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Ayreon - Journey on the waves of time lyrics

edges of space Show me the wond'rous sensations And ... mysteries of aeons gone by Guide me through a ... Give me the answers to questions Reveal to me secrets of

Jimmy Cliff - Journey lyrics

have come and the years have gone Still the son of man keeps ... a trotting on Journey, Journey on Yet from innocence to ... dependence to independence Journey, Journey on Well now I have

Manticora - On a sea of grass - night lyrics

quot;] Night fell upon the pilgrims While sailing on the sea of grass Through the ... infinite horizon The wooden ship sails by the ... wind to the pass They'll journey on awaiting doom Talling

Clannad - Journey's end lyrics

waves are rolling Visions in my mind Of a strange ... voice calling Journey's at an end, journey's at an ... end Journey's at an end, journey's at an end Hear the

Akon - Journey lyrics

(akon) C'mon This is the ultimate journey of your life Where the weak ... die and the strong survive Prepare to suffer ... 40 days and 40 nights Strap on your boots because you got a

Jolin Tsai - Journey lyrics

shi shui zong neng jue ding guang de chun ... dream Your neverland You don' t wanna wait Till it' s way ... bu wen ni shi shei So come on girl zhi zao dian sao dong

Black Majesty - Journey to the soul lyrics

and never... I do accept Beyond the softer mind to softly ... back... There's a journey that we'll take, that ... explains where we've been wrong It was written in the

Eiffel 65 - Journey lyrics

the Journey into the people, Into their ... waiting inside of you. The journey, a journey in you Oh oh, oh. ... . Journey, into the people, people ... Again and again The Journey, Beyond the limit Limit in

Donna Summer lyricsDonna Summer - Journey to the center of your heart lyrics

me on a journey On a journey to the center of your heart ... Let me make the journey Wanna journey to the center ... please let me go Take me on a journey On a journey to

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - Journey through the dark lyrics

.. Many songs I've written About the ... in my mind I woke up on a hill So many times before ... memories laughing They don't let me find the truth Am I ... You're the mystical old bard on your journey through the dark

Dbsk - Journey feat. seohyun - paradise ranch ost lyrics

eodi geu eonje neoman ittamyeon Geotgo shiptadeon ... geori cheoreom Ttaron romaeui hyuil geu ice cream ... jjajeungdo jamshi annyeong Saeparan haneul geu eodinga

Korpiklaani - Journey man lyrics

my life I am made from stones and roots My home, these ... where the winds blows free Journey is my destiny Free, free ... as a journey man Feel, heat in the moonlight Free, free as a journey man Feel, heat in the moonlight Ragged trousers,

Ecliptica - Journey saturnine lyrics

again it's rainy season My eyes are bloody red ... bleeding heart What is this constant fear that makes me run ... away This time the blame's on me A long and rocky way

Demonic Resurrection - Journey to solaris lyrics

I believe in destiny I must journey forth The fallen star lies ... I believe in destiny I must journey forth Nocturnia - Damned ... visions of nebulous Nocturnia -

Azrael (jap.) - Journey of no return lyrics

have run for a long time On this way up to now I'm ... go To another way from now on A lot of experiences, ... Relations and constructions Oh, can I all throw them

Bonito & Trooper - Journey of life lyrics

the night, Takes me away, On a magic journey, Like a ... guiding light… This is the journey of my life, I’m finally ... alive, This is the journey, The journey of my life…

Crisix - Journey through the fire lyrics

FEAST) I feel satisfaction by her spell I see the ... these eyes Dancing with a Demon that's why I must ride Journey through the fire! SHOUT! ... SHOUT! SHOUT! SHOUT! JOURNEY THROUGH THE FIRE!

