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Jung Joon Young - "이별10분전" (the sense of an ending) lyrics

jibeul naseo maeumeun aranna bwa balgeoreumi neuryeojyeo ... ibyeorui mareul haneun geu yeppeun eolgul naneun ... dwitmoseubi neomu apeujineun anheulkka ulmyeo butjabeulkka

Mud Flow - The sense of 'me' lyrics

Try to try again To hear yourself again from time to time Try to try again To hear yourself (again) from time to time Try to try again To hear yourself again from ti...

Score In Sight - The sense of time lyrics

without dreams That´s the stuff I was used to Just ... like that was everything And I couldn´t escape from this ... world I wanted to do something great

Cky - The era of an end lyrics

find I'm all alone I try my hand when I can It's never easy ... to understand I spit my lies to see if they fly, call it what you will ... This is the era of an end No time to comprehend the secrets that they're keeping

Senses Fail - The courage of an open heart lyrics

I get so silent I can hear my heartbeat Sometimes ... I get so silent The memories come back to me ... But now I know, there is suffering no one should ... have to feel Hiding the truth, because it wasn’t safe

George Strait - The chill of an early fall lyrics

old friend, from her own end of town dropped by today, And ... a cold winter squall. And I'll begin to feel the chill ... of an early fall. And I'll be drinking again and

Chalice (australia) - The stigma of an age lyrics

one we will embrace the dusk Of times we all lament For ... every aspiration lost And every fortune spent Such ... thoughts relinquished In the nightmares heaven sent

Escape With Romeo - The fall of an angel lyrics

could understand what it means to be misunderstood from the person you love the most ... Hell is just the echo of god’ s angry words Ooh how ... are but so sad apart from the person you love the most

Sinister - The masquerade of an angel lyrics

a valley of chaos an angel comes In her ... slumber she's hobbing to the prom With a litthe of ... hoping for a wonder A feast of death is what she finds

Flatsound - The product of an angel lyrics

the length that we'd traveled And ... compare it to the length we haven't traveled yet I ... took my life out of context And moved it to the front of a ... see things more clearly than I did And the picture was

Six Magics - The secrets of an island lyrics

s Crewmen:] Oh! flying Dutchman Respected by your crew ... Trust in the power Of your men Oh! flying Dutchman ... Respected by your crew Flier of the seas You will guide us

Cats On Fire - The smell of an artist lyrics

see they got your picture in this ... time You already cut it out and framed it You say you like them when they're raging You ... read the caption out aloud "I

Magnum - The face of an enemy lyrics

t hear the thunder come close If I'm a ... who cares I'm just a joker, the cool host But no one knows ... s for real Wrong time in the wrong place I'm looking out

Jung Joon Young - "병이에요" (spotless mind) lyrics

an nayo naneun mollayo Uriga saranghaennayo Jeongmal mollayo ... O nugusigillae nae gaseume Angineun geongayo Byeongieyo ... hwanjaeyo Apeun gieok da jiwoyo

Jung Joon Young - Be stupid lyrics

baeun geon bogi daseot gae jung matneun dabeun han gae geujunge jeongdabi itdan geot geunde ... dabi eobtjanha nae saenggakdaero chilbeoneul mandeureo

Jung Joon Young - "아는 번호" (missed call) lyrics

amu maldo wiroga doejin anketji hoksi geu nugudo eobsi ... hollo uljin anketji naega boigin hani ... ne nunmure apahaneun na naega deulligin hani

Jung Joon Young - "정말?" (really?) lyrics

meomchwosseumyeon hae nan oneuri maeiri dwae ... mocheoreom nun jjipurige mandeuneun najui haessaldo nan ... johasseo gateun gonggan ane neowa inneun ge nan kkumman

Jung Joon Young - Take off mask lyrics

eokjiseureon maltuwa haengdongdeul nae geot gatji anha ... nugureul mannabwado malhal su eomneun ... georigamman honjaga deo joheunde ... ne eoseolpeun yeongeuk chakhan cheongman haneun ppeonhan

Satariel - A vision of an ending lyrics

lost, rejected somewhere back there For a moment I stop to ... look back All I see is the paths I could have chosen In ... my history is written And in yesterday the history

