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Narita - Ivory gates + stonehenge lyrics

... + When lightning strikes the night And the temple of stone will rise Axigious spirits seem to cry forever It’s the sign of the dark time we see Celtic priests were gathering with their secrets Will you be there to guide me If the world falls apart? Just follo

Messiah’s Kiss - The ivory gates lyrics

came in the night, a light in the dark Shining so bright as the morning sun The pride in your eyes burning like fire In the moonlighted skies Wipe away your tears, tear off the clouds The horizons will bring new tomorrow Tears of destiny cryin' endlessly The clo

The Agonist - Gates of horn and ivory lyrics

possession Material obsession You function solitarily On lower brain transmission You want it, you need it You're never gonna get it Cause really what you're chasing Is a lie to begin with Paralyze Manufacture aspiration Design the ideal outcome Wo

Poison Girls - Stonehenge lyrics

landlords put the fences up a long time ago They robbed us all as everybody knows But some things can’t be controlled Don’t mess with the standing stones Stonehenge is alive and strong It’s ain't no ancient ruin Don’t mess with the standing stones You don’t know what you’

Fates Warning - The ivory gate of dreams lyrics

INNOCENCE (Instrumental) II. COLD DAZE The coldness of confusion hangs in the morning air as Brazen bells ring reality To announce the conqueror dawn Removed from nights fleeting trance Plunged headlong into cold days Where in a circle we wander The barren wastes of o

Gothminister - Stonehenge lyrics

the living get mixed up with the dead Sometimes the two worlds are connecting in our heads We want to know about the images we see Where lies the passage to our darkest fantasy Rest Stonehenge Rest Rest in peace Breathe Undead Breathe Are you

No Distance Paradise - Stonehenge lyrics

and me Me and you We were close to the sun No we're tumbling down to the icy cold ground Then every word Then every voice Sounds upside down Sounds upside down I've missed the point I've missed the moment Where did we go

Bob Seger lyricsBob Seger - Ivory lyrics

Seger > Ramblin' Gamblin' Man > 3 - Ivory You were born with a face that would let you get your way Yeah you had everything you wanted child, that is until the day you know you're much too fine and free, Ivory You've been dressed in a v

Blackmore's Night - Ivory tower lyrics

stood upon the Ivory Tower As far as I could see The winds that grew from out of the trees were calling out to me Curtains blew in the Ivory Tower Willows start to bend The ravens flew to escape the fury as the storm descends... I followed fortune 'round the t

Saratoga - Ivory and white lyrics

you can create Everything it consists of making yourself vibrate Free you make me feel Closure the eyes, I you am sorry to moan Your heart incites me to touch Your soft curves, your soft profile it is not mas that to speak, you are the light That you eat goes out Only the big ones

Dragonland - Ivory shores lyrics

"After a moonlit night three small elven ships were drifting into the nameless sea beyond the eastern shores, over and into molten silver touched by the crimson of a bloodsoaked sunset. They carried a fallen Elf-Queen, one young dwarf but also the brother of the Islande

Alphaville lyricsAlphaville - Ivory tower lyrics

is the news From my little hideaway My sweet ivory tower I've sent you songs about so many things Mighty Moondogs skipping waves Dolphins playing their lives away Golden circus girls and pharaohs Fallen Angels, Streetside Romeos Patricia's Park and anyway Eternal

Beholder - Ivory tower lyrics

hands are chained and I'm screaming I can't escape from here This is the Ivory Tower Right in the middle of the enemies' reign Who can hear my voice? Who will save my soul? I hear the silence of death I have no chance to be free I raise my eyes to the sky Lord, take m

Excalion - Ivory tower lyrics

days I might rejoice My face shining with self-praise Everyone else is inferior The force to seal my doors To ignore the voice of yours Always makes me feel superior This is the fortress of me Foundations in vanity Here I've built myself high Head of mine scrape

