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Janis Ian - Bright lights and promises lyrics

lights and promises A pocket full of dreams That's ... what they pay me to be Gold lame' and diamonds I am a ... it just for me? When I was good And when I was bad I

Sara Bareilles - Bright lights and cityscapes lyrics

my breath and I'll count to ten I'm the ... paper and you're the pen You fill me ... in and you are permanent And you'll leave me to dry I'm ... the writer and she's the muse I'm the one

Cee-lo - Bright lights bigger city lyrics

for the weekend But no not anymore Cuz here comes that familiar feelin That fridays famous for Yeah I'm lookin for ... some action And it's out there somewhere

Ben Rector - Bright lights lyrics

well, I've been thinkin' of ya All my sisters and my ... brothers I thought I'd give this a try 'Cause what's ... bleedin' through the speakers Are just tiny bits and

Aj Michalka - All i've ever needed lyrics

it's time for honesty My heart is on my sleeve Oh will ... you hear me out? I've got nothing ... left to give of me I gave up everything So there is ... lose for me now But you forgive me somehow I've chased a million things Bright lights and empty dreams Now here I am Right

30 Seconds To Mars lyrics30 Seconds To Mars - Bright lights lyrics

oh ,oh...) I’ve been dreaming...of things yet to come; ... Living, learning, watching, burning; Eyes on the ... sun. I’m leaving...gone yesterday; Brutal

Pixie Lott - Bright lights ft. tinchy stryder lyrics

lights and the good life, keep calling ... out my name And I pray somehow something's gonna change Bright lights in the ... won't let me lose my way 'Cause I know somehow something's

The Animals - Bright lights big city lyrics

big city, they've gone to my baby's head The bright lights, ... big city, gone to my baby's head I tried to tell you ... woman, you won't believe a thing that I said It's alright, pretty baby yeah, you

Gary Clark Jr. - Bright lights lyrics

the floor 
Just outside of Marcy's - West 54 wow 
You gonna know my name by the end of ... the night well 
You gonna know my name by the end of ... the night well 
Bright lights, big city going to my head Bright lights, big city going to my

Willie Nelson - Bright lights big city lyrics

lights, big city Gone to my baby's head Bright lights, big ... city Gone to my baby's head I'd tried to tell the woman ... But she doesn't believe a word I said Go light pretty baby... Gonna need my help some

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Bright lights big city lyrics

lights, big city Gone to my baby's head Bright lights, big ... city Gone to my baby's head I'd tried to tell the woman but she doesn't believe a ... word I said Go light pretty baby...

Placebo lyricsPlacebo - Bright lights lyrics

your mind back to the days, When I pretend' I was OK ... I had so very much to say, About my crazy livin'. ... Now that I've stared into the void, So many

Aldo Nova - Bright lights lyrics

small town boy with a big time dream Jimmy was a ... bonified rocking machine He said one day I'm going to show ... the world Exactly what I've got He took a pull

Pixie Lott - Bright lights (good life) part ii (ft. tinchy.. lyrics

step steadily deal with reality Then wonder why we feel ... bitterly Singing from the heart but not one of them was hearing me Left us in the back ... drown dry harmony Done a bit of dirt now I'm clean take a look at me Wasn't over

Alex Goot - Bright lights (fly) lyrics

nevermind things are good again took the time in my life ... to figure it out and I wont let, I can't let real life bring me down down, ... down 'Cause I could run Across the world And

Mcrae Tom - Bright lights lyrics

I went back to funeral row Kicking through the old ... streets Of a place I once called home, not long ago Searching for an omen, looking ... for a sign Looking for the place I swore an oath of love

Richard Ashcroft - Bright lights lyrics

bright lights of the big city They taught ... us how to think, they taught us how to steal Come on and steal me, steal me You ... took your razor tongue to my lovin' eyes

Ellie Goulding lyricsEllie Goulding - Lights(bright lights edit) lyrics

had a way then losing it all on my own I had a heart ... then but the queen has been overthrown And I'm ... not sleeping now the dark is too hard to beat And I

Cee-lo Green - Bright lights bigger city lyrics

for the weekend but no not anymore Cause she comes that ... for me your feeling That Friday’s famous for Yeah, I’m ... looking for some action And it’s out there somewhere

