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Jo O'meara - It felt like love lyrics

A-aa Yeah Felt Like love Hey I Know it ... To My Heart I Know In Life It Can Be Unfair And It's ... Want You Know That I'll Be Waiting For You I Wanna Wake Up

The Pandoras - It felt alright lyrics

It Felt Alright ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ..................

Nikka Costa - Hope it felt good lyrics

bed and just who was lying in it Hope it felt good to say ... you love her Hope it felt good baby baby baby Hope it felt good to be with another Hope

Tim Mcgraw - Felt good on my lips lyrics

Spain Sounded to me just a little bit strange, I guess. But ... I have to admit, it felt good on my lips. She ... the DJ to play her favorite song A Spanish little

Hole lyricsHole - He hit me (and it felt like a kiss) lyrics

hit me, and it felt like a kiss He hit me, but it didn't hurt me He couldn't ... hear me say that I had been with someone new And when I told ... I had been untrue.... He hit me, and it felt like a kiss

Bleed From Within - It lives in me lyrics


In Fear And Faith - It all comes out (on the way down) lyrics

our love is strong But baby it's just when the lights are ... off That it all comes out it all comes out Every single ... time that I'm not with you Baby, I'm alone, baby,

Omnium Gatherum - It shines lyrics

I'm not here, And if we take it to its limits… Maybe no ... But on that night it felt like home With a small ... that cliche Classy pale white face What her sad eyes

Skye Sweetnam - It sucks lyrics

her As long as I don't let it show And we'll keep it just ... us Bottled up inside It's our little secret I'll be ... thing that girlfriends do It's so frustrating You're not

Dirtytar - Klap slap - felt this good lyrics

lie, that'd be a lie My favorite part was when you started to ... care right now I haven't felt this good in a while I ... haven't felt this good in a while I

Garbage - Felt lyrics

Sure you felt something Felt sure But it really was ... nothing You felt But you’re only guessing ... They’re only feelings Felt I’d left you hanging Felt

Amerie - Like it used to be lyrics

remember most of all, cant quite get away from the days we ... got to ask you can you make it back Chorus Like it used ... in my life was you and baby it felt so right to me (baby it felt so right) please make it like

Lollipop Lust Kill - It's cold inside lyrics

help me find a reason For me it's always season Words can't ... and you'll see what's real It's dark, it's cold, inside I ... know It's dark, it's cold, inside I know I've

36 Crazyfists - Felt through a phone line lyrics

Stepping out of this car with that look in your eyes and ... And nothing’s like this exit, pale white skin on memory. ... supply that we wished for. It took me 14 hours to get this

Disciple - Felt lyrics

You as long as I live It's not who I am but who lives ... me power to stand and the faith to believe That I can walk ... on my cross and feel what He felt I FEEL In Your name I

Meat Puppets - Shave it lyrics

Swearin' at the rain as it felt And the rain said back &quot ... Swearin' at the rain as it felt And the rain said back &quot ... Swearin' at the rain as it felt And the rain said back,

Mae - Sometimes i cant make it alone lyrics

gets inside me To think it'd be this clear Above the ... atmosphere I'm flying with no fear now I was always ... Thinking I could make it on my own (sometimes I can't

Seizi Kimura - Felt lyrics

sukima ga furueta kata o daita kimi no te wa tsuzuiteku no ... wa kimi no tame mou ichido aruiteku norikoerareru mono futari ... de sagashiteku kanaerareru nante

Clay Walker - It ain't called heartland (for nothin') lyrics

much to do So far from the city lights But give two kids ... what they'd find They felt the rhythm of the wind ... They were onto somethin' It ain't called heartland for

Dave Matthews Band - I did it lyrics

make a bomb of love and blow it up I did it Do you think ... I’ve gone too far? I did it Guilty as charged I did it ... It was me right or wrong I did it Yeah I never did a single

Shakira lyricsShakira - Did it again lyrics

in trouble (yes I know), but it feels like heaven You were ... one of those guys The kind with a wandering eyes But I said ... not hard to deny that Did it again now I got it all wrong