Crematory - Sense of time lyrics

the sense of time...the time of your life Silence is a ... breed of loss - shown in your words There's no guarantee if once ... violence has hurt There's no way back to silence

Phallax - Sense of your life lyrics

up I keep on wondering for the sense of life Early working ... learning even very hard In the evening you have no time for ... like this When will I have the next six weeks free to stay

Darkwater - In the blink of an eye lyrics

winter, ice and snow One last breath then ... she knows well A feeling of sorrow just won't leave her ... away He leaves his home in anger and dismay He leaves it

Finger Eleven - Sense of a spark lyrics

other words fail I don't find it ... fair. But anyway This little string keeps ... Inside my mind Needs out I wanna trip myself away But I ... wait I better wait I get the sense of a spark so I follow

Rush - The color of right lyrics

don't have an explanation For another lonely ... night I just feel this sense of mission And the sense of ... it easy on me now I'd be there if I could I'm so full of

Chaostar - The field of ante cun lyrics

tone of high-pitched sound, that was ... lashing mercilessly the air from the beginning of ... experiment, changed. There was something cold on this ... sterile song, a kind of warning for an unknown anger.

The Nice - The thoughts of emerlist davjack lyrics

goin' back, goin' back, to be young again To find a time to ... develop my mind and be kind To really see, to ... really live, to really love And be kind When I was young,

Nofx - We march to the beat of an indifferent drum lyrics

our ass in the air and our heads in the ground There's no sense of despair, ... sound We hold our ears and shut our eyes Distant ... corroborate each others lives Pat my back and I

Battleroar - The tower of the elephant lyrics

darkness falls on the city of the thieves and starlight kisses ... the golden domes He walks the streets of Arenjun Through the shadows of the Maul Beyond the temples of richness filled

Fastkill - Sense of ignorance lyrics

my eyes and try to blind me Don't need ... a reason for the pain I'm feeling I think I'm ... going insane The more intense, the sense of ... ignorance Hate, breeds hate! The

Kristallnacht - The praise of war lyrics

that defines a responsible man From war depends hegemony ... our fate War follows a code of honour As waging it (in the ... name of an ideal) is not inhuman War creates history and

Freedom Call - The circle of life lyrics

born into this world of Joy and misery Where all the things ... go round in circles The sense of life it seems to be An ... unknown mystery With ups and downs The good and the bad

Alghazanth - The way of the scales lyrics

voice is fire and the wind is my herald Watch the ... burn as I start to howl There's a sense of loss in its ... from what weighs us down The quintessence of the thirst

Lost Innocence - The voice of a siren lyrics

surrounded me I've lost the meaning, I've lost my way My ... rules, their fashions, blinded eyes to ... see What does remain of a man who’s never free? Dying in

Current 93 - The dream of a shadow of smoke lyrics

quot;So is every man. He is born in vanity and sin ... He comes into the world like morning mushrooms, ... soon thrustling up their heads into the air, and ... conversing with their kindred of the same production, and as

Dream Theater - The best of times lyrics

days of yesterday And how it flew so fast The two ... score and a year we had, I thought ... would always last The summer days and west coast ... I wished would never end A young boy and his father, Idol and

Candiria - The process of self lyrics

realize who you are? breath of the blinding stars I constant developing thirsty for ... listen this more than I hear with mind don`t fear ... the change of self inside the process inflaming the fevers

Diabulus In Musica - The river of loss lyrics

of Loss Sude in and swim, evade your fears ... Pursue your dreams, don't let them sink In te ipso fons est ... iaetitiae How many times in my lifetime I've

Pay Money To My Pain - In the blink of an eyes lyrics

find myself inside of you It's very sweet to me I ... unconsciously If we stay together I will make you smile and ... my eyes I see you smile It's an ordinary day and I touch

Savage Messiah - The mask of anarchy lyrics

wars on liberty, under a veil of secrecy In procession it ... arrived one by one and side by side To stamp out the sense of will, dead earth ... union we praise, thou art god and king and grace On a white

Dark Millenium - The repertory of grey lyrics

the look from the sun I would never know the ... latest day I woke up in the cold broke that I promised, ... if this will last what more they want my pride to give and

