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Kid Rock - Freestyle rhyme lyrics

cards on the table, it's a Royal Flush In God i trust, and it ... light that shines Lady's always askin me "what's ... not a Taurus I'm the oriental lick master from the forrest

Andre Nickatina - Jungle lyrics

Bobby Womack My homie keep all his bullets hollow That's ... why I smell like Salvatore Ferragamo with the ... t have no competition, ho, all I got is enemies I turn

Radikal Chef - Freestyle (prod. amida) lyrics

len freestyle, dokola freestyle, idem len, žijem len, dávam ... len dokola drbnutý freestyle, idem len freestyle, žijem ... len freestyle, idem len, žijem len, dávam

Redman - Freestyle freestyle lyrics

light that green People always say, "What the hell ... give my keys up Not even half if you didn't sign a pre ... noise Hood down, got B. Smalls on my white tee And my

Lil' Flip - Freestyle king award lyrics

talkin'] Nigga, 2000, Y2K Me and ... Ron C all in yo muthaf***in' shit ... ha, man it's goin' down y'all boyz need to fo sho get that ... cotton candy cotton mouth, all in yo' face nigga Uh huh,

Vybz Kartel - Freestyle lyrics

get bail [Verse 1:] The gyal dem seh mi sweet yea the ... Christ dem jus a mek up all sorta noise but the music ... [Chorus:] so when yuh call mi name a dancehall yuh call mi got the thugs dem a

Lady Antebellum lyricsLady Antebellum - Freestyle lyrics

Just making it up as we go along Find a little rock 'n' ... roll hallelujah Throw your hands up ... we can go a little wild and freestyle A summer jam mixtape,

Method Man - Freestyle lyrics

blind Cause the ruckus for all you muthafukas Don't you ... Method Man jam like smuckers All you fools out there wanna ... bless then freeze And gimme all your loot and your weed

P.o.d. lyricsP.o.d. - Freestyle lyrics

coming up from the alleys not like the valleys ... San Diego rats out here in Cali So Cal with the crew to ... as the tune drops Negative small talks, homie star kick'n

Bow Wow Wow - Jungle boy lyrics

jungle, see jungle, see jungle, see jungle Jungle boy don ... t fear, jungle boy come near See jungle, ... see jungle, go join your gang, yeah, ... city all over, go ape crazy Jungle boy I view, jungle boy come

Pitbull - Jungle fever lyrics

just came home From the jungle eh oh eh oh eh oh eh oh eh ... [Verse 1 - Pitbull] It's a jungle sometimes. it makes me ... I keep from goin under With all these around me. I got em all colors, shapes and sizes, I

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - Jungle in my heart lyrics

really don't know the games that ... tellin' me lies. 'Cos I was falling for you by the look in ... world chosen upside down. Jungle in my heart burning jungle

Jon Bellion - Jungle lyrics

you're lucky, lucky These Wall Street dogs they can smell ... And New York City is a jungle out there Jungle out there, jungle out there New York City, it

Professor Green - Jungle (feat. maverick sabre) lyrics

When your out here in this jungle. It's wild round 'ere You ... When your out here in this jungle Ain't nothing nice round ... When your out here in this jungle, in this jungle. Your always

The Baseballs - Jungle drum lyrics

My heart is beating like a jungle drum My heart is beating ... like a jungle drum My heart is beating ... like a jungle drum Man, you got me ... Hey, read my lips 'Cause all they say is kiss, kiss, kiss

Angel Haze - Jungle fever ft. kool a.d. lyrics

shiny radiator Haters is alligators meaning that I'll see ... a kid I had a cat named Jackal When I was a kid I cuffed a ... crack ho Ten bucks used to call it Coco But you know though

Emiliana Torrini - Jungle drum lyrics

my heart is beating like a jungle drum my heart is beating ... like a jungle drum my heart is beating ... like a jungle drum man, you got me ... hey, read my lips cause all they say is kiss, kiss, kiss

Thomas Dolby - Jungle line lyrics

walks on trumpet paths Safaris ... to the heart of all that jazz Through i-bars ... savage progress cuts the jungle line The jungle line, the jungle line Screaming in a ritual

Jack Johnson - Jungle gym lyrics

city is my jungle gym Look at this big great ... ride just you and me It's a jungle gym It's a jungle gym ... Trolley cars and buses too All the big kids going to school

Holy Moses - Jungle of lies lyrics

fear Blinded by the jungle of lies I can see it in your ... eyes Blinded by the jungle of lies Blinded by the jungle of lies Burried deep by an ... chain Blinded by the jungle of lies I can see it in your

