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Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The - Pull me back lyrics

There’s lots of crazy crazy things this world, will offer you ... to what you know is true! Pull me back again I need you to pull me from myself (Pull me from

Matt Cardle - Pull me under lyrics

for ends that never really met If I could only find this ... feeling And find a love beyond this dream ... so clear that I need someone to pull me under I need

Kaki King - Pull me out alive lyrics

tyranny of trying to know Everything takes ... over the freedom of the mind To find it's own quest knowing more about Lets end lets ... long, enough stand in, closer Of violence fair to

Mikky Ekko - Pull me down lyrics

I was trouble But your name is a wave washing over me No ... games just a slave to you totally ... about what they say about me virgo But you know what they

Foy Vance lyricsFoy Vance - Pull me through lyrics

for something When I discovered you You ... fill me up with fire And I crashed ... of desire And you picked me up With your hand And made me feel like a man It's simple

Dream Theater - Pull me under lyrics

with them Arrows fly Seas increase and then fall again ... This world is spinning around me This world is spinning without me Every day ... to past Every breath leaves me one less to my last Watch

Josh Wilson - Pull me through lyrics

wrong has gone wrong Everything that should go right has ... gone wrong too Everything steady has now been shaken ... Now there is nothing for me to cling to Now there is

Reilly - Pull me up lyrics

ache, I see my life and the mess I've made I’ve got regrets ... made, I’ve played the fool in so many ways Jesus you’re ... lay myself at your feet Longing for your love to pull me up

Shaggy 2 Dope - Pull me over lyrics

(Chorus) (Violent J) Over. Pull me over. (Cop)"Turn ... around and put your hands behind your back!" (Violent J ... Over. Pull me over. (Cop)"Have a seat in the back of my car!"

Pain - Pull me under lyrics

tide Why don't you come and watch me die Can't get ... it 'til I die And every time I throw my face against the ... to know that I am alive My mind is getting twisted and my

Queen Adreena - Pull me under lyrics

i sit here waiting and comb my hair wait in line your time will come says the ... gun carpet burns beneath my name your finger prints i'll play ... your game i'll play your game just pull me under cast your

Deuce - Pull me under lyrics

m so tired of hiding and running Tired of all the lying It ... s like we never stop fighting Until someone is dying It ... s too hard to keep on smiling When this hate keeps on rising Even hard to keep surviving

Project 86 - Pull me closer violent dancer lyrics

ve got a monster to tame It looks alot like your face ... I said to let go of all your inhibitions with me We'll make ... Don't worry Don't worry Come with me Come with me And

J Majik-wickaman - In pieces lyrics

me in pieces But I can't let you ... go You pull me in Like the tears through a ... straw I know I can't win, no Twist me around Spun in ... yeah I was shocked to find out But the truth is that I

Beartooth - Me in my own head lyrics

at night With the fear of dying if I close my eyes What's ... the point of existence With this incurable sickness Just show me ... the door Give me a place to rest What I

Kings Of Convenience - Me in you lyrics

back at goals I've missed Rainbows or burning bridges If ... you squint a little more it looks the ... same But ooh, there's a little ... bit of me inside you Gathering what you've lost Ooh, there

R.e.m. lyricsR.e.m. - Me in honey lyrics

sat there looking ugly Looking ugly and mean I knew what ... you were saying You were saying to me Baby's got some new ... Baby said she's had it with me It seems a shame you waste

Tom Petty lyricsTom Petty - Dont pull me over lyrics

t pull me over mister policeman Don ... t pull me over mister policeman ... won’t hurt anyone Don’t pull me over I’ve got mouths ... to feed Don’t pull me over They depend on me

Pearl Jam lyricsPearl Jam - Push me pull me lyrics

a false belief. I thought I came here to stay. We're all just ... visiting. All just breaking like waves. The oceans made ... me, but who came up with love? Push me pull me, push me. Or pull me out.

