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Jesus O Surprise By. Chinese Udoma lyrics

Browse for Jesus O Surprise By. Chinese Udoma song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Jesus O Surprise By. Chinese Udoma lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Jesus O Surprise By. Chinese Udoma.

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Savatage - Jesus saves lyrics

Intro to Jesus saves spoken by the bum "Hey, man, got a quarter? You ain't got nothin' that's ok man, that's ok. God bless you anyway. Here, I hope I didn't scare you or nothing like that. I, I ain't no bum or nothing like that. Yeah, I I use to live uptown once once befo

The Clipse - Chinese new year (feat. rosco p. coldchain) lyrics

m at your door, your eyes are like why are you here Judging by my steel I got something to do here Give up the money or the angel cries two tears Front of your crib sounding like Chinese New Year Brat, brat, brat, brat, brat, brat, ka-ka-kat, kat Brat, brat, brat, brat, brat, brat

Devendra Banhart - Chinese children lyrics

I lived in China, I'd have some Chinese children If I lived in China, I'd have some Chinese children Well, out of my toes, my little black baby grows And that's my fact Well, if I lived in China, I'd have some Chinese children Yeah, if I lived in China, I'd hav

Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - Chinese rocks lyrics

called me on the phone, They said: "Hey, is Dee Dee home?" Do you wanna take a walk? Do you wanna go and cop? Do you wanna go and get some Chinese rocks? I'm living on a Chinese rock. All my best things are in hock. I'm living on a Chinese rock. Everythi

Audio Adrenaline - Jesus movement lyrics

you ever been so inclined Yeah, is it on your mind The thought we're the Lord's lone protege Well I thought we were the only hope Yeah, the world's safety rope Americana has come, come to save the day Imagine my surprise To realize CHORUS Everywher

Jessica Mauboy - Chinese whisper lyrics

ohh, ohh Ohh, ohh, ohh, whoo Looking back to the third grade Nothing has changed, sitting in the room In a small circle of bloom Waiting for the secret to come I hear the words but the same to a different tune Everybody's trying to bring in their point of view No one knows ju

Ramones lyricsRamones - Chinese rock lyrics

called me on the phone, They said: "Hey, hey is Arty home?" Do you wanna take a walk? Do you wanna go and cop? Do you wanna go and get some Chinese rocks? I'm living on a Chinese rock. All my best things are in hock. I'm living on a Chine

Jin - Chinese beats (skit) lyrics

.Got my Cds on deck and everything ready.. [Jin] Yo, waddup waddup waddup my man? [guy] Oh Jin MC, wassap baby 'Jo maiyo'? {he pronounces it wrong} [Jin] Aight, its 'Jo maiya' actually but its coo' man [guy] Oh, uh I c u I c u *laughs* [Jin]-(guy) Aight, u

The Adicts - Chinese takeaway lyrics

hey I want a chinese takeaway Hey, hey I want a chinese takeaway Hey, hey Went to the fish shop Went to the chip shop Went to the burger shop Didn't have a long stop Hey, hey I want a chinese takeaway Hey, hey I want a chinese takeaway Hey, he

Jedi Mind Tricks - Chinese water torture lyrics

Breath of Judah] I'm on a killing spree the Cantonese, torturing painting a picture, with a paintbrush in water color of genies holding the key, vitality it's all you need, if your a different being it will be a different color, when you bleed accurately puncture

Cosmo Klein - Chinese wall lyrics

is the in everyone of us we just got to take the chance to walk again Feel - kill you know we never reach that goal As eternity is waiting for us all Feeling good even as we stand here on our own you know I'd always walk alone Reaching out for all the dreams we had don't feel sad

Fancy - Chinese eyes lyrics

those Chinese eyes pay the highest price Get those Chinese eyes live in love and lies. Her love is my defeat desire has turned to heat and more. My mind has gone insane my body burns in flames and more. Fire in your eyes - get those Chinese eyes. Fire in your veins - chai

Joni Mitchell lyricsJoni Mitchell - Chinese café lyrics

in the middle Carol we're middle class We're middle aged We were wild in the old days Birth of rock 'n' roll days Now your kids are coming up straight And my child's a stranger I bore her But I could not raise her Nothing lasts for long Nothing lasts

