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F.o.b. - Just another day lyrics

bend down to look me in my face They rise again and leave ... no trace But inside me there will always be a scar To remind me ... of that dying star The water kills the dying embers And turns the heat to dust And

Girlschool - Just another day lyrics

frustration, losing the battle Feeling aggressive, can ... to settle It goes without saying; it's too hard to be ... Without you Dry with this talking, time to start drinking

Bangtan Boys - Just one day (japanese) lyrics

JUST ONE DAY ONE NIGHT JUST ONE DAY jikan arunara Kimi ... no amai kaori de gussuri nemuritai TAITONA SUKEJŪRU no ma Kikai areba Yasashii sono hitomi ni

Bts lyricsBts - Just one day (japanese) lyrics

JUST ONE DAY ONE NIGHT JUST ONE DAY jikan arunara Kimi ... no amai kaori de gussuri nemuritai TAITONA SUKEJŪRU no ma Kikai areba Yasashii sono hitomi ni

Nate Dogg lyricsNate Dogg - Just another day lyrics

Chorus] Just another day Just another day Just another day ... Just another day [Verse 1] Wake up early ... in the mornin' man Runnin' kinda' late I gotta

Next To Normal - Just another day lyrics

They're the perfect Loving family, so adoring... And I ... love them Every day of every week. So my son ... s a little shit, My husband's boring, And my daughter,

Serena Ryder - Just another day lyrics

ran outside, right into you, and instantly you said you knew ... that you were the only one, I'd ... ever need to know You said you knew the answers and

Bertie Higgins - Just another day in paradise lyrics

big cold city is such a lonely place to be Hustle all day and dream of the islands and sea Millions of girls ... seemed right for me Til you came along, you touched me and

City Sleeps - Just another day lyrics

another day without you yeah There's a girl with a ... get this high she's got the flavor Jesus Christ is a mannequin in real life Down on ... Wilshire he does me favors Chorus: Some loracets

Queen Latifah lyricsQueen Latifah - Just another day lyrics

Queen Talking:] We gon take this one over to 275 Paulstand 384 Steuyversant, we gon take it over to 155 Morgan 144 ... Harrison [Chorus:] Just Another Day, living in the hood

Ricardo Muñoz - Just one day lyrics

ONE DAY Thought I was close to, feeling fine This ... it would go so wrong It tears you up inside To find out all the lies You just need to ... stay So I can make this right Cause it’s just one day And I can’t let go

John Cena - Just another day lyrics

Chorus: John Cena and Trademarc] This is just another day ... Seven flight connectors - past due bill collectors This ... is just another day in the life Mo' money mo'

Better Than Ezra - Just one day lyrics

you could change the choices that you made, ... Would you do it- today? If you could spin the ... world the other way, Could you do it on faith? ... If time would stand still, What would you do

Dio - Just another day lyrics

never sing for pleasure You only make the sounds ... You never feel the magic Cause you think the world is ... round You never dance in moonlight You run but

Jon Secada - Just another day lyrics

When you come home I breath a little faster Every time ... together Itd never be the same If youre not here How can ... you stay away, away so long. Why cant we stay

Lady Gaga lyricsLady Gaga - Just another day lyrics

man, play that New York drum, Homer Show ... em how we do it! Downtown Just another way to prove I love ... you And it's hard today I'll lay back in my chair and find a way And when you say that thing that you say That makes me mad I'll turn away

Reamonn - Just a day lyrics

just want a day to make it all ok I just want a day To make it all ok You, could you ... teach me how to cry You, could ... you teach me how to cry My eyes are dry - so bone dry I just want one day To show you I磛e

4everfreebrony - Just another day in ponyville lyrics

m hoping to find a nice surprise. It would ... bring a change to every single day ... I’m waiting at home, for the clouds to go ... but for now it’s still just another day ponyville.