Keel - Push & pull lyrics

you That no one sees but me You like to push me to the ... limit And then pull me in so deep Whenever we come ... turn the other cheek Push me to the left Pull me to the

Blitzkrieg - Pull the trigger (satan cover) lyrics

lights fade, And I’m alone in the street, Running round in ... daze, Don’t know where I’m going, There’s nothing left to ... live for, This life is killing me, My mind is gone, I

Rostam - Gravity don't pull me lyrics

say honestly gravity don't pull me that feeling coming ... through my body a train under my feet that's hurtling beneath me and the worst ... I ever felt was from this same boy that I still miss 'cause

The Housemartins - Lean on me lyrics

on your shoulder Lean on me Heavy burden on your ... shoulder Lean on me Heavy burden on your ... on your shoulder Lean on me Down and out without hope

Blue - Where you want me lyrics

Gotta make a little room for me to breathe Gotta feeling ... that your about to pull me in too deep The more I try to ... no You've got a hold on me (there's no escaping baby)

Lifehouse - Make me over lyrics

my arms around your name. Feel your breath against ... my pain. As I breathe out, the past ... apart when you're here inside of me. Feel til you're ... numb, depth perception becoming the new deaf and dumb. I

36 Crazyfists - Will pull this in by hand lyrics

serene. And when you call me out in victory. It's been a ... long night, and I still came up missing. And I touch to ... I gather my faith to help me sleep. Stare deep from the

Slothrust - In a se**** way lyrics

can't help but look at you in a se**** way Where did you ... you get that face? You told me once You were shit out of ... they be all uptight like me? Pull me up from the ground Please

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - In da club lyrics

your birthday! You can find me in the club, bottle full ... Look mami i got the X ,if you into takin drugs Im into havin ... sex i aint into makin love So come give me a hug

Meek Mill lyricsMeek Mill - In my bag lyrics

ain't neva seen it [Bridge:] She ... ain't neva seen a nigga so fly ... like me With a swagga so mean in a ride like me I'm fresh yea ... I'm a cool dude I be getting that money them bunnies like

Olivia Holt - In the dark lyrics

you find me here In this dark terrain? Can you pull me out From under.. ... Diamonds in the dirt. Shining through the hurt, Can you pull them out? And hold me

Archive - Stick me in my heart lyrics

how I want it Crave the pain you give 'Cause I need it ... Claw away my skin then I see it Losing all my ... mind 'til I find it You are all that cuts ... and is biting You are all the things

Cold War Kids - Tell me in the morning lyrics

that she's gone take my time when I go to bed and I sleep ... Lord I'm getting over rolling over I said can you just ... wait to tell me in the morning? slow it down slow it

Disco Curtis - Surprise me lyrics

name in my chest I'm loving you to death Thrive from ... your breath Relishing my flesh You woke me up I ... m screaming for your touch I know you ... want it This is getting better Pull me in close

Erasure lyricsErasure - Tell it to me lyrics

see Vanity got the better of me The loser's got to love ... Caught up in a fantasy I'm screaming at ... gates of Heaven Tell it to me one more time 'Till you're

Gnash - F*** me up lyrics

am I drunk? Am I high? Am I in love? You f*** me up You ... f*** me up You f*** me up You f*** me up I hope ... you don't dissapoint me with decisions You know I'll

Herbert Grönemeyer lyricsHerbert Grönemeyer - Puss in boots lyrics

presence and golden glow pulled from a top hat in some ... the tensions bliss with pain and torture in each sensual ... kiss You magnetize and pull me in your power my compass

Metal Church - In due time lyrics

m trapped in the pressure cooker When ... my world has reached the boiling Point of of no return ... Don't light a match near me I'm bound to explode Don't pull this shit with me I want

Mr. Big - The monster in me lyrics

Mm-hmm There’s gravity in your eyes A force of human ... nature It’s got me howling at the moon You pull me in You peel my skin And find ... my Frankenstein You’ve got that shake-and

Lil Uzi Vert lyricsLil Uzi Vert - In o4 (feat. gucci mane) lyrics

Ferrari on the way If you ain't talkin' bout a M then I ain ... I got so many M&Ms they think I'm Dr. Dre Bitch you just ... Bentley on the way If you ain't talkin' bout a M then I ain

Jane XØ - Love me lyrics

pull me in to the edge of your lips. ... till you know that im falling. Won’t u give something ... Make it last till the morning.(love me) I can’t take it

