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Journey - Midnight dreamer lyrics

countryside Clouds in my brain, vision in my eyes ... Thoughts are on the wall Like oceans on the sand Midnight dreamer, take me if you can ... You can't deny, it seems so easy to

Fifth Angel - Midnight love lyrics

of control. Devil needs that feed the fire - bearing down ... on my soul. What I see I can't be dreaming - bodies lost ... in the flames. Don't you ever try and wake me - I gotta get into this

Charlie Daniels - Midnight wind lyrics

blew in town at midnight and he didn't mean to stay He ... found her just at closing time at the Alamo Cafe And the way he smiled and ... carried on it kinda made her day So by the time that she

Kesha lyricsKesha - Lover lyrics

Verse:] Lover Why don't you come over? ... You know it's after midnight You know it's after midnight ... Lover Where did I remember? You ... the beginning [Chorus:] Lover You've already broken my heart You've already broken my

Jessie Ware lyricsJessie Ware - Leave your lover (feat. sam smith) lyrics

don't have much to give, but I don't care for gold What use is money ... need someone to hold? Don't have direction, I'm just rolling ... down this road Waiting for you to bring me in

Sam Smith lyricsSam Smith - Leave your lover lyrics

don't have much to give But I don't care for gold What use is money ... need someone to hold Don't have direction I'm just ... rolling down this road Waiting for you to bring me In

Acid Drinkers - Midnight visitor lyrics

I'll fight With dream, It's always unkind This dream, Bout ... him Oh, f..., it's creacked My lover visits me My lover frightens me Nasty pig's ... kissing me His dick, In dream Is touching my cheek His ass, In dream Over my face My

Thomas Anders - Midnight lyrics

Under the moonlight You're sayin' with your eyes What i ... ve always known Midnight Wherever you wander The ... star that you follow Is guiding you

John Mayall - Long gone midnight lyrics

gone midnight and I want my woman so bad No use waiting for her She won't come, ... I call that sad Long gone midnight and it's a cold wait till the ... dawn Sometimes love can make you wish that you had never

Nat King Cole - Just you, just me lyrics

Klages, Raymond; Greer, Jesse; Just you ... just me Let's find a cozy spot To cuddle and woo Just us, just we I've missed an awful lot My trouble is you Oh

Van Morrison - Lover's prayer lyrics

Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord Just wanna be with my love tonight ... I don't want no jive artists calling me on the ... telephone Don't wanna watch the Carson show all alone

Paul Anka - Midnight lyrics

is for lovers so let's Ispoon beneath ... the moon the silv'ry moon a up a high midnight we'll be ... together. At lover's lane we'll kiss again and then

Mt.desolation - Midnight ghost lyrics

midnight ghost is roaring on its way Goes through ... California up to Oakland and the bay My traveling can ... be lonesome but I'm happy 'cause I'm bound For the bright

Chase & Status - Midnight caller lyrics

am the midnight caller Waiting on the line Ooo I need ... to be your lover I need to get into your life ... ll be yours, for ever more Make me yours, for ever more

Leonard Williams - Midnight girl lyrics

made a wish on a starry night And then you danced ... into my life A lovely girl from a story book ... I fell in love with just one look Midnight girl ... with such mystery We held each other tenderly And just

Chris Norman - Midnight lady (maxi version) lyrics

... ( instrumental ) .... You think love is a game, love is an ocean ... Endless and so deep, always in motion. I've got many ... ways, to reach tomorrow Love will always

Chris Norman - Midnight lady lyrics

Lady You think love is a game, love is an ocean ... Endless and so deep, always in motion. I've got many ... ways, to reach tomorrow Love will always

Black Fate - Midnight lyrics

light shines from the chandeliers Kills the night that ... they will be satisfied In their minds a fire ... is gleaming Feels the fright as you can see them fall And

Meat Loaf - Midnight at the lost and found lyrics

Ricky, now mine is empty How about one for you We could ... Seems tomorrow's overdue Captain Video, done went home ... One pilot laid to rest And dragon ladies now talk that

Morandi - Midnight train lyrics

Train, take me away! Midnight Train, just find a place ... for me to stay! Midnight Train, I'm leaving just the way ... I came. Take me away from all this pain. Midnight train