Issues - Yung & dum (feat. jon langston) lyrics

em’ where I’m from We’re all young and dumb Running ... em’ where I’m from We’re all young and dumb Throw ... be burning rubber on the asphalt Reminiscing all the times

Azealia Banks - Yung rapunxel lyrics

niggas out, tryna risk they all with the witch AB? Az’s on ... cheese on the chop- AZ stay talking that sick, sadistic shit…

Xxxtentacion lyricsXxxtentacion - Yung bratz lyrics

name's Ryan! What do they call me? The wolf in sheep's skin ... Molly, Mike Ike I got glacial white ice, and my bitch rack

Red Hot Chili Peppers lyricsRed Hot Chili Peppers - Jungle man lyrics

to be first Her ruby fruit jungle Givin' bush baby bush baby ... down down under I am a jungle man I am a jungle man I ... am a jungle man I get all the bush I can Erupting

Lion Babe - Jungle lady lyrics

it But I see you're special too! Been alone for a minute ... it baby You know you need a jungle lady Make me go wild and ... it baby You know you need a jungle lady You know you should

The Cramps - Jungle hop lyrics

away in Africa They all come from near and far Rock ... never stop Dancin' to the jungle hop Take the skins of 10 ... and do the bop They rock all night to jungle hop Rock!

Cro - Freestyle skit (ft. dajuan) lyrics

Ey, da geht noch einiges. Also gib' mir Heineken Oder ... kick' die Drags per Dropkick Also sag' bescheid, wenn deine ... bin ich raus und das war's, also ciao!... DaJuan: Okay

Vanilla Ice lyricsVanilla Ice - Freestyle lyrics

we f*** it up on both Coastal shows. Gloat when I rip shop ... ill like Coby so I ride on all a ya'll like Dopey And ... the last man settin off lyrical stamina I'll round up 100 MC

Jah9 - Jungle lyrics

a jungle out there and life is unfair ... in the same situation: tribal warfare, chattel slavery and ... one for the mountains and valleys are these city streets

Nonono - Jungle lyrics

half a train you’re not my lover ... anymore And I’m so tired of falling to the lakes of your eyes ... Ah! Please go back to the jungle where you came from Playing

Nina Persson - Jungle lyrics

kind of hard to hide in the jungle [2x] Does anybody want to ... come and talk me down? Will anyone that ... Can anybody tell me what it's all about? Cause it's getting

B. B. King - Jungle lyrics

may go and move to the jungle now Way out in the woods ... Yes, I think I'll move to the jungle people Move way out in the ... Yes, I think I'll move to the jungle Move way out in the woods

Kool & The Gang - Jungle boogie lyrics

- get down (x8) Aaaaaaah! Jungle boogie (x8) Jungle boogie ... Inc. Written by Ronald Bell, Claydes Smith, George ... Brown, Robert Mickens, Donald Boyce, Richard Westfield,

David Bisbal - Al andalus lyrics

y su embrujo te robaba el alma cuentan que hudo muchos ... se muy bien donde poderencontrala, a esa que todos llamaban ... Al-Andalus, Al-Andalus, llevo tu nombre de norte

Drake lyricsDrake - Jungle lyrics

me real slowly Put a bib on me I'm ... days, I'm letting God handle all things above me The things ... me Listen you can hear them calling my name I'm all over the

Electric Light Orchestra - Jungle lyrics

was standing in the jungle I was feeling alright Mm ... koo la ley A hundred animals were Gathered round this ... out A lovely song under the pale moonlight Mm-hmm, mm-hmm I

H.e.r. - Jungle lyrics

Garzón Montano] Rock me real slowly Put a bib on me I'm ... days, I'm letting God handle all things above me The things ... Listen, you can hear them calling my name I'm all over the

Daniel Curtis Lee - Freestyle lyrics


Kc Rebell lyricsKc Rebell - Freestyle skit reloaded lyrics

Kannste aber auch so orientalisch mäßig auch irgendwas ... Problem KC Rebell: Mach mal Mach mal Oni: Ok Bruder ... KC Rebell: Pack mal richtig ein aus Oni singt

Lil Kim - Freestyle lyrics

Ready to battle you Lyrically f*ck you up and rattle you ... my sh*t drop hard like the Valujet Some of my hard flows ... sh*t was nasty back in 96’ talked about my p**** and every n

Moreno Donadoni - Freestyle i (skit) lyrics

Ah, capisci o no? Originale, rime che ti porto nello ... e me ne vado Guapo Macho. Riallaccio rime come un nodo ... rima fosse una monetina nel salvadanaio, a quest'ora sarei

Nana Mizuki - Freestyle lyrics

FURIISUTAIRU de sora wo tobu no KOKORO no KAGI wo hazushite Masshiro na HAATO no ichibu ga Anata no hane no iro no you de HONTO nitamono doushi datta...