The Mission - Chinese burn lyrics

always deserts me When faced with the promise Her body makes And do you think it really hurts me To watch the pleasure That she takes from you? And when she lets you Lets you touch her Can you touch her In a way I never can? I never can I never can I

Jin - Chinese food lyrics

Intro:] My live have been like One long journey filed with alot of ups and alot and definitely alot of downs Check it [Verse:] I dedicate this verse here to my grandfather who passed away earlier this year, At his funeral I ran threw a box full of tissues,

Billy Talent - Surprise surprise lyrics

got the look, but not the credit They wrote the book, on how to sell it From cigarettes, to skinny jeans You got the money, they got the means Oh you upper class daughters, and working class sons It's hard to save a dollar, the way the world runs You're the target market o

Disco Ensemble - Chinese sword lyrics

like a pair, jump off the hustler, The heat and the sweets had me go since they capture. Hand on the pulse, years have been answered, I’ve been watching the wars, you ain’t yet seen my hand. We’ve been cool, fully I’m load, fully I’m load, When it’s ti

Baltimora - Chinese restaurant lyrics


Blur - Chinese bombs lyrics

makes an inner arm block Then kicks off from behind The lights they go off But he can fight blind Coz he got the touch But he won't live long Coz he comes from Hong Kong Where people are strong Chinese bombs, millions jump, Chairman's junk USA Won't som

Lake Malawi - Chinese trees lyrics

hello My baby wants to be a seagull Swimming in the ocean like before And then she tells me How she used to be a shadow Like it didn't matter anymore No one really knows me, so This is only between us If you can't go back to Where we'll leave it at Where we'll leave it

Kim Richey - Chinese boxes lyrics

re like Chinese boxes One inside the other, inside the other One inside the other one You're smoking mirrors Plastic flowers, magic spells Misdirection, smoking mirrors, plastic flowers How am I to know? How am I to know? You're like all fou

Lily Allen - Chinese lyrics

see you from the sky And I wonder how long it will take me to get home I wait for an hour or so at the carousel I have a cigarette to pass the time Cause the traffic's hell I don't want anything more Than to see your face when you open the door You'll make me bean

Guns N' Roses lyricsGuns N' Roses - Chinese democracy lyrics

don't really matter You're gonna find out for yourself No it don't really matter You're gonna leave this thing to Somebody else If they were missionaries Real time visionaries Sittin' in a chinese stew To view my dis-infatu-ation I know that I'

London Boys - Chinese radio lyrics

was back in '69, like a night mare cryin' In a hotel bed on the coast Happy Shanghai girls, Like a pretty string of pearls And a snow storm up in my nose. I was on my way to heaven, with a funky red 11 And a switchblade job on the side Hear the music playin' and my hear

Frank Ocean - Surprise ending lyrics

didn't notice the signs You covered both of my eyes (Mix-match text messages, voicemail evidence) The audience yellin', "Damn, she's blind." Now it's all so clear And I was also not scared (Now I know she missed stunt double skipped on it) Audienc

Casting Crowns - Jesus, hold me now lyrics

on my own, thinking for myself Castles in the sand, temporary wealth Now the walls are falling down Now the storms are closing in And here I am again Jesus, hold me now I need to feel You in this place To know You’re by my side And hear Your voice tonight

Dc Talk - Jesus freak lyrics

I cut myself clean From a past that comes back in my darkest of dreams Been apprehended by a spiritual force And a grace that replaced all the me I've divorced I saw a man with tat on his big fat belly It wiggled around like marmalade jelly It took me a while to catch w

Brett Anderson - Chinese lyrics

tap against my window. Don’t listen at my wall. Don’t ask for information. As the answer’s always so. Collect me From the station. The blank departure Board. We’ll talk in Chinese whispers. While the snow Begins to fall Painting Easter With the cold I don’t need you Bu

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - Jesus what a wonderful child lyrics

Jesus. Oh what a wonderful child. Jesus, Jesus. So lowly meek and mild. New life, new hope, new joy He brings. Won't you listen to the angels sing. Glory, glory, glory. To the new born King. Jesus, Jesus. Oh what a wonderful child. Jesus, Jesus. S

Chumbawamba - Jesus in vegas lyrics

i'll give you a free ride to this underground stadium. they'll pick up the fair and they'll even tip you, don't even worry about it, man. you'll love this joint. we'll stop off, we'll buy so Oze, and, uh, you'll bring it in and it's just incredible. the girls will be all over you.

