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Bangtan Boys - Jungkook - paper hearts (cover) lyrics

the way you made me feel Such young love but Something in me knew that it was real Frozen in my head Pictures I'm living through for now Trying to remember all the good times Our life was cutting through so loud Memories are playing in my dull mind

Jungkook - Paper hearts lyrics

the way you made me feel Such young love but Something in me knew that it was real Frozen in my head Pictures I’m living through for now Trying to remember all the good times Our life was cutting through so loud Memories are playing in my dull mind I hate

Tori Kelly - Paper hearts lyrics

love, you flew right by love Remember the way you made me feel Such young love but Something in me knew that it was real Frozen in my head Pictures I’m living through for now Trying to remember all the good times Our life was cutting through

Bangtan Boys - Jungkook - nothing like us (cover) lyrics

..Ohhh....uh... Lately I've been thinkin', Thinkin' bout what we had, I know it was hard, It was all that we knew, yeah Have you been drinkin' To take all the pain away? I wish that I could give you what you deserve... 'Cause nothing can ever, Ever r

Bangtan Boys - Jungkook - purpose (cover) lyrics

Feeling like I'm breathing my last breath Feeling like I'm walking my last steps Look at all of these tears I've wept Look at all the promises that I've kept I put...

Bangtan Boys - Jungkook - lost stars (cover) lyrics

oh, yeah Please... don't see Just a boy caught up in dreams and fantasies Please... see me Reaching out for someone I can't see Take my hand, let's see where we wake up tomorrow Best laid plans sometimes are just a one night stand I'll be damned, Cupid's demanding back his a

Victoria Duffield - Paper planes lyrics

dare you, I dare to you free fall. With open eyes, eyes open wide. Love, it's a one, it's a one in the million. So let's catch this ride, bring this to life. Cause I got what you want, you want what I want, no point to moving slow. Well run thr

Niall Horan lyricsNiall Horan - Paper houses lyrics

this house of broken hearts We make our love on stacks of cards And yes we tried, to hold on tight To mend our love, it's hard to find Yeah, our paper houses reach the stars 'Til we break and scatter miles apart Our paper houses on the stars Why do

Keepsake - Paper cuts and broken hearts lyrics

attempt to erase Every memory that bares your name But every thought you invade What was there has become dust Yet I pray for it's resurrection When I should just accept And come to terms with it's demise An attempt to hate you For my deepest scar Cause what we had are now j

Lisa Hannigan - Paper house lyrics

lended our heavy hearts, motors with broken parts, we had a deck of cards it was a start. We’d sit out in the sun, and wait for our skin to turn, you would ask for truth, and I would look for something to burn. Oh we walked in a hallowed place back then the edge of Dublin, the edg

Buck 65 - Paper airplane lyrics

by the lake you saw me and you knew i was waiting for you looking inbetween those long greens your reflection it fell upon How we miss that love the words written on my hand are hard to say. a game of solitaire and no cards to play. paper airpla

Close Your Eyes - Paper thin lyrics

these words and sing them for me They fill up all these pages I have been writing in But lately they are becoming So paper thin So paper thin These pages turn; They're full of empty words I tear them out just to start it again and still I lie a

F.t.island - Paper plane (korean) lyrics

make it as just the way U are then throw it as far as U can i barame heundeulligo burane tteollyeodo jogeuman han nalgaereul pyeo dasi naraolla Nobody cares how high U fly Nobody cares how low u fly Nobody see you haneuriran geon naman bwajujin anha Nobody cares how hard U try Nobo

Overworld - Paper heart lyrics

inside a maze Dark and dreamy place Can you tell me, oh can you tell me what I'm doing here Lost inside of me Where no eyes can see Can you tell me, oh can you tell me Why I don't belong Feelings can't be sold Not for empty gold And I do believe that life hides more

Lady Gaga lyricsLady Gaga - Paper gangsta lyrics

rush with a pen in my hand dinkin linking singin script with a fan remembering me before we began sometimes i felt so deaf in the jam but the ones who loved me told me to stop like homegirl cant get jitter for drop- a superwoman chick you know that i am some shit don