Snoop Dogg lyricsSnoop Dogg - Freestyle conversation lyrics

(Snoop talking with homey) Homey: Ai ... (It's a cold thing!) (For real, hmm!) I got more niggas ... s goin on wit you niggas, y'all tryin to play a low pro And

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - Freestyle 4 lyrics

You mothaf***as livin' like half of your level, half of your ... I want it right now Ball on them niggas, get heated

Emre Aydın - Alıştım susmaya lyrics

kapansın Bıraktım öyle kalsın Bizim gibi darmadağın ... Beni sevmediğin zamanlarda Alıştım susmaya Hiç ağlamadım, ... ağlamadım Alıştım susmaya Beni

Martini Mia - Al mondo lyrics

grande spargi su di me. Al mondo cosa d'altro c'e' al ... mondo che somiglia a te al mondo. Creatura tu che ... culli la pelle sulla mia. Al mondo insieme a te

Riblja Corba - Al kapone lyrics

Amin Lekovit je ko vitamin Al Kapone Prema njemu je Bokasa ... Human kao Vojska Spasa Al Kapone I Hitlere i Staljine ... Zavio je u haljine Al Kapone To majka vise ne

Michał Bajor - Żal mi nadziei lyrics

co się nie spełniły żal białych płatków, co pomknęły ... w dal, żal mi tych dziewczyn, które się ... na karnawału najpiękniejszy bal Żal mi okazji, które

Abba lyricsAbba - Al andar lyrics

que el ansioso Esconde un alma en paz Viajero o misionero ... y su creciente Va la gente al andar Como el viento y su ... corrida Va la vida al andar Como el sol a la

Morandi Gianni - Al primo sguardo lyrics

bello stare insieme a te al primo sguardo mi innamorai ... di te al primo bacio non ritrovai ... c'eri sempre solo tu al primo sguardo mi innamorai

Sad Lovers & Giants - Jungle of lies lyrics

The power of love that heals and mends A sordid tapestry ... the will to survive? Ina jungle of lies Passion and fear ... of everything I say we’re all lonely in the end Memories

Skyline - Jungle lyrics

back the past to you I'm calling back my loyal old school ... school nonsense leaves me really mad Now I'm bringing back ... you, Connecting with my loyal old school crew Now rude

Tim Buckley - Jungle fire lyrics

man's bones Through the walls and the stalls and the ... cackling calls You were there You were

Frente - Jungle lyrics

to be it's not me This is my jungle I dont' let anyone in here ... reasonable doubt Happy to fall for the fool with the ... vulnerable animal heart I learn my lies I

Morten Harket - Jungle of beliefs lyrics

great market place We can walk in our sleep, do you know ... within looking down Into a jungle of beliefs, look at you, look ... great market place We can walk in our sleep, do you know

Sick Of It All - Jungle lyrics

up, no longer running palace corroded, condemned like all the people that were ... doubled the self destructive jungle never had the chance to ... out of the game we let all our evil just guide the way

Radikal Chef - Ďalší deň lyrics

môžem ogrcať. Nepíšem modrým ale krvou teda červeným, ... dni, lenže vždy veľké sny realita prestrelí. Takže som ... ako únia. Neuživí ma muzika, ale keď dusím majk, unikám z

Lucero - Al centro de tus ojos lyrics

algo natural, Que yo me haya enamorado de ... corta Y el tiempo se detuvo al fin, Lento ms lento lo sent, ... como mi universo, Me quedar al centro de tus ojos. Slo t,

Hymny - Alžírská hymna - kassaman lyrics

ḥayātun ʾaw mamāt Wa-ʿaqadnā al-ʿazma ʾan taḥyā l-Jazāʾir Fa ... rashshāshi laḥnā Wa-ʿaqadnā al-ʿazma ʾan taḥyā l-Jazāʾir Fa

Angeles Del Infierno - Al otro lado del silencio lyrics

que nunca llegaran Verse realidad Tu nombre escrito en un ... hablaran Que hay amigo al otro lado del silencio [2x] ... lugares Suenan para ti Palabras que nunca eh olvidado Y

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