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Jiren Why You Say God Damn Ugly lyrics

Browse for Jiren Why You Say God Damn Ugly song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Jiren Why You Say God Damn Ugly lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Jiren Why You Say God Damn Ugly.

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Chris Shiflett & The Dead Peasants - God damn lyrics

I'm not believing again God damn the reasons That we've been ... I took the same drugs as you So let's ride it through ... in True I don't need you God damn it feels good To be in

Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 - God damn i am lyrics

tears on a butchers block god loves me well god can blow ... me i dont believe thats why i said god damn god damn i ... am god damn god damn i am gods a fag because

Motopony - God damn girl lyrics

damn girl, your wounds are beautiful God damn girl, your wounds are ... beautiful God damn girl, your wounds are beautiful God damn girl, your wounds are

Filter - God damn me lyrics

breathe Not for me Oh God damn me Oh God damn me ... get from Not for me Oh God damn me Oh God damn me ... Nothing but me Oh God damn me Oh God damn

Chris Caffery - God damn war lyrics

he’s just moments away For God Damn War God Damn War!!! ... Welcome) To my kingdom of the damned Black and glowing purse…(You’re cursed) My evil master

Michael Gira - God damn the sun lyrics

when we were young We had no history So ... thought of revenge But then you grew old And I lost my ... not to remember But I miss your arrogance And I need your

Chester See - God damn you're beautiful lyrics

the days I can't see your eyes, I don't even want to, ... On the days I can't see your smile, Well i'd rather sit, ... while. For the days I know you'll be near, 'Cause a day

Get Scared - God damn liar lyrics

ll never take me You'll never take me alive Cause ... God knows you've tried I once was blinded ... Maybe I should cut my wrists You know I've never been f***ed

Missy Elliott lyricsMissy Elliott - Why you hurt me lyrics

everybody Can I get a hoe? You know what I'm saying? So I ... then give me one reason Why she do dat? Always knew dat ... back long range And make the ugly bitch sing [Refrén:]

Mya - Why you gotta look so good lyrics

find the Strength to leave your ass behind Maybe if your ... the sex was wack Or maybe if you was fat, but damn... [HOOK ... Why you gotta look so good... Damn you make it so hard to leave you

Jonny Craig - God damn i'm good looking lyrics

down, They got so much to say now, Man I was barely on the ... radar Now they say I'm getting played out Safe ... to say I'm going gold Stay the same ... I'm faded, I'm famous You made a diamond outta me [x6]

Avenged Sevenfold - God damn lyrics

Hey! Can't you see we're tripping on the ... button and behold the world you crave Where's the fun in ... freedom when it renders you a slave? Pledge allegiance,

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Say what you say (feat. lloyd banks, tony yay.. lyrics

be askin me "yo 50 who you got beef wit?" I'm a ... If I can't make no money wit you, f*** you nigga G-Unit nigga ... while I'm out for the ends, you out for a rep thats the same

Lil Boosie - Why you thug me like dat lyrics

I promise you 2 cum home at nite Yea rite, ... I promise you 2 always treat you rite yea rite, I promise 2 ... be down 4 you n never chill but when im wit ... flying down yo cheek, y you thug me like dat cuz im

Damn Yankees - Damn yankees lyrics

stumble Onto something that you never tried Got that right ... Haven't heard a sound You don't have to worry Help is ... We don't need no "thank you, ma'am" We know what

Falling In Reverse - God damn lyrics

m just like a hand grenade You pulled the pin now you're too ... me while I detonate You live the life of luxury ... Deep down inside your misery Subsides and

Flaw - God damn lyrics

nothing but a That's right, your nothing but a prick, my ... imbosole Don't point your rules at me A stupid, my ... imbosole Don't point your rules at me All of your

Shaggy - Why you treat me so bad lyrics

in a dancehall style wicked, whya so versatile chu why must ... so bad [Puba:] I don't know why she treat like that why ... it's scheming like a demon why must she treat so bad

Olivia - You got the damn thing lyrics

You know you got the damn thing You got the damn ... thing I like(oh yeah)you know you got the damn thing I like, ... like,i like (you got the damn thing) you know you got the damn thing I like, you know you