Jojo - Paper airplanes lyrics

. Oh oh oh oh whoa Oh oh oh oh whoa My love Oh I'm missing you baby All day.. There was a boy who lived in a small town He met a girl in the big city He fell in love the second he saw her Took her awhile but then she came around They were so happ

John Cougar Mellencamp - Paper in fire lyrics

had a dream And boy, it was a good one So she chased after her dream With much desire But when she got too close To her expectations Well, the dream burned up Like paper in fire Paper in fire Stinkin' up the ashtrays Paper in fire Smokin' up the a

Astrid S - Paper thin lyrics

heart feels like the sharpest razor blade I really hope this won't give me away Cause I've been drowning here for days Like a watercolor about to fade Every inch of me is there to trace No secrets left here on my page Underneath my skin, I see a change Blood race

Big Sean - Paper chaser feat. jay k lyrics

Chaser (2x)* Yeah And Whoevers on your grind and got a swag like mine say "I'm a paper chaser" And I'mma keep gettin'' money 'till you hatas' just love me cuz, I'm a paper chaser. Yeah and I know she can't say no, all she see is green so she

July Talk - Paper girl lyrics

t ask a question Don't seek my trust You don't look pretty when you smile So don't smile at all You loved me like a doctor Horse don't run with a broken leg You're a paper girl with paper eyes, you're a paper rop And if you think it's yo

Kc Rebell lyricsKc Rebell - Paper lyrics

Part 1] Ich chille hier im Stammcafé Willst du ma' mein'n Alltag seh'n? Ich besitze eine Walther-P Mal gucken, wer auf meiner Liste noch so alles steht! In Gesichtern kann ich Schlangen seh'n Und es trifft mich, wenn ihr Gift in meine Adern sch

Talking Heads lyricsTalking Heads - Paper lyrics

the paper up to the light Some rays pass right through Expose yourself out there for a minute Some rays pass right through Take a little rest when the rays pass through Take a little time off when the rays pass through Go ahead, mix it up, go ahead and tie

Kill Hannah - Paper dolls lyrics

is standing on the edge Seems like, a milion years ago Says she just wants to touch the heaven Says she coming down... Four, three, one, zero Paper dolls Will find you when your lost and so alone Paper dolls Your tortured, but it makes you

Pm Dawn - Paper doll lyrics

doll ( paper doll ), paper doll ( paper doll ) Hello, imagine yourself and a link on a chain, the chain is wrapped around someones mind, If you break off then things start to change. then you realize that there’s no time, No direction as you fly through the wind.

Royal Hunt - Paper blood lyrics

our shop, as you can see You’d be a man, you wanna be Unhappy with the way it goes? You’d buy another life And our prices… who can beat? Here’s royal flesh and common meat You name it, my associate is sharpening her knife Please take a peek inside, Tell me how it feels lik

Chlöe Howl - Paper heart lyrics

in the shade of your ego again, Think you got me tamed, but it's still pretend You think I'm under control but I have my doubts Stuck on repeat like a broken cassette, sitting around smokin' your cigarettes I'm burning on bruised and I'm going out. I'm shrugging it off, all t

Def Leppard lyricsDef Leppard - Paper sun lyrics

it hurt to remember Does it help to forget Do you know what you started When you lit the fuse of regret There's not a reason why you've come undone There's nothing left to justify, this can't go on There's nothing left inside as I walk this broken land Cause y

Hope Floats Soundtrack - Paper wings lyrics

VERSE 1:] Paper wings, all torn and bent But you made me feel like they were heaven sent Paper wings, not real at all But they took me high enough to really fall Your paper kisses, faded too soon Just like a paper rose, beneath a paper moon Paper wings, paper wi

Live - Paper flowers lyrics

seem like a girl who likes to tell her bed is made You seem like a girl who likes to wear her pearls Well I'm not the type who likes to dwell, Save my money, or kiss and tell, ooo yeah Oh why does she water them Paper flowers This girl walks up so graciously Sl

Franz Ferdinand lyricsFranz Ferdinand - Paper cages lyrics

out, step out of our cages Step out of our paper cages Step out, step out of our cages Out of our cages, out of our cages Step out I like the look of your place Yes, I love your construction Did you carve a wee key From the soap in your kitchen To turn in a lock Of yo

