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Immediate Music - The promise land lyrics

Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental...

Crimson Glory - Promise land lyrics

a ragin' fever, losin control Got a wild desire burnin' in my soul I'm hungry baby, hot on your trail Gonna get to heaven, through the fires of hell Come and take me to the Promise Land Won't you give me all your love Come and take me to the Promise Land Open your gates baby tak

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - It´s a long way to the promise land lyrics

s a long way to the promise land so you'd better well know your way where's a ship on the ocean and an albatross who is trying to lead you astray leaders, politicians, and power whores are in line to receive your choice and you bet your ass, if you give it to th

Joan Armatrading - Promise land lyrics

this time I have followed the rules And I've lived the perfect life Alright By somebody else's standards All this time I did not feel too bad But I was not what you call happy Not really I was searching for something And all this time you were standing by And

Alborosie - Promise land lyrics

chorus) well then yea well Alborosie deh on yah ooohh (chorus) children we're heading to di promise land know your roots know where you coming from children we're heading to di promise land know your roots know where you coming from (verse 1) look at me my brother(my

Avantasia - Promise land wacken 2008 lyrics

redeemer Now what's become on me taken in by promise awakening in grief Collecting us like puppets you instrumentalize A frigid trepidation in a million puppet eyes God gave his word just to let us down Where is he now? You've been facing heaven

Mighty Oaks - The golden road lyrics

I heard it told That the way to God is a golden road And it's been said That when you lose your way you jump in the devil's bed Oh you told me I was just a boy at a tender age of thirteen I will lose my way I will die an early death of me to

George Jones - The devil is gathering firewood lyrics

the devil has turned this big old world into a party place The next year that you got a drink and a lover to embrace Now you think he's being good to you but he's got his sneaky ways And the devil is gathering firewood for the long hot winter days. Oh, the race is o

Mono Inc. - The promise lyrics

my life from the day that I met you and turned my grey into colors made of hope a broken man in dire-land until you came and restored so say you'll hold my hand when it's time to go I won't go without you I won't go without you, Love You saved my life from the day that

Holy Knights - The promise lyrics

was called salvation Of his land and his inhabitants But the cruel king Haaron Abducted his wife to spur him He'll have to confront a bloody fight... On his breast he brought his knight's cross Now it's time to unsheate your sword On your hous

Saviour Machine - The promise lyrics

have traced the movements of the tribes Led in chains from the burning ruins Of their beloved city into captivity ... After two-thousand years of exile and dispersion, They have returned home gathered out of Many people .. unto the former wasteland ... They have come to claim th

Jaya The Cat - The carnival lyrics

the lights go down at the carnival and the last ride grinds to a stop All the bums are singing at the patterned glass in the church across the lot And all the thieves and the liers and the hypocrites that brought us down so low All pile past the coffin, man, like wolves out

Ray J - The promise lyrics

promise, promise, promise Yeah, yeah, oh, yeah, yeah Precious, I will cherish every moment Spending all my days with you near me Always longing to feel, you're love only I'll never walk away, baby This is my whole hearted promise and I I'll make this promise to you You

Anberlin - The promise lyrics

Originally by When In Rome] If you need a friend, don't look to a stranger, You know in the end, I'll always be there. And when you're in doubt, and when you're in danger, Take a look all around, and I'll be there. I'm sorry, but I'm just thinking of the right words t

Emma Blackery - The promise lyrics

you don't want to get out of bed. There are so many thoughts in your head. Like you'd be better off dead, better off dead But let me tell you, There's a whole world waiting for you. It's hard to believe but it's true, whoa oh So just hold on for me, hold on for me. 'C

Girls Aloud - The promise lyrics

2, 3, 4 Everything he does, better than anything ordinary Everything he wants he gets, cause everything he does is kinda necessary I believe in love, tell me can anything last forever Life can live up to love. Got a hand on my heart gonna stay in heaven Youre gonna mak

In This Moment - The promise (feat. adrian patrick of otherwis.. lyrics

haunting This hole that you have over me I grow so weak I see you And everything around you fades And I can't see You can never know what it is you do to me I can't take what you do to me I can't take it I can't take it (what it is you do to me

New Found Glory - The promise (when in rome cover) lyrics

m sorry, but I'm just thinking of the right words to say. I know they don't sound the way I planned them to be. But if you wait around a while, I'll make you fall for me, I promise, I promise you I will... If you need a friend, don't look to a stranger, You know in the end

Kataklysm - The promise lyrics

s a world of confusion, everything you see is an illusion There's no way to choose right from wrong Everyone's opinion is pointless Everyone's judgement is useless Your days are numbered, your faith destruction I don't want your poison to linger in my veins Feel the a

Chris Cornell lyricsChris Cornell - The promise lyrics

I had nothing to my name But photographs of you Rescued from the flame That is all I would ever need As long as I can read What's written on your face The strength that shines Behind your eyes The hope and light That will never die One promise you made One