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Lover ft. pj morton lyrics

[Verse 1 - PJ Morton] This argument is just gonna keep ... going on and on And at this point I don’t even really care who’s right or wrong ... Uh, I just don’t wanna fight anymore Even forgot we’re arguing for And if you think

Metallica lyricsMetallica - Just a bullet away (shine) lyrics

roads they lead to shame All drowning in the blame All ... reflections look the same In the shine of the midnight revolver All hide beneath a skin A hope so paper thin

Cc Catch - Midnight hour lyrics

your midnight hour When you're alone and ... him (Do you think of him) And in your midnight hour Can ... you feel the darkness closing Does it ... frighten you You must learn to Hide your feelings baby

Jessie Ware lyricsJessie Ware - Midnight caller lyrics

know by now I keep you waiting Mess you around like ... you're my plaything Don't listen to or what you say But still you take ... my call I don't close my eyes when

The Runaways - Midnight music lyrics

here in the smokey places Looking into those empty ... faces Short wave says we made the dial I'm wired for ten ... million miles Making midnight music Singing rock and roll

Sia lyricsSia - Midnight decisions lyrics

when we had it all? Remember when you took my ... calls? You were my whole world ... You were my whole world Not a thing said to me Question ... now if my heart bleeds You were my whole

Aa (double A) - Midnight taxi lyrics

Hey, Wait a minute, Oh Eh Eh Eh Oh Eh ... Oh Oh Oh Oh Eh Oh Oh o geudaeyeo oneul bam bamimyeon bam ... mada oneun shigani aniya o geudaeyeo oneul bam amudo

Alkaline Trio - Midnight blue lyrics

it came Just like the rising sun The shame Of everything I've done And the pain Blew in just like ... a storm and now it rains And will forever more What's

Helix - Midnight express lyrics

Gid-gid-gid-giddy-up, yeah! There's a train that I'm ... on When the sun goes falling down Got to get away, ... but you know this train Never pulls out of town

Jon Bon Jovi - Midnight in chelsea lyrics

kids round here look just like sticks They trade old ... licks with a beat up six I just smile and catch the groove ... Gothic girls all dressed in black Serious as heart attacks Takes a

Josh Kelley - Lover come up lyrics

hard rain, I'm lonely I know you're ... lonely too Late night, thinking I need you ... So when you get the nerve Just call and give the word Cause ... you're really something baby, hey hey I said lover, lover, I'm gonna come up I said lover, lover, I'm gonna come up I

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Midnight rambler lyrics

you hear about the midnight rambler Everybody got to go? ... Did you hear about the midnight rambler The one that shut ... door? He don't give a hoot of warning Wrapped up

Classics Iv - Midnight lyrics

in the morning' Till the shadows start to fade I think about a midnight long ago I ... remember midnight kisses & the magic of a smile &amp

Chris Norman - Midnight hour lyrics

m gonna wait till the midnight hour That's when my love ... comes tumbling down I'm gonna wait till the midnight hour ... When there's no one else around I'm gonna take you

One Direction lyricsOne Direction - Midnight memories lyrics

2, 3... Straight off the plane to a new ... hotel Just touched down, you could never ... tell Big house party with a crowded kitchen People talk ... we don't listen Tell me that I'm wrong but I do what I

Ricky Dillon - Midnight memories lyrics

off the plane to a new hotel Just touched down, you could never ... tell A big house party with a crowded kitchen People talk ... we don't listen Tell me that I'm wrong but I do what I

Push Play - Midnight romeo lyrics

me at my door By the end of the ... night You'll be screaming for more more more of me ... Tonights a big night, so lets make ... My lips touch your lips My hands is on your hips Whats it

Shinhwa - Midnight girl lyrics

know I just been thinking about you as a matter of fact ... I been thinking about you for a long time now ... and I can't seen to get it out of my ... head You're always on mind think about you all the time there's nobody

El - Midnight lyrics

was so sure I never find the ... Love I want That I gave it up so fast Too fast And in the blink of an eye I ... knew we're there in time And we just jumped Right in

Lou Gramm - Midnight blue lyrics

got no regrets and I ain´t losing track Of which way I´m going,I ain´t gonna ... double back,now Don´t want no misplay,put on no display An angel? No! But I know

Bette Midler - Midnight in memphis lyrics

s midnight in Memphis and all the boys are out tonight. ... Oh, midnight in Memphis, but my true love ... The neon's glowing, but I just don't see the light. I'm

