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Ja Rule And Big Tigger Freestyle lyrics

Browse for Ja Rule And Big Tigger Freestyle song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Ja Rule And Big Tigger Freestyle lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Ja Rule And Big Tigger Freestyle.

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Ja Rule - Thing's gon' change lyrics

Verse 1: Ja Rule] First off f*** the snitch and that unit he claim F*** Dre ... partial, and Eminem Plus the world heard ... before, they tired of them And they waiting for that thug

Ja Rule - Ja rule - x lyrics

Ja Rule] C'mon, let's get Pop in ... If no more Women were dykes And trick hard at low prices It ... on one You can't ignore me Rule and Missy-E How you love

Ja Rule - Down 4 u lyrics

Ja Rule, Vita, Charlie Baltimore, ... your chick (It only for the RULE baby) I ride 4 u, Die 4 u ... I be ya down ass bitch [Ja Rule:] This is no intentions

Ja Rule - It's your life lyrics

yo, yo, yo, yo Ja Rule, Uh Shade and Irv Gotti ... don't want none of this [Ja Rule] Ladies call me white ... time Now it's two G nigga And the world is mine I was a

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - New york is back (feat. ja rule, fat joe and .. lyrics

feat. Jadakiss, Ja Rule, Fat Joe) [DJ Khaled:] ... Listennn, [Chorus: Ja Rule and DJ Khaled] One's for the ... show, Three's for the base and that limelight glow, I know,

Deathcamp Project - Rule and control lyrics

There's no place for love, and no place for you Only carnal ... I'll enslave your thoughts,and i will make you my You're ... You're blinded by Lust I rule and I control You are on

Ja Rule - Suicide freestyle lyrics

catchin five to ten years And it just ain't no use [Ja Rule] Uhh, uhh, ever heard of a ... has captured me Money, drugs and prisons, menages with women

Ja Rule - It's murda (freestyle) lyrics

Intro Ja rule] It's Murda... (ha ha ha) ... Fatal on tha muthaf***in ones and twos) Holla back you bitch ... ass niggaz [Verse 1 Ja Rule] Yo, cock sucka', I get

Ja Rule - The wrap (freestyle) lyrics

Ja Rule] Buck 89 on the boards . . . ... to smash on the bitch niggas And you know I like to call this ... yeah [Verse] It's a Wrap and any men that don't wanna get

Ja Rule - We here now lyrics

the new world, the new day Ja Rule, Irv Gotti, nigga, Its ... now, don't get scared now Ja Rule nigga bout to tear shit down ... y'all was gon eat forever And my dog wouldn't blaze heat

Ja Rule - Clap back lyrics

Intro - Ja Rule] Yeah, yeah.. haha yeah! I ... world famous Murda Inc. Show Big shout to all my Queens niggaz ... in Staten Island Niggaz in Uptown, niggaz in

Ja Rule - Last of the mohicans lyrics

very dear... [Verse 1: Ja Rule] I'm here to put you all ... get 'em- expose em', witness Rule the chosen man who spit it ... kill killers... [Verse 2: Ja Rule] The world is blind so

Ja Rule - Count on your nigga lyrics

Ja Rule] Uh, yeah It's Ja Rule nigga Uh, uh, yeah Feel ... this Uh, Ja Rule nigga Def Jam, Ja Look at my life style ... sharks down in Vegas My gat and I come bust spontaneous This

Ja Rule - Survival of the illest intro lyrics

s on now, haha Yeah, haha, Ja Rule Niggas let me in baby, ... it's on now My niggas Def Jam niggas, Russel Simmons ... shit, all my thug niggas Big Pre, Big Chaz, motherf***in

Ja Rule - The inc is back lyrics

Family nigga (yeah) Haha, and its a motherf***in takeover ... is back, the bricks is back Big 'Dow ain't the toughest so I ... Let me tell you who I be and who I am Shadow Stock, ready

Ja Rule - Smokin and ridin lyrics

Ja Rule] Gangsta.. you know Huh, ... one movie in the country and all that Haha! Yo.. ... [Chorus: Ja Rule] Nuttin but some gangsters, ... smokin and ridin (YO!) Come on get high

Ja Rule - The warning lyrics

Ja Rule] Dear god, I'm gonna teach ... you in this prayer And I thank you for all the food ... you've given me And all the health and strength And may my family be held safely and strong As well as myself And I thank you for everything

Ja Rule - Damn lyrics

thinkin) What happend to me and you Baby, baby I'mma be ... cause the image is ducktales and you know these chick clucks ... wussup, now you wanna leave and I'm on the low but if thats

Ja Rule - E-dub & ja lyrics

Ja Rule] Uh, yeah It's Ja Rule baby It's E-Dub Yeah Def ... da non-sense Pass da 4-5th and load up the cartridge E ... stuck in yo mouth F***in wit Ja is suttin Niggaz fearfully

