It Was A Dark Moon On The 6th Of June lyrics

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Pythia - Moon on the mountain lyrics

were the one that I ran to when I was child You gave me sunshine and laughter and hope for a while Always ... beside me, a shoulder to cry on But you were a spider

Beck Ost - Moon on the water lyrics

moon sways Gently in the night of one fine day On my ... way, looking for a moment with my dear Full moon waves ... Slowly on the surface of the lake You were there, smiling

Creature Feature - It was a dark and stormy night lyrics

hands They shake I swear I must be cursed This brain It aches Any moment it ... might burst Save your soul Don’t stop, they’re gaining on you Heads

Jack Starr's Burning Starr - On the wings of the night lyrics

still moon is calling out your name All of the stars are ablaze Through oceans of time I will find you In ... the mist through the dark night of haze On the

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - Dark storm on the horizon lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Fade - It was you lyrics

up to the sunrise wondering where I had been Was it a dream or was it real I ... close my eyes Anything to see you smile Let ... me be the one to show you a new beginning awaits Cause

Alesana - It was a dark and stormy night lyrics

you ever actually seen yourself without a ... mirror? To slip through the cracks of the universe, my ... true, is my gift to you Trapped in a world that was dreamt by a madman, hallelujah! hallelujah! Little did he know

In Vain - On the banks of the mississippi lyrics

the banks of the Mississippi An old man sits ... on his bench Watching the river's water flow Smoking ... cigarettes as time goes by Reminiscing about the years passed And

Scouting For Girls - On the radio lyrics

the radio, on the radio, on the radio, on the radio... Radio station, that's where you ... came from. It's the sound of the summer, and everyone is ... singing along. You danced to the beat of the drum. Memories make music, music make memories.

Cheap Trick - On the top of the world lyrics

re on top of the world On top of the world and you can ... t Get any higher-You're on top of the world You're on ... top of the world tonight It wasn't easy- it was hard as hell

Galadriel - On the wings of gwaihir lyrics

from oblivion... Embraced by the flames I fell down ... I fell in desperate anger Into those nameless ... deeps Out of time, out of any apprehension Through black paths of Khazad-dum

Jem - On the top of the world lyrics

much information Need to calm down, let go Breath in peace Worry and anxious feelings ... close your eyes, let go Breathe and release All of a ... sudden the people, the talking, the telephone, all fades away You visit a place in

Dark Moor - On the hill of dreams lyrics

my room When from the window the night falls Sweet perfume ... That takes my eyes with the dark call In my mind The light ... escapes, the shadows craws Just behind Of the dream

Emerald - On the wings of the night lyrics

the dark is complete And the day goes to sleep That's ... when I come alive Faster than shadows On the wings of the ... night I'll be by your side And my soul spreads wide its raven wings And I cover you tonight Ooh you won't need no other I'm your dangerous lover,

Numenor - The sailor on the seas of fate lyrics

are the worlds that I have left behind Where the ... winds forever cry Worlds beyond the worlds I will ever seek ... And the gates of Valinor will welcome me

Domine - On the wings of the firebird lyrics

want to climb the highest peaks of the Universe To reach the tallest mountains of the moon ... I set my soul on fire, transcend this world of nothing ... Imagination running mad to the extreme I want to fly on the wings of the Firebird I

Magica - On the side of evil lyrics

my song, prove me wrong Preach your ways and clear my haze ... Smile to me, make me believe Hold me in your ... embrace, your grace You believe my way is wrong just because we're different

Colosseum - On the strand of nightmares lyrics

stand tall reaching the grey skies Seen the weight of the years untouchable ... Sleeping waters returned you from their ... depths On the strand of nightmares you've become

Crimson Shadows - On the eve of battle + freedom and salvation lyrics

+ Falling through the cracks within my mind I hold the ... answer inside Not all that I could be but this is my ... declaration I know the path that's ahead My influence

Blut Aus Nord - On the path of wolf... towards dwarfhill lyrics

walked during one day in our ancient land of ... wisdom With Ath as guide, prince of messenger ... in the sky Arrived in a blackened place lightened by

