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Adrian Bolf - Magic in her eyes feat vojta drahokoupil lyrics

you a story About an everlasting love Don't need to worry I ... m craving your lips, I can't let go ... surrender You're a goddess in disguise I've chosen the

Josh Groban - In her eyes lyrics

my shadow She sees something more Believes there's a ... light in me She is sure And her truth makes me stronger Does ... realize I awake every morning With her strength by my

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - In her eyes lyrics

s got alot to say She keeps her feelings to herself But I ... know she's feeling more that way She don't ... that never dies I can see her feelings In her eyes And in her eyes You can see the

Basshunter - In her eyes lyrics

s A Saturday Night Nothing Will Go Wrong But If It ... Run It's A Saturday Night And I Hope You Believe My Heart ... Is Calling Your Name So Hear Me Out ... When I Say I Can See It In Her Eyes When She Turns To Me And Smiles Everything Feels So

The Black Keys - Midnight in her eyes lyrics

In Her Eyes Midnight is in her eyes Tear drops like a ... You never thought about goin' wrong Now you wonder where ... man has gone Midnight is in her eyes Lately you're feeling

April Wine - Tonight is a wonderful time to fall in love lyrics

and yellow, seasons changin' gear Giving her all I am, ... reachin' out with lovin' care You know she can feel ... yeah, she never has to try Goin' on forever, oh yeah, knowin'

Alabama - She's got that look in her eyes lyrics

s still got those pretty eyes Like she did in school The ... Today I saw that look again On sale in summer square ... She looked so good in what she wore Somehow it don

Anggun - Eden in her eyes lyrics

in her eyes I knew its worth the while I’ve put my ... faith in time To cradle her in my arms Eden in her eyes ... Pictured in my mind Was only a matter of time?

Anthenora - Her eyes lyrics

mist and cold Buried in this trench alone The wild - ... Savage steel Of the machine-gun I feel They're coming - ... I wait: Dead men walking on fate The scythe waiting

Josh Abbott Band - Her eyes turn green lyrics

Verse 1] She sits alone in the dark. She hides her pain ... in her heart. You couldn’t tell by her smile. She only holds it for ... a while and she loves. [Chorus] A

Kaledon - In the eyes of the queen lyrics

She faced the obscurity And she raised her energy You ... know…Daeniel, A woman in bride…with her destiny She ... has lighted the flame And the stars of your heart By

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - China in her eyes (rap version) lyrics

New York to Hong Kong And back again It's the No.1 fun ... maker in the nation Making you dance She wanna rub ... my muscles strong Keep it going on, from New York to Hong

Jim Reeves - Make me wonderful in her eyes lyrics

the lord my soul to keep And for someone more dear to me ... Than words can tell or eyes can see. Expose my heart and lay it bare Let her see the ... love that's there Use your power so great and

Angra - A monster in her eyes lyrics

just a beast. You're my thing, I'm the lowest of the low, ... but there is something you should know. Long ... you came, you have found me here and never begged for your

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - China in her eyes lyrics

New York to Hong Kong And back again It's the No. 1 ... fun-maker in the nation Making you dance She wanna rub ... my muscles strong Keep it going on, from New York to Hong

Chris De Burgh - The girl with april in her eyes lyrics

once was a King, who called for the spring, ... his world was still covered in snow But the spring had not ... been, for he was wicked and mean In his winter-fields

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - In your eyes lyrics

t she look so well With her long black hair and a look ... with that look of heaven In her eyes, in her eyes In your eyes, your eyes Now I can't get ... to sleep I dream and dream all the day through

Crimson Cult - In the eyes lyrics

- stalkin’ in the shadows Zeroman - strivin’ through the dark Zeroman - ... walkin’ all alone tonight Zeroman ... - waiting for the hour Zeroman - hiding in the bush Zeroman - will

Atrophy - In their eyes lyrics

their eyes of children is a world I wish ... could be Their definitions of this life derived so ... simply There's no one to hurt them and ... everything is fair The cruelty around