Van Morrison - Ivory tower lyrics

Chorus:] When you come down From your Ivory Tower You will see how it really must be To be like me to see like me To feel like me Take a look at me I'm a poor man's son I never did no harm to no one You've got money in the bank And I don't have none When you come down etc e

Afflicted - Ivory tower lyrics

he who was subdued committing acts of protest their speech of lave is misconstrued he will put it to the test Rejecting rule that's obsolete their influence won't last he won't accept to taste defeat their power is part of the past Contradiction,

Havok - Ivory tower lyrics

in an ivory tower They think paper equals power No use to mankind It's the blind leading the blind How can they learn so much? But know nothing at all Without a book for a crutch Falling into withdrawal Delusion fo importance Clouds up their feeble minds Ignoranc

Rancid - Ivory coast lyrics

24 hours on the Ivory Coast, They release soldiers from their post, They dedicate champagne, for a toast, They pay dividends to the country's host. They said, "Tonight, you can leave your home, But tomorrow, but tomorrow, it's gonn

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - Gates to the garden lyrics

the ivy-covered windows of The Angel Down Athenaeum Lane to the cathedral Through the churchyard I wandered Sat for a spell there and I pondered My back to the gates of the garden My back to the gates of the garden My back to the gates of the gar

Bruce Dickinson - Gates of urizen lyrics

Bruce Dickinson / Roy Z.] As above, so below All things come from the one Now you are the victim Carried by the wind, rooted in the ground If you want to learn the secrets Close your eyes The ladder falls away At the gates of Urizen Fallen eagles blaze At

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Gates of eden lyrics

war and peace the truth just twists Its curfew gull just glides Upon four-legged forest clouds The cowboy angel rides With his candle lit into the sun Though its glow is waxed in black All except when 'neath the trees of Eden. The lamppost stands with folded

Harris Lauren - Gates of tomorrow lyrics

a thread round your heart and your soul Deceiving your eyes and delaying your goal Ships in the night when they pass out of sight Deliver their cargo of earthly delights To the women and the children the souls of the dead I've opened their book and no

Iron Maiden lyricsIron Maiden - Gates of tomorrow lyrics

a thread round your heart and your soul Deceiving your eyes and delaying your goal Ships in the night when they pass out of sight Deliver their cargo of earthly delights To the women and the children the souls of the dead I've opened their book and no mercy is shed You wa

Buried In Verona - Ivory lyrics

passion takes you to the strangest places, it’s hard to trace it from the start, Fear’s no reason to be complacent, you discover your soul when you open up your heart, Pounding drums and cries for mercy pierce these dreams right through your ch

Holyhell - Gates of hell lyrics

a starlit sky Where time begins Across the universe Where heavens end Shadows of the god Fly above the paradise We once found At the gates of light Standing there, a dark knight We will crown The gates of hell will open wide Welcome to the night

King Charles - Ivory road lyrics

re the nose on my bullet The trigger on my gun You're the sandbank in the ocean Oxygen in my blood You're the fastest of the fish You're the prickliest pear You're a chameleon in the night You're the sahara's sun glare You're my mind's rest You're the strings on

Love & The Outcome - Gates (feat. francesca battistelli) lyrics

Verse 1] I have cried a million tears Waiting here, for You to move I {...lift you?} on my knees Waiting here, to break through [Pre-Chorus] I'm pressing into You You are my battle song I fight a war already won [Chorus] I will run through t

Rainbow - Gates of babylon lyrics

away from the sea I can take you anywhere Spend a vision with me A chase with the wind Move closer to me I can make you anyone I think you're ready to see The Gates to Babylon The power of what has been before Rises to trap you within A magic carpet ride

Skelator - Gates of thorbardin lyrics

before the vast Dragon Armies Cities destroyed with fire and ice Carrion beasts feast on the bodies Surrounded by fear, no hope for their lives I'd never seen man or elf before We always fight for ourselves For thousands of years No Thain had