Animal Kingdom - Bright lights lyrics

don't leave me here Cause I might not make it Stop. ... With your twisted thinking Wait, at the waters edge I will ... you there World it trembles as it starts to spin Sky it cracked and now its falling in

Matchbox 20 - Bright lights lyrics

got out of town On a railway New York bound Took all ... except my name Another alien on Broadway There's ... in this world You just can't change Some things you can't see Until it gets too late (chorus) Baby, baby, baby When all your love is gone

Agnostic Front - Empty dreams lyrics

day in my life Land of broken dreams But I ... must move on Another day gone by Things aren’t what ... But I must be strong I was stuck inside an empty dream

Audrey Horne - Bright lights lyrics

in fluids And drained in the stench of kerosene ... Soaked in fluids And drained in the stench of kerosene ... I will leave a light on Drop a matchstick ... town down To light up your way Just to follow these bright

Gun Barrel - Lights and shadows lyrics

I look back – back upon my time chances that ... I've missed – others that I've grabbed would it be ... the same now if I'd chosen another way standing at the

Dyslesia - Lights and dreams lyrics

the madness of this eternity I always knew what I wanted to be ... To slip into a nightmare from fantasy I am living ... on the road Where my dreams are changing into dust Like a

Krewella - Lights and thunder lyrics

nights feel like a murmur But we all wanna feel ... the heartbeat Silence seeming cold like ... Till we get our souls we cant breath We are waiting ... for the lights and the thunder We are waiting

Paul Brandt - Small towns and big dreams lyrics

grew up in a small town Wheat fields for a downtown kind ... of place There was really not much around You blink ... you miss it I never knew what life would bring But I always had big dreams I love to

Marduk - Dreams of blood and iron lyrics

ravanging through his homelend gave the dragon the realm of ... Sebes By saving his people from the turks ... and power fatal to the flesh But the ... turkish sultan Murad saw this as a treason to their deal And swore to his god that one day the dragons fate he wou

Europe - Lights and shadows lyrics

night she came, in from the cold Like a ... friend, someone to hold She said, don't ask me now Cause what's in a name But when I'm ... gone you'll neverbe the same So won't you hold me now

Moving Mountains - Lights and shapes lyrics

m blood I'm flesh and bones We are the energy that floods the memories So hold ... on to lights and shapes That will take your heart from clay And mold it into anything

Catchingyourclouds - Lights and raindrops lyrics

always told me not to sweat it and you talk a lot, yeah ... you talk a lot and you act like I don't get it This ... is not what I expected but darling I hope that you regret

Anti-flag - The bright lights of america lyrics

year old girl In a hallowed carved out place Just looking ... But the cuts in her arm don't paint for her, A ... pretty view In her mind she dreams that she is Far away from...

Sara Evans - Ive got a tiger by the tail lyrics

ve got a tiger by the tail It's plain to see I won't ... through with me Well, I'm a losing weight and a turnin' ... mighty pale Looks like I've got a ... tiger by the tail Well, I thought the day

Hardwell - Let me be your home ft. bright lights lyrics

on the outside looking in Whoa oh whoa oh, yeah I don't ... mind at all, I know where I am Whoa oh whoa oh, yeah All ... this time I've waiting for you We don't got to

Dead Celebrity Status - In this day and age lyrics

Yas] [arabic talking:] God Forbid us from the ... Let me introduce myself my name's Yassim. Been a muslim my ... whole life and I ain't never met no terrorist.

Extreme Music - Neon bright lights lyrics

like neon, neon, neon Neon bright lights Reflect in your eyes ... the one Forever undone Neon bright lights Reflect in your eyes ... I feel so lost in here And it's getting late Waiting

Matt Pond Pa - I want to see the bright lights tonight lyrics

m so tired of working everyday Now the weekend's come I'm ... gonna throw my troubles away If you've got the can fare ... mister you'll do alright I want to see the bright lights

Better Than Ezra - Turn up the bright lights lyrics

s a lot like fire. Taking that the first step on to the ... whole night before you, spreading out like a techno colored ... dream. So take this city into your arms and hold it like a kiss. Don't

She Wants Revenge - ... and a song for los angeles lyrics

southern the streets are cold eyes, watching ahead ... of them. With no good reason and not break down she sighs, and stares at the overpass. ... Full of other reasons she's leaving town she