Harry Nilsson - Jesus christ you're tall lyrics

I said Jesus I said Jesus Christ you're tall I bet nobody I bet nobody I bet nobody wanted to dance with you at all I said Jesus, I said Jesus there hardly ain't no room here for you at all I said Jesus. I said Jesus I said Jesus Christ you're tall Well we could d

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - Chinese marines lyrics

Raekwon:] Chinese marines Jet black Beemers That Aston blue screen I was part of the Teamsters Money hungry, yo meet the blingers Avenue gun holders Blow a nigga open, no demons All my nigga slinging Yeah, perpetual lifestyle, knife style Welcome

Carola - Step by step lyrics

by step moving closer to Jesus Step by step to the lord Step by step moving closer to him Step by step to the lord Step by step moving closer to Jesus Step by step to the lord Step by step moving closer to him Step by step to the lord It's a difficult journey But w

Kirk Franklin - Jesus lyrics

Franklin, Kirk; Ooh, superstar Never drove around in a fancy car Kids looked at me funny, momma she had no money But she always told me, "Baby, know who you are? I say ooh, don't you know It was hard always wearing my cousin's clothes Can you hand me down a dream With those h

Placebo lyricsPlacebo - Jesus' son lyrics

stand to attention The moment's passed you by Now is the rest of your life Dare, dare I to mention Your laughter makes me cry A speck of dust in my eye And I am unafraid and blissful Here I come I am unashamed at getting nothing done I'm a cavalcade that tumbles one by one Bu

Percival - Jesus‘ needs lyrics

jester’s been beat by all the king’s men Now he sobs at the foot of the throne The powers that be still only want more We cannot undo what’s already been done Heaven and hell forever at war Soldiers ask why should they bother? It’s getting thick,

Kj-52 - Jesus lyrics

on Yeah Come on Break it down now Mr. DJ Would you play Ah, yo, yo, yo Hey yo, mr dj would you please flip the beat on I got so much to say i need two mics to speak on You been pre warned that if the path that ya be on Is leading you to hell then i tell ya to be reborn by..

Aborted - Surprise! you're dead lyrics

Bonus Track For Europe] [Faith No More Cover] [Music & Lyrics by Faith No More, Album 'The Real Thing' 1989] Surprise! you're dead! Ha ha! open your eyes See the world as it used to be when you used to be in it When you were alive and when yo

Doobie Brothers - Jesus is just alright lyrics

is just alright with me, Jesus is just alright, oh yeah Jesus is just alright with me, Jesus is just alright I don't care what they may say I don't care what they may do I don't care what they may say Jesus is just alright, oh yeah Jesus is just alright

Hillsong Kids - Jesus is my superhero lyrics

s the one who makes the sun shine. He's the one who puts the moon in the sky. He's the one who hung the stars one by one. He's the one who makes the birds sing. He's the one who makes your dreams so high. He's the one who makes me smile day by day. Jesus

If/then Musical - Surprise lyrics

hey, ain't it some surprise How the years will slip on past you How the time just flies And behold, you're older, bolder And much wiser than before Ain't that some surprise? They're at the door Surprise! If you're not drinking then something's new It's nothing really, I c

Le'andria Johnson - Jesus lyrics

him when you want him Look at myself in the mirror Religion lookin back at me I threw my hands in the air And the law arrested me Girl interrupted I needed to break out and get freedom One bad decision after the next Just getting by, letting you figure m

George Jones - Jesus, hold my hand lyrics

I travel through this pilgrim land There is a friend who walks with me Leads me safely through the sinking sand It is the Christ at Calvary. This would be my prayer dear Lord each day To help me do the best I can For I need Thy light to guide me day and night Blessed Jesus hold my

Newsboys - Jesus freak lyrics

I cut myself clean from a past that comes back in my darkest of dreams Been apprehended by a spiritual force and a grace that replaced all the me I divorced I saw a man with a tat on his big fat belly It wiggled around like marmalade jelly It took me

