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Join The Circus William lyrics

Browse for Join The Circus William song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Join The Circus William lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Join The Circus William.

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Bad Acid Trip - Join the circus lyrics


Mark Lanegan - The circus is leaving town lyrics

party's over now So draw the curtains down Your secret's ... your satin shoes Throw back the ida down Farewell to Friday ... s clown The circus is leaving town Oh Ruby,

Take That lyricsTake That - The circus lyrics

round in circles every day The more i shout the more i ... all just one too many times The more we fall the harder we ... Cos' everybody loves a circus show But i'm the only clown

Pendulum - The tempest lyrics

you the other day Looking so undermined ... to happen And you´ll be there You must have known the ... appeared May as well let the rain come down And join the circus of people While you´re there

Firewater - The circus lyrics

a sky of slate I remember the angle of your elbow As it ... doubled back In the crack of fists across a face ... I remember the suck of boots in mud ... in those clandestine woods THE KILLER: Down at the river's

Project Pitchfork - The circus lyrics

world is a circus Oh, look what they can do ... that tiger and that bear The world is an arena And the ... cage waits in the back For that eagle, for ... that ape and all of you they applaud, they applaud to the parody of nature it’s a

Abney Park - The circus at the end of the world lyrics

and gentleman, welcome to the circus at the end of the world! ... And skillful craftsman show there chops. We laugh and cry ... But don't look closely, theres no tears. Nothing to say

Kim Richey - The circus song (can’t let go) lyrics

remember way back when The circus came to town It was like ... I stepped right up and paid the price Fool me once, that's ... defying feats Glued me to the edge of my seat I can't let

Loikaemie - Join the underground lyrics

be found You´re an alien - join the underground! You think ... - that you hate snobs So there are many reasons to be ... - for a good friend Join the underground Be free! Join the underground That´s the place

Bring Me The Horizon lyricsBring Me The Horizon - Join the club (bonus track) lyrics

But now it's time for the truth I keep my head in the ... you wish you were dead to the world But there's something ... like a stranger Well join the club, yeah join the club

The Professionals - Join the professionals lyrics

I want to see the world for free But I won't ... like the things I see Up to three, ... it up, call it once again The commies are coming, did I ... when your turn will be? Join The Professionals Be A

Marc Cohn - Join the parade lyrics

The Parade Out in the late November chill Crowded ... sill Lucky children snap their window shades The streamers ... flying through the air Falling all around the

Erasure lyricsErasure - The circus lyrics

it new technology And they use it to burn And they ... show no concern Work for their prosperity While the big ... late to learn Don't upset the teacher Though we know he

Forest Rain - Join the herd lyrics

this weird show? It's like the only thing you know You talk ... ahead is blurred Told to go join in on the herd You know this ... walking a fine line. And then you have the nerve... To

Queen Adreena - Join the dots lyrics

join the dots and i post date this ... her forget her disgraces i join the dots and i brought shame ... as i come to seduce you i join the dots and i cry ... insurrection the river runs through it she

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - Join the bad boys blue lyrics

will rock and shout. Gotta join the Bad Boys Blue. And ... with you. Here we are: the Bad Boys Blue. Baby, we're ... fakin' we're just breakin' the rules. Will you keep the

Drew Seeley - Join the party lyrics

is the invitation And it's all ... right here You can feel the music that we're playing And ... Everybody getting on the dance floor feeling the ... it going on And listen to the DJ playing you favorite song

Mandragora Scream - The circus lyrics

of the dead Rise at night They're my cryings.... In these ... Gaze of death Shame from the past They're a game and a ... blame This is the darkness This is the gate I

Attic - Join the coven lyrics

arise from the cauldron Black magic reigns ... tonight At the fireplace We her our enemies ... Blood is spilled on the ground Lets start the ritual ... its tool Surrender to the master Sell your soul

Dreamtale - Join the rain lyrics

I saw you dancing Deep in the night, daring the flames ... Your skin was alive, the curving shadows Over the ... My path to you was too short The flame will burn us both...

