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It Was Not Supposed To Miss You So lyrics

Browse for It Was Not Supposed To Miss You So song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed It Was Not Supposed To Miss You So lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to It Was Not Supposed To Miss You So.

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Willie Nelson - It's not supposed to be that way lyrics

s not supposed to be that way you're supposed to know that I ... love you But it don't matter anyway if I can ... t be there to control you And like the other little

Cris Cab - How was i supposed to know lyrics

I surprised to find you here? Not this time, not ... has gone on for a year or you're fine. Well I'm fine, we ... re both trying A love like yours, so immature. It's

Rascal Flatts - Its not supposed to go like that lyrics

all dressed up As he held it in his hand Said, "You ... he pulled the trigger back Stopped little Tommy in his ... quot; People came from miles to say goodbye To the Wilson's youngest son His innocent life

Barbara Mandrell - You're not supposed to be here lyrics

in the world did you get my number How did you ... know he's out of town I thought we were over ... long ago You shouldn't be here hangin' ... meet here in this restaurant You shouldn't be holdin' my hand

Van Morrison - Not supposed to break down lyrics

re not supposed to be human You're not supposed to really ... feel Not supposed to get involved With anything ... block Here we're standing so alone Just like Gibraltar

Tom Odell - Supposed to be lyrics

on the rooftop Watching the birds flying ... she ever breathes Like it was always supposed to be like ... She got a new boyfriend A little too soon if you're asking

Europe - Not supposed to sing the blues lyrics

Man, oh man, that's all it takes And I'm on my way ... Boy, you're not supposed to sing the blues Where you ... come from If you walk across those railroad

Maroon 5 lyricsMaroon 5 - Miss you, love you lyrics

has not been easy This has been hard ... I am scarred And I do not know what to do with you. ... Go inside, kiss your mouth with my lips Grab your hips,

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - Miss you so much lyrics

say love can drive you crazy, my dear I wanna trap you in a locket or in my pocket So I can keep you near You know ... I'd never hurt you but if you fall I’ll pick you up and I

A Camp - It's not easy to be human lyrics

s not easy to be human anymore And what ... used to please me just don't please ... the jungle, people would like too But it's not that easy to ... the jungle, people would like too But it's not that easy to

Echo & The Bunnymen - It was a pleasure lyrics

s get through this shit I know you'd like that too ... The best of me and you It was a pleasure to meet you You slapped me right on the back ... Just a pleasure to meet you You got it almost exact Make no

Al Jarreau - Its not hard to love you lyrics

in my car, it's rainin' hard I've gotta ... get to ya baby Traffic's movin' ... slow, it's stop 'n go And I keep dreamin' ... I finally get my hands on you We'll be makin' love the

Waltari lyricsWaltari - Not much to touch you lyrics

is sometimes cruel, it doesn't count on who you are ... Life will keep you balanced with your doings after dark Do you want to come to my krypta and ... place your body for sale? Love and

Silverchair - Miss you love lyrics

a big shot deal And thrown it all away but But I'm not too ... sure How I'm supposed to feel Or what I'm supposed to ... say But I'm not, not sure, Not too sure how it feels To

Gordon Lightfoot - I'm not supposed to care lyrics

think you have somebody waiting outside in the rain to ... take you away You got places to go, you got people to see ... still I'm gonna miss you but anyway I wish you good

Green Adam - We're not supposed to be lovers lyrics

from danger. a nicer place to cash your chips. i'm not the ... one holding you hostage. squeezed inbetween ... my lips. we're not supposed to be lovers. or friends,

Justin Guarini - Doin' things (we're not supposed to) lyrics

been that kind but anyway, you aint knowin girl got me ... out my mind everytime that youre around i forget about, my ... responsibilities every second that i get

Darius Rucker - Miss you lyrics

work, life And how cold it was last winter Laid down in ... this big old bed And you turned on the TV Fell asleep ... without a goodnight kiss Or even ... an "I Love you baby" Oh baby

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - Miss you lyrics

horror, I'm down Lost, your not around There's a lump in my ... my head and My mind shuts sound out I'm on autopilot And ... my tongues gone silent Just switch