Mortifilia - Just funny day lyrics

were entering into my room * All my bones shivered by big fear * I felt my helplessness,I ... feared the noon * I screamed,I felt you near ** Just ... funny day * Just funny day ** Then I saw my mother

Vanilla Ninja lyricsVanilla Ninja - Just another day to live lyrics

in your heart Deception in your eyes ... violence in disguise Yesterday your vibes were so close to ... mine But our love is slowly, just running out of time Just another day to live Just another night to die Cos we all know that praying Means saying good bye Baby you and I

Sarah Bettens - Just another day lyrics

doesn't matter what you say Your fancy words are coming ... much too late And you've been known To sweep ... me off my feet And you eloquently make up for ... the void you leave It's just another day Nothing's really

Phora - Just another day lyrics

only things guaranteed in live is death, ... trouble, & taxes Only way you'll succeed in life is to ... step up & then grab it With everyday that passes I learn my lessons from actions that led to being mistakes Yet I never regret my past. & I know, yeah I know

Mighty Oaks - Just one day lyrics

to the sky Open up your eyes and see how far you get in just ... one day Take to the sea And open up your heart and see ... how far you get atop this place And it's a big old world

Overdose - Just another day lyrics


Dr. Dre lyricsDr. Dre - Just another day (feat. asia bryant) lyrics

s motherf***in' Game time! Six pounds of ... chronic on my grandma coffee table That's how you remember ... it, that's how I remember it Yeah, ... the liquor store, .9 in my khaki's Crips tryna get at me,

Anti-nowhere League - Just another day lyrics

s gonna get you It's gonna f*** your day They won't ... forget you Won't let you have your say They're gonna ... nowhere left to run But I'm walking I'm talking about these

Peter Gabriel lyricsPeter Gabriel - Just another day (with kate bush) lyrics

kettle's on, the sun has gone Another day She ... offers me tibetan tea on a flower tray She's at the ... door, she wants to score She dearly needs ... to to say I loved you a long time ago Where the

Lena Katina - Just a day lyrics

away, Watching the sun Slowly fade ... Catch a break, Wait for the Moon to awake ... They say: you won't Be happy 'till you Own the world ... I feel pretty Close to Having it all Having it all

Labÿrinth - Just one day lyrics

me alone I don't wanna play Another part in your mess ... Now I need air And I don't care What the world is thinking ... Won't be "anyone" Without a face A pawn in a crazy game It's

Casey Jones - Just another day in the fla lyrics

m breaking out. These walls can't hold me any longer. Days pass me by and I got stronger ... with every breath I ever took. I doubted this ... world as a whole. I refuse to live in a

Bangtan Boys - 하루만 just one day lyrics

naege sigani itdamyeon Dalkomhan ni hyanggie chwihaeseo ... gonhi nan jamdeulgopa Ppakppakhan seukejul saie gihoega itdamyeon Ttaseuhago gipeun nun ane mom damgeugopa I like that

Barclay James Harvest - Just a day away lyrics

in the autumn of seventy on the night ... shift at abbey road four young men were ... recording a song named `galadriel' for an album they'd

Feeder - Just a day lyrics

up at twelve in my clothes again Feel my head explode from a night of gin Another night ... out late I don't wanna drink, don't wanna be a clown ... Gotta get my feet back on the ground Before it

Bts lyricsBts - 하루만 just one day lyrics

naege sigani itdamyeon Dalkomhan ni hyanggie chwihaeseo ... gonhi nan jamdeulgopa Ppakppakhan seukejul saie gihoega itdamyeon Ttaseuhago gipeun nun ane mom damgeugopa I like that

Madness - Tomorrows just another day lyrics

Trying hard, I thought I'd done my best ... All my life, I can't get no rest Some who've ... closed the door before Say I can't carry on no more ... I hear them saying Tomorrow's just another day I hear them saying And it

Otis Redding - Just one more day lyrics

ve been missing you for so many days I keep wanting you ... [lord in so many ways I cant get you off of my mind But ... true love is so hard to find I want yet another

Frank Ocean - Day away lyrics

s 12:07 and I'm thinking 'bout him ... 'bout him) 8 minutes ago it was all okay, yeah I wish the ... year was just missing one day I'm wishing I could forget

Kai Tracid - 4 just 1 day (energy mix) lyrics

just one day I wanna break all regulations, Because we all go the same way, And we all pass the same stations. ... 4 just one day I wanna feel totally free, no

Pink lyricsPink - Just like fire lyrics

know that I'm running out of time I want it all, mmm, mmm And I'm ... wishing they'd stop tryna turn me off I want it on, ... mmm, mmm And I'm walking on a wire, trying to go higher

