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Reckless Love - Edge of our dreams lyrics

night We had it in the back of our heads Waiting for the ... prepared We passed the point of turning back scared We ... were caught in between Of the story lines We started

Donnie Munro - Winds of our time lyrics

the road meets the sky and your heart its burning desire ... fields where the hopes of a thousand young lovers and ... mothers held on to their dreams on the waste of the days

Kiss - Journey of 1,000 years lyrics

you come from Where all your yesterday's are gone And now ... now it's all very clear This journey of 1,000 years Can you ... coming Or is it the (?)roar of the crowd(?) Can you feel it

Dave Matthews Band - Dreams of our fathers lyrics

we get into line To line up with those long dead now? With ... the muffled tears of sorrow Bones underground Is ... this time our time? Yes, it is Without or

Azrael (jap.) - Journey of no return lyrics

way from now on A lot of experiences, Relations and ... s better way Life is a journey of no return Turning ... point of no return Oh, it might ... No return Am I satisfied with the same? For whom I live?

Bonito & Trooper - Journey of life lyrics

about to find… The spirit of the night, Takes me away, ... On a magic journey, Like a guiding light… ... This is the journey of my life, I’m finally alive,

Casting Crowns - House of their dreams lyrics

corner office was his dream More like ... His strength is fading, his dreams are blind This is not the ... So shes at the gym fighting off the years To be young again

Method Man - Our dreams lyrics

task may seem Don't give up our plans, don't give up our dreams No broken bridges, can turn ... in the snow Heat the house with the oven when the cheese got

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - Our dreams lyrics

task may seem Don't give up our plans, don't give up our dreams No broken bridges, can turn ... in the snow Heat the house with the oven when the cheese got

Enya - Journey of the angels lyrics

their flight; dark skies with miles to go, no footsteps to ... heaven all the angels fly. Soft wings so true, and all

Cloud Cult - Journey of the featherless lyrics

they say that i am full of it i say that it's worth ... dreaming just for the dream of it it's all about passion ... but i'm not quite sure of it because i started getting

Eagles lyricsEagles - Journey of the sorcerer lyrics

♫ Instrumental ♫ ♫ Instrumental ♫ ♫ Instrumental ♫ ♫ Instrumental ♫ ♫ Instrumental ♫ ♫ Instrumental ♫...

Escape With Romeo - Stuntman of your dreams lyrics

s wrong in your world you live a happy life ... every crash test of our love I did survive In the ... bunkers of happiness we are hungry as ... so here I am the stuntman of your dreams Let me jump

A Thousand Falling Skies - With regards lyrics

wound. The sinking ways of hope. So we can find a way ... out. The sinking ways of truth. I'm done seeking for ... long. I'm taking every one of you with us. You'll never

Negative - The moment of our love lyrics

And I feel you again You're with me Love is a word you ... right now So don't close your heart I've been waiting ... all my life for this Moment of our Love with you I've

Tim Mcgraw & Faith Hill - The rest of our life lyrics

I say it right So I take your hand and ask you Have you ... made plans for the rest of your life? There's one thing I ... should be killing off and giving up now And that

Dragony - Vaults of heaven lyrics

sea we're lost In the hour of the wolf We must pay a ... higher cost Into the void of black we're tossed As the ... light must cease At the end of our days As we're torn here,

Ian Britt - Journey lyrics

me. We'll take the weight off our feet, when the heat is ... tape parade, where all of our wildest dreams are made. ... I wanna feel the warmth of the sun that beats down, on

Highland Glory - The land of forgotten dreams (part 1) lyrics

: Olsen, Grefstad, Larsen / Lyrics : Grefstad). Welcome take ... a hold of my hand I`ll take you to a ... far away land Inside your fantasies Places beyond

Taylor Swift lyricsTaylor Swift - Ride of our lives lyrics

And there you are, you smile, with a seat you've saved, Saying ... ya". We'd talk about our dreams, you'd talk 'bout ... fun. You'd tell me 'bout your life, you'd learn a bit 'bout

