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It Always Ends The Same I Break A Million Ways lyrics

Browse for It Always Ends The Same I Break A Million Ways song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed It Always Ends The Same I Break A Million Ways lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to It Always Ends The Same I Break A Million Ways.

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George Strait - Always never the same lyrics

know why I'm intrigued You keep surprisin' me ... Somewhere between the lines There's no way to define ... Every move you make Always never the same Call me

Maverick Hunter - The end of all light lyrics

out of darkness cast into the light Betrayed by my own ... flesh and blood I’ve waited in the dark for all these ... centuries Now the darkness will be set free You call me a monster – “The man in black”

Liam Bailey - It´s not the same lyrics

does the time go? Where will it end? Seems like we are ... walking down these roads For a while my friend ... Morning please arise Night time I do suffer Is not

Vince Gill - It wont be the same this year lyrics

s time to pack our bags and hit the highway, And head on out ... for christmas holiday, I'll fall apart when i pull in the driveway, It's my first time ... home since brother passed away, His favorite time of year

Fu Manchu - It's all the same lyrics

night brings something I can't explain you tell me one ... thing it's all the same every night, every day (it's all the same) things never ... seem to change (it's all the same) every night, every day it's all the same keep our ??

Level 42 - It's not the same for us lyrics

know you live on my street I sometimes wonder Why we don ... t meet I've seen your face in the sky Twenty-five stories ... high You never come down to earth Communication (communication) Could hardly be much

Procol Harum - (you can't) turn back the page lyrics

night surrounds me I can't turn back the hands of time When I look around me My ... thoughts are of the lonely kind Such a game of high stakes ... We gambled and then we lost We were fools to

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Call my name lyrics

ve seen a new sensation I heard you call in pain But running round in circles Won't make it right again The ... telephone keeps ringing Your head is in the sand The future is unfolding But it's

Tim Mcgraw - Aint that the way it always ends lyrics

came home broken-hearted Said he lost his girl He ... burrowed up all the hurt in his heart But still a hole in the wall of his world Now Betty ... she was a blonde-haired beauty With an eye for a man who

Motion City Soundtrack - Together we'll ring in the new year lyrics

must be it. Welcome to the new year. The drinks were ... consumed, the plants were destroyed, and the ... hors d'oeuvres dismantled. I'm not smiling behind this fake veneer. I am often interrupted or completely ignored, but most of all I'm

Enigma - The same parents lyrics

all had the same parents Many million years ago Why can ... t we live in freedom Without hunger, with no war? At the beginning we all had ... One mother and one father That's where we're descending

Scary Kids Scaring Kids - The bright side of suffering lyrics

swear that if I could I'd take it all Take it all away All the sorrow and the pain I'm not responsible, you always ... say But you need your space And this always ends the same

Faith Hill - The hard way lyrics

hear every word they say They tell me to stay away They say I'm better off without you, ... baby You've caused me nothing but pain Heartache's your ... middle name But seems I never see it coming I'll

Celkilt - The same old frown lyrics

these times of knocking at your door Guess I just ... expected a little bit more Don’t count on me to go ... down your path I’ll be blowin’ over a different sky Always angry always sad Always cranky always mad Always wearing

Delain - Get the devil out of me lyrics

don't know what to feel, I don't know what to say Ooh, I don't know what to do, what makes me treat you this way ... Oh I get nerve in my bones or I get nerve in

Red Hot Chili Peppers lyricsRed Hot Chili Peppers - You always sing the same lyrics

always sing You always sing the You always sing the same ... (REPEAT EVERYTHING 6 TIMES

Ryan Adams - You will always be the same lyrics

on to the street to the cars in the pouring rain Go on to the bus that left us in the dust and the flames And when the ... son meets the father It'll be something smarter for the pain But you will always be the same You will always be the same Go on little girl, feet tw

Kelly Clarkson lyricsKelly Clarkson - The trouble with love is lyrics

oooh, ooooh yeah, mmmm... Love can be a many splendored thing Can't ... deny the joy it brings A dozen roses, diamond rings ... Dreams for sale and fairy tales It'll make you hear a

Dan Fogelberg - The nature of the game lyrics

run Where an angel fears to follow We’ve come to a ... place no fool would go Sparks fly And the truth rings harsh and hollow It’s the same ... old song We’ve sung so long It’s the only dance we know Hard times When the threads of

