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Imagination - Just an illusion lyrics

for a destiny that's mine there's another place another time. Touching many hearts along the way yeah hoping that I'll never have to sa@ It's just an illusion - illusion - illusion. Follow your emotions anywhere is it really magic in the air? Never let your f

September - Just an illusion lyrics

personality has just been negative for me It's never worked out, it takes a day or Two before I open up to you and I can't sell that So I have spent my days alone, My heart is frozen to the bone but now I'm not afraid So here I am, let me be just what you're

Gruntruck - Illusion lyrics

let me know that it was over Praying, laughed, and on a windowpane I said, "Let's fly, and feel that way; The way we used to be" Upon a plane, the captain's high Turned into the same old smile It's just an illusion Well, that we can fly

Ross Lynch - Illusion lyrics

ll be your entertainer I'm putting on a show I'm gonna levitate ya Leave you wa-wa-wanting more I see you fascinated I've got you hypnotized White gloves with your dream up A fantasy before your eyes Step right up on the stage Free yourself from the cage (from

Q Strange - Illusion lyrics

Intro) Hi I'm just a regular guy It's just an illusion I made from the outside Inside I got a sick mind When the mask goes on just prepare to die [x2] Strange thoughts my mind begins to scatter Recover from depression I don't know whats the matt

Creed - Illusion lyrics

sun rises to another day My constitution keeps changing 'Til it slips away So I lie awake and stare My mind thinking, just wandering Is anybody there? Should I stay or go Should I sleep or stay awake Am I really happy or is it all Just an illusion Sitting in my room n

Pleasure P - Illusion lyrics

1: I still got your picture in the frame still staring at ya looking in your eyes still wondering where your are ( where you are) and wonder who with i still be hanging at the clubs we use to be at now how Chorus : Now i swore i saw ya there but it was just an illusion i th

Keith Richards - Illusion lyrics

s an illusion in my blood But it's not the one you're thinking of Illusion, in my heart Doesn't mean we have to part babe Just an illusion that's for sure Nothing that you've seen before Baby, an illusion But not the one you're looking for Betw

Chalice (australia) - An illusion to the temporary real lyrics

I lie ensconced between the dreaming and the dead Let my eyes perceive degrees and not directions For the sanguine expectations that embellished prior years Are the fervent hopes now lost in imperfections The emaciated soul seeks to conceptualize itself In an illusion to the tempo

Lynch - An illusion lyrics

no hana yasashiku tsutsumi komu you ni kusuri wa boku ni tokete bankakyou no naka furetai...furete mo ii? kimi wa ureteta BERRY ima demo sono shitasaki de kono ude tsukisashite iru Night and day illusion flight waratten na yo inotten da isoide iku yo chikaku e na

Kitt Eartha - Just an old fashioned girl lyrics

m just an old-fashioned girl, with an old-fashioned mind I'm not sophisticated, I'm the sweet and simple kind I want an old-fashioned house with an old-fashioned fence, And an old-fashioned millionaire. I'd like a plain simple car, a Celise Cadillac L

Brooks Elkie - Just an excuse lyrics

do you feel you'd be happy somewhere else Why do you feel you're missing out all the time Oh, if it hadn't been for your wife and children You say you'd be off Or is just an excuse Or is just an excuse not to stay here You're gonna leave, I don't believe it You say y

Dj Boonie - Just an old boyfriend lyrics

see you on the street My broken heart still skips a beat I hear your name Inside I go insane Baby each day that we don't touch Is one more day it hurts too much I can't forget the love that we made But there'll come the moment that we're gonna meet again Baby it won't even bot

Kaci Battaglia - Just an old boyfriend lyrics

see you on the street My broken heart still skips a beat I hear your name Inside I go insane Baby each day that we don't touch Is one more day it hurts too much I can't forget the love that we made But there'll come the moment that we're gonna meet again B