Demonic Resurrection - The promise of never lyrics

a darkened day, I did receive The letter did say, I must return I asked myself - could this be real In disbelief, my hands did shiver She feared the worst - I had to leave The promise I made, I would return The promise I made to you A promis

Matt Redman - The promise of your cross lyrics

in my heart And written on my soul The promise of Your cross I have no other claim I have no other plea The promise of Your cross The hope for every heart Where mercy ever flows And shame's no longer known I'll praise You for the cross The promise of Your cross to me It ne

Sleeping Romance - The promise inside lyrics

take for granted what i feel Life always change I’m afraid of being in pain I will be brave But don’t ask me to give you any certs This would make of me you me your slave Too many times I’ve been caged By the promise inside You should know What I’m

Paula Abdul - The promise of a new day lyrics


Cock Robin - The promise you made lyrics

I laid down my love To come to your defense Would you worry for me With a pain in your chest? Could I rely on your faith to be strong To picked me back up and to push me along? Tell me You'll be there in my hour of need You won't turn me

Framing Hanley - The promise lyrics

said it's just like Hollywood Now I'm afraid Because the boy forgets the girl While she sits home and waits But you promised me you won't And you've never lied so please don't If you want L.A. then go to L.A. Despite the miles between us My heart will never change Cuz you're al

Lauren Aquilina - The promise i'll make lyrics

me down ‘till it’s just my bones We look different but we share this home Underneath it all I’m a skeleton; you’re a skeleton I can only hope I can offer you some protection I’m so sorry This world could not keep you safe I’m sad and I’m angry I’m looking for

Kate Ryan - The promise you made lyrics

I laid down my love - To come to your defense Would you worry for me - With a pain in your chest ? Could I rely on your faith to be strong To pick me back up and to push me along ? Tell me You'll be there in my hour of need You won't turn me away Help me out of the l

Evans Blue - The promise and the threat lyrics

Kevin James Clarkson;Joseph Daniel Lauzon They won't want you for who you are So you should step outside your skin Something tells me, that we were meant to be But how can that be, you run on evil, I run on fumes and stale air When she came out, she brought her

Jay Park - The promise lyrics

I LOVE YOU Nae maeum byeonhaji anha Uri sarangi jamsi banghwangeul haedo baby Himdeureodo kkok gidallyeojwo my baby Sesangi nahante deungeul dollyeodo Sanggwaneobseo baby baby Neoman isseumyeon dwae So baby yaksokhae Jeoldae an tteonandago

Broken Bells - The remains of rock & roll lyrics

s too long to wait around for everyone to decide I'm off to the promise land if anyone needs a ride It's a small car but we'll fit inside if we leave our bags behind We'll entertain ourselves just watching the world go by Is something wrong You don't lo

Basic Element - The promise man (rob & jj euroclub mix - radi.. lyrics

get up, when I know I know I found the promise man Yeah yeah yeah And I dance, here with you Cause I don't want no other friends Yeah yeah yeah Tic tic toc tic a tic tic toc Goin' all around, would you never stop Shake it, shake it up, shake it down Move it all

Tracy Chapman - The promise lyrics

you wait for me then I'll come for you Although I've traveled far I always hold a place for you in my heart If you think of me If you miss me once in awhile Then I'll return to you I'll return and fill that space in your heart Remembering Your touch Your kiss Your war

Tracy Chapman - The promise collection lyrics

you wait for me then I'll come for you Although I've traveled far I always hold a place for you in my heart If you think of me If you miss me once in awhile Then I'll return to you I'll return and fill that space in your heart Remembering Your touch Your kiss

Kevin Fowler - The lord loves the drinkin' man lyrics

Lord loves the drinkin' man Sends honkey tonk angels to the promise land I hear that he can turn water to wine Any man that can do that is a good friend of mine I've been baptized in beer, I'm here to testify I was speaking in tongues when I came home

Art Garfunkel - The promise lyrics

were told to wait there for love, Love said it's waiting for you. It told me I could say… I know, it's never easy getting all dressed up With no place to go. Helpful, that's what we're here for All one together. Harmony gets melody, The orchestra gets its symphony, T

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - The promise lyrics

my coffin through the rain And leave the reeds in the dirt with my name Everything's unwinding, and I can't wind it back... There'll be no roses anymore There'll be no kisses at your door And I know my memory will fade Just like the promise we made Let the rings fall from our f

Azrael's Bane - The promise lyrics

his name on the dotted line Only doing what he thought was right He answered the call and shipped out To the sound of her crying A promise he made to her I'll return to you somehow Oh but fate's a razor And the winds of war blow foul Wait fo

Michael W. Smith - The promise lyrics

not O Israel For there is peace still to come A word to break the silence A promise yet to bloom The promise to redeem us One to free us Break this silence End the violence in our hearts Emmanuel is sure to find us soon The mighty root of Jesse,

Orphan Gypsy - The promise lyrics

million moments Are passing by my eyes I saw your face again So cold on the ground Well, was it all you were good for? And was it all you could do? I never understand Who could have hurt you Alone in this world Awaits the bitter end The promise we swore To leave n