Joan Armatrading - Join the boys lyrics

and strong I done found another fellow He agrees with my ... direction Arms around each others shoulders we go everywhere ... to dance about and shout Join Jack and the boys Be in a

Fall Of Troy, The - The circus that has brought us back to these .. lyrics

the kids in the back deny it?! Will the kids ... in the back deny it?! Our heads are ... hearts in flat lines Will the kids in the back deny it?! ... Will the kids in the back deny it?! And blurred

Cirith Ungol - Join the legion lyrics

in arms lying dead in the streets From choking on ... that s spineless and weak. The Jackals are gloating, with ... victory in hand. But the last true believers rise up

Skiltron - Join the clan lyrics

and free. And now I am there. Come and join the Clan

Rise Against - Join the ranks lyrics

half-smiled Explain to me the details Of your God-given ... and done 'til You question the choices in your life Join ... all the millions Of victims who ... this mediocre life And all these years Have been lost

Cockney Rejects - Join the rejects lyrics

comes the new punk Do you remember ... 1977 Daddy of the gang said that you'll go to ... every word a lie and none the truth so here's a message ... for todays youth Join the Rejects and get yourself

Reel Big Fish - Join the club lyrics

friends and get 'em all together i was gonna go and start a ... you know what i mean) she's the cutest little girl, that i ... maybe she'll like me if i'm the lead singer yea, oh yea! there's so many bands, and we

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Join the gang lyrics

me introduce you to the gang Johnny plays the sitar, ... so good now That you've joined the gang Molly is the ... model in the ads Crazy clothes and acid full of soul And

Raunchy - Join the scene lyrics

two wizards and me sitting in the street A beat up bird with ... dragon blood sees me and joins the scene So many pretty ... girls all over the world Copenhagen, London

Kelis - Circus lyrics

join our circus where we all wear masks Lie ... it to last Could it be that the trick is on us Masqueradin' ... like we are the ones Can you blame us? It ... as fun Didn't know that the game must be won...Sooory

Blaine Larsen - Off to join the world (the circus song) lyrics

young lad who ran off with the circus Much to his mama's ... He was cleaning up after the elephants when This high ... broken up with a clown Now the with one graceful aerial flip

Bedwetters - Dark circus lyrics

dancing legs So divine how they call and beg Us to join the ... circus within the night A chance to overwrite the day As it had so little what ... Midnight brings it anyway There is no audience, cos

Renascent - Circus of flesh lyrics

caught in awe, to watch the splendeour of the world Even ... the chosen fall before the glory of Babylon The demand ... of the eye and the lust of the flesh All will be found in the path of temptation Souls

Deep Blue Something - William h. bonney lyrics

lie that lies in wait. Save the best mask for me. Open door ... you're free to take the world. But make no mistake ... can lick your dad, Your mother wears army boots man Your

Exodus - The lunatic parade lyrics

at all the freaks! Lined up head to ... head They wait for out arrival Some ... are here for the show Some are here to watch ... And some to preach the bible Hats off to the

Nightwish - The pharaoh sails to orion lyrics

see my face no more! for in the day Thou see my face Thou ... Orion Nautical ascension to the firmament Ship-shaped ... barrows open my heart to the wisdom of this land Sailing

Skillet - Circus for a psycho lyrics

You push it 'til I break And the anger turns to rage Why can ... You've got your finger on the trigger And you think that ... you're the winner But you're gonna get

Argent - Circus lyrics

the circus each must play a part The ... clown, the jester, mirror the meaning of their art In the circus you can be fool or may be ... king The sound of laughter is in the

Black Lab - Circus lights lyrics

on and spend the night under the circus ... wanna see you high above the ground. you know i've ... fire i've fallen off the wire too many times before

Graveworm - Circus of the damned lyrics

world I see, the lies I hear The hate I feel, the fear I see ... Every day once again in the fight To be the game of a ... carnal race Welcome to the circus of damned The time of fire

