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Harry Connick Jr. - Just kiss me lyrics

kiss me And forget all about that ... other stuff Kiss me Your big red lips, I think, ... with your lipstick I’m gonna kiss it all away Throw away your ... color So lips, stick with me! Ooo, when you kiss me

She Wants Revenge - Kiss me lyrics

give a little love and it comes right back, like the best ... you'll never be right for me, I know that you'll never be ... right for me, still I wanna kiss you Kiss me now, just kiss

Lucy Hale - Kiss me lyrics

I'm here You talk to some girl I dance with some guy ... leave here and you drive home You take a turn down my road ... t you know I want you with me And it ain't just cause I'm

E-rotic - Kiss me (extended version) lyrics

me - Fly me up high Wanna feel like a ... in the sky Oh I want you to kiss me - Do it all right Cos I ... know that you miss me Oooh I dreamed of you In ... Out there in the city lights Just out of control Hey I walked

Indecent Obsession - Kiss me lyrics

cuse me for staring, your looks have me blinded, you want to touch me ... don't try and fight it, and kiss me... I'd walk your sweet ... don't you think you outta, just kiss me... Blond and

Jessica Mauboy - Kiss me hello lyrics

thing before And lost it somewhere This time I'm not ... go For nothing cause somehow boy in my head I knew you ... d be here It would just only take some time for us to

Simple Plan - Kiss me like nobody's watching lyrics

it in shining lights cuz' I just can't keep me bottled up ... play it on the radio Stick a message in a bottle then I let ... might think I got your name in permanent ink Cuz baby

Nina Gordon - Kiss me 'til it bleeds lyrics

a dirty smile that could shame the sun I'm gonna hang ... myself on someone else, use just enough rope I know he's bad ... If bitter is sweet then he's just what I need So kiss me till

Carpark North - Kiss me lyrics

Don't let it down Don't stop me now Kiss me Please just kiss me 'Cause your eyes look ... adorable With you I'm home again Emerging fear That ... t let it down So don't stop me now Kiss me Please just kiss me 'Cause your eyes look

Parachute - Kiss me slowly lyrics

with me baby stay with me Tonight don't leave me alone ... Walk with me come and walk with me to the edge ... feel your skin When the time comes baby don't run just kiss me slowly Stay with me

Ricky Nelson - Kiss me when i cry lyrics

had me right in the palm of your ... your lies how you tortured me slowly with your cheap alibis ... turned to hate bittersweet memories I'm begging you please

Andy Grammer - Kiss you slow lyrics

know you didn’t think loving me meant so much time alone ... nine to five, that was never me I was born with a compass in ... my heart right there Let the melody run its fingers through

Easton Corbin - Kiss me one more time lyrics

I ain't quite sure now what just went down It was all a flash ... moonshine Go back to that kiss, make sure that There's ... it wasn't good It felt just like I hoped it would I'm just saying that the stars up

Randy Rogers Band - Kiss me in the dark lyrics

the get the chance Take it slow, turn down the light Soft and ... dance Baby, don't hold back Kiss me in the dark Roll me ... through the night Hold me like you'll never let me go

Digital Underground - Kiss you back lyrics

we chocolate cross-over See me cocoa might go pop I'm cocoa ... go pop Now it's about time that I cleared this so pardon ... for you to hear this If you kiss me then I'll kiss you back

Merary Naraideth - Kiss me thru the phone lyrics

Girl you know I miss you I just wanna kiss you But I can't ... right now so baby kiss me thru the phone (kiss me thru ... I'll see you later on.. Kiss me thru the phone (kiss me

Franz Ferdinand lyricsFranz Ferdinand - Slow don't kill me slow lyrics

don't take it slow When you put on that hat ... t send this invite back Slow, don't kill me slow Don't ... kill me slow No, never never No don't ... kill me slow No, never never Kill me

Alabama Capital - Kiss me, kiss me / kiss me (5sos, ed sheeran) lyrics

me, Kiss me, Kiss me Can I call wake you up on ... turn the radio loud Let me know where to go and I’ll get ... down Never say goodbye Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me And

Diana Ross - Kiss me now lyrics

up for your sweet taste Kiss me now Long to feel the firey ... aid of your embrace Kiss me now That you're someone very ... special in my life Kiss me now Love you and I want you

5 Seconds Of Summer lyrics5 Seconds Of Summer - Kiss me kiss me lyrics

to teenage memories [Luke:] Can I call ... (turn the radio loud) Let me know where to go and I’ll get ... say goodbye [All:] So kiss me kiss me kiss me And tell me that I’ll see you again