Cher - Wasn't it good lyrics

t it good The way I touched you ... late last night Wasn't it good, babe In the mornin's ... what I had in store Wasn't it good When ya felt it coming ... through ya Wasn't it good That I knew just how to

Motion City Soundtrack - It had to be you lyrics

function or eat when I'm not with someone Late last fall, she ... ended it all and moved to who-knows ... type of harmony What if it was you? You that I needed

Mindy Smith - It's amazing lyrics

Like I do Can you see It's amazing what you do to me ... made me feel things I never felt before It's changing me ... Helped me learn to breathe It all in Tiger lily, my

Kc Concepcion - It's been a while lyrics

When all this time I have felt That this love would never ... I've said I'm letting go with your goodbye Now you're ... moment you left is here with me All this time I have felt That this love would never

As It Is - Okay lyrics

think that I’m okay I felt a year’s worth of hurt And ... sadness catching up with me The sky I painted to ... silence the pain, It is bleeding into grey In

Anouk - It wasnt me lyrics

And I hope feel the way we felt When you put us all through ... And I hope feel the way we felt When you put us all through ... t care, how do you feel It took a crowd for me to see

Bing Crosby - It's been a long, long time lyrics

Then kiss me once again It's been a long, long time ... Haven't felt like this, my dear Since I ... can't remember when It's been a long, long time ... how empty they all seemed without you So kiss me once,

John Denver - It makes me giggle lyrics

makes me giggle It makes me giggle Just havin ... my baby around me It makes me giggle Sometimes ... me love as sweet as candy It makes me giggle It makes

Maria Mena - It took me by surprise lyrics

To the slightest hint of hesitance He’d bend awkwardly to ... suit my mood No word from his ... I’d cry knowing how my tears Felt like acid burning through his

Rock Star Supernova - It's all love lyrics

an easy way out Nobody tells it like it is no more You took ... a hit and then you blew it out The light inside that ... to love this much Never felt enough to call it hate If

Hot Chocolate - It started with a kiss lyrics

started with a kiss in the back row of a ... You and I were inseparable it was love at first sight. You ... you always would be mine. It started with a kiss never

The Moody Blues - It´s easy child lyrics

easy, child, falling in love with you. It's easy, child, ... falling in love with you. It's easy, easy, easy child, It ... s easy falling in love with you. Now it didn't take

Ryan Leslie - How it was supposed to be lyrics

of morning dew That's how it felt that day we met And I first ... laid eyes on you (yeah) It's like you walked right about ... if you'll ever find out how it was supposed to be, baby

Scooter lyricsScooter - It´s a biz lyrics

din, when I spit it´s frightening My words - ... doubt If you play this, play it loud Listen to bootleg mp3 ... Post it on my ftp Tick tock bodyrock ... tune´s banging on the M.I.C It´s me and this is the place to

Scooter lyricsScooter - It's a biz (ain't nobody) lyrics

din, when I spit it´s frightening My words - ... doubt If you play this, play it loud Listen to bootleg mp3 ... Post it on my ftp Tick tock bodyrock ... tune´s banging on the M.I.C It´s me and this is the place to

Being As An Ocean - It's really not as complicated as you're maki.. lyrics

That informing power or spirit is Go d, and since nothing ... or m alevolent? I see it as purely benevolent. For I ... rule the heart and transform it. He must express Himself in

A Loss For Words - It's good to be back in eastern standard (aco.. lyrics

12 hour drive. Never felt so alone and so crowded in ... never really asleep, with a head full of promises my ... keep. And we'll never quit. It's been that way since we

Darkflight - It wasn't meant to be lyrics

my body which is trembling with a new sensation i have ... never felt it before bathing in a blinding ... light it must be the end or a whole

Amos Lee - It started to rain lyrics

Jane How did it end up this way With our ... I didn't realize 'til then It was really goodbye With your ... wheels on the gravel I felt my heart strings unravel As it started to rain It started

