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Jelly Roll Ft Lecrae This Is For All The Drug Abusers lyrics

Browse for Jelly Roll Ft Lecrae This Is For All The Drug Abusers song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Jelly Roll Ft Lecrae This Is For All The Drug Abusers lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Jelly Roll Ft Lecrae This Is For All The Drug Abusers.

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Snak The Ripper - This is international lyrics

The Ripper | This is International feat. Young Sin, Michael Kunay & Dj

All Good Things - This is for the fallen lyrics

1 One come all brothers on your feet We are rising from the dirt We are rising from defeat All our hopes and all our dreams Lost in ruin torn at seams Easy come and easy go Never let the demons show pre And now beast within Comes crawling back again An

Classified - This is for lyrics

for the hip hop heads) (for the MC's, for the Dj's) (grafitti, the beatboys) (please come up to the front) Shit I'm up late Tryin' to re-record my dubb tape It's love hate-and this game is in a rough state Some kids hate and wanna show up at my club dates (go and

For All I Am - Tunnel vision lyrics

best way out is getting through. Light up your mind. Find your inside. And you’ll know what to do. They say obey Live your life in a routine then decay They say obey And take the job that you f***ing hate. No not today. I won’t sit in the back and

Hardcore Superstar - This is for the mentally damaged lyrics

Give me a moment I’m leaving my mind behind Friends are u with me I kick some soil in your eyes Could u believe I’m mentally ill I got to find a way out of here I’m so sick of everything I don’t believe in anything Pre: Take away the part that hurts Let the

Random Eyes - For all the nations lyrics

confuses my mind makes me pondering my side all the values I’ve lived for The gentle request in me has turned to a loud scream ensuring the right way Blaming finger before my eyes Commercial beast has awaken I won’t fall in silence There’s not

Babyface - This is for the lover in you lyrics

it Word is bond I will love you any way baby any way and every way I can 'Cause I'm that kind of man I will give you everything baby Give you more than any girl can stand I'm gonna love you baby, baby, baby, baby I'm talking 'bout makin' love in the shower At least

Emma Stevens - This is for you lyrics

can watch the stars at night And try to figure out what it all means Anyone can shelter from the rain And stumble on the person of their dreams And I wish I could help you right now This is for you… Anyone broken would welcome my smile But you turn away

Extreme Music - This is for the fallen lyrics

come all brothers on your feet We are rising from the dirt We are rising from defeat All our hopes and all our dreams Lost in ruin torn at seams Easy come and easy go Never let the demons show And now beast within Comes crawling back again And finally your dynasty Will come to

Impaled Nazarene - All that you fear lyrics

am the fly on the wall I know about you Your secrets are mine I am the thorn in your side Hurting you will be so easy I shall strike your weakest points I am the utter darkness That fills your soul I am your worst nightmare I am the bringer of doom Eith

Mark Knopfler - This is us lyrics

is us down at the Mardi Gras This is us In your Daddy's Car You and the missing link Yeah, I'd had a little too much to drink,now Too long in the sun Having too much fun You and me and our memories This is us Rocking at the barbecue Yeah, when we said I do

Lloyd - This is for my baby lyrics

we go This goes out to a very special girl Everybody has someone special And if you don't have anyone special, I feel sorry for you But for those that do, this is for you This is for my baby This is for my girl She's my lady Yeah I love her Wouldn't tr

Motion City Soundtrack - This is for real lyrics

ve got emotion Dripping out my pores and I Thought I would let you know You are the night light, Ripping through my wicked world How you make it sparkle and glow, Before I lose control There's just one thing you should know This is for real, this time I mean it I'm coming clean,

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - The lost children lyrics

pray for our fathers, pray for our mothers Wishing our families well We sing songs for the wishing, of those who are kissing But not for the missing [Refrén 1] So this one’s for all the lost children This one’s for all the lost children This one’s for all the lost c

Aesthetic Perfection - For all the lost lyrics

see my life as it should be I see it onscreen It's not like me you'll never feel it you'll only fear it I'll never silence my lips they're threatening I wander out I stand on slowly sinking ground against a worlds that's foolish and selfish by design and they wonder

