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Joyous Celebration The Poem A All For You lyrics

Browse for Joyous Celebration The Poem A All For You song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Joyous Celebration The Poem A All For You lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Joyous Celebration The Poem A All For You.

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Ace Of Base - All for you lyrics

pour toi Liaison dangereuse [Verse 1:] I tried to write you a love song I thought I could So far what I told, you misunderstood It used to be so good What went wrong with us I remember our night in Montparnasse You gave me a painting made of us So I

Madder Mortem - All for you lyrics

000000000000 000000000000 000000000000 000000000000 000000000000 000000000000 000000000000 000000000000

Seo In Guk - All for you~ lyrics

myeochiljjae jeonwado eomneum neo Eolma humyeon naui saengil iran goel aneunji Nunchido eobsi siganeun jakkuman heulleogago Nan miumboda geokjeongseureon mame Mujakjeong chajagan neoui golmok eogwieseo Saenggakji motan useumyeo Bangineun neoreul bwass

Goodnight Nurse - All for you lyrics

at me Look at you Make my day I hope you Think of me When I'm away Lightning strikes at my soul I breather in deep breaths of hope And wake up from my quiet dream To see you so perfectly And its all And its all for you And its all And its all for you My

Black Label Society - All for you lyrics

neck has been broke in the noose of life's rope Through My loss of you I have found no hope Slain emotions, lifeless and blue Destroying myself now All for you Remote recollections of tranquility Terror grotesquely becoming of me Unnamable

Mikeschair - All for you lyrics

time, this place is set apart I stand amazed at who You are I'm overcome by what You've done Oh I'm here right now, I need You now I lift Your name above the doubt This is my offering for You For You 'Cause it's all for You, all for You Every heart will proclaim Ever

Kate Ryan - All for you lyrics

I wake up in your arms; it's so divine Love to hold you love to feel your lips on mine All I am, all I do it's all for you I've never been in love like this before You come into my world forever more Step into the light You feel it when you're right It's all for you Th

Factory Fiction - All for you lyrics

you wish for I can give From this hungry heart of mine Whatever things you will To make me out of fine Was that savior up on high Who got there only yesterday? Confession time once more Doesn't mean I thing he says Oh, I do it all for you Oh

Jake Coco - All for you lyrics

breaker 413, take a break and rescue me There s a place I'd like to go, there's a person I would like to know I want you...but I've got you now....and I need you more Its in who you are, that makes you a star Its not what you do, but what they put you thro

Annihilator - All for you lyrics

take your orders From the queen of insanity But the contract said It was you and me I sacrificied family My children and my soul To give you what you wanted Complete control You tried to kill The love and to isolate But then you turn around Like it's n

Imagine Dragons lyricsImagine Dragons - All for you lyrics

get caught in the water I get torn in the wind I could drown in the river While the sun goes down I get tossed by the ocean Piled deep in the sand I'm drowned out by the thunder Lost in a laugh Is anyone listening? Is anyone around to see That I'm doing it all for you I'

Little Boots - All for you lyrics

me why, must we sleep Tell me why, we want things we can't keep Tell me why, we have no choice Tell me why, these illusions have a voice Oh oh oh oh, all that I've got to give Oh oh oh oh, it's all for you Oh oh oh oh, all that I need to live Oh

Fractured - All for you lyrics

many things i see in your eyes, my love for you i cannot disguise. your sweet lips - pressed up against mine, l'll hold you close until the end of time. I wake up to a brand new day, the stress and fears won't go away. I try my best to push on through - persis

Jonah33 - All for you lyrics

time with them had stopped, It's time for Him to carry out His father's will, Is that He drink this cup He's told them all along that He would go, They could not follow Him But He'll be back for them my friend And now He sweats these drops of blood And He prays take this cup from

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - All for you lyrics

can't believe it, can't stand to leave it But I know the rules We were doomed babe, too much too soon babe Acting like fools Tried to fly and climbed too high We saw it all, we had to fall But I swear it's true, was all for you I swear it's true