Architecture In Hesinki - The same old innocence lyrics

can catch me on the street, shaking out my legs to greet ... Our new neighbours with the same old innocence Walking, ... rolling I'm your stone Cease the aching in your bones And when we woke up from this

Jamie Cullum - The same things lyrics

oversharing times Under some weary skies ... Forgotten how to try Everything you say sounds like a lie ... The fog that greets the man As old as time began Is no

Mandisa - The definition of me lyrics

Definition Of Me Everybody's got an ... opinion Of what they want me to be Everybody's got a ... condition That I may never meet So tired of ... looking in the mirror It always says the same thing I wanna be about something different

Crucified Barbara - The crucifier lyrics

close your eyes and pick a target for the night Just to still your hunger before daylight ... You take a bite, you spit it out and walk away Do you ... ever wonder why it always taste the same You’re already

Jarryd James - The way you like it lyrics

how you left me out here all alone in the night, it's all I ... think about all I think about, uh oh, something about it tells me that it's over in the mean time it's all I think about all I think about think

One Less Reason - The same thing lyrics

You've been left Open your heart Cause you know best ... Pull close the ones that leave you alone Welcome home… ... Write down those words you wanted to hear Compliments yea the messages is coming clear

Kris Kristofferson - If it's all the same to you lyrics

listened to a friend who'd do the same for me last night 'cause it takes one to really ... understand And I watched him try to walk the line ... Between what's wrong and right And knew that fool was

Lenny Kravitz lyricsLenny Kravitz - It won’t feeel the same lyrics

could make a billion dollars Build a castle by the sea ... Watch the clouds go by for hours Live a fantasy where everything is ... how I see I could have the power Of the world and all it brings But it won't feel the

Explosions In The Sky - Inside it all feels the same lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available Lyric not available (instrumental

Naomi Terra - Million ways lyrics

you made a few mistakes You’re not alone People ... mess up every day Take a knife from out your back And ... send them home You don’t need them anyway So you thought he was

Hedley - I'll be with you lyrics

a.m., where's my friend? Sunset Boulevard Flashing lights, read my rights I ... guess I went too far Talking trash, spent my cash No ... one else to blame It always ends, it always ends the same If I'm not in jail tonight If I don't inhale tonight And if I don't lose a fight And if I

Levellers - The player lyrics

isn't much to gain By living all the same way The years ... just slip away But it's too late then to play If you live ... from day to day You can play the game your own way There's a million things to say In a million

John Farnham - Always the same lyrics

s a young girl working the corner There's an old man ... lost at sea They could tell you a million ... stories About the wrong side of the street There's a rich man making money From a

Shawn Hook - Million ways lyrics

d sell my soul for a slice of heaven tonight My mind is shot cause all I've got is ... you in my sight Girl you're like a pearl on the ... bottom of the ocean waiting to be found All you needed

Alexz Johnson - Natural disaster lyrics

I another Casualty? In the battle you're fighting? You're ... your own worse enemy, At war with yourself, but you can't ... see. And I can't stand to watch, You're, coming,

Quinn Xcii - Ffyl lyrics

2x) You say we had it all That shit would drive me crazy Cause outside, outside There's ... no feelings baby You say it's hard to tell What I've ... been thinking lately But behind closed doors I'm a fool

Aiken Clay - Solitaire lyrics

was a man, a lonely man Who lost his love through his indifference A heart that cared, that went unshared Until ... it died in his silence And Solitaire's the only game in town And every road that takes him, takes him down And

Digital Summer - Just run lyrics

ve been running your mouth For quite a while now You think you got what ... it takes? Well let's find out! Will you back down? ... Will you stand your ground? Take my advice and just Run away when you

Taylor Swift lyricsTaylor Swift - Same girl lyrics

m still wearing my blue jeans No I don't know what you ... mean I'm still the same girl Picking daisies in the field I believe in what I feel ... I've always been the same girl Some moments change your

Alphaville lyricsAlphaville - Ways lyrics

mrs fields, why do you look so sad Is the whole world gone mad or is it still a strawberry-cake ... How i wish to kiss your sweet, sweet lips To ... share your blissfulness It made me feel like floating on a

