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Anadel - In the water lyrics

every breath but life is for the living in the water oh.. ... but where are you to hide in the water oh.. Against the tide we struggle with the skin we're in, the skin we're in

City And Colour - In the water i am beautiful lyrics

So strange how everything went wrong so fast And I ... confusion does not last These words might be, too little ... And I will long to hold you in my arms And when you ask

Twenty One Pilots lyricsTwenty One Pilots - Coconut sharks in the water lyrics

coconut sharks in the water Coconut coconut sharks in the water Coconut coconut sharks ... in the water, frens Coconut coconut ... sharks in the water Coconut coconut sharks in the water Coconut coconut sharks

Daniel Curtis Lee - In the summertime lyrics

the summertime when the weather is hot In the summertime ... and you can touch the sky In the summertime yo we just chillin ... With that feeling in our mind Yo we just hang with the

Christina Grimmie - Shark in the water lyrics

I get my head in a dilly Feeling so lost, ticking you off ... know me well Said, I’m that kind of feeling That kind of ... soft, that kind of silly But when I’m in

Hawthorne Heights - Dead in the water lyrics

medicine is blending in it's in the blood with oxygen I need ... now to figure myself out Cutting through the ribbons of self ... d see me this way You are the worst and I am to blame

Brooke Fraser - Something in the water lyrics

made of bright pretty things What she wears, what she ... what she wears Birds singing on my shoulder in harmony it ... seems How they sing, how they sing, how they sing Give

Jamie N Commons - Wash me in the water lyrics

m winning , yeah I made it, But I've ... been raising Cain. Cuz the path I'm on seems much the ... same. But in the cold night, I can't help but ... ask for more Seems to be the pain That I've been asking

Sam Cooke - Wade in the water lyrics

is calling "wade in the water" telling you to ... wade "wade in the water" come and wade &quot ... wade in the water" yeah "and

Example lyricsExample - Something in the water lyrics

see them come, I see them go, Been coming here since ... play, here to talk, Or are they here to simply show, Sense ... of strangers, Simply starin' 'cross the room, Pretty

Eva Cassidy - Wade in the water lyrics

quot;Refrain: Wade in the Water Wade in the Water children ... Wade in the Water, God's gonna trouble the Water Who's that young girl ... dressed in red Wade in the Water Must be the Children that

Ellie Goulding lyricsEllie Goulding - Dead in the water lyrics

to you And I would tell the truth Cause I can hardly ... breathe When your hands let go of ... me The ice is thinning out And my feet brace themselves I'm there in the water Still looking for ya I'm there in the water Can't you

David Gray - Dead in the water lyrics

stand in line People stand in line People stand in line A ... premonition of the killers angel eyes An ... tell it like it is It's like the old man says We're dead in the water now Dead in the water

Jojo - Something in the water lyrics

am I doing' Watchin' all his movements Pullin' ... apart everything that he's doing What is the reason at ... switchin' up free stuff Like I'm ... held up by the police I need freedom And

Prince - Something in the water (does not compute) lyrics

(Don't not compute) U think you're special, well so do I ... not compute) Must be something in the water they drink It ... s been the same with every girl I've had

10 Years - Dead in the water lyrics

are he who speaks the word Pray for the weak and ... lead the herd Dollar signs in the faithful eyes Anti-saint ... a martyr We'll come and find you Come and find you Done

Dubstep - Ellie goulding - dead in the water (remix) lyrics

much to you And I would tell the truth Cause I can hardly ... breathe When your hands let go of ... me The ice is thinning out And my feet brace themselves I'm there in the water Still looking for ya I'm there in the water Can't you see

Lovedrug - Dead in the water lyrics

jigs saw piece Puzzle coming your way I'm like a TV ... picture Preaching while I'm waiting to hang. ... word questions And a kissing booth I'm like a bird flying underwater seeking the truth

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds lyricsNoel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Dead in the water (bonus track) lyrics

the shore as the night is slipping through my ... hands I fall into the sea like the empire built on the sand I've been thinking ... 'bout the days when we had no money

Gordon Lightfoot - Bend in the water lyrics

come on Kitty, if you feel inclined Down around the bend in the water, bring your fishin' ... line Come on Pearl, I'm rough ... and ready, got my fishin' pole Down around the bend in the water to the fishin' hole

Hurts lyricsHurts - The water lyrics

they swim. I tell them 'no'. They just dive right in. But do they know? It's a ... When you're alone. And there's no air or sound. Down ... below the surface. There's something in the water.