Chris De Burgh - In your eyes lyrics

people fall in love in rooms that are so dark, They ... can't see where they are going, and they lose their hearts, ... it was a light so strong, And I could see a long night coming on, In your eyes, in your

Patrick Doyle - Magic works lyrics

dance your final dance This is your final ... enough So, Believe that magic works Don't be afraid Of bein' hurt Don't let this magic ... die The answer's there Oh, just look in her eyes

Barathrum - Magic in atmosphere lyrics

light in her eyes in her eyes, in her eyes ablooming ... beauty in her eyes mistress with deep dark hair ... the mist of night rose with her thorns impaling sharp fingernails nailing look with

The Moody Blues - Magic lyrics

I look in your eyes I can't see why There's no ... reflection of me When I look in your heart Let it be the ... start Work your magic on me When I look in your

Rufus - Chaka Khan - Magic in your eyes lyrics

there is magic in his mind Reflecting in his eyes It ... draws me to you This kind of voodoo's hard to find ... I detect a little gypsy in his smile I think I'll stay

Atmosphere - In her music box lyrics

had a bad dream in the back seat Same one as ... as last week Surrounded by her favorite favorites Elmo, ... Barbie, her purple baby blanket And that ... s car It's fast on the leather, pretends its NASCAR It

Pat Monahan - Her eyes lyrics

afraid; she just likes to use her night light When she gets ... She's old enough to know, and young enough not to say no ... Mets. Like everybody, she's in over her head, Dreads Feds,

Amorphis - Magic and mayhem lyrics

there, tiny wench My perpetual serf ... Put stew in a pot Bring water for the guest

Antony And The Johnsons (anohni) - Her eyes are underneath the ground lyrics

ground I have heard the crying sound No one can stop you ... No one can stop you now Her eyes are basking in the sun ... one knows why she did the things she’s done Ocean,

The Dogma - Christine closed her eyes lyrics

Fears Bleed All Your Tears In Your Heart You... You Fell ... Away Like The Winter's Rain In The Night Where Is The ... Girl I Knew ? Where Is The Place You Dream ?

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - Magic and loss - the summation lyrics

humble, the lights can blind you Some people never ... through an ever present past And it's best not to wait for ... through the fire, your right hand waving There are things you

Eyes Set To Kill - Her eyes hold the apocalypse lyrics

minute this could blow, I lit the ... moment we could all go down and sail in flames Are we sinking, are we under? The silence ... the storm Take a breath and take your cover She's coming

Massari - Eyes like diamonds lyrics

Like diamonds She's lighting up the floor like the sun ... rising up And every where she goes her light is shining And just one look at her ... she got a lot of playas trying To get to know her, they

Beseech - In her arms lyrics

so I close my eyes I wait for her Please ... please end my tears Standing by the sea, watching her ... ragering waves Beautyful as she ... no one could ever be Praying for the rain, to wash me

Mötley Crüe - Starry eyes lyrics

s got the power of a child in her eyes And when you cry now ... to be held I can't get into words how I feel Get it ... right in this song now I had to set her free Needed a friend Come

The Searchers - It's in her kiss lyrics

if she loves me so Is it in her eyes (no no you'll be ... deceived) Is it in her sighs (no no she'll make ... if she loves you so It's in her kiss (that's where it is) Is

Nosferatu - Her heaven lyrics

saw through her eyes at the movement inside, The ... thoughts that were dawning and falling outside, The life ... she was leading, the people she knew, The ... things that she loved, and the people she was married to

The Hollies - It's in her kiss lyrics

if she loves me so Is it in her eyes (no no you'll be ... deceived) Is it in her sighs (no no she'll make ... if she loves you so It's in her kiss (that's where it is)

Sammy Kershaw - Little bitty crack in her heart lyrics

inside and scattered around Were the ... pieces of her broken heart I gathered up ... the pieces I found Put her back together like a busted ... guitar But some glues hold and some glues don't In spite of

Katzenjammer - Wading in deeper lyrics

Quietly surrendered Laying it's weapons on The ground ... 'round her feet The chimes, they are ... callin' The leaves, they are fallin ... To cover this land With their innocent lives