Bay City Rollers - Tomorrow’s just a day away lyrics

Every moment I'm in you Each time we're together Every ... thing you say or do. Till the morning ... turns the day Every movement that you make. I'll love you forever

Lifehouse - Just another name lyrics

clouds around you break your fall as you came crashing to ... the ground did you learn anything at all you climb back up to come back down ... Everybody knows your name but they don't know who

Lunafly - Just want you to know lyrics

another day, just another night Seeing ... everything black and white Till I'll see you ... there Standing out in the crowd Is ... it paradise or reality Never wanted normality And I stuck still Drive but I

Anna Nalick - Just breathe lyrics

and she calls me 'cause I'm still awake "Can ... you help me unravel my latest mistake. I don't love him ... Winter just wasn't my season." Yeah we walk

Dmitry Koldun - A day without war lyrics

into the eyes of children orphaned by the war Can we sacrifice their tears for goals ... we’re fighting for? Just tell me why, one reason why ... We fight to make our children cry Give me

Exilia - Another day in hell lyrics

president and plastic wife I fell wrong and ... nothin's right I never was a princess I never had a lucky ... star No f***ing fairy tale life No more angels,no

Zechariah Maxime - Just another rainy day lyrics

Just Another Rainy Day I Know my problems gonna go away Just another rainy day ... Verse 1 This christian life has struggles This christian ... life is filled with bubbles that sometimes knock you down It

Axxis - Another day in the paradise lyrics

calls out to the man on the street "Sir, can you help me? It's cold and ... Is there somewhere you can tell me?" He walks on, ... doesn't look back He pretends he can't hear

Billy Currington - Another day without you lyrics

paper in my front yard Another wave at the crossing guard Parking lot spot 29 Ain't ... nothin' different but the car next to mine And I let that ... song on the radio fade before I ever open the door

Emblem3 - Just for one day lyrics

wanna wake up on the beach Wake up with you by my side We ... could spend a year here, play in this tide You just tell ... me where, and I can take you there Straight broke

Emblem 3 - Just for one day lyrics

Drew:] I wanna wake up on the beach Wake up ... my side We could spend the am, blankets tight, You just ... tell me where, and I can take you there We're straight

George Jones - Give me just one more day lord lyrics

thy holy name, won't you give me just another day There's some thing ... I need to do before I pass away I have some friends that's ... they're goin' wrong Give me just one day Lord, then I'll be

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - Another day lyrics

Day She Takes A Morning Bath S E Wets Her Hair, Wraps A ... Towel Around Her As She's Heading For The Bedroom Chair, ... It's Just Another Day. Slipping Into Stockings,

Eric Carr - Just can´t wait lyrics

. Yeah! Wooh hoo hoo! Yeah! Spin is rising on a ... soft cold day burn to see for i heard you ... say my name summer's comin' soon i can ... feel the heat upon my face one smile's and you fall

Dawin - Just girly things lyrics

it I love it I love it And live it up Live it up Don ... you down So live it up Just live it up Don't let nobody ... bring you down Coz' one day One day Somebody will

Dj Drama - Day dreaming ft. akon, snoop dogg & t.i. lyrics

Bridge - Akon]: Shirley Temple on ice, ... She makes it just right, That extra grenadine ... body's so tight up under that light, I see her so clearly now, she's right there

Brandy - Another day in paradise (feat. ray j) lyrics

calls out to the man on the street "Sir can you help me?" It's ... cold and I've no where to sleep, ... is there somewhere you can tell me? He walks on,

Clan Of Xymox - A day lyrics


Def Leppard lyricsDef Leppard - Day after day lyrics

know me, just look in my eyes I shed my ... skin, got a new disguise My heart still ... beats and I'm still the same Do you know my name It ... ve ever seen It's every dream you've broken It's only

Tyler Joseph - Just like yesterday lyrics

re scared When you say You talked to them today ... When asked your faith You'll cry No sound ... Wipe the tears with your doubts And hide ... again I can't sleep It's just taking time off my feet But

Jesse Mccartney lyricsJesse Mccartney - Best day of my life lyrics

up at around a half past 10 Cant believe that I'm late again ... Put down about a quart of caffeine To start my pulse and ... then I grab my jeans off the floor Then I hit

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