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Moving Mountains - The earth and the sun lyrics

your hands away from your face So I can see everything you are And everything you've been to me Something you don't wanna be Something you don't wanna be You, you're like the sun And I am earth Together we're one But someday your fire will die And I'll grow cold w

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - The day that the earth stalled lyrics

you remember when we were young, adventure had no end? Those were the days my friend. But I’m not talking about that at all. Do you remember when you marred my future with a sickly parasitic pall? That was the day that the earth stalled. That was

Morrissey - Earth is the loneliest planet lyrics

is the loneliest planet of all Earth is the loneliest planet of all Day after day you say "one day, one day" Day after day you say "one day, one day" But you're in the wrong place and you've got the wrong face And humans a

Seventh Seal ( Ita ) - The ways of the world lyrics

the earth to the sky Make this scream get so high Make this world understand Nothing's lost 'till the end Blind are the eyes of justice Peace will never reign 'cause all mankind is heading For its self-destruction Every day we leave our brothers Outside the door We

I Fight Dragons - The geeks will inherit the earth lyrics

remember trying to talk to you in highschool Couldn't even get a look cause you were too cool But now we're older were playing by the new rules We lived and learned! 'Cause as time moves on We find we belong And then in the end We were the ones you us

Rotting Christ - The call of the aethyrs lyrics

who dwell into the aethyrs Are all powerful into the earth They execute the crisis of him They serve the will they follow the will of them Here / is / the face / of your god Rule of the blessing / lord of the skies Reign / the earth / with power / of / respect Reig

Enigma - The voice and the snake lyrics

first bowl on the earth the second bowl on the sea the third bowl on the rivers the fourth bowl on the sun the fifth bowl on the beast the sixth bowl on the stars the seventh bowl on the air And the earth turned grey sea turned black The rivers t

Imperial Age - In the center of the earth lyrics

the pain of anguish and desire Touch the freezing flames of my black fire Watch your body shiver with convulsions and despair Now you know what I feel - only now it's fair! In the center of the Earth Where the fire of time remains Come and break my he

Hordak - The arrival of the new season lyrics


Karliene Reynolds - The wolf and the moon lyrics

a cold winter's night In the polar white snow A wolf lay wounded and cold A fight with a bear That left him exposed And death was growing near He lifted his gaze To the shimmering moon She smiled her silvery smile She wrapped him up tight In a blanket of st

Rata Blanca - The voices of the sea + the forgotten kingdom lyrics

... + When men are lost in the depth of their dark, The old ones return whit a powerful song. Their sorrow will curse the earth, destroy the sea and sky, Peace for mankind will crumble to hate and pain. Look to you heart, look to your so

Burning Tears - The flight of the crow lyrics

you are And what´s around you, I'm the rising moon Lighting your path To misery It is my will, Rising my sorcerers illusions, You are destined to remain In this rotten earth, The land there I give you Now it will be your doom, Guardians of heaven, awa

Metal Church - The end of the age lyrics

hear it in a minstrel wind, it's crying out the tune Of a prophet's only hope to tell the world He wrote down it on parchment, but alas no one believes Of the vision only one man could conceive He knows it's true Will the people have the ear

The Knack - (all in the) all in all lyrics

one two one two three a b c i i you i you we one two three i was a fool to believe i didn't have all i need i close my i close my eyes and i see the circle goes on and on the moment you are you are it's all in the all in all ending at the start it's all in the all

Hillsong Worship - Across the earth lyrics

the earth Your praises rise We lift our voice Call upon your name You gave us hope That never ends In Christ alone The victory remains For you are great and mighty Let the nations sing Your praise fills the heavens For you have redeemed us Our hope is i

Bob Catley - When the earth lies still lyrics

heard the drums On the day the moon chased shadows from the dawn my love And I heard your voice when I kissed the words you write And I wondered what has become of you When the earth lies still When this crazy world stops revolving There'll be just you

Army Of Lovers - The day the gods help us all lyrics

to be found Found to be guilty A foolish game a crying shame Over the hills Down through the valleys The evil eye an end to die Until the day the gods help us all Chained my heart shall stay Until the day the gods help us all Wipe the earth away Rhythm divine

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - Above and beyond lyrics

in a million to me I never loved so much Is it any wonder I'm alive No one ever knows what makes a Virtue or a vice Let it be the spell I'm under (These naked eyes) Let it be the rain and thunder comes I go above and beyond the sun Some love never dies Story of o

Adamantra - In the shadow of the cross lyrics

smiles When she puts the pencil down From her hand For the last time She closes her diary And says a prayer by the bed Raising her head to the wind She lets the rain wash her face And take away the tears Doesn't feel any pain She does not hate anymore She b