Dj Bonnie - Just an old boyfriend lyrics

see u walk the street ma broken heart just skipz a beat il hear ur name unside i go insane baby each day that we dont touch is one more day it hurtz too much il cant forget da lurv dat we mode there'll come da moment wen were gnna meet baby

Against All Authority - Just an obstruction lyrics

m gonna rape your fertile land And plant my seed in your mother F***in' listen to me Obey my laws worship my God Cuz your just an obstruction And your holding back production It's a free land of opportunity Where my people can prosper So we'll

Attica Blues - Just an avenue lyrics

were times i could not see past all the decoys laid, Placed in front of me Just the frequency that was bothering me, When all the time should have realized Just your avenue for another escape Just your avenue for another escape I always felt tha

Abiura - Just an experiment lyrics

I'll Never See The circle is complete The serpent bites its tail Fluid images of infinity Unknown words without a sound My eyes,they seem to see their chests bleeding,their screams Fragments of eternity Once the lie, twice the alibi Magnetization, neverending vortex Ba

One Direction lyricsOne Direction - Illusion lyrics

All] Tell me you believe in love It’s not an illusion (illusion) [Liam] I’ve been thinking about the nights And the dangerous tricks people play On the eyes of the innocent I could turn a lot of hearts into breaks With smoke and mirrors disappearing right infront of them

Alicia Keys lyricsAlicia Keys - Illusion of bliss lyrics

know, right now I miss someone that I love Or fell in love with I don't wanna cry or nothing but I'mma just get straight to the story I'm a 29 year old addict What would you know? What would you do? If you had no control over what you pursue? Talk yourself, tell yourself, baby

Savage Wizdom - Not an illusion lyrics

the power of the night Pounding rhythms taking flight On with the show Out of control Get ready, pull the trigger Here we go It's not an illusion This is for real Full throttle confusion Caused by heavy metal steel Blind furry running wild Racing through your body lik

Ragenheart - Illusion of life lyrics

think you're living just a normal life And make decisions of your own You think you have the right of a private life You are so fooled, but you don't know You never get out of their sight they let you free, but hold you tight they rule your every si

Artillery - Death is an illusion lyrics

is life I bow down in the dust of what we came from Silly rules of life determinate my deathstyle I can see the lies of what you came from So easy to read like a spoiled child My sorrow ends within my wicked silence Two fisted and bitter to the bett

Degradead - Illusion lyrics

eradicate us ail. we have this Problem, i can see clear the solution. bow Down, to your king and queen. they are The ruler, of the spirit world. stand up for, The chance, to own your exclusive right Dig deep for your turn, to be more than an Illusion. illusion. sanctify,

Cardiant - Illusion game lyrics

s time to take off concrete shoes and change the way of wind Time to turn the page, if you lord it over me Lost and found again, when the resurrection ends Time to change the rules, he said: "play the game with me" "Pla

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - Illusion lyrics

a forest known as heartbreak In a clearing in the wood 'Cross a pathway called confusion Toward the garden of delight You'll reach the river of desire And meekly try to cross it While the valley of love keeps avoiding you Because it's only

Dionysus - Illusion of life lyrics

see the shadows closing in I know the fall has just begun Nowere to hide, you can't get out You were trapped inside your lonely life... [Verse 1] Empty inside almost insane Feel so lonely you're stuck to bare the pain Only you can take control

Green Carnation - Just when you think it's safe lyrics

appears in me No fate is what I see Sanity reviews Reaching out her cold, cold hand I drowned love I drowned hope Changing the way it goes Changing how it all flows Changing how it all flows Just when you think it is safe To go back out again I am stil

Mayday Parade - Everything's an illusion lyrics

try to sleep but my eyes are open, I can't think because my heart is broken, There's a bottle lying next to me, I'll down a few drinks just to take the pain away. I want to say all the things I need to say, I won't lie, I'll just tell them honestly, If God can take