Saxon - Midnight rider lyrics

the silver eagle out of JFK Up the eastern ... seaboard destination Portland Maine When we saw the ... people at the concert hall The seats were for five ... thousand it made us feel so small Midnight rider keeps on

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - Another midnight lyrics

was a coal miner in the spring Blinded ... dusty resolutions Broke his back for higher contributions ... Now he'd take anything Well, she was ... seventy Burning like a cigarette long season Heir to all

Alexisonfire - Midnight regulations lyrics

concerned For the common man, these days Evil are the ... minds That push the divide Forced to ... live a life In fear that his future is on the wane Midnight regulations Midnight regulations Burns his candle down

Beast - Midnight [instrumental] lyrics

~~ x 2 I want a sleep tonight In the midnight midnight midnight [DW] ... nemure nai yoru Omoidasu kimi to no imi o Nagai yami no naka o Kimi o sagashi samayotteru Ima mo [HS] Kimi

Beast - Midnight (jpn ver) lyrics

~~ x 2 I want a sleep tonight In the midnight midnight midnight [DW] ... nemure nai yoru Omoidasu kimi to no imi o Nagai yami no naka o Kimi o sagashi samayotteru Ima mo [HS] Kimi

Mary J Blige - Midnight drive lyrics

Brook-Lynn:] Brook-Lynn! Yeah! Unh-huh Unh, need it in ... my life now And when I say now, I mean right now ... Super-duper clean, need a wipe down Caught me for a

Colbie Caillat - Midnight bottle lyrics

bottle take me come with me my memories ... and everything come back to me Midnight bottle make ... it real what feels like make believe so I can see a ... little more clearly Like every single move

Foghat - Midnight madness lyrics

you baby and I always will, Without you, I've just got time to kill, Day and ... night, night and day, I look for trouble, find a ... sure fire way. Come back baby, give me give me one more

Jerrod Niemann - Lover lover lyrics

the truth, Well it hurts to say, I'm gonna pack up my bags ... and I'm gonna go away I'm gonna split I can't stand it I'm gonna give it up and quit ain't never comin' back girl but before I get to

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - Lover doll lyrics

doll, oh lover doll Lover doll, lover doll You're the ... cutest lover doll That I ever did ever see Let me ... tell you lover doll You were meant, just meant for me On the first time

Bullet - Midnight oil lyrics

form the dungeons when it’s midnight hour We get around falling ... in line and breaking ground There’s a power ... blade into let’s go Set the charge and it’s ready to blow

Chris Mann - Lover lyrics

lover, stay lover, lover, stay It's raining it's ... pouring it's heatin' and snowing It's dangerous ... sheets this bed ..It's a perfect place to hide There

Lou Gramm - Lover come back lyrics

you said we were thru but I already knew It was over Now ... it's all I can do, just to keep my promise to you So ... Lover come back Back to the arms of the one who

Alan Jackson - Midnight in montgomery lyrics

in Montgomery, silver eagle, lonely road I was on my ... way to mobile for a big New Years Eve show I stopped for just a minute to see a friend ... outside of town Put my collar up, I found his name and

Teena Marie - Midnight magnet lyrics

night interaction on the telephone You called me up to tell me that you ... were alone Talkin' 'bout the powers that ... knock on the door seemed unfamiliar to you Do I detect a

Omarion - Midnight lyrics

No Woah No [Verse 1:] It Started Out Like Any Other Day ... But It Was Anything But Somethin Bout ... The Way The Moon Was Shining Somethin Seems So

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - Lover du jour lyrics

are you looking at, lover boy? It won't do you any ... good Cause I know your kind If you wanna be mine We gotta get this ... understood Oh, I'm not gonna be your, be your lover du

Chris Rea - Midnight blue lyrics

money I got it here in my hand OK let me tell you This ... is how we stand I've waited so long Good things, ... never too late So don't take no chances Leave nothing

Beast - Midnight lyrics

eotteongayo gakkeumeun nareul saenggakhan jeok ittnayo ... i gin bam-e dashi nuneul gamgo geudael saenggakhago jamdeulji mothago geuraeyo ... jogeum yunanhi gineyo geudae eobtneun bam-i aswiweojineyo geuddae bonaen

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