Bloody Hammers - The last legion of sorrow lyrics

at full speed through the terrain Leaving not a trace of life remains The lords of the earth The axe of the unremorseful Is rising above The vengeful blade is coming down Feel the crimson mask build on my face From those collapsed who fall for our disgrace The lords of the

Morgana Lefay - The operation of the sun lyrics

below, so above; and as above, so below with this knowledge you may work miracles (i know) and all things emanate, from the one who is the cause (fate) all things are born (after their kind) from this one the sun is the father, its mother is the moon

Ragnarok - The reflection from the star world above lyrics

have no fear for death as its hostile force A avantage that we use against God and his light As children of the night and creators of unlight Darkness exist forever The night is nor life or glory it is a part of the destruction Black as it show itself Even

Gangstarr - Above clouds lyrics

Inspectah Deck] "It has come to our attention that a mysterious force is LOOSE.. somewhere in outer space." "The mysteries of creation are there." "Up in the sky?" "Up in the sky." &

Barlow Girl - For the beauty of the earth lyrics

the beauty of the earth, For the glory of the skies; For the love which from our birth, Over and around us lies; Lord of all, to Thee we raise This, our hymn of grateful praise. For the wonder of each hour, Of the day and of the night; Hill

Iron Maiden lyricsIron Maiden - The book of souls lyrics

buried with kings Accompany them on a journey with no end To an afterlife that’s rich with fruit of all the gods And to face the demons of their underworld haunts The sentient is sent to seek out all the truth A flight to earth that is a given from his

Omd - The boy from the chemist is here to see you lyrics

day of every year you live your life in hope and fear, That each small sin and imperfection is buried deep beyond detection. But one by one the ghosts return, and each selects it’s place to burn, Into your soft and breaking heart, and this is how the aching starts. The jo

Celtic Woman - The sky and the dawn and the sun lyrics

is the moon tonight Hiding its guiding light High Heaven and earth do sleep Still in the dark so deep I will the darkness sweep I will the moon to flight I will the heavens bright I will the earth delight Open your eyes with me See paradise with me Awake and aris

Lion's Share - The day the earth caught fire lyrics


Lux Occulta - The birth of the race lyrics

the sinister heavens I strip the arc of moon the cosmic sickle starts the deicidial harvest I am the wheel of fortune that grinds your chest the fruit of the storm and the kingdom belongs to me the time has come, your time, my father this is my fate t

Black Tongue - In the wake ov the wolf lyrics

the wolf - Herald of fire, voice of ruin - run rampant, through the heavens. His fangs carve a bloody swathe; red stains the maiden's gown. Blood and the snow. Her bonds tighten, her cancer stands to attention. Blood and the snow. Cough black tar into the dust

Necronomicon - Dark corners of the earth lyrics

corners of the earth Where the elders are sleeping Where the elders are dreaming Condemned and banish for time before time Lurking in the dark Praying to no one ruling all that lives Before mankind was here Coming from high above Here was their new col

Rhapsody Of Fire - The dark secret (the ancient prophecy - ira d.. lyrics

The Ancient Prophecy It was a good time for all creatures on the earth, but fate decreed that the dark prophecy of a demon knight could bring a tragic end to this peace scarring their lives forever. Shortly before his defeat in the last of the primordial wars b

Blue System - The earth will move lyrics

feel the earth will move Feel the earth will move Music is a great romancer I feel it in the groove Feel it in the groove Music is the greatest dancer Its only just a fantasy Love is not a mystery Oh, its a secret love affair Seven faces of success Sendin

Behemoth - The entrance to the spheres of mars lyrics

- said I And then the sun set and the dusk Fell on my life Transformations and metamorphoses It was what I experienced there, on the south of heaven I was striking with my fists at the heavens ceilings Too low I fell, I did not reach the step-father's neck Altho

Behemoth - The entrance to the spheres of mars [bonus tr.. lyrics

- said I And then the sun set and the dusk Fell on my life Transformations and metamorphoses It was what I experienced there, on the south of heaven I was striking with my fists at the heavens ceilings Too low I fell, I did not reach the step-father's n

Damh The Bard - The wheel lyrics

the sunrise on the shortest day my crying greets the dawn. Tears of dew form on the web As I am reborn. Feel new life spring from the Earth, As the Mother of All Life gives birth. Though I am a child I will soon become a man. Feel the warmth upon your skin, S

Deadlock - The year of the crow lyrics

the sky, into the blood drenched skies... his soul flew away to rally the death-hordes up in heaven.... and wherever his soul may go his words shall bring blood and honor... hunt down the unworthy and the traitors soon it will come the year of the crow... who wil