Kenny Chesney - On the coast of somewhere beautiful lyrics

knew i could never hold that girl she was born to see the world all i got is a picture ... she mailed me barefoot in the snowwhite sand bag of seashells in her hand she finally found a paradise it seems

Darkwoods My Betrothed - On the top of the falconhill lyrics

the top of the Falconhill... I was standing ... surrounded by solitude Evening breeze as my only ... friend It was a beautiful dusk of November Darkness wrapping around the

Cerebral Turbulency - On the edge of tolerance lyrics

don't want anything from you Leave me alone! Let me live my way! I'm a ... person like the rest of you Not dangerous, just ... different You turned me into an animal Trying to make me

Hanker - On the verge of tears lyrics

was your life long friend, become a memory ... Remember your ally, remember who betrayed ... no regrets, no regrets Be honest with yourself No time for ... lying tears, no time for He watched

Gordon Lightfoot - The wreck of the edmund fitzgerald lyrics

legend lives on from the Chippewa on down of the big ... lake they called "Gitche Gumee" The lake, it ... is said, never gives up her dead when the skies of November

Alison Krauss - On the boderline lyrics

s a chill on this evening The night´s right for grieving Darkness surrounds him as he wanders alone He walked past the dim lights The pathways and

Duncan Sheik - The tale of solomon snell lyrics

if you will, I have a tale to tell Of an unfortunate ... man, the name of Solomon Snell And the philosophy he ... should have embraced That says no matter what you do, you

Silent Fall - On the top of the world lyrics

road is long Obstacles you'll have to climb ... This voice inside your head Telling you to carry on ... Disillusion will be part of your days Despair may spread

The Silver Shine - On the edge of luck lyrics

spotted a shootin' star Miss Fortune by my side I ... feel I'm holdin' a nap hand This is my day I know ... Horse shoe hangs at my door I got the fourth ace to my hand An old palmist told me once my day will

Slechtvalk - On the eve of battle lyrics

we marched through forests and marshes Our arrows waiting ... on our bows My men, grim and prepared for the fight A pale army of soldiers Yes, we ... re marching to war To war Advance to war, banners

Atrox - The bedlam of the bedlam lyrics

young man astride a rocking horse. His petticoats ... bristling. His eyes closed with pleasure enjoying the euphony of his fork scraping his plate. Facing him sits a filthy

Carpenters - On the balcony of the casa rosada/don't cry f.. lyrics

People of Argenitna! your newly elected ... president -- Juan Peron! CROWD Peron! Peron! .... ... .. PERSON Argentinos! Argentinos! We are all leaders

Damien Steele - On the crest of a dune lyrics

awake. Oh where am I? What has happened? Is this a dream? ... Wreckage burns all around me Miles of nothing are ... here? Right, left... which way to turn? Static on the radio No one will ever know

Damh The Bard - On the shoulders of giant lyrics

stone, shadows of firelight, conspire to conceal, This was my ... home, I sheltered from the night, now every brush reveals, How I ran with the wild, ... I ran with my brothers, with arrow and with spear, I left

Mercenary - On the edge of sanity lyrics

inflicted torture Wrap myself in pain Never take a ... second to think Of the people I have shamed Fight ... to fake emotions To make me seem alive But the

Midnight - ...on the wings of satan lyrics

mass is over the night is done Time to reap our rewards The stench is sweet the burning ... Brought forth by our Lord Heat is rising souls are dying ... Ride to hell your Lord has fell Ride to Hell... on the

Hacride - On the threshold of death lyrics

Bourreau] Your bloody body, the ... evil which is eating away at you Without sensation, you ... let yourself be persuaded, you fight to the bitter ... end Your scars remind you of who you are Motionless, you are attracted by the void, this

George Jones - On the banks of the ponchertrain lyrics

ve traveled from Texas to old Louisiane Through valleys, over mountains and plains Both foot sore and weary, ... I rested awhile On the banks of the old Ponchertrain