Krayzie Bone - Paper lyrics

world, the world, the world is very diffrent now The world, the world, the world is very diffrent now The world, the world, the world is very diffrent now The world, the world, the world is very diffrent now The world, the world, the world is very

Michelle Branch - Paper pieces lyrics

duda duda duda duda du dada duda dada Dada duda duda duda duda du dada duda dada Called your name today But no one answers any more You turned and ran away Like someone came and locked the door Paper pieces lyin' on the floor I fall to pieces now The coffees' black and m

Jay-z lyricsJay-z - Paper chase (feat. foxy brown) lyrics

Foxy Brown] Uhh, uhh, uh-huh Uhh (paper chase) Bonnie n Clyde Y'all motherf***ers know how it's goin down (gotta get that paper y'all) That's right, uhh (Uh-huh uh, yeah, Roc-a-Fella, yeah Paper chase y'all, paper chase WHAT? Uh) Greyho

Bea Miller - Paper doll lyrics

it make you feel good to make me feel small? When you're pushing me down does it make you feel tall? Wanna know my flaws 'cause you wanna erase them all Does it make you feel good to make me feel small? I bet you didn't think I knew what I was

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - Paper mache, cabbages & kings lyrics

Na na na na na na na na na Paper mache and telegraph poles Things go dead in the night Make enough noise to make enough noise to make you want to jump wi...

F(x) - Paper heart lyrics

jangnaneul chil ttaemyeon nareul kkok butjabajwoya hae tto naraga beorilla Geureoke gugimyeon keunil na nan mareopgo chakhae boyeodo jajonsimi senikka Sarange mak apa bon jeok nugul jinjihage saenggakhan jeokdo nan cheoeumira simgakhae Geoteun ganghan cheok haebojiman nae simj

Roy Orbison - Paper boy lyrics

walk down to the blue side of town Where there's no happiness, no joy Down at the end of a long dark street I saw a little paper boy Paper boy paper boy I've got bad news for you Paper boy paper boy Me and my baby are through She was my l

David Cook - Paper heart lyrics

can feel in the evening air all the words I want to say But I can tell as you turn to leave that they wouldn't make you stay Overhead the lights come on and suddenly I see That glow is gonna guide you home wherever that may be What use is a paper heart, when y

Can't Stop Won't Stop - Paper route lyrics

our paper route On our paper route More soul when we roll on our paper route! On our paper route On our paper route From the block to the world on our paper route Here I come with the news it's The Can't Stop Times I'm rolling to your porch

Brooke Candy - Paper or plastic lyrics

Intro] Why do all the good girls have to die Living in a bad girl's paradise [Refrain] Paper or plastic go spend your paper on plastic Go buy a life that's fantastic cause all you are is your assets Paper or plastic do you want paper or plastic You can't buy love without passion

Sky Ferreira - Paper doll lyrics

been looking Looking for a glamorous life Come on daddy Since when is luxury such a crime? Men that save their pennies Only make my rainy day When their pockets are empty They don’t mean anything I’m a paper doll Nothing there at all Paper doll Gimme

Jacksfilms - Paper bag lyrics

ve tried looking at you, But it's so hard to do. I wanna whip out my mace, So let's hide that butterface. You know when you see a car crash, And you can't help looking at that? Well, your face is kinda the same, Except a car-crash-comparison's prett

One Ok Rock - Paper planes (feat. kellin quinn) lyrics

paper planes, to hand grenades I'm gonna take you out From paper planes, to hand grenades I'm gonna take you out Try and change me Rearrange me You're so crazy in the head Pull me closer to the vultures' But I won't be left for dead You make

B.o.b. - Paper route lyrics

don't know who you f***ing with Ain't no democrat, and by far I'm no republican This the type of talk that'll probably piss off my publicist And I ain't even started, the water ain't even bubbling The type of talk that'll probably get me in trouble with the la

