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Civil War - Back to iwo jima lyrics

scream after light As I feel Iwo Jima again Back to Iwo Jima ... scream after light As I feel Iwo Jima again Back to Iwo Jima ... the island again Back to Iwo Jima

Anthenora - The ghosts of iwo jima lyrics

re the ghosts The ghosts of Iwo Jima The bloody path to

Blaf - Radegast lyrics

Z wieczora w putyce ogrómnie żiwo Na ceste wypił żech nie ... jedno piwo Z wieczora w putyce ogrómnie ... żiwo Na ceste wypił żech nie ... jedno piwo Miesiónczek świycił Jak

Anthenora - A bridge too far lyrics

Staying blockade in a trench A Purulent wound on earth's surface Greedy dogs Pointing the objective to assault That's all your aiim! Hidden enemies waitin...

Anthenora - Enigma lyrics

A secret message, under water keep in silence Beware: don't talk - don't speak or write Storming water crushing all Just pray and save your soul Hellish fire ...

Anthenora - Her eyes lyrics

Night, mist and cold Buried in this trench alone The wild - Savage steel Of the machine-gun I feel They're coming - I wait: Dead men walking on fate The scythe waiting f...

Anthenora - Leningrad lyrics

Too many bodies dead on the ground There they remain forever and ever alone The bombs exploding loud and louder on the ground Evil is rising in this dawn Shadows are dan...

Anthenora - Machine gunner lyrics

Safe in my nest I scan the night I have no rest waiting to fight Then a sudden light Shadows become alive! Star shells rise high Painting a day into the ni...

Anthenora - Pathfinders lyrics

Here we are! The red hellish fires painting the sky That's the place we like to fight As jackals we'll come We'll come to kill As eagles we'll ride the wind ...

Anthenora - Poseidon lyrics

Hundreds of submarines Are crawling in the mist They wander through the waves Searching for a prey Hungry 'n silent sharks Give out random bites The hum...

Anthenora - The old guard lyrics

Black sun's troopers are still marching on Through the path of glory covered Covered by blood Warriors of evil coming in arms: Kill and burn your brothers! It's our du...

Anthenora - The sniper lyrics

Crawling in the night Through the smoke of fight Climbing home to home On the bloody walls I'm just lost! Through the barbed wires Of the enemy's lines I'm lo...

Anthenora - The war of the rats lyrics

Far away from home In a land of white horizons Far away from fatherland Thunder and lightning devasteting your mind Try to escape from this - the smoking debris Try...

Anthenora - Valkyria lyrics

The time is running out The plot is ready now As ready as never before Down in the hole of wolf The shadows are crawling silent Silent as ghosts Nobody is talkin...

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - The ballad of ira hayes lyrics

to war. They started up Iwo Jima Hill, 250 men But only

The Gazette - Quiet lyrics

ni kurikaesu yume ga kim iwo modosu 「Omoide ni kawarenai

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - The ballad of ira hayes lyrics

There they battled up Iwo Jima's hill, Two hundred and

Girls' Generation (so Nyuh Shi Dae) - Blue jeans lyrics

ri no keno Sexy kaze nana iwo tashi Baby life is kinda

Marauder - World war ii lyrics

of war Minttgouei, Iwo Jima, Pearl Harbor,

Phil Ochs - Remember me lyrics

South Pacific Islands and the Iwo Jima sands We raised the

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