Kurt Carr - Why not trust god again lyrics

a solution comes to mind Why not trust God again? I ... again, believe again My God will work it for my good ... it all If I trust in God again. Is there a

The Left Rights - Why you in my physical lyrics

bird dick-f***, and he in your house) Yo, I got ... something to shut you the f*** up You ain't no ... So (Who the f*** are you then?) I am the Stick Man

Prince - Why you wanna treat me so bad? lyrics

talk going 'round town That you really don't give a damn ... They say you really put me down When I'm ... doing the best I can I gave you all of my love I even gave you my body Tell me, baby, ain't

Dmx - You could be blind lyrics

Chorus 2x] You could be blind But you gon' ... see it when you need to see it You gon' be ... fine 'Cause you gon' be here when you need to ... One of a kind First free your mind, and then you'll free your spirit Go where I go, dog

Beatsteaks - Why you not lyrics

the way of pain, desease in your brain they say the church's ... she's rich, more rich than you know for money they protect your soul, for a heaven you don

Ok Go - You're so damn hot lyrics

saw you sliding out the bar. I saw you slipping out the back door, ... time, it's fine. Darling, you're still divine. You don ... that it bothers me at all. You're a bad-hearted boy-trap,

Flo Rida - Why you up in here lyrics

my roley's 6 o'clock Now you know you better stop You ... my squad I am G poe boy You either (uhh) or you not ... Wait a minute shawty why you came Who you know and who

Sean Kingston - Why you wanna go lyrics

took so long to get here Why you wanna go? Why you wanna ... leave me? Why you wanna go? It took so long ... to get here Why you wanna go? Why you wanna

Cheap Trick - You say jump lyrics

say jump, I said how high You say no, I don't ask why You ... treat me like a fool, like you do Kick me when I'm down and ... out Out with you I wish I was Instead I'm

I Declare War - God has no place within these walls lyrics

not beg for forgiveness. You will all choke on your lies ... There is no substance to what you preach. Prayers wasted, ... the innocent. Point your fingers to past judgment. You are shallow and so is your

Memphis Bleek - Why you wanna hate for lyrics

your ones, get your guns Muthaf***er it's on ... Who I'm riding with bitch You know the game and the name I ... I toke cuatro cinco, when uno says Keep uno in the head, you

Drew Seeley - Why cant you say that you're mine lyrics

feel like all the love you gave has gone to waste But ... appreciate I’ll taste your salty tears when I kiss them ... all away The way that you need me to Erase the shit

Lauren Daigle lyricsLauren Daigle - You say lyrics

voices in my mind that say I'm not enough Every single ... am because I need to know You say I am loved when I can't ... feel a thing You say I am strong when I think I am

Charlie Hall - You are god lyrics

Ragland, Dustin; And You?re closer than our troubles ... grand than gold and silver You are God, You are God And You ... the joy of man?s desire And You are Father, Satisfier And we

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - Why you wanna trip on me lyrics

Jackson - Why You Wanna Trip On Me They Say ... That's Much More In Demand You Got World Hunger Not Enough ... Time To Be Trippin' On Me You Got School Teachers Who Don

T.i. lyricsT.i. - Why you wanna lyrics

Hey T.I.P pimping Hey shorty why you gotta act like that, I´m saying I´m just trying to be ... nice to you [Chorus] Go and tell a ... no, wit a ass so fat Hey why you wanna go and do that love,

Judas Priest - You say yes lyrics

were sayin' you want to rip it Paint the ... spots, get it in the head You drivin' me crazy, I know your ... game You done it all before, you'll do it all again You say

Paul Wall - "why you peepin me" lyrics

game, everything that I say To a girl, is all derived ... a little while [Hook] Why you peeping me, do you like ... what you see I bet you never, met a playa like me You staring at me, wondering just

William Mcdowell - You are god alone lyrics

Verse 1: x2] You're not a God created by human hands You're ... not a God dependent on any mortal man You're not a God in need of ... Anything we can give By Your plan, that's just the way it