Sarah Blasko - An arrow lyrics

am just like an arrow Heading straight for a destiny And no one and nothing can take that away from me It's something that defies what the eye can see Nothing and no one is as real Ans as pure and as dark as a dream I was just like a sailor Heading ou

Dark Illusion - Evil masquerade lyrics


C-lekktor - C-lekktor - an empty soul lyrics

pleasures, all the lust that you can wish Unlimited treasures, a greedy life that you can buy Exterior beauty, internal pride, a life of vanity I want it all, I'll take it all at any cost I sold my soul, a part of me, an empty soul What do you want I be My empty soul, a pa

Adelitas Way - Just a little bit lyrics

m feeling disillusioned And I can't stop thinking about you now Your sex is so diluted And your love will put me in the ground Until you take it away Turn all this love into hate And then you leave me here dying You're heartless stop this Give me just a little bit I could be

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - Just a girl lyrics

I've been waiting for this moment For you to see the real me It's been an illusion But I never meant to fool you I got caught up in a fantasy I'm just a girl With a dream that got the best of me In a world that believes fame is everything Got out of tou

Delerium - Just a dream lyrics

barefoot on the shore Hypnotized by the ocean roaring Thoughts of you drifting in and out Never fails to calm me down I still see your eyes when light hits the water And I've never seen a color so beautiful So blue... Ocean blue I keep moving to the dist

Sarah Bettens - Just another day lyrics

doesn't matter what you say Your fancy words are coming much too late And you've been known To sweep me off my feet And you eloquently make up for the void you leave It's just another day Nothing's really changed I can see it when you look at

Jon Bellion - An immigrant lyrics

up in London with you next to me Made love in Brixton with both hands around your neck I'm back in New York on British ecstasy So I feel like an immigrant in America Yes I am just an immigrant in America Cigar and cigarette ashes As I open all my l

George Jones - An old love turned memory lyrics

George) I called you today, an accidental mistake And your name slipped out to some friend Forgotten old feelings are brand new today 'Cause I'm right back where I've always been. (Both) You're just an old love turned memory Now I seldom see

George Jones - (she's just) an old love turned memory lyrics

called you today, an accidental mistake And your name slipped out to some friends Forgotten old feelings are brand new today 'Cause I'm right back where I've always been You're just an old love turned memory Now I seldom see you around You're just

Beth Hart - Just a little hole lyrics

remember or to forget it Could you ever laugh out loud while you cry It will own you, you can't let it While it holds you you can't even try You're so unsatisfied You‘re so damm petrified You ain't got nothin' no You ain't got nothin' to p

Negative - An ornament lyrics

t say "I'm sorry" again, it doesn't give you the right... to be someone else. I would be pleased to love and share but inside I'm locked I can't even cry Love only matters, when it comes to the end Love only matters makes you rise again I'm just

Royal Hunt - An empty shell lyrics

saw you all around the place - a sure, solid bet: no heart, no soul... a common face, as cold as you can get Without a clue, without a cause you're moving forward just because it's in your blood, cuz otherwise you're just an empty shell Behind that almost

All That Remains - Just moment in time lyrics

reason to repent No one will answer my prayers And in the black of night I call but no ones there A lack of vision A lack of sight One God destroys me Another brings me to life They did it before we bring the world All my time special a fire tube A circle so basic we li

Aviators - Just like you lyrics

you Flying higher Gone in a flash Like a multi-colored fire I only wish I could fly beside you Someday I'll be up there Just like you Dashing through the air I know one day my dreams will come true Oh how I wish I could be soaring through the sky If only I

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - Just like you lyrics

.. So what you see is only half the story There's another side of me I'm the girl you know but I'm someone else too If only you knew It's a crazy life But I'm alright I've got everything I've always wanted I'm living the dream So yeah everything I've always wanted Is

Chevelle - An island lyrics

said this fun is near the end. You've worn out welcome way too fast You'd better bite your tongue. I need an island And I need it fast. Some little island Is all I ask. To put you on To put you on Stay there don't move I think its got fa