Sheard, "kiki" Kierra - Jesus lyrics

we wonder why we go through And we deal with issues that we can't handle I wanna know why are there children with no home People with no food but there is help From a man who fed thousands Healing, received through His garments And his name is J E S U S (J E S U S) And He

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - Jesus walks lyrics

We at war We at war with terrosism, racism, and most of all we at war wit ourselves (Jesus Walks) God show me a way because the Devil's trying to break me down (Jesus Walks with me) with me with me with me [fades] You know what the Midwest iz? Young &

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - Jesus of the moon lyrics

stepped out of the St. James Hotel, I'd left you behind curled up like a child A change is gonna come, and as the door whispered shut I walked on down the high-windowed hall You lay sleeping on the unmade bed, the weatherman on the television In the St. James Hotel said that the rains

Halo - Surprise lyrics

ha ha! To the left side Okay okay haha! To the right side Yes it’s showtime for playground and bass Surprise neol wihae junbihan norae I bam kkeutkkaji deureojwo geudae ye Deullyeo? Neol wihan nae moksori Areumdaun i bame nan neol wihae bureulge

Heather Headley - Jesus is love lyrics

Richie, Lionel; Father, help Your children And don't let them fall by the side of the road And teach them to love one another That Heaven might find a place in their hearts 'Cause Jesus is love, He won't let you down And I know, I know He's mine forever in my heart And we've

Nanowar Of Steel - Surprise love lyrics

love, the first day that I found you I knew you had something more than other girls Surprise love, there's a hole inside of me And you filled it up with such a special gift Surprise love, there's a strong feeling between us I can sense it pushing hard thr

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - Jesus & gravity lyrics

m to the point where it don't add up I can't say I've come this far with my guitar on pure dumb luck That's not to say I know it all Cause everytime I get too high up on my horse I fall Cause I've got Somethin' lifting me up Somethin' holding me down Somethin' to give me win

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Surprise surprise lyrics

from friends of mine You been telling lies How I was wrapped up in you But surprise, surprise Surprise, surprise I never wanted you that bad 'Cause I knew you was telling lies Knew you was telling lies I could see it in your eyes Why did you have to Go and fool after We h

Laura Michelle Kelly - Jesus was a crossmaker lyrics

silver angels over the sea Please come down flying low for me One time I trusted a stranger 'cause I heard his sweet song And it was gently enticing me Though there was something wrong When I turned he was gone Blinding me his song remains reminding me He's a bandit and a hea

Municipal Waste - Jesus freaks lyrics

greeting Me at my front door, but something seems freaky I glance on with intrigue Curiosity building in what they believe They pass on their info I play like I’m hooked I attend their sermons I purchased their books I play all their games I

Sodom - Jesus screamer. lyrics

your little prayer to god every day And you will not burn in hell You think the way you live you life is right But I think it is not Jesus Jesus Jesus Screamer Your mind's f***ed up by serving Some one you don't know You don't if it's real If you r

Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - Surprise surprise lyrics

surprise I told you lies I thought the truth would set you free Surprise, surprise It isn't all as it seems But who knew you'd wake up from your dreams If I told you myself I could've saved you the hell Now look who's sorry, God, I'm so sorry It's never the

Genesis lyricsGenesis - Jesus he knows me lyrics

see the face on the tv screen Coming at you every Sunday See that face on the billboard That man is me On the cover of the magazine Theres no question why Im smiling You buy a piece of paradise You buy a piece of me I'll get you everything you wanted I'll

Alison Krauss - Jesus help me to stand lyrics

trials, troubles and care I know Jesus my savior is there Giving me faith through darkest days Keeping me on the narrow way Jesus savior, help me each day Fill me with hope, fill me with faith Darkness retreats at the touch of Your hand Jesus savior, help me t

Nokturnal Mortum - Jesus' blood lyrics

the knife into the crucifixion Let the bastard's blood wash our hands The heavens are crying And the bloody rain is drowning the earth Oh you! the knjaz of forest! Oh you! the great mother moon! Let this time be yours! I'm merciless! We

Rachel Potter - Jesus and jezebel lyrics

says we should love our neighbors But I don't even know my neighbors names And every Sunday it's the same Trying to find the answers in the stained glass window All the sins I carry on my shoulders Well it's a wonder that I made it through the door Broke some golden rule

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