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - It’s hard to be a saint in the city lyrics

dance just like a casanova With my black-jack and jacket and ... down the street I can hear its' heartbeat The sisters ... quot;penny, nickels for your pity" Them gasoline boys

Dagoba - It's all about time (feat. ics vortex) lyrics

told me bullshit like this: "The best ... come..." I heard you without listening And now, it's ... I'm not gonna cry." It's all about time... Why try

Current 93 - It is time, only time lyrics

and then you told me you felt the seas die and then you ... is over then then i knew it was time you looked so ... and then then i knew it was time in a small park

Vince Gill - Aint it always that way lyrics

took chance, i took a fall Waited on love 'til i could give it my all Then i let my heart ... line...) Chorus: Ain't it always that way When you ... want to believe Ain't it always that way When you

Ice Cube - It was day a good day lyrics

And momma cooked a breakfast with no hog I got my grub on, ... a girl wanna dig out Hooked it up on later as I hit the do' ... got me a drop top And if I hit the switch, I can make the

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - It's good (ft. jadakiss & drake) lyrics

I don’t f*** around I just felt they needed me, so I stuck ... around Feds got my man, shit is real son Cause my god son ... You live and you learn, either you freeze or you burn

Odium - It goes cold lyrics

tight the dangling feet It all seems so final When I ... play with you this way It came to life when I was ... scream all you want I felt so alive today I just had to

Jane Siberry - It can´t rain all the time lyrics

and light. Do you have faith in what we believe? The ... s something wrong, and it's hard to belive that love ... will prevail. Oh it won't rain all the time. The

12 Stones - It was you lyrics

Tired of all the shame that I felt But you showed me a way To ... in myself Now I see It was you That showed me who I ... what I am because of you It was you I'm so sorry 'bout

Civil Twilight - It´s over lyrics

But one look from you and it's over One look from you and ... I'm over I can't sleep with this heart's beat Thumping ... I light the match and watch it burn to my fingers But one

Dead Silence Hides My Cries - It's time to rise lyrics

survive demise But It's time to rise We'll stand ... we live That we live With hollow hopes And everyday ... It's getting hard It's getting hard We're broken

Marvin Gaye - It's madness lyrics

mystery to me I'm flirting with the mother of insanity Oh, ... my mind? Since you left me it's been hard to find Oh where ... where is my mind? It started to rain, and I felt

John Grant - It doesn't matter to him lyrics

I think about it, I am successful, as it were. ... age. And even though I have felt beaten down by constant doubt ... glances lately. [Chorus] It doesn't matter to him. I

John Grant - It's easier lyrics

I was fooling. I must have felt invincible in your arms Like ... the whole world on But it's easier for me to believe ... you say you need me. Yes, it's easier for me to walk away

Kyla - It´s over now lyrics

my eyes to hide The pain I felt inside I could never ... me to pretend `Cause I know it's over When I'm done ... me to pretend `Cause I know it's over now Now I'm left

Love & The Outcome - No mistaking (it's you) lyrics

ll admit this I wish I could hear You ... cry God I believe You're with me but sometimes I'd like ... You do There's no mistaking, it's You, it's You I remember

Matthew Morrison - It's over lyrics

she thought I would be It's over I know this ... feeling, I felt it before All of the signs ... notice my eye on the door It's over I could have told

Jamie Mcdell - It´s time lyrics

And my mind has never felt so distant, and my thoughts ... a window to my right, There it goes I lost control, Now it’s written on the pages of my ... burning out tonight, And it’s breaking me, Remember

Eddie Money - It could happen to you lyrics

love. Being both too shy neither questioned why. It was ... of. So awkward at first... It was like a curse. You'd ... lose. But then you do. And it could happen to you. In a

Night Ranger - Kiss me where it hurts lyrics

Oh won't ya kiss me where it hurts Here I go, I'm fallin' ... a page from my heart And it's on the ground, Oh yea Kiss ... me where it hurts You took a hammer and

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