Ferry Bryan - Gates of eden lyrics

war and peace the truth just twists Its curfew gull just glides Upon four-legged forest clouds The cowboy angel rides With his candle lit into the sun Though its glow is waxed in black All except when 'neath the trees of Eden. The savage soldiers sticks his head in san

Mesmerize - Gates of mercy lyrics

is the heart of the soldier at war Ready to free without consideration his bloody hand Tell us, how do you resolve? That was our best mercy you'd give yourselves to You chose to fight, then proud of destruction defy us to our worst And be known that ther

Astral Doors - Gates of light lyrics

king is dead; long live the king” Showdown: someone mustfall and they know it Wake up: the king must be dead Guess he blew it; they all knew it Send them an angel that can fly Through the wind and rain, an endless search For the gates light By the cosmic altar and th

Azrael (jap.) - Gates beyond reality lyrics

ancient times the world was the only one (men lived, ate, slept, and died) There is no religion no discrimination It was not long before men want violently (Fame, wealth, force, and power) Human history became the history of war Oh I see the devil in

Sacred Gate - Gates of fire lyrics

and honour must be earned by spear and sword This is what they taught us since the day we were born Campaigns fought and comrades lost, victories paid with the blood And the lives of our beloved brothers in arms For once again we march to war No fear of pain, no

The Clash lyricsThe Clash - Gates of the west lyrics

would love to be the lucky one on chill avenue Who could keep your heart warm when ice has turned it blue But with the beggin' sleeping losers as they turn in for the night I'm looking back for home and I can see the lights I should be jumpin' shoutin' that I made i

Doobie Brothers - Gates of eden lyrics

ve been together for a long, long while We've seen some bad and better days. But heart and soul are meant for all time These are the keys we can't replace. Let's got back to Eden, Don't make the garden wait. At the gates of Eden, This gold

Nightfear - Gates of fire lyrics

the road Of pain and senseless fear Wolves are lurking in the fog See the light Through the gates, another live Leave the faith in the blind men Run away You feel your body falls And burns struggling to survive The lie you see inside In

Repugnant - Gates of hell lyrics

one who sits on high Who are you to rule the sky? From the sky the old one fell Into the burming pits of hell Lurking within his vengeful corpse Sadist actions he expurse Spiteful endless dynasty In his realm of tyranny Transformed into heavens thorns Worship the one wit

Black Lab - Gates of the country lyrics

back in New York, the thirty first floor It seems somehow every thing's changed The kitchen too small, plates on the wall The sound of machinery May, where have you been? Who were you running with? Wasn't he someone you used to call home? Where is the r

Forgotten Tales - Gates beyond reality lyrics

you know there's a strange place Somewhere down an unconcious alley. A sanctuary that you've already faced Like a misty dream that won't stay. Do you remember the last time you came? You know you don't feel the same. You got this joyful taste of your tears. It's time

Angeli Di Pietra - Gates of time lyrics

by the light of the stars Mastery of the long lost art Entwine the threads of fate Moving towards the abyssal gate Calling the gods to serve this end Bonds are strong, laws are met Forever in dust Forever in death Ours are the gates of time The die is cast, this day is

Goat Horn - Gates of oppression lyrics

the gates bearing this frown, the threatening forces storm the grounds, ceasing escape, our pain must drown! Once moved freely through these lands, retaining crown under demands, rising solid we shall stand... for our command! Storming oppr

Manowar - Gates of valhalla lyrics

the gods await me Open wide thy gates embrace me. Great hall of the battle slain With sword in hand. All those who stand on shore Raise high your hands to bid a last farewell to the Viking land. Death's chilling wind blows through my hair

Abraxas ( Ger ) - Gates to eden lyrics

1: Outside the rain is falling The moon stands pale and cold Somewhere the clock strikes midnight six ours left to go Justice says I´m guilty but is this really true? Governor shows no mercy now the chair waits for me Bridge 1: I got a dream a long time ago Vis

