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Dokken - Care for you lyrics

walked along the beach last night Tried to find myself and ... get it right If you saw the changes in my eyes ... Riding on the wind you know it cries When you need some

Ray Lamontagne - I still care for you lyrics

me out Day follows day Light turns to clay in my hands ... How to explain, So pristine the pain It was kindness ... made the cut so clean I still care for you Hear me out

Brian Mcknight - You're the only one for me lyrics

la la La la La la la la la la You say you�ve seen ... too many things, That turn out to be too ... good to be true. Against your better judgment, opened up your heart, �til you

Aaliyah - I care for you lyrics

yeah oh.. Hey my baby Why you lookin' so down? Seems like you need a lovin' Baby you need ... a girl like me (Don't frown) Hey my ... baby Tell me why you cry Here take my hand and

Jon Secada - Who will take care for you lyrics

will take care of me. When you are gone away. I will have ... nothing left. But your memory. And I wish that ... we could say. The things we want to say when we are

Serena Ryder - For you lyrics

day Is just for you The sun, it shines Just for ... you It was love at first sight I couldn't bear it one ... more night Without you Heaven only knows how much

Amasic - For you & me lyrics

would it be, If that there was me? It looks ... so unreal, I just can't believe what I see. Everyday is a ... new fight, Will he ever see the light? He ... s just working for, living for, dying for you & me. Am I the only who sees?... Living the same way everyda

Brian Mcknight - The only one for me lyrics

Mcknight, Brian Kelly; Say you've seen too many things That ... to be too good to be true Against your better judgment ... opened up your heart Till you found the joke was on you

Above & Beyond - For all i care lyrics

you, for all I care. Hey, you, for all I care. Hey, you, for all I care for you. And I ... need (for all I care) for you (for all I care), And I ... bleed (for all I care) for you. And I need (for all I care)

Baccara - For you lyrics

you, for only you I’d like to do so much I’d need a lifetime Time and space will ... And then surrender to me for you With you, with only you You know it’s true I won’t survive without you. When I’m on

Plumb - God will take care of you lyrics

not dismayed what e'er be tide God will take care of you ... Beneath His wings of love abide God will take care of you ... God will take care of you Through every day, o'er all

R3hab - Care (ft. felix snow & madi) lyrics

m a vintage kind of love Whose side am I on ... You've been breaking skin And slashing in I'm a ... ghost in your thoughts As you figured out all the costs You don't neeed to be staying I

Usher lyricsUsher - I care for u lyrics

m saying, I care but it's like, you don't hear me What ... more could I do? Girl you can keep that, trying to make ... me jealous I admit that I been careless But we can't

K-ci & Jojo - I care about you lyrics

I feel so alone baby girl I call your heart but there's ... no one at home Taking a toll on my pride I'm ... reaching out but there's no one inside You know it doesn't feel

Conor Oberst - You should be in sweden lyrics

saw you at the subway the other day You were drinking hot chocolate I thought about asking you for ... a sip But on second thought I didn't want to burn my tongue

Twenty 4 Seven lyricsTwenty 4 Seven - You gotta be safe lyrics

stand up, We know what time it is, we better stop. If you care for you life, pay attention, ... But even if you don't I wanna mention. Have fun and ... have a good time, Make the best of life and

Example lyricsExample - Care 4 u lyrics

me, try to shame me, and still I’ll care for you, you can ... around, even put me down, still I’ll be there for you. ... So it's Saturday and I'd rather be chillin' But you

Bars And Melody - Right for you lyrics

I tried it once, I tried it twice But I couldn't bring ... myself to do it to you I maybe wrong, I maybe right ... Now I know I'm devoting myself to you My own stupidity has got me messed up in

Rodriguez - Only good for conversation lyrics

pocket don't drive me fast My mother treats ... s got a concrete heart But you're the coldest bitch I know ... In the factory that you call your mind Graveyard

Ebony Ark - For you lyrics

can only say goodbye In my dreams when you appear I ... ve lost my best friend My partner of tears It's ... our farewell My guardian has gone Feeling you so