Emmylou Harris - You’re supposed to be feeling good lyrics

mate I see you down there Waiting for morning To softly be ... find I’m only in deeper And you’d be a leaver If you weren’t ... so scared Your true love Has made you feel

James - We're going to miss you lyrics

is not This is not A song This is a shield This is ... a charm With your name on By this beat By ... verse I'm protected From your heat And your curse Is

Nickelback lyricsNickelback - Miss you lyrics

I miss you so so I do, I miss you so so I do, I miss you so so I do, I miss you so) I ... just woke up from a dream today, The time gone by, but you still look the same, It felt

Paul Anka - I miss you so lyrics

Those happy hours I spent with you That lovely afterglow ... Most of all I miss you so Your sweet caresses, each ... rendezvous Your voice so soft and low Most of all I miss

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - Miss you (feat. jadakiss) lyrics

Jermaine likes it... and I like it (Uh, uh huh ... (uh) (Uh huh yeah, yeah) You know I'm really missing you ... baby uh huh yeah (MC) You know I'm really missing you

Gabrielle Aplin - Miss you lyrics

what you been doing? I've been loving ... life waking up on my own Are you doing the same thing? You ... can say if you like but I don't need to know ... been wondering why we've been waste all this time So what you

Midnight Panic - Miss you lyrics

don't want to be here There's no place ... home We're miles apart, I'm torn The absence makes my ... heart grow fonder baby I miss your warm embrace I miss you

New Kids On The Block - Miss you more lyrics

finally took your pictures off the wall, It ... didn't even help at all, You're simply too beautiful. ... Got you frozen in a frame inside my ... mind. How can I forget your smile, Even for a little

Diana Krall - I miss you so lyrics

happy hours I spent with you That lovely afterglow Most ... of all, I miss you so Your sweet caresses, each ... rendezvous You voice so soft and low Most of all, I miss you so You once filled my

Willie Nelson - I miss you so lyrics

happy hours I spent with you That lovely afterglow Most of ... all, I miss you so Your sweet caresses, each ... rendezvous You voice so soft and low Most of all, I miss

Harry Connick Jr. - To see you lyrics

was I supposed to make my entrance How was I to know I had a chance Now ... guy who really thought he had it all My heart was holding up ... the wall so I could dance The last of

Emma Hewitt - Miss you paradise lyrics

there is something we leave behind to ... join the ride I couldn't wait but did not realize I'd never ... calling is taking over and it lasts more than awhile Another reason I won't be around to say goodnight Don't write to me I'll call you... All of

Bonnie Bianco - I miss you so lyrics

the water A picture comes to mind Of days when we were ... wiser Now washed up with the tide. Now I miss you so ... Whoa Now I miss you so! I feel the wind around me

Declan De Barra - Not to love you lyrics

I could learn something from you I'll find a ... knew If I could reach your pain , and soul If I ... could wait If I could wait I could burn my name, my

Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - It's not enough lyrics

can give me this, You can give me that. You can ... give me this, You can give me that. It's not ... enough. Money so green, So casually seen. It don't

Robert Nickson - Not made to break (vs. re:locate and neev ken.. lyrics

it's not mine to know I should be letting ... I can feel Being down with my head on the ground ... lasted forever Now I know another day Gotta try another

Saosin - It's far better to learn lyrics

d better learn that this will not blow over And over High ... above, they're taking over you And you should know I will not let you go (Let you go)

Blue Stahli - Not over til we say so lyrics

and corridors Weak but not broken And through the rust it's hunting us The last ... breath is spoken You'll never stop me, stop me I ... ll bring an army with me It's never over, over and it's not over til we say so It

Barry Manilow - I was a fool (to let you go) lyrics

Cause I still can't forget I was a fool to let you go And ... after I've closed The bar with the boys Though I can't ... s no other choice I know I was a fool to let you go I was

Puddle Of Mudd - It was faith lyrics

Verse 1] Knew you were heaven sent 'Cause you ... threw my heart into the cage again So I'm ... by letting go And I can't stop this It's bigger than I've