Cherri Bomb - Paper doll lyrics

s right, who's wrong? Who cares? Life's short, life's long It's everywhere I won't waste my time with you Unless you give me truth I won't waste my time on proving Time is wasting you I'm not here to break your fall I won't be your paper doll I'm not the kind to

Vanessa Hudgens - Paper cut lyrics

s not a feeling like when you touch a flame No, it's not like when someone calls you a bad name It's not like the hurt when you slip and fall down No, it's not like any of these, what I've found is Your love hurts like a paper cut, so sweet never even feel the slice; you're so d

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Paper, scissors, rock ft. timbaland, big sean lyrics

Timbaland] Baby girl I think we need to sit and talk, talk, talk Playing with my money, paper, scissors, rock, rock, rock Blowing up my heart then stick a pen and pop pop pop Either you ?, don’t know what you got got got I could be wrong, you could right You probably be

Kesha lyricsKesha - Paper airplane lyrics

Pa pa pa pa Pa pa pa pa Pa pa pa pa all of the gold, has melted and turned to stone such a shame to see all that we made is just a year down the drain such a waste.. clearly wait a minute i can see what's goin on found a minute took a cha

Loreen - Paper light lyrics

m coming back to start I'm counting back to the start The sound of guns when we part I'm in a race with this heart Come under my skin Rush through my veins I need your light I've been chased to a solid place Shooting up to the sky We're born to be highe

Tyler Ward lyricsTyler Ward - Paper heart lyrics

the parking lot of 7-eleven a picture of you, like a picture of heaven but my tears fall down upon the wheel breaking apart is how I feel, just how I feel ‘cause I’ve been shot down, everybody turn around to the sound of my breaking heart just burn

Elliot Isac - Paper plane lyrics

many days since I saw your face God knows how many times I've been tryin' not to call you You've been around the world, up to the moon Always on the run, so young and restless She was long gone when she was close to me Oh, I just had to let her go for now,

Isac Elliot - Paper plane lyrics

many days since I saw your face God knows how many times I've been tryin' not to call you You've been around the world, up to the moon Always on the run, so young and restless She was long gone when she was close to me Oh, I just had to let her go for now, ju

Emmy The Great - Paper forest (in the afterglow of rapture) lyrics

re not unlucky, you're just not very smart These things will never leave you They're as close as you can get To a blueprint for the future But you can call it fate It's like these days I have to write down Almost every thought I've held So scared I am becoming O

Kendall Payne - Paper skin lyrics

let your life slip through the cracks in your hand If you hold on tight you might stand a chance Don’t be yourself if you’re not someone you like There’s hope for change in anyone’s life The paper skin I’m living in it tells the truth, it proves I’m broken

Tracy Chapman - Paper and link lyrics

the mirror Broke the surface of the water Saw my true self All illusions shattered Money's only paper only ink We'll destroy ourselves if we can't agree How the world turns Who made the sun Who owns the sea The world we know will fall piece by piece Sat down up close to

Louden Swain - Paper, plastic lyrics

m puttin' in hours at the IGA Logs don't sell so well in may Right at five I take my dinner break and I Practice in the back Push the boxes away But I know The way it goes Wait for the time to hang out In my plain clothes Paper, plastic, wood and a whit

Phedora - Paper streets lyrics

m walking the paper streets And the pavement's bleeding with ink I know my life is made of words This house of ink will close Strange that I've lost my path Even though I have never walked My lies, so comfortable to dwell That I believed myself

Rebecca Shearing - Paper lung lyrics

s easier with a heart of stone You can kill to make it work Set a fire in my heart And watch it burn I know you like a challenge So I'll wipe your slate clean If you don't mind having me And if your blessings fall It's too late to count them all Count ev

Blood For Blood - Paper gangster lyrics

Who the f*** do you think you are You've taken this a bit too far Believing you're king shit In your fake fantasy A clown dress to impress Soft core, Mickey Mouse and nothing less Exposing you will make me rest Until then remember you're A bullshit fake Paper Gangster You ai

Anvil - Paper general lyrics

Strays Freedom Pays On board computers malfunction and alter their course Follow official procedure and answer with force With force With force Red zone Stop Confused Caught Ground forces scramble embark on a murderous task Shadowed from reason, curtained behind i

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