Alex & Sierra - All for you lyrics

I go Another night I find myself losing all control You won't believe what I've been thinking Wanna rob a bank Get you everything you could ever need Steal a plane and fly you wherever you want (You never know when to stop) It's the way you keep me twisted It's jus

Fun Factory - All for you lyrics

do it all for you I hope you do it too Let me be close to you you know I'll find the truth come on let's do it right so let's be friends tonight oh baby don't be shy cause I will do it all for you for you girl yes for you my heart is beating what can I do to fight the feeling w

Keith Urban lyricsKeith Urban - All for you lyrics

night I fell asleep, and I saw you dancing in my dreams, Just like the way the Autumn leaves fall for you. All for you. You changed my life, you changed my ways. I don't even recognize myself these days. It must be a reflection of you. Only you. [Chorus]

Little Brother - All for you lyrics

Rapper Big Pooh] Uh, Deah Pops It's your boy I got some things I want to say to you, man Just a couple of words Bear with me Gimme a minute Time to face it Sitting in the middle of the basement Holding a jack How I'm anticipating he 'gon call me back Got

Nat King Cole - All for you lyrics

you raise your eyes and make believe, All the stars come out and paint a world of blue. There's my heart right up your sleeve Waiting all for you. When you smile on me, the world is mine, And the dreams I dream, I know will all come true. Every c

Our Lady Peace - All for you lyrics

suburban man at my door But I don’t think I’ll let him in He wants discipline Discipline, control over the way I live Wants the best for me Old school philosophy But I can’t turn my back on him He’s a part of me Buy me anything but I just need a friend It’s

Franz Ferdinand lyricsFranz Ferdinand - All for you sophia lyrics

bang, Gavrilo Princip Bang bang, shoot me Gavrilo Bang bang, the first six are for you Bang bang, the seventh is for me Bang bang, Gavrilo Princip Bang bang, Europe's going to weep All for you, all for you, all for you, Sophia (x4) Bang bang, history's compl

In This Moment - All for you lyrics

seasons come and go Another night another show I step into the lights Knowing we will be alright Even when I'm far You know I'm always there with you And through this all You know that you're the reason In everything I do It's all for you You know that you're my rea

Janet  Jackson lyricsJanet Jackson - All for you lyrics

my girls at the party Look at that body Shakin' that thing Like I never did see Got a nice package alright Guess I'm gonna have to ride it tonight All my girls at the party Look at that body Shakin that thing Like you never did see Got a nice package all righ

Jackson Janet - All for you lyrics

my girls at the party Look at his body Shakin' that thing Like I never did see Got a nice package alright Guess I'm gonna have to ride it tonight Guess I'm gonna have to ride it tonight All for you If you really want it All for you if you say you need it All fo

Simple Minds - All for you lyrics

had a walk the other day To meet someone I think you know The air was cold Skies were so grey Somebody lay on the ground below All For You All For You All For You Came face to face Felt so uneasy Oh so confused as what's going on Just coul

Passenger lyricsPassenger - For you lyrics

you, dear I'd lose my tongue to talk, dear No whispers in the dark, dear For you I would And if you, dear Found my words were unclear And my voice you can't hear For you I would Write you a poem Just to let you know I would write you a poem, my love For you, dea

Take That lyricsTake That - It's all for you lyrics

world is smiling It's a little brighter There's less politics A little more laughter Wars become silent Everything's different Nothing is hurting And it's all working Look at the courage That's emanating Saving the hearts That were breaking Oh yeah,

Rie Fu - For you lyrics

kimi no tame ni Mata sonna koto itteiru Jodan no furi wa raku ne Watashi mo shitteiru Sou iu jibun ni Yotteiru dake Hontou wa nanimokamo Jibun no tame Yo no naka no tame ni Nanika yakutatteiru Hitorigoto no you ni Toikakete miru Hito to deau koto ga Sono