Breakbot - You should know (feat. ruckazoid) lyrics

ain't the fancy things that you give to me Even though you ... know I ain't mad at that It's all about the times that you spend with me When I was ... , Hey-ey And even know I couldn't get you everything You ain't the type to be mad at

Anneke Van Giersbergen - You want to be free lyrics

you say, you say it with a smile Everything you do, but ... does she care for you Everyone you meet, sees your ... big ol' heart Everyone you love, but does she love you

Dead Sara - For you i am lyrics

lie, I lie I steal, I steal And loving love for you, my dear I cry, I cry I ... weep, I weep I'm gone, I'm gone Stay, I stay this way ... I run, I run I fear I fear I'm losing something for

Ll Cool J - You and me lyrics

LL Cool J] {*Kelly Price harmonizes in background*} ... Yeah, uhh, uhh Word up And you say New York City A-ha-ha, ... Uhh, uhh, uhh.. uhh Damn, you and your man had beef so he

Gyptian - You never know lyrics

girl i love you so Never want you to go ... Haven't i told you that i always i love you Haven't i ... told you that i always i care for you Haven't i told you that

Florence + The Machine - Only if for a night lyrics

And she was there all pink and gold And glittery I ... her legs, (Came to weeping, came to weeping) Then I ... heard your voice as clear as day, And you

Alison Moyet - For you only lyrics

as we both break. When the light stole in it found me wide ... Wasted from a sleepless night I reach to touch your hair ... Withdraw an empty hand for you're no longer there. In

Boyce Avenue - Only girl (in the world) ft. alex goot lyrics

m gonna love you, when our time is right Be thinking of you, everyday and every night To ... think you're somewhere in this world and someday I will ... make you my wife So everyday we're not

Hodgson Roger - Only because of you lyrics

so we sail towards the dawn joining ... those who gently mourn for you It's only because of you Friends may come and friends may ... go the only friend I need to know is you It's only because of you Mighty

Major Lazer - You're no good (ft. santigold, vybz kartel, d.. lyrics

re no good for me But the way you movin at ... me, oh it might be You want a Jamaican one She ... say she love me and I'm nice Nothing after he return, ... nothing at the night She say it's loving, make

My Chemical Romance lyricsMy Chemical Romance - The only hope for me is you lyrics

Remember me Where, where will we stand When all the lights go out Across these city ... streets Where were you when All of the embers fell ... I still remembered them Covered in

Prince - For you lyrics

of this and more Is for U With love, sincerity and deepest ... care My life with U I

Sarah Engels - Only for you lyrics

for You Only for You Only for You Only for You All for ... one and one for all I will hold you if you fall ... Angels never flying low And I know, this love

Keyshia Cole - Only with you ftalicia keys lyrics

knew it would feel this good to me baby I feel like I'm above the clouds and ... just won't let me come down with you it's like the perfect picture painted from my eyes

Girls' Generation (so Nyuh Shi Dae) - Only one for me lyrics

Jessica] Ooh baby... [Jessica] Himdeulgo jichyuh jamdeun ... bame Uhnjena ni kyuten naega issuh Gameum doonoone I'm ... namyeon Sesangye namani gajin chukbok uhddun noogoodo

Periphery - Only if for a night lyrics

And she was there all pink and gold and glittering I ... around her legs Came to weeping (came to weeping) Came to ... weeping (came to weeping) And I heard your voice

Ally Hills - For you lyrics

seem so far away But I try and make you stay, oh I ... would, I would If I could Those eyes always shine so bright Your heart, I'd ... hold on tight, oh I would, I would If I could So, just

Chris Norman - For you lyrics

the first time I saw you On that cold winter's day I ... between heaven and hell And I really tried hard To escape ... from your eyes But my heart was too ... wear and I fell For you I knew nothing about you But I

Chris Norman - For you (extended version) lyrics

.. ( instrumental ) ... Well the ... first time I saw you On that cold winter's day I ... between heaven and hell And I really tried hard To escape ... from your eyes But my heart was too

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - You only tell me you love me when you're drun.. lyrics

a performance tonight Should I react or turn off the light ... Looks like you're picking a fight In a blurring of wrong ... and right But how your mood chances You're a devil