Lacrimas Profundere - The crown of leaving lyrics

..And so we take the gift of crying and bask in the fire of past the grandeous hope ... undying the wish will fall at last .. ... .So this is the sweetest choice unhearing

Mercyme lyricsMercyme - In the blink of an eye lyrics

for me You knew my name and You called it Long before I ... learned to breathe Sometimes I feel ... disappointed By the way I spend my time How can I ... further Your kingdom When I'm so

Orange Blue - The voice of my blood lyrics

it's worth telling you 'Bout the rain inside me Feel like I'm ... losing control Of my pride Never thought that ... one touch could change a life But I guess this

A-teens - In the blink of an eye lyrics

Is there something I can do? You broke your heart in ... two Many pieces Now you gotta put ... trying to make it through And you're feeling kinda blue

Alexander Klaws - From the heart of an angel lyrics

my angel, years may come and years may go, be my baby ... oh angel, I'll never never let you ... dream come true,tonight From the heart of an angel where the

Anggun - On the breath of an angel lyrics

I go Whatever I see Over oceans unknown You are always with ... me Pure as the water We float on this wave ... On the breath of an angel I'll fly away At the

Bobby Darin - The ballad of cat ballou lyrics

s a hangin' day in Wolf City, Wyomin' ... Wolf City, Wyomin', 1894 They're gonna drop Cat Ballou ... Through the gallows floor She has the ... smile of an angel The eyes of an angel The face of an angel But she's mean and evil

Raven - On the wings of an eagle lyrics

Searchlights are cutting the night Fighters rising to the ... challenge Enemy to the left and the right Never have so many owed So much to so few ... Reach for the sky, it's do or die Our

Alexander - From the heart of an angel lyrics

my angel, years may come and years may go. Be my, baby. ... Oh, my angel I'll never, never let you ... my dreams come true From the heart of an angel Where sky

B. B. King - In the middle of an island lyrics

the middle of an island In the middle of the ocean You and ... I beneath the moonlight Just the monkeys and the palm trees ... In the middle of an island Plenty time for lots of

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - In the blink of an eye lyrics

can see your shadow Underneath the room Maybe a winter ... Heading this way soon In the blink of an eye Many songs ... have been sung Many lives have gone by We will

The Perishers - In the blink of an eye lyrics

be ok Now I know love can turn to hate in the blink of an eye Another lie another ... to read between I just can´t understand why you cared to ... You never truly loved me anyway I just can´t understand

Seventh Wonder - In the blink of an eye lyrics

night My mind it Dreams of those who fall asleep This ... This quiet plight You can hear me cry Can I stand to ... cast me into night Neverending distant light So I

Bombshell Rocks - By the blink of an eye lyrics

Everything seems like a waste of time It's so frustrating ... dues Oh oh! Oh yeah! I hear the bell ringing It's time to ... grab hold of things This feeling can be

Holy Knights - The revival of the black demon lyrics

warmth of an eternal sleep, of an intrepid horseman, Makes ... mystical and magic the legend which tells his ... exploit. Once when peace and love reigned together, A

Brainstorm - In the blink of an eye lyrics

I'm falling Falling apart at the seams I'm running through ... reach my dreams Somehow I can understand How can I deny I ... never meant to cause you pain Remaining

Darkane - The killing of i lyrics

inside Waiting for a change to come Indulge the life of others Personal pleasure ... conclusion zero Turn to the depths inside horrid waste ... this mental cage Is this the end? Is this the last human

Fact - 1. in the blink of an eye lyrics

Never meant to turn you off this way There was no way i ... could stop and take you with me this landslide's reflected in my eyes ... An hourglass ticking down the time is broken in to pieces

Illuminata - In the twinkling of an eye lyrics

to be completely irrelevant Accidentaly their insecure ... looks cross Bashfully they sink their eyes to the ... ground Their paths went seperate ways ... dissapeared from his sight Their two lives go on in a

Radical Face - From the mouth of an injured head lyrics

hold me against the floor Find something to bind ... my hands 'cause I don't know where ... I have been And I don't know what I have ... seen But the puzzle is carved into me And I know that I miss you But

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