Lalaine - On the edge of goodbye lyrics

.. Right on the edge of saying good-bye Staring and ... silently cursing the hands of time I hear we're two worlds ... apart That I can't be where you are

Anggun - On the breath of an angel lyrics

I go Whatever I see Over oceans unknown You are always with me Pure as the water We ... float on this wave On the breath of an angel I'll fly away ... At the ends of your fingers I follow tonight Caught in the lightning

Asphyx - On the wings of inferno lyrics

on angles of the human mind We transform thoughts ... into mental food Sucking the will out of your untouched ... energy feeds our world On the wings of inferno we thrive The extraction of impiety we

Everly Brothers - On the wings of a nightingale lyrics

I love I get a feeling Like I'm travelling ... through the sky On the wings of a nightingale As Iride my ... headis reeling But I don't even wonder why On the

Hammerfall - On the edge of honour lyrics

by temptation into the underworld to absence of season and time Soldiers of ... Fortune, Soldiers of the Night back to back, ready ... to fight Enchanted gardens, where Evil slipped away

Jedi Mind Tricks - On the eve of war lyrics

Intro: Vinnie Paz] Yeah... Vinnie Paz, baby Yeah... ... yeah... yeah [Verse 1 - Vinnie Paz] ... This is raw, all across the board, Liquid Sword Chamber

Low - On the edge of lyrics

from your lips to the rise of your stomach Your long ... filthy fingers keep jamming words down my throat ... Nothing to steal you've got nothing to love ... Nothing to spill because oh we're so innocent Oh

Mechina - On the wings of nefeli lyrics

the heavens Bearing the weight of the sun This ... hunter soars high Above the shield of Apheon Be baptized by the dust Of what ... you once called home Memories are easily

Autumn Lonely Alley - On the edge lyrics

hate that moments when I feel alone, I think I am crazy. ... Thousands of swords are attacking me and I can’t protect ... So I’m trying to run far away from this reality where is

Claymorean - On the wings of time lyrics

with me, I'll show you places that you've never seen ... before Magic kingdoms of the ages Monuments of time On ... this journey to horizons you will find your sanctuary You'll feel safe and you

Collins Kim - On the roads of the blue lyrics

the roads of the blue On the roads of the blue On the roads of the blue On the roads of

Dream Theater - On the backs of angels lyrics

on the backs of angels Destined to create ... Mounting the attack While heroes carry your ... weight We spiral towards disaster Survival fading ... faster Riding out the wave Content to feed off the machine Bleeding us to death The new American dream You're

Edenbridge - On the verge of infinity lyrics

what is time, a remnant of hope a line to oblivion ... where we`re on the rope and your sun is set, a pale ... silhouette on the sly the pride of the season`s turning

Hollenthon - On the wings of a dove lyrics

children in perilous times Mother of harlots recanting her ... vice Maelstroms...On the wings of a dove Innocence ... lost In for the kill' Galloping thunder waving its

Hypocrisy - On the edge of madness lyrics

realized I never should be born ... In this world where money talks The honesty of systems can be won When the power of ... dollar is running the life We're closing our

Magnum - On the edge of the world lyrics

skies burn on, many stories untold On icy ... nights winds blow and touch everyone You still ... think you are so far away But you'll pay dearest ... price of us all 'Cause you stand on the edge of the world And you're dreaming all your precious time away

Malevolent Creation - On the grounds of battle lyrics

troops storm onto the field Into the darkness of ... night War crys heard from the distance Adversaries now within sight The objective search and destroy Both sides

Officium Triste - On the crossroad of souls lyrics

see bulbs of light flashing by Souls with different ... goals They've all got various destinies So many but on their own They're moving fast A life like this won't last No time to stop Got to

Riot ( Usa ) - On the wings of life lyrics

to visions theres something that's bringing you low. Every ... morning the bastards are starting their show. I can hear them cry for their lives. but ... now all is lost here and now. So i'm flying up upon

Secret Sphere - On the wings of sun lyrics

am ready for tomorrow, in your name ... fight my lord Your bloody war, waiting for another chance ... to waste them Other deaths to honour your reign fading light, bury in your world

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