One Less Reason - Be the same lyrics

know it starts with a look And then it ends with a lie I ... should plant my seeds deep So that my ... roots won't die Do you wish I was more like you? Self

Pat Benatar - Only you lyrics

lost faith in myself and everyone and everything around me I thought I'd disappear, maybe you'd better off ... without me You showed me I was wrong, everybody needs

Omd - Call my name lyrics

ve seen a new sensation I heard you call in pain But running round in circles Won't make it right again The ... telephone keeps ringing Your head is in the sand The future is unfolding But it's

Zendaya Coleman - The same heart (feat. bella thorne) lyrics

see the spotlight in my dreams, I just wanna reach out, ... find out what it's all about I'll have to turn in with all leards of a different feather, where they were together No matter what may happend in our lives, You are

Carpenters - Solitaire lyrics

was a man, a lonely man Who lost his love through his indifference A heart that cared that went unshared Until it died within his silence And Solitaire is the only game in town And every road that takes him, takes him down And

Hanker - The infernal depths beneath lyrics

ve been playing all those years Don't care what you might ... say I've been singing all my fears Don't care who ... you might pray Bridge I: I've been running with the devil Even if it's lame I've

Anavae - Exit stage left (pursued by a bear) lyrics

know they say try with every moment, For no ... moment is ever wasted, never wasted, but.. What's the point ... of falling in love? If the pain outweighs the highs? If it always ends the same, And they just end with someone else.

Conflict - The right to reply lyrics

house looks for an answer to end all the violence ... The ungovernable finally break silence There's endless white papers and new institutions ... That still won't stop us, it's no solution The right and the left wing continue to

Heavenly - Million ways lyrics

there is something wrong you go away There is no reason to stay here you ... must leave On your way - far away! When you're alone ... when your life belongs to you You just take it now without thinking

Corinne Bailey Rae - The skies will break lyrics

the heart speaks in whispers And the heart speaks in whispers And so it's all over ... So they've already run And we all fall down And the ... clouds, they blot out the sun Very soon your world

Kristinia Debarge - Cry wolf lyrics

rose painted black When I need the best of you yeah, ... give me the rest of you I keep coming back Cause you ... tell that you’ve changed, but it always ends the same I tell

Dark Tranquillity - The same lyrics

we always fear and loathe becomes of us repay the visit of our loss reset the marks again the turning point seems ... to be holding on sands of ages and the stars above

Kristina Debarge - Cry wolf lyrics

rose painted black When I need the best of you, yeah, give me the rest of you I keep ... coming back Cause you tell that you've changed but it always ... ends the same I tell you it's over time after time You say whatever, just to make it right You send me flowers, and

Much The Same - Picking up the shattered pieces lyrics

last few years I thought that things would never change All in the same moment I know it cannot stay the same As this chapter ends and a new one ... begins again, I hope you find your way This is not

Phantogram - Same old blues lyrics

this is nothing new, It's just the same old blues Like a devil on my shoulder, ... Nothing left to lose You can never break my heart ... Everything will fall apart You can never save my soul

Guns N' Roses lyricsGuns N' Roses - You could be mine lyrics

m a cold heartbreaker Fit ta burn and I'll rip your heart in two An I'll leave you lyin' ... on the bed with your ass in the air I'll be out the door ... before ya wake It's nuthin' new ta you 'Cause I think

Estelle - The same lyrics

bullshit They look good together They fit ... well wherever They're so real it's un-found They're a kind of couple We gave life a ... double Trying to match what they found Well if they're talkin' 'bout [Hook:] You and me lining up It's always

Filter - It can never be the same lyrics

can never be the same to me And you should never hide your ... shame from me 'Cause you, yeah you, will always ... be the blame for me That's a perfect, creepy game for

Interpol - Always malaise the man i am lyrics

you need me lover For all ways, release me lover I want ... to give you the lowdown I want to give you the face to face Always, is all I can give Isn't quite what you take

Beneath The Sky - It all ends with a smile lyrics

s watch it burn! [x4] Why must you ... feel the need to question anything and everything? I will tell you not to have the answers and so I'd rather keep

Sarah Brightman - The same thing to you lyrics

me up french fries. Invite me for dinner. Show who you ... are and I'll show you I'm a sinner. Not in the worst way. I ... ll do the same thing to you. If you want to I'll play you a

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