Alanis Morissette lyricsAlanis Morissette - An emotion away lyrics

had high expectations It's something I could not compromise And when I saw you I wasn't ready It completely took my heart by surprise Who...And when I think of the time I med you The situation looked harmless It wasn't long before I got confused enough And soon I

Ace Of Base - Just ´n´ image lyrics

m driving through the night I'm driving through the rain The engine roars I'm on my Way from Mr. Pain My eyes keep seeing what My mind was to forget Those sequences they Rock n' Roll inside my head Over and over and over again I concentrate harder and harder and then You are

Jimi Jamison - Just beyond the clouds lyrics

in silence My heart's just an empty room Without you I try not to think about it But when my heartbeat thunders What can I do? Without you Time won't change the way that I feel Every second I need you still No dream was ever so real Just beyond the clouds You're jus

Inme - Just a glimpse lyrics

wait, there's no need to frustrate Waiting is the best part I'll see you it's only a matter of time (before i) I love you, and no one can take that away (still crying) To prove to you, this isn't just an obsession (Your soul) lights up inside (scared of my o

King Diamond - Sarah's night lyrics

night - Tuesday morning, master bedroom Salem's standing in the dark Watching Sarah's sleeping body Someone is in her bed Twisting, turning in his fever David will not even see her I am invisible... I am the one to bring you down I open up my hand, the Goofer Dust is

Jonny Diaz - Sarah jo lyrics

Jo was a seven-year-old way back in '91 A beautiful kid, just as innocent as the little girl she was With ribbons flowing from her bike, the apple of her daddy's eye Oh Sarah Jo, where did they go, all those happy times? Now the makeup covers all your wounds, and your

Bat For Lashes - Sarah lyrics

Sarah's heart Was never gonna be easy With an angel tattoo sinking beneath her belt Sarah And the dirty blonde sea-water Sea-water gushing down Chewing fingernails in her shit-eating grin Sarah They cut out her heart when She was a little girl And in the fishing

Pythia - Sarah (bury her) lyrics

been in perjury I’ve been in chains for oh so many years And it’s a mystery How this neglect can bring me ever near. You are a sanctuary, but must agree You never give yourself And I cannot compete with Sarah No I cannot compete with Sarah

Pythia - Sarah (acoustic version) lyrics

been in perjury I’ve been in chains for oh so many years And it’s a mystery How this neglect can bring me ever near. You are a sanctuary, but must agree You never give yourself And I cannot compete with Sarah No I cannot compete with Sarah She was t

Panic! At The Disco lyricsPanic! At The Disco - Sarah smiles lyrics

was fine, just a guy, livin' on my own, Waitin' for the sky to fall, Then you called and changed it all, doll. Velvet lips and the eyes to pull me in, We both know you'd already win, MMmm your original sin. You fooled me once with your eyes now, honey, You fooled

Sash! - What is life lyrics

- What Is Life Lyrics Send "What Is Life" Ringtone to your Cell Chorus: What is life is it just an illusion what is life just a second in time What is life nothing else but confusion deep shadows in a ray of the light. What is life

Sarah Brightman - When a child is born lyrics

ray of hope flickers in the sky A tiny star lights up way up high All across the land Dawns a brand new morn This comes to pass When a child is born A silent wish sails the seven seas The winds of change Whisper in the trees And the walls of doubt crumb

Erasure lyricsErasure - A long goodbye lyrics

these days of mine for keeps I'm trying to hold on when suddenly you're all out of reach & everything goes wrong what we say & what we do are entirely different things meaningless straight through the roof it's not how it sh

Nero - New life lyrics

to second reality Live the life you've always dreamed Be the person you always wanted to be It's not just an illusion It's a new state of being A way to experience your dreams In second reality you make the decisions It's not just an illusion Welcome to your new life

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