Paloma Faith lyricsPaloma Faith - Circus of your mind lyrics

in doubt I'm turning the pages but nothing changes The voices in my head won't ... I'm seeing darkness where the light should be madness ... many things you will find in the circus of your mind I've

Rough Silk - When the circus is coming to town lyrics

a die-hard rock´n roll fan. The word “fan” comes from ... “fanatic” – the word “candle” Comes from ... She used to wait outside at the backstage door for the

Dezperadoz - When the circus comes to town lyrics

destiny To execute for the love of God, his even handed ... will The bells of justice chime for me ... wait here anymore When the circus comes to town And the

Human League - Circus of death lyrics

is a song called the circus of death. It tells the true ... story of a circus we met. The first two verses concern the ... steve mcgarrett. The third emotionally describes a

Aqua - Goodbye to the circus lyrics

s time now to turn off the light This has been such a ... sights My friend, this is the end So long and see you soon ... Someday we will be back together Goodbye to the circus We

The Co - Keep it together lyrics

it really all they say it is? I'm trynna make ... sense of this They always say 'Never join the Circus' Will they really take care ... It's hard to see it from the bottom When your light is

The Co - Tyler ward and the co keep it together origi.. lyrics


Randy Rogers Band - When the circus leaves town lyrics

show, watch me unwind For the next ninety minutes we'll be ... having the time of our lives I might ... loved I might kick out the footlights if I drink too ... time it might be enough Till they pack up my guitars and

Manticora - The black circus lyrics

England 31/7 – 1896 I saw the fluttering worn-out black ... flags in the wind, torn by weather and time, belonging to the ... travelling circus that is situated on a hill on

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - The biggest killer in american history lyrics

amp;quot; But stealthily, in the land of the free, he's ... lurking there Most are unaware of The ... And god shed his grace on thee Business institutions ... universites Both are quite the circus where the killer wants

John Denver - Circus lyrics

it girl When I draw the line It hasn't come to ... Goin' nowhere For the skies, they look so lazy now ... And heavy are the clouds There's nothing

Bal-sagoth - Blood slakes the sand at the circus maximus lyrics

an Iceni gladiator, awaiting the opening of the arena ... [Iceni Messenger:] Hearken! The Ninth Legion has been put to the sword! The war-Chief of ... .. wet your swords! Redden the earth with Roman blood! I

Los Lobos - When the circus comes lyrics

to get out of this wreck The time that you came and the ... thought I could But when the lights are turning 'round ... And wheels are rolling on the ground That day I'll burn

Mercyme lyricsMercyme - Welcome to the new lyrics

And like me you believed it They said it wasn't works But ... sounds so crazy now But back then you couldn't see it But ... In a brand new light For the first time Let us be the

Secret Sphere - Welcome to the circus lyrics

you're here with me I know there is a chance for us, I know there is, yeah Welcome to the circus where it's time to play your ... you're here with me I know there is a chance for us, I know there is, yeah Welcome to the circus where it's time to play your

Don Mclean - Circus song lyrics

two for a quarter See if the fat man can guess your weight ... fizzy Now that would do the trick Everyone knows that the clowns aren't happy And ... everyone knows that the people don't care I wish I

Cracker - I want out of the circus lyrics

I, I want out of the circus Since the girl in the blue ... Now I, I want out of the circus That old gang of dwarves-- ... Sometimes, they're downright feral When they, they been 'round that old

Hackneyed - Circus coccus spirilly lyrics

circus, the circus coccus spirilly There is ... but I think it will prevail The death comes clearly, I see ... I feel it grow inside! There is something inside me

Van Morrison - The lion this time lyrics

lion this time again He's in the circus in a cage He's trying ... to break out of the frame The lion this time He hears ... same old sad refrain But they can't hold him with no chain

Hot Hot Heat - Circus maximus lyrics

save the hot hot seat for the emperor. He’s the arsonist, ... yeah I got the evidence. Better eat that ... or my gasoline. I’m here at the gates all alone. Minimalist

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