Iwrestledabearonce - Wade in the water lyrics

heard you could walk on water. I watch you play victim to the tombs. Slaughter of a filthy ... pig. I'd watch your skin turn on the spit. But I ... would not consume. I won't infect my body. Syllables invite you to your tomb. Favor

Nozuka Justin - Swan in the water lyrics

to save me He said believe in the spirit of God Leave me ... alone Mother tried to heal me She said ... just feel me, just feel me Then leave me alone Brother

Shaman's Harvest - Blood in the water lyrics

head is spinnin' From the doom that is proclaimed of ... a tollin' bell There goes your man all curled up ... like a leaf tormented holding on to His personal hell I

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - Born in the water lyrics

hills all covered in suede I'm heat nervous and ... out of road Downtown there's a parade But I don't think I want to go Smart as trees ... in Sault Saint Marie I can speak my mother

Lewis Capaldi lyricsLewis Capaldi - Something in the water lyrics

darkest sense I get when I'm in the open When the ground ... beneath my feet starts falling away The cold cold press I ... find when I'm sick and soulless ... Or the warmth I feel at the end of a damp cigarette There must be something in the water That keeps me from drowning

Dawes - Moon in the water lyrics

the wind is with me But somehow out ... of sight Not knowing where it comes from Or ... where it goes That's the way your memory Shapes the ... middle of my night Since the last time I saw you And the

Bad Company lyricsBad Company - Both feet in the water lyrics

company I'm keeping, well it may be bad But it ... ain't bad enough, compared to me ... So baby start believing, I'm the best you've ever had Just ... right You better make your mind up, it's gotta be tonight

Evergrey - Still in the water lyrics

re still in the water It's getting harder to breathe I've started counting the ... seconds There's been no light here for a ... she was asleep Her breathing stopped forever And it's

Feist - Fire in the water lyrics

s the sweetest feeling Openly believing No matter ... what we find there Come back in through the eyes there Sole ... and born creation The lion's in the house Flowers are up in the air Crashing against the

4him - One foot in the water lyrics

can't have one foot in the water And one foot in the sand You ... You have to take a stand In this world that's always ... changing Where the lines are hard to see We must

Ben Howard - Oats in the water lyrics

your way, I'll take the long way 'round, I'll find ... And hold your gaze There's coke in the Midas touch ... A joke in the way that we rust, And breathe again. And you'll find

Man Must Die - Dead in the water lyrics

dead in the water. In time we’ll pay for out sins. ... time to realise this world in which we live. A false icon ... on the TV screen promises to set us ... free. Subscribe to the trendy magazine that is made

Arrows To Athens - Ghost in the water lyrics

edge of the earth now I've never seen ... this place before The ghosts in the water Waiting for dark ... before pulling us under Below is a ... this is a fight to break the silence These are the lies

Jesse Mccartney lyricsJesse Mccartney - Right back in the water lyrics

could tell by the look in her eyes Maybe I'm just one ... Still I'm here though I'm burning up inside [Refrén:] And ... to walk away but I keep telling myself She's the one for me

Holy Mother - In the gutter lyrics

in the gutter Livin' in the gutter Livin'in the gutter ... Livin' in the gutter Sleepin' in the gutter Daddy says the preacher man Is stealin' ... from us blind He says it's only money

Matt Pond Pa - Devil in the water lyrics

the sounds are from the ceiling they turned up to be a ... floor strained on muffled conversations the eyes hesitate for more laying low but not escaping find

Kris Kristofferson - In the news lyrics

about the sorry way he done somebody's ... daughter Chained her to a heavy thing and ... threw her in the water And she sank into the ... darkness with their baby son inside her A little piece of

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - In the lion lyrics

but I want to stay… I feel the love, I feel the love I feel ... the love, I feel the love Na na na na na na na ... but I want to stay… In the lion, there's a heart breaking by the fire And in the fire

Grieves - Dead in the water lyrics

you want from me? You're knockin' on doors tryin' to wake up the beast. Head full of thorns, ... you wanna settle the score, you wanna level the ... wanna level me down. I find it funny how your heart don