Ja Rule - What's my name lyrics

intro about the Bible] [Ja Rule] Yeah, yeah (woo!) woo (we ... ) [Chorus: Ashanti + (Ja)] J-A-R (yeah) U-L-E (what, ... (Everybody with me say) [Ja Rule] Holla!! I'm back

Ja Rule - Murda for life lyrics

Ja Rule] Busta ass niggaz Busta ass ... niggas will drop Flip figgas and build stocks And I still ... thangs Fasinated by his life and what I could bring It's a

Method Man & Redman - 4 seasons ft. ll cool j & ja rule lyrics

my maintenance I battle you and then me and Meth exchange ... it all, if not, here's a thousand Bricks, be shooting fair ... we ain't got to travel I'm bigger than producers, I figured

Ja Rule - Pain is love lyrics

Chorus: Ja Rule] Love don't love me Is the ... God can you explain why [Ja Rule] I sit alone in my four ... cornered room staring at candles Gettin hot tryin to handle, this hand that's been

Ja Rule - Intro (fu*k fame) lyrics

[police photographer] [Ja Rule] Here we go again baby ... on my life Open my eyes and see It's a big world out ... .. shine his light on me [Ja Rule - singing] I'm crying

Ja Rule - The manual lyrics

Ja Rule] Yeah, yeah, yeah You talk ... tryin to invest her time and money in somethin that she ... niggaz That alwasy get high and had to be drug dealers ... Now the, gettin is good and it's well understood That

Ja Rule - Exodus (intro) lyrics

Ja Rule - Verse 1] In case you don’t ... for L-O-K-I I’m speck for rule saying his last goodbye ... as rough as the ride gets And you know that they all want

Ja Rule - Thug life ft. case lyrics

Ja Rule] Ja Rule, yeah Irv Gotti, uh, huh Big Rob, haha It's how we do it ... matter with your life? [Ja] Everything from the evils ... lost soul to win Go to bed and die, then wake up breathin'

Ja Rule - Niggas & bitches lyrics

Intro - Ja Rule - talking] Yeah ... ha, uh ... Niggas! Grip the iron and keep it cocked Bitches! Work ... Cause it's all about the benjamins and nobody ain't doin it

Ja Rule - F*** you lyrics

Ja Rule] Yo [01] Yooo.. uh [Ja Rule] Rule nigga Ja Rule.. ... 01 [01] Uh [Ja Rule] [01] Yeah It's our world.. ... to 3:36.. baby That's the rule.. please niggas don't get it

Ja Rule - World's most dangerous lyrics

I could see it in your eyes [JA Rule] Ya'll niggas is scared ... You don't wanna see me rise [JA Rule] Because when we get ... But as long as I'm alive [JA Rule] I'm a show the world

Ja Rule - One of us lyrics

One of us) Yeah, Rule (One uf us) Yeah, nigga If ... thing between deathness and blindness Weakness and ... kindness, rejects and primaz I'm on this when I'm

Ja Rule - Livin' it up lyrics

Ja Rule] Yeah, yeah, yeah We all my ... it up, ah C'mon [Verse 1: Ja Rule] Baby, you're such a ... get your ass in the Range And rollover, gettin' blown while

Ja Rule - Body lyrics

Goin Crayayzy... [Verse 1: Ja Rule (Ashley Joi)] Shawty ... Baby I'll Be Right Over.) [Ja Rule:] Yess Im Feelin Myself ... Goin Crayayzy... [Verse 2: Ja Rule] Back And Forth And

Ja Rule - Murda 4 life lyrics

shit, Memph Bleek shit, Ja rule shit You heard nigga It's ... live wit it, money drugs and murdah for life Bitches deal ... around wit two Mac's, razors and icepicks Just cause you

Ja Rule - Niggaz theme lyrics

my niggas Load the nine and blaze my niggas [Ja Rule] ... I'm a nigga for life [Ja Rule] Whos that chipped out ... you keep all eyes on me And dont sleep as it is I'm

Ja Rule - The life lyrics

in background] Yeah my nigga Rule, Hussein Fatal The outlaw ... nigga Uh, yeah [Break - Ja Rule (Hussein Fatal talks ... life, the life) [Verse 1 - Ja Rule] Yo, what up world, it

Ja Rule - Down ass bitch lyrics

Ja Rule - talking] Ja Rule, Chuck B-more Every thug ... needs a lady And every thug needs a down ass ... down ass bitch [Chorus - Ja Rule] Baby say yeah, (baby

Ja Rule - 6 feet underground lyrics

me cuz they don't understand me And while I'm holdin up ... me (six feet underground) [Ja Rule] Look at me now hittin' ... lie (6 Feet Underground) and before that I believe that I

Proof - Ja in a bra lyrics

Intro: Ja rule] It's Murda... (ha ha ha) ... Fatal on tha muthaf***in ones and twos) Holla back you bitch ... change is "Loose" And I got "Proof" get

