees If I ask you to stay You might

Brenda Lee - Hello, dolly! lyrics

Dolly, I said hello Dolly It's so nice to have you back ... you belong Ah you're looking swell Dolly, we can tell ... Dolly You're still glowing, you're still growing, you

George Jones - Hello trouble lyrics

up this mornin' at the Astro zoo I looked ... out my window and what did I see A-comin' up my sidewalk ... here comes trouble That I never thought I'd see when

Bobby Darin - Hello, dolly lyrics

Dolly Well, hello, Dolly It's so nice to have you back ... you belong You're looking swell, Dolly And I can ... tell, Dolly You still crowing, you still growing, you still going strong I feel the

Ricky Nelson - Hello mary lou lyrics

one sunny day Flashed those big brown eyes my way And oo I ... wanted you forever more Now I'm not one that gets around I ... to the ground And though I never did meet you before

Louis Armstrong lyricsLouis Armstrong - Hello doly lyrics

dolly,......this is louis It’s so nice to have you back ... where you belong You’re lookin’ swell, dolly.......i can ... tell, dolly You’re still glowin’...you’re still crowin’..

Gladys Knight - I said you lied lyrics

me what's on ya mind and, baby, don't try to lie ... 'Cause your lips say this but your heart does that, oh ... oh Well, maybe we're just wasting time, trying to

Nonpoint - I said it lyrics

said it once, I'll say it again if I really want. I'm saying everything I wanted if I ... really want. I say it once, I say it twice, I'll say it right into your face. Take a

Seal lyricsSeal - Just like you said lyrics

I, I am So unsure Every minute that waits Every second ... that I'm away From you And love Is a way that Has no rules ... Know that I'm loving you Even if it's A fool

Joe Walsh - I broke my leg lyrics

met my baby in a shopping mall. In a shopping mall. ... I asked my baby for her number, ... In case I called her up, in case I called her up. I ... my baby on the telephone, I said, “Hello” on the telephone. I

Montell Jordan - I say yes lyrics

God is speaking to someone Right now I don't know where ... you Lord See, whatever it is That you've been searching ... for Searching and looking Looking all over You're

George Jones - I said all that to say all this lyrics

night when I said it was gettin' colder I thought you'd ... take the hint Well, I wanted my arm around your ... shoulder That's what I really meant. When I asked

Mustasch - I lied lyrics

said hello where are you from And what is wrong, what´s wrong Is it ... what we´ve done And what we didn´t do to get things undone ... The truth will sacrifice While we tried, while we tried to

Nightcore - I heart hello kitty lyrics

Fire Up In This Room Ah! Ah! Expecting ... Certain Dooom Ah! Ah! Attention ... Please! Everyone in the dance club freeze Remain the position And Bleed!!!!!!

Frank Sinatra - Just one way to say i love you lyrics

love you, I love you, there is no other way, Just one way ... to say, I love you. I love you, I love you, and try ... as I may, That's all I can say, I love you. Much more could

Dr.alban - I said it once lyrics

said it once I said it once I said it twice I'm not gonna say it again I said it once I said it twice I'm not gonna say it again All ruling political leaders Give the people

Eclipse(sweden) - I don't wanna say i'm sorry lyrics

This is where we're going This is the place of no ... return I can see it'll growing As we're heading right to ... the showdown We're falling into pieces We're on the edge

La Toya Jackson - Just say no lyrics

say no (No!) Say no Everybody say no Say no ... Just say no (No!) Say no Brothers and sisters ... What are you crying for? People are dying ... What are they dying for? You've got to be so

Gloria Gaynor - I said yes lyrics

he was clean Dressed to kill that is wrapped on me I ... can't kill, coz that's all I understand Wowow He was gone ... we've been through What Am I? Convenient love for you!

Bamford Gord - I said nothing lyrics

guess we said it all when we said goodbye Everything that ... needed saying—we must have said it then I wondered what I’d do if our paths ever ... crossed Last night it happened--there you were again I didn’t know what to say

7eventh Time Down - Just say jesus lyrics

gets tough, and times get hard It’s hard to find the truth in all the lies ... If you’re tired of wondering why Your heart isn’t healing And nothing feels like

Keel - I said the wrong thing to the right girl lyrics

know I'll always remember The first ... night that we met I was a kid and you were a queen With a ... touch I could never forget I made my mind up easy I didn

The Cure lyricsThe Cure - Just say yes lyrics

this is it Don't say maybe Don't say no Say this ... is it Don't say hold on Don't say slow Say ... this is it Don't say next time Don't say when Say this is it Don't say later No don

Meredith Brooks - I said it lyrics

on now I'm slow to burn I know you've been waiting your ... turn I'm not giving in It's just the time has come You want ... it I said it You got it I meant it I thought I had

Neil Diamond - I am i said lyrics

A.'s fine, the sun shines most the time And the feeling is 'lay back' Palm trees ... rents are low But you know I keep thinkin' about Making my ... way back Well I'm New York City born and raised But