Miracle Of Sound - Dead space song - hell in the headspace lyrics

through the casing Carve to the core Burn out the virus ... Strip out the spore Contaminated There's nothing pure ... Reanimated I am the cure Break out your kill

Psapp - In the black lyrics

found you in the forest And your bed was made ... of needles You were sleeping In the gloaming and the ... calm I took you in my arms Oh I laid you on my ... breast Breathing in your soft sighs and your

Krabathor - In the blazing river lyrics

long way from the sun He waked up And his mind, eyes and steps Are rambling They're getting on to ... full of gratitude He complains towards the sky With the

Nerd Out Music - Rainbow six siege song | rainbows in the dark.. lyrics

is not our decision we going in and we killing better get in ... This is not a drill it´s the real thing raindbow is here ... BOOM ! This the real team six scared of

Galantis - Water lyrics

Verse 1] Snow fall on the tree tops, the streets are ... bare Bright lights in the windows, among the stares And ... your silence, and all of your songs I still hear the choir, but

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals - Nothing but the water (ii) lyrics

have tried to find my way, to make it through ... day I have cried a mighty song, but in the morning everything was gone So come on water ... sweet water, wash me down So come on water sweet water, wash me down

Johnny Flynn - The water lyrics

that I have is a river The river is always my home Lord ... I just cannot stay Or I'll sink in my skin and my bones The water sustains me without ... even trying The water can't drown me, I'm done

Anti-flag - The smartest bomb lyrics

When your heart stops beating and pumping blood Pull the ... pin, light the fuse, this song's the smartest bomb.. You ... and decisions, You are invulnerable to influences SIT

Lupe Fiasco - The emperors soundtrack lyrics

you I would show up screaming FNF Till the world, blow up ... they said I was so finished I told 'em its show business Meaning it's no business, ... since Fiasco's in it Disrespect the dress code

Blind Melon - Toes across the floor lyrics

t anybody feel That all these killers should be killed ... And all these healers should be healed ... So all these beggers can be filled ... why am I to lie If I'm holding firm and feel the right to

Ronnie Drew - The dingle puck goat lyrics

both foolish and airy, The green hills of Kerry I long ... for to see; I went back to Dingle to buy in some cattle And ... happened to me. I entered the Fair of a Saturday morning, The first thing I met was a long

Red Hot Chili Peppers lyricsRed Hot Chili Peppers - The zephyr song lyrics

s on display ... for you coming down, no not today Did ... with Stella what a way to finally smell her picking up ... feel it more than ever and in this perfect weather we'll

Miracle Of Sound - Bioshock infinite song - dream of the sky lyrics

come on away to the city A kingdom to behold Where the ... bluest skies they float on by The streets all ... paved in gold Where under the smiles fair and pretty Are

Julia Holter - In the green wild lyrics

could fall down straight in line so sure Someone with a thing to say writes on a leaf and ... onto my feet I receive the news so small a child who ... t hear and I don't know And the wind slows down so Still a

Petra - The water is alive lyrics

and Music by Bob Hartman Gazing out across this desert world ... souls everywhere you go Searching for a drink to satisfy Their ... thirsty hearts till they overflow They come up empty

Eva Cassidy - The water is wide lyrics

I cannot get o'er And neither have I wings to fly Give me ... and I I leaned my back against an oak thiking it was a ... tree but first it bent and then it broke did my love proof

Cowboy Junkies - The water is wide" lyrics

wide, I cannot cross over Neither have I wings to fly Give me ... love is gentle and love is kind The sweetest flower when ... cold And fades away like morning dew. The water is wide, I

Feist - The water lyrics

hum And few can decipher who the message is from And deliver ... don't get much company The harbor becomes the sea And ... lighting the house keeps it collision free

Old Dead Tree, The - The water fields lyrics

own anymore. Set your mind at rest my child, Feel free ... I dig, Deeper and deeper, Into the water fields, So deep. ... It was time to change the deal, You did your best and

Bobby Darin - Wait by the water lyrics

wrote She said "I'm goin' to the deep, blue sea" ... And I cried "Wait by the water, Lillian!" I said ... "Wait by the water, Lillian!" I cried

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