Dark Tranquillity - Not built to last lyrics

comes as no surprise To a jaded mind no less Insight ... comes from soothing grace Left to waiting ... days Another chord unstrummed Our ... secret's safe and sound Solid now unless it breaks in

Lucky Dube - It's not easy lyrics

mama on the telephone I told her mama I'm getting ... side of the telephone she was smiling And she asked me a ... I proudly answered She said son did you take time to know

Demon Hunter - Not ready to die lyrics

and I've got a lot of fingers to point While you were busy ... building knowledge I was already right I know a voice ... like yours is not a weapon at all And even

George Strait - It was me lyrics

her, she walked right up to me. And said, "You're ... who I wanted to find." There was a man ... had seen in her dreams. And it was me. She said, "I

Emily And The Woods - It was right there lyrics

would you say? If I called you up and kept no words at bay ... And what would you feel If I wrote it down and ... were real Cause I saw you far off Then I saw you close

I Am Empire - It's not fair lyrics

like a ghost Unlike most I was made from your bones. It's ... what you stole when you left my mamma all alone. ... Every hero you were was shot to the ground. As if superman

Deadlock - You left me dead lyrics

is what it seems (Fairytale figure media ... You are giving me the creeps ... men fake behavior) I was caught up in desire for the ... unattainable I tried to start a fire but it was not

The Who lyricsThe Who - It's not enough lyrics

s not enough Whatever you give A little bit more You always need A little more ... man A little more seed It's not enough It's not enough ... Whatever I give It's never enough I gave you

Donna Summer lyricsDonna Summer - It's not the way lyrics

used to south of paradise That was ok ... until you put your heart on ice Walked out the ... door but you couldn't say goodbye Hide ... left me lonely When I asked you why You wouldn't be precise

Israel & New Breed - It's not over (when god is in it) lyrics

Not Over, It’s Not Finished It’s Not Ending, It’s Only The ... Beginning When God Is In It, All Things Are New All ... Things Are New I Know It’s Darkest Just Before Dawn

Little River Band - It's not a wonder lyrics

quot;When I'm down, You're always there just to see ... me through You understand everything that I ... do It's not a wonder that I care for you ... And so babe, it's only fair we should hold on

Right Said Fred - It's not the way lyrics

me what's wrong with this picture (It's not the ... way) (It's not the way) (It's not the way) (It's not ... Tell me what's wrong with this picture We should be

Clan Of Xymox - It's not enough lyrics

for the time you come by Waiting for the time you comply You said you still can look me in ... is all I can buy The one you love is the one you hurt the

Willie Nelson - I'm not trying to forget you anymore lyrics

m not trying to forget you anymore I got back into ... before And I'd been trying to forget someone who my heart ... still adores So I'm not trying to forget you anymore

B. J. Thomas - It's not unusual lyrics

s not unusual to be loved by anyone, It's not ... unusual to have fun with anyone, But when I see you ... hanging about with anyone It's not unusual to see me cry,

The Elected - It was love lyrics

found a way to break away From the one you ... say that you love Now you cry out your eyes day and ... night You set free the one that you ... love And it's true, I don't remember you

Fast Food Orchestra - It's not my fault lyrics

hundred jokes bad and stupid you are selfish to the core It's so sad you're playing for your ... score you should thing twice 'cause ... words you say are not ok are not alright just stabbing from

For All Those Sleeping - It's not love (if it doesn't hurt) lyrics

alone with my thoughts is a dangerous ... take Because this bed seems so big Without the touch of someone so easily replaced Lie to me and tell me what you've

Guano Apes - It's not over lyrics

wrong time,the wrong place Your love question that you can't ... the nights grew cold But you let times change And they ... wrote your way You made a good time on your road

Victoria Justice - It's not christmas without you lyrics

sleigh bells are ringing It's that time of year ... Everyone's toasting, chestnuts are roasting ... Christmas time is near Something's missing and I'm

Secondhand Serenade - It's not over lyrics

like razorblades And no, I'm not the one to blame It's you ' ... or is it me? And all the words we ... sense in playing games When you've done all you can do But

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