Jason Michael Carroll - This is for the lonely lyrics

ve sung songs about sun and rain, Morning flights and midnight trains, Old dirt roads and diamond rings, And whiskey drinkin'. Pickup trucks and Cadillacs, The right and wrong side of the tracks, The kind of love that always last, But tonight I'm singin'... For all the hearts t

Far East Movement - For all lyrics

is for all, for all, for all, for all I spend a lot of time looking for a better day Changing looking like it’s many years away Slowly, slowly getting closer as my hope takes over for all La-la-la-la I’m pushing to the limit through the pouring rain I

Foo Fighters lyricsFoo Fighters - For all the cows lyrics

m called a cow I'm not about to blow it now For all the cows For all the cows It's funny how money allows all to browse and be endowed This wish is true It falls into places new the cow is you the cow is you My kind has all run out as if kinds could blend Some time if t

Necessary Response - For all the lost lyrics

see my life as it should be I see it onscreen It's not like me you'll never feel it you'll only fear it I'll never silence my lips they're threatening I wander out I stand on slowly sinking ground against a worlds that's foolish and selfish by design and they wonder, how

Florida Georgia Line lyricsFlorida Georgia Line - This is how we roll ft. luke bryan lyrics

mixtape's got a little Hank, little Drake A little something bumping, thump, thumping on the wheel ride The mix in our drink's a little stronger than you think So get a grip, take a sip of that feel right The truck's jacked up, flat bills flipped back

Fifth Harmony lyricsFifth Harmony - This is how we roll lyrics

is how we roll We stay in the street and get it all week 'cause This is how we roll We gotta get out, can't stay in the house 'cause The party don't end, every weekend Turn up baby burn up, again and again This is how we roll We rolling, we rolling,

Mac Miller - All the time lyrics

Uh. Yeah yeah, uh. When you finally gettin' paid, everything be feelin' great Went from diggin' in the crates, to chillin', gettin' faded Don't live a normal life, but I hope you can relate And it's hard to see it right, blowing smoke in all your faces Coolin' at the crib Can't

The Bloody Beetroots - Ft. paul mccartney - out of sight lyrics

out of sight, you say you love me That this is true The best thing to do is to lie down beside me I said I love you Nothing too much, just out of sight Nothing too much, just out of sight Nothing too much, just out of sight I said I love, alright I said I love you I

Falconshield - This is war: piltover vs zaun lyrics

Verse 1:LilyPichu as Jinx] Look into my eyes try to see what I know A twisted little journey through the path of psycho A vivid premonition manifesting undigesting The petty little trifles taught to adolescents condescending I'm digressing A complicated girl wi

Curren$y - This is the life lyrics

rolling in my Elco on them thiz-angs Niggas fukking up. They ain't fukking with the pliz-anes Hits from the bong, Cali strong, got me feeling like I... Could kill a man, but I would rather kill a baseline These coke laced lines, too dope for most they turn their noses up Real

The Boomtown Rats - This is my room lyrics

can sleep alone I know how I stay here on my own And now. I wake from sleep with little rest It's 10 by 9 and in a mess A window shut but facing west A worn out rug, an old address And This is my room Yes This is my room I often stay at home I often sleep alone I know

Darius Rucker - This is my world lyrics

look on your face It could never explain your heart And the touch of my lips It could never tell u my thoughts And U want me to change I can't get used to All U want me to be I just can't pretend To be anyone else Cuz it's not really me T

Firewater - This is my life lyrics

ve never cared for authority I've never felt part of the majority Well I lost my home And I lost my wife This is no joke Yeah, this is my life This is my life New suit of clothes, same emperor Some people think Think that they're superior But you can cut them down With

Quietdrive - This is love lyrics

gonna say something I think you should hear Don’t let these words come out And then disappear Your usual way No, don’t be afraid Cuz I’m not that type To play make believe I’m not gonna lecture you About what this could be But I will say What I ne

The Automatic - This is a fix lyrics

you one thing and you'll believe it Once, twice, three, four times Till it sinks right in They just followed orders to go on This path runs in circles and this is a fix this is a fix They've been gone for four weeks and hold on this path runs in cir