Nonpoint - What you've got for me? lyrics

smell of your bare skin The touch of your fingertips ... of your lips Your eyes that pull me in I dont wanna wake up ... if im not alive Everything i gave up is worth the other

Circa Survive - Meet me in montauk lyrics

just as you came (without a sound), Nothing ... your ends. I've been wandering around, Making up movies in ... we say don't let it go, let me try and pull out pride. I

Kid Cudi - Swim in the light lyrics

Intro] If you tryin' I'm Swim with the best team ... You could try and numb the pain, but it'll never go away You ... could try and numb the pain, but it'll never go away

Lady Antebellum lyricsLady Antebellum - Get to me lyrics

is high Got a full moon risin' And you know this is the time I get a little bit lonely ... I want you just like lightning Shooting straight out of ... the sky Come and strike me with your light igniting

Big Time Rush - Show me lyrics

like me, Like girls like you And ... like you Like guys like me (You know) I blaze the ... night In harbor lights You dressin' ... light It's fittin' right I hear the waves I

Conditions - In light of silver and black lyrics

silent by a shift in light, I felt a change ... Everything I thought I knew was simply ... lifted from my veins There was surrender, there ... sound that my heart made Beating faster, faster, forcing me

In Flames - In search for i lyrics

hurts to think Can't get the sums together ... when we fall The truth in ever I'm scared that I'll be ... world And all I do is turn into flames Will time open my

Neurosis - We all rage in gold lyrics

ll walk into the water, To wash the ... my feet. My path is ever holding, My shadows claimed release ... Of the lessons burned in oak. My always wanting

Alkaline Trio - In my stomach lyrics

this shadow, I shrink and it knows I can't move. ... It is making me cold. And it grows in my ... stomach like mold. It keeps me just sick enough to stay home

Ghost Town - Party in the graveyard lyrics

the sound of the clock is ticking away from our time? Will we ... It when I see It, and I'm blinded by the sunlight. Faded ... from last night are coming alive, coming alive, whoah

Non-fiction - In the know lyrics

to sanity Lost hold I'm drifting Out of orbit through my ... head, For a grip, I'm sifting Years ago or was it days ... I can't remember, I slipped out of phase

Ratt - In your direction lyrics

I saw the time closin' in, you said you're leavin' me ... they slowly pass I'm not waitin' for you You turned me ... 'round in your direction I'm lookin' ... yeah (Chorus) You spin me your way, in your direction

Chamillionaire - In the trunk lyrics

of revenge [repeat 2X] You in the presence of the finest ... streets Let's give 'em somethin they can bump (innnn the ... trunk) At this point you should be turnin your

Rick Ross - "in da box" lyrics

the radio She like to call me baby, baby, baby, baby Baby ... when I got her in the box She like to wrap her ... em locked She like to call me baby, baby, baby, baby Baby

Abandoned - In search of sanity lyrics

secret kept inside my head Another ... A symbiotic creature feeding my mind Slowly killing me ... At first it haunted me in my dreams And visited me at ... now I feel it rise Leave me alone - try to find my peacу

Acceptance - In too far lyrics

worst time to hit you with my first line ... Everything seems fine when i hold you like you're ... one of a kind Said you were a sure sign ... It's feeling like the last time Play it back, going over and

Aqualung - Reel me in lyrics

you That this old ship is going down Black bottom of the ... ocean Picked up by an invisible hand Have a feeling ... down my insides And now, the sea, the

Doro & Warlock Revival - Love me in black lyrics

for a woman and ended up with me Maybe I'll love you maybe I ... ll pull you apart We live in darkness l've pulled you into ... my friend There's no escaping this hell that I've put you in You must forgive me but loving me is a sin Are you

Dream - In my dreams lyrics

Mellisa, Diana, Holly Dream, ... To get through to you You aint - Tryin much to hard To get ... the message through I know cause I ... feel the same And it's drivin me insane Why do we have to

Victoria Duffield - Save me lyrics

won't you save me Cause you know I'm falling ... Sweep me off my feet Why can't you ... hear me calling In the middle of the night I'm ... looking for you to come take me home I'm so lost I've

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