Ja Rule - Caught up lyrics

Ja Rule Intro:] Word to mother to ... killing it know what I mean big boy! Know what I'm sayin Ayo ... to go downstairs to the car and she get that bottle of Vouth

Ja Rule - Pop niggas lyrics

Ja Rule] How many niggas hit the ... scene like Rule Benley GT, pushin through ... H-2 with the hungerous Rule beside me Armed up the army, ... don't play that with nobody Rule, Murder & Gotti We

Ja Rule - The crown lyrics

Chorus 1 - Sizzla, Ja Ad'Lib] They can't keep a ... s up to me to clap first [Ja Rule Verse 1] I know y'all ... turn off your lights And "50" you have it,

Ja Rule - Furious lyrics

Rule nigga Ja Rule, O1 [Ja Rule] Yeah It's our world, ... to 3:36 baby That's the rule please niggas don't get it ... knowin they wanna ride (who) Rule baby, I've been really outta

Ja Rule - Extasy lyrics

Ja Rule] Yeah.. yeah.. Uhh, uhh, ... You need to get on a flight and fly tonight Run up in the ... extra extraordinary freaky And I know you hoes wanna roll

Ja Rule - Life aint a game lyrics

world (we don't caaare) [Ja Rule] It's time to ride out ... dot-six nigga You know the Rule, thug heart nigga And I don ... they love, but hate so much And really all we got is us But

Ja Rule - Loose change lyrics

Inc. Bosses, motherf***ers, Ja Rule, haha Ay yo Buck, turn ... niggas hold they heat like Rule? Sidearm, barrel ta mouth ta ... send they deepest condolences and sympathies ta Aftermath, ta

Ja Rule - Lost little girl lyrics

Ja Rule] Yeah, uh, Ja Rule uh uh uh Here to talk about ... that ass, yo, huh [Chorus: Ja Rule] Lost little girl I ... This sexy thing is only 17 and she's a Lost little girl

Ja Rule - Worldwide gangstas lyrics

15s we sweepin' up the street bigger Guns make niggas run, we ... at a glasshouse Poppin' and puffin' till I pass out ... my youngens who flip birds And hug the block, in club they

Ja Rule - Murder reigns lyrics

reign is calling murder [Ja Rule over singer] Ja Rule ... can you, feel my pain [Ja Rule] If you can't it's alright, ... so free like a, cool breeze And when the sun, gon', shine

Ja Rule - Dial m for murder lyrics

Ja Rule] Gotti, here we go again, yo ... . Two two-nine and seventy-six, get off my dick, ... The future problem's, kickin and carryin on Cause I got blood

Ja Rule - Race against time lyrics

light - livin my life [Ja Rule:] God, why the hell am I ... or a painful lesson Of life and its directions? Date of ... twenty nine I was birthed and won't be denied Lookin into

Ja Rule - Uh-ohhh! lyrics

Ja Rule (Lil Wayne)] Murder Inc. ... Listen, listen [Chorus: Ja Rule] To all my niggaz my ... my gangsters Hoes, pimps, and pushers keep workin with it,

The Game - Big dreams lyrics

Chronic 2008tin´ on them, Big cars, big wheels, big chains, ... Big pimpin´, big money, Big Dreams...Dreams, Dreams, Big ... Dreams...Dreams, Dreams, Big Dreams...Dreams... I get

Ja Rule - Between me and you lyrics

we do) Should be between me and you (me and you) The freaky ... we do) Let's keep between me and you (me and you) Cause every ... we do) Should be between me and you (me and you) The freaky

Ja Rule - Get it started lyrics

I.N.C. [repeat 4X] [Ja] I got you mami [CO] I got ... started Throw your drink up and move your body But you can't ... Don't you leave me all hot and bothered You want me? Come

Ja Rule - Last temptation lyrics

Ja Rule] Yeah, yeah, heh You feel ... Take them back to the parks and shit Do it like, we used to ... do it, you know DJ Irv days, and shit [Chorus] Lets all

Ja Rule - Put it on me lyrics

Ja Rule) Where would I be without my ... thought alone might break me And I don´t wanna go crazy But ... every thug needs a lady (Ja Rule) Girl it feel like you and I been mourning together

Ja Rule - Rock star lyrics

hehe [Ja imitating guitar] Eh, uh, uh ... yea, yea, uhh [Chorus: Ja Rule] I'm a rock star bay-bayyyyy ... they could live my life [Ja Rule] Said a nigga was

Ja Rule - Parachute lyrics

When you play, by the rules of the world The world, ... will rule you When you play, by the rules of the divine You, will rule the world Bring, back, Ja

Ja Rule - I cry lyrics

cry We cry, together [Ja Rule] I love my life, I love ... in hell but livin wealthy And know these hoes love me ... Home wit tears in her eyes And when I get in, I hurt her

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