Converge - This is mine lyrics

the clouds they break above our best intentions The rain it pours upon our last kiss Somewhere between the stinging sheets of city rain and the thunderclap, we see who we are And this is all I have, this is all we are The ground shakes with your every smile And hearts are crushe

Fabolous - This is how we do it lyrics

Trina] Icy blue rocks on my arm I shop at Malone for Louie Vinton The diamond diva miss Cinderella, Versace gown by Donna Tella And can't none of these hoes out floss me Gator boots by Sergio Rossi Ms. Trina I got to splurge, 58 frame baby watch the curves Walk in the

Hard In Tango - This is my dj lyrics

feel the rhythm I can feel it in your heart I feel the rhythm Just one touch The rhythm... In your heart... The rhythm... Just one touch I feel the rhythm I can feel it in your heart I feel the rhythm Just one touch (x2) My love is true, music and yo

The Killers - This is your life lyrics

talks to strangers Thinks her life's in danger No one gives a damn about her hair It's lonely down on track street She used to go by Jackie The cops, they'll steal your dreams and they'll kill your prayers Take a number where the blood just barely dried Wait for

Kool & The Gang - This is you this is me lyrics

babies on the doorstep, Helpless as can be, Lady of the evening, Set your mind free. Grown up in a ghetto, Never seen a tree, oh... If you don't understand The words to this song It's on you, It's on me If you don't understand The words to this song It's

Marina & The Diamonds - This is la lyrics

white teeth, dark dark skin Long blond hair, Botox grin This is what you need to be 'Cause this what is real beauty It's all about her, 'cause she's an out out sell She'll trade her soul for a burning hell Perfect plastic nails shall melt On the fingers of the hand

Martina Mcbride - This one's for the girls lyrics

is for all you girls about thirteen High school can be so rough, can be so mean Hold onto, onto your innocense Stand your ground when everybody´s giving in This one´s for the girls This is for all you girls about twenty-five In little ap

Michael W. Smith - This is your time lyrics

was a test we could all hope to pass But none of us would want to take Faced with the choice to deny God and live For her there was one choice to make This was her time This was her dance She lived every moment Left nothing to chance She swam in the sea

The Pigeon Detectives - This is an emergency lyrics

make me go Don’t make me go Don’t make me go home Cos I’m not here to reflect you I wish your friends would leave me alone And I could never connect to The people I don’t know from back home This is an emergency Please don’t do it, Let's not do th

Adam Faith - This is it lyrics

is it, I can feel the way my heart is beating faster, This is it. This is it, It's for real a little part of ever after, This is it. Dickery dick a dock Dickery dick a dock goes my heart Dickery dick a dock Dickery dick a dock. Sing your song all day long, al

Astronautalis - This is our science lyrics

fire, just to taste the truth Say "I'm gonna die." So are you We chase the lightning, cause we need to move This is our science, we've got nothing to prove Tell me where you're going with that knife in your hand, yeah Tell me what you're

Devendra Banhart - This beard is for siobhán lyrics

daughter of a man was a mammal She wore the mark of fire and of flame Though they're both the same Born onto the age of the golden Oh that golden age of endless Loss and endless gain Now because my lips have split All the little children t

Bison B.c. - Melody, this is for you lyrics

this is for you and it seemed we never loved you. Enemies through and through, swallowing your f***ing tune. Sit and shake, eyes awake, the feeling breaks all I have vowed. Darkness makes my blood cold. This feeling never grows old. A bloody kiss and tape hiss, the sound is loy

The Blackout - This is our time lyrics

is our time, this is our night This is where we take our stand Heads held high We defy everything that you demand Don’t try to fake your way again We can see through your disguise Don’t try to snake away again We will find out where you hide If you can’t f

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - This is love, this is life lyrics

days what’s left of me ain’t no Prince Charming And my Cinderella feels like she stayed at the dance too long We ain’t got much but what we got is all that matters We’re pickin’ up the pieces, tryin’ to put ‘em back where they belong Ohh, it’s