Avantasia - Journey to arcadia lyrics

lonely boy, a handful of dreams ... ain't no mastery Of a passion and a deep blue love Yearn ... to see far away places One day he'd feel two hearts ... and he swears every night One day scales will fall from

Capharnaum - Journey beyond lyrics

thoughts are flooded by Visions of pain Deception holds you ... in you - The growing addiction from The journey beyond ... of you - The rising Affliction from the journey beyond

K-391 - Journey lyrics

is where it becomes alive Cmon put your hands up Feel the ... life And join our journey Pump this party! So we continue our journey So we end ... Pump this party! So we continue our journey so we end

Medial Banana - Journey ft. general levy lyrics

we And keep we safe pon we journey Jah nuh stop guide and ... like ice cream Guidance pon us like pon di big screen ... come fallow me See dem a conquer See dem a fall Anada

Ted Nugent - Journey to the centre of the mind lyrics

and find The pleasures of a journey to the center of the mind ... Come along if you care Come along if ... inside of your mind Beyond the seas of thought beyond

Ramones lyricsRamones - Journey to the center of the mind lyrics

and find The pleasures of a journey to the center of the mind ... Come along if you care Come along if ... inside of your mind Beyond the seas of thought beyond

Chameleon Circuit - Journey's end lyrics

give you a summary of the Season Four finale of Doctor Who, in ... t see it. Or maybe you went online to see it, but due to ... copyright violations it was removed. Not to worry

Ian Britt - Journey lyrics

band in back always play the songs that we love I wanna ... of the sun that beats down, on the journey that we have ... of the sun that beats down, on the journey that we have

Shadows Of Steel - Journey lyrics

I am leaving tonight Darkness and light I ... to be there Lying down on the sand of an island I saw ... long time ago It's a journey through the night and I see

All Saints - On and on lyrics

& on baby I got your back [1st ... your face Full of anticipation I just wanna call your name ... [Chorus] Even though the journey seems so far No matter

Badly Drawn Boy - Journey from a to b lyrics

to Hell How will we do only time will tell Oh when you ... stop worrying What anyone says doesn't mean a thing ... not feeling it Dwelling on the memories Is such a waste

Battlelore - Journey to undying lands lyrics

To reach their presence One part of mortal world Creation, the Great Song There's a ... land beyond the great sea The final ... place of read harmony To the shores of a far-away

Gackt - Journey through the decade lyrics

meisou suru Parallel world On the road dare mo tabi no ... tochuu hontou no jibunjishin deau tame ... no me no mae ni hirogaru kokonotsu no michi wa itsuka ... no darou Mokugekise yo Journey through the decade Renzu

Skylark - Journey through the fire lyrics

pray: do it for me. Walking on the edge of broken senses, I ... the World. I start my journey through the fire, far from ... and from the Lucifer's eyes. On this trip will fight the

The Cramps - Journey to the center of a girl lyrics

I'm on my way, on a journey outta this world, hey I'm on ... my way, on a journey outta this world, traveling ... a girl I gotta rocket '88, prone 269, spinnin' down and round

Blaakyum - Journey to eternity lyrics

re weak' “You can't do it alone” Lies, they cheat and ... deceive You need no one They poison your mind ... with nonsense Subjugated to their ... the Master there's no other one but you Go I'll take

Puff Daddy - Journey through the life lyrics

Yo [Puffy] That's Right [Nas] Journey Through the life of some real ... their face Lampin' in a mansion, home alone I hear footsteps, ... not lyrics I hold a fifth, wonderin' if ten shots can stop

Freedom Call - Journey into wonderland lyrics

the innocent world Salvation is near, for Freedom we call ... the spirit is high It's our journey into wonderland Over and ... we all run Far away, not alone To the place where the

Reflexion - Journey to tragedy lyrics

by strange beliefs Loved only by a sad melody So it ... begins, a journey to tragedy The further we ... get the deeper we sink All alone with no helping hand He's

Serenity - Journey's end lyrics

Nothing can stop my way I'm gonna sail on till my very last ... I will finish my quest to the journey's end To sail a unique ... ride to conquer the sea Is the sailorman

Aaliyah - Journey to the past lyrics

dont fail me now Courage don't desert me, dont turn back ... life is full of choices No one ever mentions fear Or how ... the world can seem so long Or how the world can seem