Brenda Lee - Why you been gone so long lyrics

lonesome wind blow Tel me why baby, why ya been gone so ... long Tell me baby, why ya been gone so long, Ya ... gone so long Tell me baby, why ya been gone so long Who'll

Planetshakers - You are god lyrics

Where there is darkness, Your light will shine bright ... a brand new day CHORUS: You are God, You are God You ... are so glorious, You are so powerful You are God

Saving Jane - You say lyrics

been calling and calling for you But you answer and I shut my ... and and searching for you, but myself I don't want to ... be found. You say I am You say let go You say believe

Brother Ali - You say (puppy love) lyrics

Verse 1:] You say I made you fall in love with me Wish I ... could make you fall in love with you You ... us could be And what that you and I means one could do

Montell Jordan - Why you wanna do that? lyrics

we just met Ooh girl, why you wanna go and do that? (Do ... what?) Do that, why you wanna do that? Frontin' in ... hard to get Ooh girl, why you wanna go and do that? (Do

Ciara - Why you lyrics

used my love You used my heart The saddest ... fight, no delight, you and I Nothing left but ... sacrifice has hurt my life You roll the dice You don’t know

Vybz Kartel - Why you doing it lyrics

la (Up to di time) la la la (You know it's Kartel!) la la la ... to do it twice!) Ask him, why you do it when you know you ... shouldn't be doin it Why you chewin it when you should be

Vybz Kartel - Why you doing it (part 2) lyrics

mi strike (Ask him, ask him) you know, up to the time ... Wayne Marshall] Ask him why you keep on doin it And know you ... shouldn't try Why you treat your girls And eat your girls

Joe Purdy - Why you lyrics

you always being so mean? Why you always being so mean? ... Cause you'd think that you could see The pain you bring ... me now So why you always being so mean? And why you always running your mouth

Cascada - Why you had to leave lyrics

Each day I seemed to love you more Nothing was going to ... hard to believe that one day you're here The next you are ... that clear for me to see Why you had to leave I just can

Death Cab For Cutie - Why you'd want to live here lyrics

s sleeping And I can't see why you'd want to live here I ... never ever current So save your film and fifteen dollars ... And I can't see why you'd want to live here

Eric Benet - Why you follow me lyrics

by forbidden love before But why must she be everythin That I ... be knocking at my door Hey Why you messing with my feelings Why you follow me I can read the

Chenoa - Why you doin' like that lyrics

had about enough, no more. You think I don't know, but I ... been tellin me so. Who you're with, where you go, what you do. When you're not with me

Katy B - Why you always here lyrics

walking next And then there you appear You touched upon my ... sleeve Then you said follow me But I sensed ... Can't enter golden times You predict into my mind Throwin

Dondria - Why you hurting me lyrics

was fine And I just knew you'd b my life long friend Every ... u was comin in But-but then, you-you began To slowly but ... me I been here rite here by your side But this isn't fair to

Rachel Platten - You don't know my heart lyrics

I cannot, I cannot explain Your heart is like a hurricane ... But can't you see I'm so in pain Guess I'm ... cause I don't talk And then you write me off again And I don

Hazydecay - Why you lyrics

heavy hazy - it looks like you left me in the maze - don´t you feel you forgot sumthin´ ... behind you - i remembr telling you ... don´t let go! you bled me dry - sucked the shit

Jessi Colter - Why you been gone for so long lyrics

colter artist song title why have you been gone for so

The Game - Why you hate the game lyrics

y'all snitchin', Witnessin' you rockin'(?) with Nas, ... at my Christening. And while you still listenin', Shyne locked ... from the cloth I came, Young homie ate his way up from

Jeff Adam Gutt - Say you, say me (live show 2) lyrics

you, say me; say it for always That's the way ... it should be Say you, say me; say it together ... a voice was crying out Say you, say me; say it together

Ray Conniff Singers - Say you say me lyrics

you, say me; say it for always That's the way ... it should be Say you, say me; say it together ... a voice was crying out Say you, say me; say it for always

Buzzcocks - You say you don't love me lyrics

say you don't love me Well that's ... with me 'cos I'm in love with you And I wouldn't want you ... doing things you don't want to do Oh you know ... I've always wanted you to be in love with me And it

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