The Casualties lyricsThe Casualties - This is your life lyrics

at a very young age, trying to help my parents pay the rent I grew up in the ghetto where we lived day by day Blue collar worker, no increase in your paycheck Better not call in sick or your job will be at stake We are trying to survive in this f***ing world we live

Petula Clark - This is my song lyrics

is my heart so light? Why are the stars so bright? Why is the sky so blue Since the hour I met you? Flowers are smiling bright Smiling for our delight Smiling so tenderly For all the world, you and me I know why the world is smiling Smiling so te

The Clash lyricsThe Clash - This is england lyrics

for a pound your face flannels, three for a pound your tea towels! Four for a pound your face flannels, three for a pound your tea towels! I hear a gang fight on a human factory farm Are they howling out, or doing somebody harm? On a catwalk jungle, somebody grabbed my arm A voice

The Clash lyricsThe Clash - This is radio clash lyrics

all programmes This is radio clash from pirate satellite Orbiting your living room, Cashing in the bill of rights Cuban army surplus or refusing all third lights This is radio clash on pirate satellite This sound does not subscribe To the international plan In the ps

Disneymania - So this is love by the cheetah girls lyrics

this is love So this is love So this is what makes life divine I'm all aglow And now I know The key to all heaven is mine My heart has wings And I can fly I'll touch every star in the sky So this is the miracle that I've been dreaming of So this is

Escape The Fate - This is not the end (2004) lyrics

up cause this is not the end Your the last thing that crossed my mind Relationships are based on trust Well I guess this one was based on lies Based on lies (x3) Listen up to the ones you trust Just a few by your side (Surprise) Give in, e

For Squirrels - The life inside me killed this song lyrics

so I want to be around when a bastard merry go round centrifuges its child soul leaves the earth a sand caster gold Gold is for all little worms to shine their backs from natural germs these germs I'll spread so infinitely amnesty or immunity. The life inside me ki

Neil Hannon - So long and thanks for all the fish lyrics

long and thanks for all the fish, So sad that it should come to this, We tried to warn you all those years. You may not share our intellect, Which might explain the disrespect, for all the natural ones that loom around you So long, So long, and thanks, for all the fish. The wo

Juelz Santana - This is me lyrics

Intro] Man, first I just wanna salute my soldiers Knahmean? We just trying to stay above water Feel me? I mean I speak for the Gs, the hustlers They understand me, knahmsayin? Shit Lock into this time and lock out (always) I mean ain't nothing promise

Mark Knopfler - If this is goodbye lyrics

famous last words Are laying around in tatters Sounding absurd Whatever I try But I love you And that's all that really matters If this is goodbye If this is goodbye Yout bright shining sun Would light up the way before me You were the one Made me feel I could fly

Kurupt - This ones for u lyrics

kurupt talking (kurupt talking in the background)] (sniffs [2x]) (coughs [4x]) (sniffs [2x]) (ahh shit) (sniffs [2x]) Yo! yo man! (sniffs [2x]) (puffs on a joint) (coughs [4x]) (??) Yo! yo i got a message for all y'all motherf***ers mad at shit 'cause now i'm mad at shit Got

Kenny Loggins - This is it lyrics

ve been times in my life I've been wonderin' why Still, somehow I believed we'd always survive Now, I'm not so sure You're waiting here One good reason to try But, what more can I say What's left to provide (You think that maybe it's over) (Only if you want it to

Jae Millz - This is 4 her lyrics

Intro:] This is for her. Yea. Millzie. [Verse 1: Jae Millz] Hair like Pocahontas, heart solid gold She been with' me since day one, that's how a nigga know Chanel shoulder bag, matching open toes No shimmering lotion on, she still got that glow I remember the

Neurotech - This is the new age lyrics

searching Holding unto life Waiting, hoping Time is on my side It's inevitable Not to care When mind tells You are to blame For all the sickening The reckoning I feel the end is near This is the new age For us Waiting, circling Through the void of trust Wait

Roy Orbison - This is my land lyrics

sun on the rim of the hill overlooking all that I love Lights up every leaf and blade, birds circling high above With trembling hand I reach down and say "This is my land" This land will pass on to my child, when he's grown To love it as

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