Icon ( Usa ) - In your eyes lyrics

you've been gone And ever since you went away It's hard to ... go on And it's getting harder every day I think ... of all the things that I've done wrong I'll

Toby Keith - Bullets in the gun lyrics

used to call me lightening I was always quick to stike ... Had everything I own In the saddles on my back I had ... a reputation For never stayin' very long Just like a wild and restless drifter Like a

Devotchkas - Her love is innocence lyrics

they 1st met, he swept her off her feet with a boyish ... smile, acting so sweet They talked alot ... did she know-she was entering his hell Her love grew ... always wish he'd never change in any way as time passed on he

Evan And Jaron - And then she says lyrics

call her up at midnight Say I'm feeling scared Boy you've got to ... let it go I tell her what we've got is so right ... Can it last out there In this world you never know

Mayer Hawthorne - Her favorite song lyrics

Walked straight to the bar in her party dress, yes Told ... the bartender pour her a shot And make it strong ... Because she needed cheering up She proceeded to get

Cobalt 60 - In the valley lyrics

the valley with no mountain where a river hides It's all ... quiet it's all silent wet and fresh after the rain In the ... woods where I know every leaf every

Ben Harper - Happy everafter in your eyes lyrics

morning sunrise spread her wings While the moon hung in the ... sky Held the sea in your hands And happy everafter in your ... to go to heaven I carry you in my smile For the first time

Minor Threat - In my eyes lyrics

calms your nerves You just think it looks cool You tell me ... need the proof Did you f***ing get it? IT'S IN MY EYES AND IT DOESN'T LOOK THAT WAY TO

Rage Against The Machine - In my eyes lyrics

your nerves You just think it looks cool You tell me ... need the proof Did you f***ing get it? It's in my eyes ... It's in my eyes It's in my eyes It's in my eyes

Animal X - In your eyes lyrics

fugim' Nu exista munte prea inalt Sau vreo stea de neatins ... I see, that's what I see In your eyes. I been so deep, I ... been so deep In your eyes. In your eyes, your eyes, your eyes, your eyes In your eyes,

Shaggy - In the summertime lyrics

Shaggy ha Ravyon Sun and fun in the Atmosphere, oh ... yes In the summertime when The weather is high You can stretch ... right up And touch the sky When the weather is fine You've got women

Converge - In her blood lyrics

are nothing more than dying royalty you are nothing ... more than a fading drama queen your spelling ... errors in love letters just stole your ... crown you are nothing more than late night fantasy

Hemina - And now to find a friend lyrics

awakening from some lonesome rift ... Just show my name lit up in lights! So take a glimpse and have a peer at the pressure ... of glass, hear the shackles bind him to the flashing van

Rufio - In my eyes lyrics

grace falls, down around me in my eyes. You're lovely, your ... love leaves, So easily in my eyes. Another day left waiting, ... alone in my room with no calls from

Doubledge - In your eyes lyrics

YOUR EYES Underneath the silence ... there something you've Been hiding Will ... Yet to all its so plain to see CHORUS In your eyes In your eyes We see it in

Foxes - In her arms lyrics

ve been dreaming over I've been dreaming ... the lies You've been looking at me You've been looking ... Lift your feet up off the burning ground You don't see it

Gil Ofarim - In your eyes lyrics

your eyes, I see myself In your eyes. There's no escape, ... no surprise I see my world in your eyes In your eyes there ... hide, You know me deep down inside You see through every

1gn (1 Girl Nation) - In the eyes lyrics

unsaid I know you question Where you fit in Among the faces ... treasured You are beautiful In the eyes, in the eyes Of the ... re worth more than you know In the eyes, in the eyes Of the

Rainie Yang - In your eyes lyrics

kan dao shen me Wo hui da yin xing yan jing Hai you yi ge ... dou zhe yang ai shua huai Xing wei ju zhi tiao zhan wo de ... cai shi you gou qi guai xin li yong yuan na me duo Why

Roger Alan Wade - Cars and guns lyrics

was 19 when Shandy came And no one seemed to like her ... name But I heard it in a song and I thought it ... sweet Now she's 9 years old and all arms and legs Follows

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