Sea Wolf - The promise lyrics

city by the ocean Building lights glimmer on the bay Oh, how you woke him from his slumber Gently now, gently with a kiss And we went drifting over to the corner Our eyes move with us, graceful in the shadows We think of the mystery And we think

Dark Angel - The promise of agony lyrics

tell me what will become of us? Are the lines so drawn and the stage so set That as we age what remains is burdened sufferance? My mortality looms in its visage is doom And it's speaking to me alone The years will unfold but what is the use? In soli

Globus - The promise lyrics

sails the seas of life and believes The storms will lead you home These open roads will call you with The Promise You'll walk the Earth alone We lopen (we walk) We vallen (we fall) We leren, we falen, we staan (We learn, we fail, we stand) We vechten (we

Plus One - The promise lyrics

know that lately Things have been so hard And looking out Through your broken heart All you can see is dark And lonely days ahead But remember Jesus said [c h o r u s] He knows every star in the sky Every single tear that you cry His love is here faithful and alive I know that this w

Aus-rotten - The promise keepers lyrics

quot;Honey, I've made a terrible mistake. I've given you my role I gave up leading this family, and forced you to take my place. Now I must reclaim my role. I'm not asking you, I'm telling. You must submit for th survival of our family and our culture. Remember, God wants you to.&am

Krypteria - The promise lyrics

said: Just sign your name across the dotted line and take advantage of the goods I have to offer It won’t cost you much just a single drop of blood and I’ll hand you the things you have long been wishing for It’s an easy way to choose, what do you ha

Pj Harvey - The glorious land lyrics

is our glorious country ploughed? Not by iron ploughs Our lands is ploughed by tanks and feet, Feet Marching Oh, America Oh, England How is our glorious country sown? Not with wheat and corn. How is our glorious land bestowed? What is the glorio

Arsis - The promise of never lyrics

celebrate the guilt (the lies of whispering shadows) And tattoo their words upon your ever-scarring flesh. (Beaten, diseased, follow) To make believes there is no guilty, to wield the liar's dagger, And clasp his hand to celebrate the countless unborn ba

Basic Element - The promise man lyrics

keep cool well I know I know I found the promise man Yeaheheh And I dance here with you Cause I don't want no other friend Yeaheheh Tic tic toc tic a tic tic toc Goin' all around, would you never stop Shake it, shake it up, shake it down Move it all around, move i

Clawed Forehead - The promise of morrow lyrics

no lyrics iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...

Lillian Axe - The promised land lyrics

I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep. And every moment I'm awake I pray the Lord my soul to take. Now as I walk down this winding road, I need you to lighten the load. Hey, now, take my hand, I'll lead you to the Promised Land.

Artch - The promised land lyrics

feel a tremendous power affecting my body and soul It is the power rock'n roll It's in my veins, my blood's on fire It's able to satisfy all my desires CHORUS Come take my hand, come to the promised land Don't hesitate tomorrow it might be too late Just too late Angels

Sarissa - The ancient land falls lyrics

Seventh Trump is sounded. For those who can listen, those who can see. The Seventh Flask is slopped. And what was written, it shall be. The Three Impure Spirits Concentrate nations to war. Named “Forced Peace” So the Ancients must fall. This

Signum Regis - The promised land lyrics

never I thought I could be still I cannot believe I am the chosen one chosen by our Lord He heard the cry of his children He's seen what's been done to them surely He visited the Kingdom on the Nile Bridge: there on the holy ground

Akercocke - The promise lyrics

near - partake of this altar For you are fairer in beauty Than other daughters of man Recognise and embrace This glorious proclamation Of eternal damnation Place all your faith in sex and death Rather than the wisdom of the divine Have no pity for those Mired in t

Betzefer - The devil went down to the holy land lyrics

devil went down to the Holy Land Saw it was already f***ed and he thought to himself "What a mess, beautiful mess, my bidding is done" Not a man could be trusted even by his own brother And the people were scared as they hated each

Cruadalach - The promise lyrics

me... My forefathers died... I’m so grateful for their fight The fight that saved me From all my despair For this they became the speechless stones and trees - to remain... I’ll remember them Till time comes and I’ll be struck muted..

Edenbridge - The undiscovered land lyrics

a long way we came there and we kept our eyes peeled we believed in our blueprint drawn by the slipstream of time without end not once we saw the falcon rising not once we saw horizons clear and again we hear the ocean rushing with all the que

Meat Loaf - The promised land lyrics

left my home in Norfolk, Virginia California on my mind I straddled that greyhound And rode him into Raleigh And on across Caroline I had motor trouble that turned into a struggle Halfway across Alabama And that 'Hound broke down and left me All s

Elysion - The promise lyrics

the sun not dawn again Should the birds not fly Should this world come to an end and all left's you and I Should the stars all lose their shine Should the oceans dry Should the angels drop their wings, fall to earth and die I'll reach for you Don't leave me be Don't kill m

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