Clairvoyants - Journey through the stars lyrics

and lead yourself to oblivion dimension quest Crawling in ... water from the sea like waves on the sand Chorus: Like an ... the sun You are lost in a journey through the stars

Dead Calm - Journey's end lyrics

Until I will reach my journey's end Communication and ... frustration leaving me behind The human ... another time Can't be like one of them With limited use

Engel - Journey's end lyrics

m riding alone on this Road. This journey is ... No! You cannor see the reason, but I can't live a Lie. ... I'm searching for reasons to Smile. I'm lucky to find

Abdullah Ibrahim - Journey to the orange island lyrics

space and time This journey ends within my mind All ... space and time This journey ends within my mind All

Slade - Journey to the centre of your mind lyrics

find The pleasures of the journey to the centre of your mind ... Chorus Come along if you care, Come along if ... inside of your mind Beyond the seas of thought, Beyond

Crimson Shadows - Journey's end lyrics

our death We meet her troops on the battle lands Our destiny ... are renowned The execution was Profound Hold on You ... cannot prophesize Be strong Cause its our time to rise

Ronnie Drew - Journey's end lyrics

fire is out, the moon is down The parting glass is ... dry and done And I must go and leave ... rising of the sun. For long is the road and far's the ... will not bide But wander to journey's end Won`t take no girl to

Falchion - Journey in the woods lyrics

The snow glitters the moonlight as the trees cover We ... Our fate will be shown Once again we can fall until the ... Here they sent us To the disconsolate woods We grasp to

Gaia Mesiah - Journey to ixtlan lyrics

is long and summer is far away No ... luck no money I feel like to go away I ... Wijowijowijoooo! But one day you were asking And ... I´m able to be cruel Alone Just the little

Kiss - Journey of 1,000 years lyrics

all your yesterday's are gone And now you're done But ... you've only just begun It's time you ... now it's all very clear This journey of 1,000 years Can you

Orphanage - Journey into the unknown lyrics

Your mind is losing all grip on reality My game has begun ... suffer just like me Your vision has been blinded by the guilt ... blunted by what you have done to me Time for my revenge

Paragon - Journey home lyrics

hide The fear inside that controls my mind Journey Home - ... the blackened fate The constant reminder Scars turning ... weed inside The blood on my face The sweetest dry

Primordial - Journey's end lyrics

this Blood Red Sky, a million martyrs died And beneath the ... pale moon's face They shall Again ... cruel mistress Are your lessons learnt?... Chapters close,

Allos - Journey lyrics

path to follow. Only one direction. My legacy I've ... to me. Look at Me! The journey has just begun. The biggest ... show you it is worth to go on. Filling in the pages of a

Allstar Weekend - Journey to the end of my life lyrics

trip inside my head and I wonder exactly what my purpose ... I poor what's the score I don't want to be surprised ... Chorus I wanna take a journey to the end of my life cause

Ancient Ceremony - Journey through the gates lyrics

freed through Ancient Spells Journey through the Gates Stalking ... here on this dark Path Forests ... me dominated by bright Fullmoon I will climb dark-grey

Exumer - Journey to oblivion lyrics

fear, that is for sure Visions or lies, I am gonna die ... move I see the machine No one helps me to prove I live in ... a dream Loosing all control Darkness fills my eyes

Hypnos - Journey into doom lyrics

for goldshine, under cold moon Awkward messiahs, ... the abyss, ideals fell Ride on a black horse, straight down ... between eyes Earth's blood on fire, ending our times.

Inquisition - Journey to infernukeorreka lyrics

path I worship For my pagan journey. Sounds of the moaning ... I the ancient caves goat on the altar bray. Killing on ... Lord of wickedness we summon you shedding This child's

Jackal - Journey lyrics

of my beautiful dreams “Why don’t we move on?” Neverending ... Gotta get out, gotte get out on my way, what could I meet? ... “Oh I wish it were me” Why don’t we move on? The whispers

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