Liam Espinosa - For you lyrics

re so far away Still I feel you To be near you Would be a dream come true Every step I take Takes me further away I?ve been dreaming of you Tell me what to do I miss you so I want you so I want you to know I would do anything for you I want yo

Josh Garrels - For you lyrics

so much I’m dying to tell you But you can’t bare to hear me now In a little while I must move on But I’ll send my love to you You can, call my name And I will find you Heaven and Hell can’t separate our love I’m doing this all for you my love But I’ll come back Yea

Gummy - All for love lyrics

ashi ga tsuyoku natte kitawa mado garasu uchitsudzukeru Hakuba ni notta oujisama nara machiku tabireta Ima kara mukae ni yuku kara shitaku ni nekari wa nai no yo Gurosu hikarasete tsume migaki agete tada hitasura aitakute Unmei no hito ni All for love kakushi kirenai tak

Andi Deris - Did it all for you lyrics

was a time There was a place Where every flesh was light and laughter Did not need any nations All has been one But you were bored in paradise There was no thrill and no adventures So you began to push me And now you're gone Way down I did it all for you W

Ends With A Bullet - For you lyrics

re so far away Still I feel you To be near you Would be a dream come true Every step I take Takes me further away I've been draming of you Tell me what to do I miss you so I want you so I want to you know I would do anything for you I want to you know I would give it all

Maplerun - For you lyrics

to the undecided dark road that I’m on For you everyone’s invited feel I don’t belong For you You drove me out of my mind tonight You drove me out of my mind For you I’d cut myself in two but you don’t even bother I’m stained with pins that bleed me

Hall And Oates - For you lyrics

me baby Squeeze tite Hold the moment Fall thru the nite Itch for pleasure I scratch Love’s a treasure I want to give back I wanna give you All that I’ve got Attention’s essential Analysis not It’s not what you say girl It’s what you mean S

Kiss - All for the glory lyrics

on the street and my heart starts to beat like a drum If you're gonna stand beside me, get ready to run I live my life the way I choose I play to win, no time to lose We're all for one and we're all for the glory We're all for one and we're all for the glory When it's a

Nat King Cole - For you my love lyrics

you, my love, I'd do most anything, For you, my love, I'd do most anything, I love you baby, and I hope you feel the same! For you, my love, I'd swim the ocean blue, For you, my love, I'd swim the ocean blue, There's nothing in this world that I wou

Raven - All for one lyrics

Ye There is a riot in the town Gather up your horses swords at the ready No chance Like a candle in the wind Fighting for the sake of the King and Country As sure as the sea is blue We're gonna run those rascals through With the steel that shines so bright In the magic of t

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - I do it all for you baby lyrics

imagine we're on a highway. The sunset right in our eyes. You're on the back seat of my motorbike, babe. And you're holding on tight. You can get it if you really want. You can get it, it's all up to you. I do it all for you baby. I do it all

The Cheetah Girls - 06. the cheetah girls - falling for you (live.. lyrics

I stumble when I speak Melt, When our eyes meet Still can't believe that I'm falling for you I Can't fight these feelings Can't find a reason Still can't believe that I'm falling for you, For You Ooh, Yea, Yea Wish I could say what i'm Thinking (but I don't)

Marcus Layton - For you lyrics

my thoughts together as I wrote you this letter in my room On a crumpled on the piece of the paper there were three words addressed to you It's alright, It's alright now don't panic too soon Cause my love all my love is there for you, for you it's all for you it's all for y

Joey Mcintyre - The way (that i loved you) lyrics

Verse] You know that I... I gave my best to you, And me can't you see I did it all for you. So where did we go wrong? Why do we have to sing this song? Girl, with me you know belong. [Chorus] And I'll never love The Way that I loved you And I

Primal Scream - May the sun shine bright for you lyrics

with the dawn Or a beauty I... on Here with you I'm where I belong May the sun shine bright for you Autumn, winter and spring And the summer feeling within Evergreen... he brings May the sun shine bright for you Though you take me inside On a... carnival of delight On our li