The Flobots - Journey after (war fatigues) lyrics

the summit I already speak your language You save yourself ... a sandwich I see the trickle of a brook over a fallen body ... theory And then assess our losses and then we learn our

Ceremonial Castings - Our journey through forever lyrics

A Prophet Of The Shadows Become An Oracle ... Through Forever We Have Withstood The Sands Of Endless ... Time The Coldest Winds Of Nothing & The Moon That

Highland Glory - The land of forgotten dreams (part 2) lyrics

: Olsen, Larsen, Grefstad / Lyrics : Grefstad). In this land ... desperation A quest for our freedom, a quest for our dreams Fighting for eternity we ... we`ll never In this hour for our power Chorus : Fight for

Dragonforce - Heroes of our time lyrics

as we know Long before our journey for the world Call for ... us The power in all of us So far beyond the ... {Chorus} We'll all find our sacrifice tomorrow Our journey on towards a brighter day

Jake Owen - The journey of your life lyrics

you by To help you on the journey of your life You'll ... You need an angel flying by your side On the journey of your ... meet again On the other side of life You'll need some good

Angel City - Angel of the city lyrics lyrics

hard day in the city Sweat pouring down oh it ain't to pretty ... Working your fingers to the bone Trying ... no dirt to be found (Angel of the city) Now you're

Ancient Wisdom - The journey of the ancients lyrics

Of The Mind A Journey Called Dreams To Kneel Before The Black

Eternal Afflict - Dreams take blind souls lyrics

- emotions Down in tears of some lyrics Laughin' about ... an attempt in vain Rooms of monstrous emotions Damn ... nights of absolutely deafness Dancin ... with murderers Dreams take blind souls Dancin' with murderers In your white

Incantation - Twisted sacrilegious journey into our darkest.. lyrics

Sponteneous annihilation of Chaotic utopia Delirrium ... flows liberation our ominous ethics (neurotic ... rapture) Venomous journey Sacrilegious plagues

Medial Banana - Journey ft. general levy lyrics

we And keep we safe pon we journey Jah nuh stop guide and ... us strong Guide us pon journy to neva go wrong To ... neva loose faith From tip of mi tangue To roots where i

Akon - Journey lyrics

C'mon This is the ultimate journey of your life Where the weak ... and 40 nights Strap on your boots because you got a long ... hike Just another journey, another journey into time

Chapin Harry - Dreams go by lyrics

you stand in your dungarees Looking all grown ... very pleased When you write your poems they have so much to ... say When you speak your dreams it takes my breath away

Black Majesty - Journey to the soul lyrics

.. I do accept Beyond the softer mind to softly infiltrate ... your world Now looking back... ... There's a journey that we'll take, that ... was written in the Scriptures of your soul One more journey

Bob Catley - Dreams lyrics

even now your fate is sealed With the ... hound upon your heels, lie still Tremble ... premonition, a crystal ball of vain ambition This warning ... ignore this fatal spore Dreams, we can never escape from our

Cemetery Of Scream - The ray of cry lyrics

to raise the dark from source to drink from vanity ... the wall of our dreams crack the ray of cry ... crack the ray of light to fade out the sun

Fifth Reason - This journey of mine lyrics

breath inside my head Journey of mine, this journey of ... mine Journey of mine Fumbling, tripping in ... for single spark Uncle Judas with his kiss Will he grant my

Tim Mcmorris - Give our dreams their wings to fly lyrics

And I stepped right outside, with my guitar in my hands And ... it up a notch, as I strolled without a care Cause I’m going ... new place And I’ll get there With a smile on my face, yeah

Dragonland - The shores of our land lyrics

is fulfilled Now we begin our journey to our home Crossing ... the oceans with sails set abroad ... done What have we won? As our struggle for this time is

Manhat10 - Dreams lyrics

Everything around Has colour from my heart Everyone can ... running free We are drawing our dreams Believe, must try and ... shade you need Easel on your back Brushes in the bag And