Black - You dont always do whats best for you lyrics

tender-eyes me with those baby browns ‘til I ... get around The fact that I still love you and I’m not ... supposed to This is supposed to be over I’m not

Art Garfunkel - Only have eyes for you lyrics

love must be a kind of blind love. I can't see anyone ... but you. Are the stars out tonight ... I don't know if it's cloudy or bright. I only ... have eyes for you, dear. The moon may be high, But I can't see a thing in the sky. 'Cause I only have

Idlewild - You've lost your way lyrics

in the basement sipping on a cola their friend ... goes in to see them but they don't ... have to be afraid I go down the stairwell I ... stare at the stairwell I stare at the girl. you just

Ketama - You are the reason lyrics

can I forget The longings of my heart It's you I think of night and Day I know I ... couldn't touch you I know I couldn't hold you But still I ... wish I really could Just care for you Chorus: You are the

Sanyland - Only for you / mamám a tatám lyrics

in your eyes Bringing me home to realize This is ... place where I belong I’ve lost my faith, but you are ... strong You gave me love Took me far ... away from cry I start to smile Because you’ve showed me

Kid Rock - Do it for you lyrics

sittin alone Thinking about the past Another ... lonely night Another empty glass This ... path I'm walking Always seems to lead no ... where I wonder how much you think of me How we used to

M.o - You don't know me like that lyrics

face strong, high heels on You can look but don't touch, ... that's not on I kill your flow, everyone knows ... Yeah, everyone knows If you ain't talking business, don't

Kelly Price - You complete me lyrics

VERSE 1] It's been a long time since we started And all ... of the hurting we've been through I find ... that I still in love with you Searchin' and searchin',

Caught In The Act - You know (i will always be there) lyrics

love you baby just look me in the eyes and see I´ve got ... to let you know I think you´re my destiny in times of ... trouble when the world is shakin under your feet you

Danger Silent - For you to decide lyrics

can't give you my life, But I can give you the truth. Get ... the lies out of my sight. I won't let go tonight, I'll ... be here waiting for you... I'll leave up to you decide.

David Ryan Harris - For you lyrics

before the sun is up I'm out the door and on my way I Catch the two and then the ... thirty-five And by six-fifteen I'm on the train Thrity miles till the final stop

Segment - For you lyrics

day And that's another that I can't spend with you, I'm in ... vain Oh my dear babe Don't you know how much I am alone and ... how I'm sad I feel so bad 'Cause you're

Wet Wet Wet lyricsWet Wet Wet - For you are lyrics

got me moving Don't miss out on love, Tear you down ... It'll make you wanna, Break down and cry, ... Don't miss out on love, Take a long time, Remember baby, Kinda

Thomas Anders - For you (feat. sound chateau) lyrics

you - It seems to be a miracle... Everything I want, ... you're number one, You're there and then I want to ... run, I want you all the time. And every- everyone

Little Brother - For you lyrics

two ya'll we about to set this like this on em Little ... Justus league, Phonte, Big Pooh and it Hey yo yo ... [Verse 1: Phonte] Once again what you're hearing now is

In Mourning - For you to know lyrics

paper and the words flow Ink stained fingers dreaming up ... this letter to you Your love lingers in the shades ... of a grey morning Sentence escapes in the mist The pictures of home

Killswitch Engage - For you lyrics

finest parts of me, are only shades of you. To put aside ... the ties that bind is the goal of man. I give ... word to stand the test of time. No more wasted days The

Rae Morris - For you lyrics

when the door shuts, bolted, I'm thrown out of the way I'm ... the girl who borrowed someone, I'm ... the night without the day And when the ... week moves onwards it's ruthless and it's grey Like this girl who once held

Marion Raven - For you ill die lyrics

said I'm yours to keep With your voice so deep You were just ... talking in your sleep I'll do what you'll crave My life for you I'll waive All I ... get is a spot next to your grave And you're a fool

Delora - For you prod. dzeko and torres & maestro harr.. lyrics

No one can save me now Buried beneath the ground Where ... to go where you see us? Today we've come ... roses woven hearts And I died And I died And I died for

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