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - For you lyrics

I see the light that's shining from your eyes Even brighter than before Telling me something now that I believe is true 'cos I found the truth with you I will take you with me everywhere I go Flying higher than before With a feeling that is meant for you and me Every day

Jeff Beck - I can't give back the love i feel for you lyrics

want me to say I love you too There's nothing in the world I'd rather do You will never know how hard I've tried But I can't change the way I feel inside It's nothing that you did or haven't done Who knows what makes somebody love someone? I wish that

Nerf Herder - For you lyrics

would hire the A-Team And I'd crash the General Lee I'd make cocktails like Tom Cruise And I'd rollerblade with Corey Feldman for you I'd do anything for you Just about anything for you I'd do anything for you, for you I'd sing the whole soundtrack to Xanadu I'd dance like K

Dusty Springfield - I can't give back the love i feel for you lyrics

s a tear For a souvenir And a dream Torn at the seams Here's a promise that you made to me of love It's more than I'll ever see And then you're free to go But I can't give back the love I feel for you Gonna be stuck with it no matter what I do Take these eyes that onc

In Flames - All for me lyrics

the world seizes to move! A burning feeling, let me call - "This is real!" I WISH ONE MORE THING! I FLINCH MY HANDS, AND BANG MY HEAD! Take whatever comes to you, All the while - I don't need another friend. I better not do the things I do for

Nappy Roots - All 4 you lyrics

Big V - talking] We love our fans Special feelin man, when you can talk to your fans We answer all our myspace Through my travels, 8ball told me He say V pay your dues, and in due time they'll pay you [Background Chorus] It's all for you Chops

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - For you (ft. dave matthews) lyrics

will drink the cup, the poison overflowing I will lift you up, watch over where you're going The first one in The last one gone I'll be the rock to stand upon For you For you My spirit aches and I can't stop this river flowing In fear I take, each labored breath I draw in kno

Get Scared - For you lyrics

lost myself in a bottle of gin and I'm wasted all the time (all of the time) One more shot for all my f***ing failures might just end my life (just end my life) And I think if I'm not mistaken of maybe breaking down. I might be acting a fool by br

Goo Goo Dolls - All that you are lyrics

I feel, All the faint morning light, Filled with hope 'cause you're here in my life, And we've gone, From the edge of our souls, Made it back to a place we call home You, see me through, I was alone in the dark and the fear was my truth Yeah, all the things t

Insania ( Ger ) - For you lyrics

in the glare of the fame I stand every night on stage and I'm searchin' for myself I'd lose control - and you, too I'm sorry - now and forever I'll take it if you want to go But deep inside, I'm lookin' for a home a place for you and me, where we're together all

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - When the sky comes looking for you lyrics

are you going to do now Out in the lonely times How will you ever get through now Remembering all of your crimes What will you do, what will you do, who do you think would attempt a rescue Dreaming, screaming, knocked right out of your shoes Who would you blame, who coul

Saxon - Do it all for you lyrics

ll climb the tallest mountain I'll swim the deepest sea I'll do anything, baby Anything to set you free If you're lost and I can't find you Somewhere in the night If you need me there beside you To make you feel alright If you're standing in the

Shedaisy - All over you lyrics

aah Look at me, I can't sleep alone With these secrets I keep The walls are breathing And I consider the casualties If the man that you have to be Changes his (his) mind over heart Over head over heels I can feel good-bye But I'll always be All over you I'll bur

Sloppy Seconds - The kids are all drunk lyrics

don't like my friend And I'm afraid that will be the end of you and me Cause I don't have the time And I'm afraid if I did this time you'd ruin me So I’m going to go where I’m wanted I rather be where they care about me Yeah I’m going back where I started And

Phora - The one for you lyrics

regret the things that I've done to you But I just got too much pride to go run to you I never stopped feeling the love for you I just stopped being the one for you Yeah, the love I have for you is irreplaceable, yeah I know I made my share of mistakes with y

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