Aeternom - Gates of doom lyrics

a velvet cloak the darkness falls I can hear the angels crying bitter tears Harmony and majesty, I can see it in their eyes Armoured with pride, protected by their bravery Stepping through the gates of doom Stepping through the gates of

Besatt - Gates of hell lyrics

I cut away torturing rope Of lies and hypocrisy So that I may look at your throne Open the gates Lucifer Take my soul Satan master Lucifer Let me climb over the schemes To understand The pentagram's Mystic power I pass my path for long time Path without any

Rose Funeral - Gates of punishment lyrics

to the depths, Immolated one. Fulfill your regrets, Slaughter has begun. Mutilated dawning, Squirting everywhere. Mangled bodies form, Leaving bones to spare, Children left forlorn, Masticate the still born. Call upon the legion, Outride the

Ancient Bards - Gates of noland lyrics

Storyteller] Meanwhile the heroes are searching for a way to get to the Dark Cave as soon as they can they're ready for anything to stop the impending war this is what they gathered for they stick to each other and they promise to themselves they won't let fear or vengence ta

Cloven Hoof - Gates of gehenna lyrics

1 - The Grand Deception Look on high son of man I stand before you Celestial traveler of time and space Take my hand discover realms beyond the living Cast aside the mortal fears that ever plague your race Leave your world behind seek and you will find the

Demigod - Gates of lamentation lyrics

the gates of still and cold domain Where sinister clouds were filling up the sphere they watched There in nothingness nothing ever existed Except the freezing wind that so many perished Inside this lifeless Cradle of damnation Darkness below death

Eatmewhileimhot - Gates of hell lyrics

mock my words I am a beast I sold my soul The devil feasts Terrified hunger Feed Me! Open the Gates of Hell Drink from the virgins blood The fallen will carry me I am the chosen one I'll drive my ship Into the ground Only for safety Torture myself I am a beast F

Fractal Gates - Gates to nebula lyrics

coming oblivion The sound of thunder I can feel'em calling me... but why ? The visions highlight to me a way It's time to beg forgiveness or die Memories You feed the portal With your mistakes You'll feel it crawling Until the end For me Scre

Holy Cross - Gates of time lyrics

Passed down through time From the cradle to the grave True warriors Avenge the steel Must fulfill their destiny for glory No escape Loud and proud We will defend the temple of Metal We are lead by the Eternal Through the fires of creation Salvation is in your min

Innerwish - Gates of fire lyrics

are crossing the heartland Deep inside in the realms of ancient Greece A path that have walked 300 men and a brave warrior king They fought for the future of the land and with pride they served a higher cause In a battlefield that was mend to be wel

Bob Seger lyricsBob Seger - Gates of eden lyrics

was in the tender mercies of the breaking dawn I was somehow in a place that made me want to go along I remember thinking all of this must have a reason I remember thinking maybe I should look beyond The night came on like thunder lightning split the purple skies My whole day had be

Dark Quarterer - Gates of hell lyrics

Have Decided To Live As A Rebel Without Showing Never My Face Smiling Without Giving My Help To Live As The Worst And Slandering All My Friends Hating Who Is Loving Me Don't Try To Change Me I Don't Believe It May Be Let The Evil Be My Food I Have Decided I Don

Metalium - Gates lyrics

Music & Lyrics: Lars Ratz] Facing the gates Your spirit is damned to die As there is no depth and no morality Dark thoughts blind, evil feelings suck your mind And in the night, they'll hunt you alive Your spirit's damned to die, as there's no depth

Absurd - Gates of heaven lyrics

was a night - the only night that was real I felt like the chosen one But there was no thunder, there was no lightning So I thought I were dreaming on Chorus: Straight on through the gates of heaven Evil will destroy the souls Where's your saviour, where hides Jesus Why is

Catamenia - Gates of anubis lyrics

give you life and take it away I`m the one who crush and create I was there, watching when you born now I`m here to take my own. Weaped out, throwed in that`s the way and that`s how it should be all the saints, all the sins truth is here and here it stays. Is here heave

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