Bush lyricsBush - Speeding through the bright lights (bonus tra.. lyrics

was out of time She was a model prisoner She was a ... thousand mysteries She loved her champions You know we’re all scared But covet irreverence It

Hadouken - Love sweat and beer lyrics

s Go.... At home on that friday night and his ... weekends been made because he's just been paid he'll ... be out tonight cuz it's a hadouken! gig he's got his

Erra - Lights city lyrics

bright lights strike the gun metal grey. ... Surrogate stars reflecting off of the ... shining vessels that carry us through the avenues of ... vicious circles. Gun metal grey, and isolation blue. Bright lights, but the darkness sustains. Opening floodgates to

Goo Goo Dolls - Million miles away lyrics

night, I'd just got back I had my eyes shut, was dreaming about the past I thought about you while the radio played Should have got loaded ... but for some reason I stayed I started drifting to a

U2 lyricsU2 - Lights of home lyrics

shouldn’t be here cause I should be dead I can ... see the lights in front me I believe my ... best days are ahead I can see the lights in front of ... if I’m still your friend What the hell, what the hell you

Kid Rock - Cold and empty lyrics

I've been on the road to long Livin my life thru ... these songs I guess lovin a music man Really wasn't in ... your plans Does it matter if I'm sorry again And

Smile Empty Soul - Bright side lyrics

everything you love After all there's no hope or God above Looking at the bright ... side At the bright side Kill everything ... inside It's better to be dead than always have to hide

Dash Berlin - Somehow (& 3lau feat. bright lights) lyrics

someday I’ll move on if it kills me ... When the wold stops turning and we dance on the moon ... Somehow someday I’ll be fine I’ll be okay ... When the stars stop burning and the sand turns blue When

Don Mclean - Empty chairs lyrics

feel the trembling tingle of a sleepless night Creep ... through my fingers, and the moon is bright. Beams ... flickering through my windowpane, Like Gypsy moths that dance around a candle flame. And I wonder if you know, that

Jason Mraz - Bright eyes lyrics

lights, big city Was quite extraordinary The drive was pretty I was in perfect ... company The love of a lifetime Since we were ... elementary friends The one with the bright eyes... Why can't I be

Dannic - Dannic feat. bright lights - dear life lyrics

ll never stop or let it go 'Cause I'll be in here the clouds ... by tomorrow We are only here for one night ... (one night) So hold my hand and life me up Show me like

Echosmith - Bright lyrics

think the universe is on my side Heaven and ... Earth have finally aligned Days are good and thats they way ... should be You sprinkle star dust on my pillow case It's

Gareth Emery - Lights & thunder (feat. krewella) lyrics

nights feel like a murmur But we all want to ... feel the heartbeat Silence seeming cold like ... ‘Til we get ourselves we can’t breath We are waiting

Lisa Marie Presley - Lights out lyrics

were a million miles behind And I was crying every time I'd ... leave you Then I didn't want to see you I still keep my ... watch two hours behind ... Someone turned the lights out there in Memphis Uuh that's where my family's buried and gone Uuuh yeah Last time

Little Brother - Dreams lyrics

story, like I was I was playin this, this record For a ... friend of mine y'knahmsayin we was just chillin I was ... just playin her the album and like She was like, &amp

Citylights - Empty goals lyrics

was twenty first of august twenty first of august ... seven, summer melting faces Under the shine of sun ... lucky baby’s born Primitive but pure-preordained to

Corrosion Of Conformity - Dirty hands and empty pockets / already gone lyrics

a righteous fool among the weak Where a fallen man is ... bitter sweet And with his soul he deficates ... this world he filled with hate All your lies have turned

Prozak - Million miles away lyrics

in these dark times, it's hard to stop these dark rhymes ... It seems that we have lost before we've even ... crossed the start line Metaphor for human race what's in

God Is An Astronaut - Fire flies and empty skies lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available (instrumental

Rosanne Cash - Dreams are not my home lyrics

waves are breaking on the wall The queen of roses Spreads her arms to fly, shed falls ... If I had wings I'd cut them down Live without these dreams So I

Kingspade - Dreams lyrics

day when I'm older Yeah when I grow up (Ey yall) ... Just a young buck growing up living ... fast 18 years old know it all on the gas Big dreams of ... being a superstar Having nice things and A pocket

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