Headhunterz - Just say my name lyrics

you want motherf***er Just say my name Everybody's got ... somebody who don't like them But like I said ... before They gonna get it from somewhere So it might

Chiodos - I didnt say i was powerful i said i was a wiz.. lyrics

room The album started skipping Goodbye to beauty, shared ... with the ones that you love A ... shadow that has fallen over this town A shadow that has ... fallen over this town Attention, all of my

Lynam - Just say anything lyrics

t waste your time on me Can't you see I'll ... only lie Just to make You believe in me ... Does it make you sad to know your ... you can't trust? Don't make it so bad I wont give up On us

Mayday Parade - Just say you're not into it lyrics

a show of hands, who has said these words before? And a ... ever meant them more? Well I'll swallow my pride if you'll ... for the years And watch me spin circles as I disappear and

Sinead O'connor - Just like u said it would b lyrics

will walk in the garden And feel religion within I will learn how to ... run with the big boys I will learn how to sink and to swim And there's talk in the

Neil Diamond - I am... i said (reprise) lyrics

a frog Who dreamed of bein' a king And then became one ... And a few other changes If you talk about me, The ... story's the same one But I got an emptiness deep inside

Harry Nilsson - I said goodbye to me lyrics

said goodbye to me, I looked in the mirror, then I began to cry. I'll leave my ... things behind for all to see, and hope ... that she will understand why. Ending

Screaming Trees - Like i said lyrics

gone to bed Tell the story just like I said And when you ... think the sun's gone dead It's the dead of night just like I said... ??

Extra - Say i´m sorry lyrics

look back at my mind at what I´m said everytime I lied You´re my best ... boyfriend and she is only fue Why is end? Why ... sky not blue? Today Say I´m sorry this is a story

Kid Cudi - Just what i am lyrics

m just what you made God Not many I ... trust Ima go my own way, God Take my ... faith to wherever you want I'm out here, on my son Won't ... stop 'til I get me some Club hoppin' tryin' to get me some Bad bitches

Kings Of Leon - I want you lyrics

back on track, pick me up some bottles of booze ... Fickle freshman, probly thinks she's cooler than you A ... hay ride at 5, everybodys comin around So go press you skirt, word is there's a new girl

Sugababes lyricsSugababes - Just don't need this lyrics

across the room I see some guy Steaming over ... me He's smirking sleazy Probably be older ... than daddy Since you smiled My expression has changed ... Come any closer Things will be constrained I walk pass

Laibach - Just say no! lyrics

will come for all of you Time will deal with all of you ... There will be no mercy and no remorse ... There will be no compromise but brutal force You can

Lee Ben - Just say yes lyrics

s not hard to see The truth will set you free So you take ... what you want And I'll take what I need What's ... the point in praying If you don't mean what you're saying Everything you've chased is here and now Love is a

Brian Mcfadden - Just say so (feat. kevin rudolf) lyrics

Say So (feat. Kevin Rudolf) Lyrics (Just say ... so) (Just say so) (Just say so) (Just say so) (Just ... say so) (Just say so) I see the look disappearing

Dido - Just say yes lyrics

by chance, I saw you at first First time there, there ... on the dance floor I would put, my coat back down ... I'd head for the door and I'd ask your name Just because

Infant Sorrow - Just say yes lyrics

I’m a love dealer Do you wanna ... score? I’ll give you my number So give me a ... call You’re looking so lonely There’s no need ... to be Let me introduce you to my family

Macklemore lyricsMacklemore - I said hey lyrics

the first time I heard Digital Underground I was in the first grade My homie Lace ... brought it over and he dubbed it on a mixtape I would do the ... Humpty Hump and perform to his verses Twelve years later I

Rachel Stevens - I said never again but here we are lyrics

two, three, four! I said no, no never we don't go ... together Oh, I really couldn't take anymore ... Now it's two weeks later I feel such a traitor Oh, I

Russell Brand - Just say yes lyrics

I’m a love dealer Do you ... wanna score? I’ll give you my number So give me ... a call You’re looking so lonely There’s no need ... to be Let me introduce you to my family

The Dickies - Just say yes lyrics

someplace that you gotta be Find peace of mind and serenity ... With a little help from modern chemistry 25 dollars can buy it Just say yes...yes Just say yes..

Babyface - I said i love you lyrics

Come To Me I will chase your tears away Put ... your trust in me Girl I swear I'll never change Darling you will see That my love is here to stay I promise you,

Blue System - Just say no lyrics

goes down Eleven candles telling maybe youll leave this town ... you really ended Tell me like a friend Ill help you just ... the way Im helping to leave the mystic train

Dead Sara - I said you were lucky lyrics

mans love, the rich mans smarter Brought to ... their knees about this girl I said you were lucky and I ... were lucky, yeah All to come in the mystery Clearly spoke

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