Obscura Camera - Let's get out of this country lyrics lyrics

get out of this country I’ll admit I am ... bored with me I drowned my sorrows and ... hit the road dear friend of mine Wave goodbye to our ... for miles maybe never turn off We’ll find a cathedral city

Shakira lyricsShakira - Dreams for plans lyrics

all we really needed Was our barefeet and a pair of wings ... used to be? Have we missed our chance? Have we changed our ... hopes for fears And our dreams for plans? Can you tell me

Clairvoyants - Journey through the stars lyrics

your eyes and lead yourself to oblivion dimension ... prey Lightning and thunder, with your hands you can command ... the sun You are lost in a journey through the stars

Paula Cole - In our dreams lyrics

her part. The very core of me, An empty garden. The ... tree of life once fl owered her arms ... And the days are endless hours. This house is silent now.

Cowboy Junkies - Stars of our stars lyrics

of our stars. Dreams of my dreams. You come to me Singing '' ... the stars of our stars''. The stars of our ... stars did disappear. Stars of our stars. Dreams of my dreams. You come to me Dancing to

Cruadalach - Rhythm of our blood lyrics

fire in our hearts is leading us through ... solstice to equinox From our birth to the stardust That ... is rhytm of our blood Mysteries, mysteries ... never forget your dreams Till you have head in clouds

Dead Calm - Journey's end lyrics

I get Caught in a haze of trouble Until I will reach ... my journey's end Communication and ... The human race so far ahead Within another time Can't be like

Overdose - Fight for our dreams lyrics

Shining down at the end of this long road of life You ... game It's up to you to make your dreams come true We, we ... have to fight for our dreams And build a world we believe

Bobby Darin - Our day will come lyrics

you so) And you love me Our day will come If we just ... love and wear a smile Our dreams have magic Because we'll ... stay In love this way Our day will come (Our day will

The Divine Comedy - Our mutual friend lyrics

Divine Comedy - Our mutual friend Lyrics No ... I just can't get her out of my mind And I when I sleep I ... And how its hard to hear your own voice Above the beat and

Hanson - With you in your dreams lyrics

back at this time as a time Of heartbreak and distress ... remember me 'Cause I'll be with you in your dreams Oh I'll ... be with you, oh oh But If I'm

Brenda Lee - Our day will come lyrics

you so) And you love me. Our day will come If we just ... love and wear a smile. Our dreams have magic Because we'll ... stay In love this way Our day will come. (Our day will

Nostradameus - If we believe (in our dreams) lyrics

re twisting the thoughts in your own head That all you know ... all they do is Exploiting your body until the day you die ... and luxury Are two sides of the same coin There's one

Procol Harum - All our dreams are sold lyrics

upon your fingers Bells upon your toes ... Ev'ry day's a game of chance Ev'ry body knows In ... dollar Pave the streets with gold Lead us by the collar ... All our dreams are sold Rings upon your

Satisf***tion - Dreams lyrics

try to be lonely Chains of gold diverting you from me – ... and dream about sins and your destiny, your fortune is ... lies, sweet lies… Follow dreams to be closer and far,

Jamie Cullum - Our day will come lyrics

And you love me, love me. Our day will come If we just ... love and wear a smile. And our dreams are meant to be ... stay In love this way Our day will come. Our day

Fairyland - At the gates of morken lyrics

The Gates Of Morken The gates of Morken ... to an end Behind the walls of the darkest place we'll see ... from grace Witness the end of flowing tears, the final

Ingrowing - Dreams torn asunder lyrics

malevolent anticipating of non-existence pale-blue ... smoke of flames extiguishing ... in night silence we open our mouths in dumb when dreamy ... in gloomy comedy blinded with dark implosion of light

Morbid Angel - God of our own divinity lyrics

Music - Azagthoth/Lyrics - Tucker] Praise Us, God of Witchery Lord Of All ... Enlist thy will, Free us of the undevine Release the ... ways, that blind our minds, Break apart these

Omega Lithium - Dreams in formaline lyrics

us something surreal But with the gift of life Came the ... curse of emotions Trapped inside ... Exploited by you Obeying your master While we dreamed of

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