Echo & The Bunnymen - All that jazz lyrics

the hell have you been We've been waiting with our best suits on Hair slicked back and all that jazz Rolling down the Union Jack See you at the barricades babe See you when the lights go low, Joe Hear you when the wheels turn round Someday when the sky turns

Hate - The scrolls lyrics

of Hate is what are my lord, Each of your ten horns makes war with the lamb, Blood is your prize, On war you ever feed, You shall magnify yourself above every god, All that dwell upon the earth shall worship thee, Mesmerized the earth, The death all bow before, This pain I deify

Raised By Swans - The past is the prey lyrics

you promised me, then you led us deeper, into the trees. And looped the trail, where it traced the thin air, when you track the old days, remember the game. The past’s not always the prey. And we numbed the earth’s skin, when we tried to strike a spark,

Graveland - The four wings of the sun lyrics

the shield of the Sun is the power The light of the Aryan knowledge The four wings of the sun The hope of spirits, and the strength of will As proud ancient Gods stand by his side Wotan raises his shield to protect me from the shine Women and children Old warriors Stone statues Co

Lenka - The end of the world lyrics

the end of the world I will be there with you And we'll throw a party to celebrate The things we used to do Like living life, breathing air Running your fingers through my hair Oh, this isn't fair At the end of the world I will hold you so close So we won't notice the dest

Nasum - Evacuate the earth lyrics

the earth! What else can we do? Evacuate the earth! Time is running short... No time for repentance, no time for regret - just leave this forsaken ground The dream about the utopia is just an inversion of the truth Succumb - the horror, invoke -

Future Of Forestry - The earth stood still lyrics

teenage girl and her soon-to-be. A simple trip far as they could see. The sky was clear and the hour serene. But did they know what the night would bring. Lonely hearts strung across the land They've been waiting long for a healing hand. My heart was there and I felt the chill L

Marvin Gaye - To the ends of the earth lyrics

the ends of the earth I'll follow my star To the ends of the earth Just to be where you are No matter where you roam I'll never be far behind Who cares where the path may wind As long as I find you? Though the melody dies The song lingers on And a tho

Of Mice & Men - The hunger lyrics

up your eyes and start to take it in, and maybe you’ll begin to feel like I feel once again… We kill, to war. To murder, to hurt. Scorch the skies and poison the earth, and watch the stumbling efforts to partially fix it all again. Time has cracked. The warnin

Ub 40 lyricsUb 40 - The earth dies screaming lyrics

warm dry wind is all that breaks the silence, The highways quiet scars across the land. People lie, eyes closed, no longer dreaming, The earth dies screaming. Like scattered pebbles, cars lie silent waiting, Oilless engines seized by dirt and sand. Bodies hanging lim

Creature Feature - The meek shall inherit the earth lyrics

Story Starts So Very, Very Deep Underground Unaware Of The Legions They Are Building Down There Then Comes The Sound, A Shrill Signal Loud Enough To Drown The Time Has Come Mother Nature's Now Holding The Gun Well Once You Enter The Hive You'll Never Make It Out Alive It's Been Dev

Gungor - The earth is yours lyrics

voice it thunders The oaks start twisting The forest sounds with cedars breaking The waters see You and start their writhing From the depths a song is rising Now it’s rising from the ground Holy, Holy Holy, Holy Lord the earth is Yours and s

Donald Lawrence - The blessing is on you lyrics

Choir:] The Lord has made... a covenant with you He has promised... that He... would bless... you You are in... the Earth... but you live, above... the curse You are kingdom, you have rights Blessings come... with no struggle... or fight So when recession comes.

Lisa Germano - The earth lyrics

Enough Enough How much Can I Accept Enough Remember me? I'm still around How much Can I Accept

Aquaria - Son of the sky brothers of the earth lyrics

the shadows of the dark Far away a morning star Is rising with the light Cities now won't be the same There's no reason for the pain Please evolute your mind The story is like a miracle The love is back again To unite the men and bring serenity Son of

Destiny - In the shadow of the rainbow lyrics

nothing will be the same What can stop the cry-outs of pain The end has come for the warhorse crusade No one can hide in this masquerade Someone says the end is near But we've got nothing left to fear Deliver us from torture Deliver us from pain Can you feel the fear ton

Edge Of Sanity - The forbidden words i + ii lyrics

no man breach the gate to this most blasphemous of halls Lest bitterness and chaos be the harvest they wouldst reap He must n'er become a slave to this Child's beck and call For she must never waken from her Crimson Sleep.. The monastery stood towering abov

The Gathering - The earth is my witness lyrics

earth look at her closely She looks at her baby and she sighs The slight breathing pause that she takes it builds her and Makes her strong She refuses to give her up And we close our eyes Her hands touch the round stomach And feel the kick The eyes that ha

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