Brian Setzer Orchestra - Kiss me deadly lyrics

came to me in early April She came like ... Late spring does sometimes My heart was taken so Like ... in the chill of winter time But now they've taken early

Melissa Etheridge - Kiss me lyrics

to that bar pretend I'm someone that you don't know I ... to your thighs You can buy me a drink, we'll make everyone ... damned perfect tonight Oh kiss me, kiss me, kiss everything

N-sync - Kiss me at midnight lyrics

JC] Oh, yeah Yeahea Kiss me at midnight [JC & ... . 1... [JC & ALL] Kiss me at midnight (heyyea) ... are here and then the time is right Kiss me at midnight

Dean Martin - Kiss me lyrics

it seems Like all the good men are gone Everywhere I turn ... There’s someone new Trying to game me ... what I need I wish I had somebody to To kiss me like

Hinoi Team - Just for me lyrics

kiss me, oh please, just for me. Give your tenderness only ... to me. So kiss me always, just for me. Let me have a dream ... of you, JUST FOR ME. I want to make my heart

Morrissey - Kiss me a lot lyrics

don't care when or where I just care that you're there And ... that you will Kiss me a lot, kiss me a lot Kiss me all over my face Kiss me a ... lot, kiss me a lot Kiss me all over the place Kiss me

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - Kiss me quick lyrics

still have this feeling Hold me close and never let me go ... Love can fly and leave just hurting Kiss me quick ... because I love you so Kiss me quick and make my heart go

Dropkick Murphys - Kiss me, i'm shitfaced lyrics

and France I play one mean guitar and then score at ... for their chance So come on now honey, I'll make you ... feel pretty These other gals mean nothing to me Let's finish

Willa Ford - Kiss me goodnight lyrics

see u everyday watching me looking at me i get so hot ... when u look at me like that why dont u kiss ... me goodnight and tell me i'm yours kiss me and love me and comfort me I want u

N-sync - Kiss me at midnight1 lyrics

. (4...) oh... (3, 2, 1!) Kiss me at midnight Dance until ... And when the timing's right Kiss me at midnight Kiss... ... have so much love to share Kiss me at midnight Dance until

Pale Waves - Kiss lyrics

Verse 1] Oh, you know just how to get to me My heart's ... clean [Verse 2] Oh, you know just what to say You show love in ... a different way And you smelled smoke We don't know where

Hanson - Kiss me when you come home lyrics

may give me gray hairs before my time I ... ll be happy just sitting on the passenger side ... 'Cause I live for, you and me and a lonely drive You can ... contemplate, but won't you kiss me good? I will tell you

2unlimited - Kiss me bliss me lyrics

me bliss me baby Put love on the loose ... Kiss me bliss me baby You got nothing left ... to lose Kiss me bliss me baby Put love on the loose ... Kiss me bliss me baby You've nothing left to

Gary Allan - Kiss me when i'm down lyrics

here that you forgot They're just a bad excuse Just something I ... can use To call you Come on over Drink my wine Waste ... my candles Waste my time Tell me lies I won't believe Just don

E-rotic - Kiss me lyrics

me, fly me up high Wanna feel like a ... in the sky Oh, I want you to kiss me, do it all right 'Cos, I ... know that you miss me I dreamed of you In so ... Out there in the city lights Just out of control Hey, I

Kara - Kiss me tonight lyrics

kiss, Kiss, kiss, Nee kizuite Mh zutto ... (Oh) oh (oh) oh (oh) oh I just wanna kiss, kiss, Sono ... fall in, Sono ude ni dakitomete Fall in love, fall in,

Annah Mac - Kiss me lyrics

me Mmm, kiss me I need somebody's touch Take your time ... with me, don't rush If you wanna kiss me Stand with me Don't ... and soul If you stand with me Oh, I don't like goodbyes

Shirley Bassey - Kiss me honey lyrics

me, honey, honey, kiss me Thrill me, honey, honey, ... thrill me Don't care even if I blow ... I'd like to play a little game with you A little game

Brooks Elkie - Kiss me for the last time lyrics

Am I alone in the night Am I just looking for answers If what ... You're off and you're leaving me You're gonna make a new ... start So kiss me for the last time Hold me

Carpenters - Kiss me the way you did last night lyrics

morning light shines down on me With you, my love I want to ... darkness smiling that way at me Kiss me the way you did ... last, night Lay down beside me, holdin' me tight Kiss me

Cheap Trick - Kiss me red lyrics

Honey it's full tonight So kiss me red Kiss me rogue Kiss ... me rough Kiss me smooth Oh.. I could paint ... what I wouldn't pay ) To kiss you red Kiss you rogue Kiss you rough Kiss you smooth

Janne Da Arc - Kiss me lyrics

Angel May be Angel Please kiss Kiss me Say yes koi ga ... ni taiyou to kimi o motometeru Kiss me Angel Falling ... May be Angel umarekawaru tame ni Kiss me Angel Falling

Alex Gaskarth - Kiss me again (feat. we are the in crowd) lyrics

gotta say Something I’ve been thinking about ... Do you feel the same way too If every single ... much longer Would you hold me And kiss me again ... the first sight Yeah Hold me feel my heartbeat Put your

Ben's Brother - Kiss me again lyrics

s been su-su-such a long time, long time, long time since ... anybody touched me, touched me, touched me the way that you ... touch me So if I stutter, stutter,

The Drums - Kiss me again lyrics

its screaming Give it to me, give it to me Give it to me ... give it to me Give it to me, give it to me Give it to me ... give it to me Ooh ahh Kiss me again, kiss me again Kiss me

Mike Posner - Kiss me thru the phone ft. saigon lyrics

when you say you going home, you think you can hide it, ... not with him now then baby kiss me through the phone. (Chorus ... Swear your all alone, than kiss me thru the phone, or Im gon

Charlie Puth lyricsCharlie Puth - Kiss me before i f***ing lose my mind lyrics

Then I Would’ve had some time To go and work it out ... For the last 3 years I just hid it so well Hoping that ... I’m done Playing these games I can’t believe what I’m

Nerf Herder - Kiss me deadly lyrics

I know you like dancing with me Kiss me once, kiss me twice ... Come on pretty baby kiss me deadly Had a few beers, ... high Sittin' watching the time go by uh-huh It ain't no big

Concorde - Just kiss her lyrics

belle You think she looks at me Am I invisible She's just ... t know what to do You told me (I told you) Dance with her ... t care She still ignore me Dancing with her friends

Kenny Chesney - Kiss me lyrics

said you never tell me that you love me anymore so ... things dont change youll see me walk right out that door ... to do I said i dont know just what it is you want from me

Chipz - Kiss me lyrics

move your hips! Come on give it up for chipz! ... But I won't leave till I've kissed my friend And I'm happy ... on the right I'll be back home tonight Kiss me, Kiss me,

Colorfactory - Kiss me lyrics

up, wake up, wake up and kiss me,kiss me,kiss me. Come on ... you gotta wake it up and kiss me now, love me now 'cos ... up, wake up, wake up and kiss me,kiss me,kiss me. Come on

Connie Francis - Kiss me goodbye lyrics

it Love is never quite the same I love you, now I've lost ... t feel bad, you're not to blame So kiss me goodbye and I ... t change your mind There's someone new and she's waiting for

Coven 13 - Kiss me with blood lyrics

all alone I can't find my home My life's been a long time ... live Through the darkness Kiss me with blood Kiss me with ... Why don't you do it again Kiss me with life Kiss me with

The 69 Eyes - Kiss me undead lyrics

words been said Every time I try to reach you In those ... hours Feels like a lifetime without you Under a bed of ... flowers Kiss me undead Wake me from the

The Fray - Kiss me lyrics

will wear that dress Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight ... Lead me out on the moonlit floor ... Silver moon’s sparkling, so kiss me Kiss me down by the

I Am Ghost - Kiss me like you wanted i will never tell lyrics

is mine This blood is blue, just don't forget it's mine! Kiss me now like you wanted We will ... i will never ever tell, so kiss me now like you wanted We

Lita Ford - Kiss me deadly lyrics

I know you like dancin' with me Yeah, yeah Kiss me once Kiss me twice C'mon pretty baby, kiss me deadly Had a few beers, ... high Sittin', watchin' the time go by, Uh, huh It ain't no

Yuya Matsushita - Kiss me lyrics

to me baby sweet my love... Yoso ... nara boku ga iru kara Kiss me kiss me kiss anytime ... yobidashite yo Feel me feel me feel everything mou zutto ... dakishimetai Kiss me kiss me kiss anytime dakara kizukanai

Mest - Kiss me, kill me lyrics

close your eyes, what comes next is the surprise This ... valentine is doomed The smell of blood has filled this ... thing I would let you Kiss me Kill me Your kiss is

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